Money raised at Gor Mahia-Congo match dissapears

7000 fans attended the encounter pitting Congo United and Gor Mahia on Wednesday, yet Congo as the home team went home with a paltry 43,500 shillings as gate collection. The Mombasa municipal council and FKL were in charge of the gate charges and announced that only 203,000 out of a possible 1million shilling was realized.

Congo also claimed Mombasa Council agents who manned the gates during the Congo/Gor Mahia FKL Cup match “fleeced” the club of money, ending up receiving a paltry Sh43,000 from a well attended match.

Even for lowly attended matches, Congo makes Sh160,000 to Sh300,000 at Mbaraki. In a record breaking match, like against crowd-pullers Gor Mahia, Congo made over Sh700,000 at Mbaraki.

The club said that over 7,000 fans attend their FKL Cup match, higher than all their previous matches at Mbaraki, but gate-keepers announced a taking of only Sh203,000. Congo said they anticipated over Sh1 million to be collected.

“We were cheated by council officials. How can soccer develop when we are still engaged in corruption,” asked Cong United vice-chairman Evans Mzungu.

“We are a poor community club, working hard but, apparently, for other people, who have no stake in football, to feed off our sweat in broad daylight. That was an unfortunate situation and as Congo United we will not play our matches at the stadium.”

This situation mirrors what happened in July of 2000 when Kenya faced Swaziland at the very same Mombasa municipal stadium. In that occasion, close to Ksh 1 milllion dissapeared and has never been recovered.

Branch Officials challenge Rachier to resign as he releases his manifesto

According to a story in the Daily Nation, Chairman Ambrose Rachier has been asked to resign by branch officials. At a meeting held at the Professional Center in Nairobi, the officials passed a number of resolutions regarding Rachier’s candidature for the forthcoming football elections.
Led by Gor Mahia’s organising secretary Tom Ataro, they requested Rachier to relinquish the club’s chairmanship to concentrate on the campaign for the national seat.
“We as the members of the club were not consulted by Rachier before he decided to offer himself as a candidate for the post of chairman in the forthcoming football elections and we are not backing him wholesomely as our fans are not happy with certain issues in the club,” Ataro said.
“Before he relinquishes office as our chairman, we need to see the audited report of the club’s account for the last three years,” he added.
“He has refused to address this issue for a long time. Our fans are not also happy regarding the Tuzo deal and merchandising,” he said.
Meanwhile Rachier has launched his blue print for the elections. Rachier says its time for fresh start in the way Kenyan football in managed. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. There is need for fresh blood because the standards of football in the country have dropped into the abyss and some of the people running for election were in charge.”“I have a good track record, and my management of Gor Mahia speaks for itself. I have also met all the qualifications laid down in the electoral code,” he added.
The manifesto addresses all critical aspects of football development, but is very big on the welfare of retired players, referees and other football administrators.
“It is a shame that some retired players have turned into beggars after quitting the football . We will come up with a saving mechanism for them so that when their playing days are over they can still afford to live a decent life,” he says in the manifesto.
Rachier’s manifesto is also big on governance and proposes to come up with a transparent and accountable structure.
However some will challenge Rachier on this by suggesting that he has not been transparent in his dealings as Gor Mahia chairman.
It proposes to give responsibility and authority to those who have demonstrated competence by building successful clubs at the local and national levels. He also proposes to set up basic educational qualifications for all candidates aspiring for all elective posts
Another focus of the manifesto is the strengthening the finances of clubs in the country and proposes to stop all deductions and levies for all league matches as well engage local authorities in a bid to reduce charges for hiring their facilities.
Rachier further promises that his administration will undertake to pay for air-fare for a contingent of 25 players and officials when local clubs represent the country in international matches.
He proposes to ensure that all committees of the new federation are independent as well as the training of referees and all other technical people.