Gor Mahia players apparently stopped training as Nuttall on leave

Reports suggest that Gor Mahia players did not train on Tuesday while demanding their match winning allowances.

“It is true we have not trained today (Tuesday), nobody wanted to train. We feel unappreciated and taken for granted, why should they treat us like that?  We gave out our all, we bled for the team and that is not right. We have a meeting with chairman on Wednesday to know the way forward.” said a player to goal.com

Club official David Kilo acknowledged the player strike but insisted that the club is working round the clock to resolve the outstanding allowances.

“Yes, we owe them winning allowances, which is true. However, I cannot comprehensively reveal to you what has happened today since I had traveled. I will get back to you, once I get the detailed report. We have settled their salaries though,” said Kilo to goal.com

Gor Mahia are supposed to be busy preparing for their Africa champions league return leg against AC Leopards. The club has also organized a fundraiser scheduled for Tuseday to defray expenses related to their travel to Congo.

The issue of constant player strikes and go-slows makes it more urgent that the club put in places procedures that will provide a measure of financial stability. It remains to be seen whether the club will ever move forward with such measures or whether they will continue to maintain the fire brigade approach where they wait until the building is on fire before dousing it with water.

Nuttall on brief leave

Meanwhile with no matches scheduled for several days, coach Frank Nuttall has taken a brief opportunity to visit his family. Reports suggest that Nuttall has taken several days off leaving Frank Ouna and Bobby Ogolla in charge.

“Since we have not had any activity, the coach decided to take a break and visit his family. We expect him back on Thursday and will train with the team for three days before we play AC Leopards,” Ouna told goal.com.

Nuttall has left with a specific program that the assistant coaches must follow. Ouna down-played the absence of the coach and said he left them well equipped until he returns. “We are doing just fine because he gave us a program we are following. We expect to do well in the return match because our opponents will be under pressure at home.”

Being away from your family for several months is not easy and the club certainly cannot begrudge the coach an opportunity to visit his family. The rest will leave him refreshed and ready to resume the fight for the local league title.

Calabar Training with Gor Mahia

Among the players who has trained with Gor Mahia in the past few days is David Owino Calabar. He is ineligible o play for Zesco in the champions league and as such has returned to Kenya to keep his fitness up.

“He has been training with Gor Mahia for sometime because his name was sent to Caf late for first round of continental tournament. Zesco have travelled to Mali this weekend and he will be with us until he is able to join them next week,” Ngala told Goal adding, “We hope his presence can inspire the rest of the players to aim higher as well.”

Calabar has had a good start at Zesco which includes scoring two goals in the Zambian Supercup.

Gor Mahia fund raiser set for Tuesday

The fund raiser to raise money for the trip to Congo will be held on Tuesday.
Organizing secretary Ronald Ngala told goal that the club is targetting to raise Ksh 9 million. “We are in financial crisis regarding our ?up-coming match in Congo. Some of the money we want to raise will also help run the club after this as we don’t have a sponsor yet.”

Ngala has asked fans to turn up in large numbers to make the event a success. “We request all our fans and well-wishers to turn up in a big way so as to make this event a success. With no sponsors, we only have them to turn to.”
The club’s vice president, David Kilo also said that fans who cannot attend money can send money via the paybill number 350100.

“We have a fundraiser on Tuesday to raise funds for the team to travel to Dolise next week to play our opponents AC Leopards. “There will be a Harambee for all but if one cannot make it, you can send money through paybill number 350100 to assist the team to travel.” said Kilo to supersport.com

Kilo explained that the money raised would be used to cater for the team in Congo
“This money will be entirely used for logistics to Congo Brazzaville since we have to cater for it for ourselves because at this point Caf doesn’t play any financial role until the group stage where they finance teams in the club competition.”
“We would like to urge everyone to assist in helping the team go to play away in Dolise against AC Leopards and have named this initiative as ‘Road to Congo’. he said

Gor Mahia face uphill battle to raise funds

Once again Gor Mahia faces an uphill task as they try to raise enough funds to travel to Congo for the return leg against AC Leopards.

According to goal.com, The team needs more than Sh5.2million to cover air fare and accommodation costs while in Congo, Brazzaville. A top club official admitted the struggles and said they are working round the clock to ensure they are able to honor the fixture.

“It is a very expensive venture. The air tickets alone will cost us Sh2.6million. We have been given a bill of Sh18, 000 per night each for accommodation. We are working hard to ensure the team travels and performs well,” the official told goal.com

When Gor Mahia needed to travel to Madagascar to play CNaPs, it was former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth who came to their rescue.

Dirkir Glay to soon play for Gor Mahia

Dirkir Glay has been conspicuosly missing from Gor Mahia league matches of late due to the fact that his work permit has not been processed.

According to club official Ronald Ngala, his paperwork has already been submitted and the club is awaiting a response from the ministry of labor.
“We have already received communication from the authorities confirming receipt of our documents and soon we’ll get Glay cleared for domestic competition.” said Ngala to the Standard.
One is left to wonder why the club has not had enough foresight to apply for his work permit ahead of time, given that they signed him two months ago.Glay’s inclusion in the defence will help shore up what has proven to be a less than solid department.

If transparency is difficult, why not outsource it?

The courtroom battles between FKF and KPL have taken a brief reprieve at least for now. This means teams can now get back to the business of playing and addressing other important issues. For Gor Mahia, this means they need to figure out who to meet their payroll.

Avoiding Financial Instability

Before the Bandari match, there were reports of a go-slow by some players with other reports suggesting that some players were ready to break their contract due to unpaid salaries. Happily for Gor Mahia fans, the club chairman has miraculously found a way to pay salary arrears. In fact Chairman Rachier deserves praise for keeping the club afloat for an entire year in which Gor Mahia has not had a sponsor. Vice Chairman David Kilo recently indicated that there are times when Rachier has to dig into his own pocket to bail out the club. Whereas this is commendable, the club must start finding ways to attain measure of financial stability. You never now the next time players will go on strike again. It could be at a critical point of the season.

Officials find it difficult to be transparent

Last year the club engaged in a number of initiatives to try and finance the team. These include the 350100 initiative, the membership drive and the much vaunted fund raiser. All these failed to meet their objectives due to a number of reasons. Chief among these is the perceived lack of transparency. When some fans think of contributing to the club they hesitate. After all we live in a country of impunity and corruption

I have had discussions with various sports officials about this subject and some say that the time and effort needed to put in place the structures required for transparency are too effort and time intensive. Last year Gor Mahia took some tentative steps towards transparency and accountability:  But those efforts have since been abandoned. Perhaps the treasurer ran out of time.

Partner with an external Company

Since providing any transparency is too difficult, the club should partner with an external company. Just like last year, Gor Mahia announced a partnership with Diamond Trust for ticketing, why not create a similar partnership with an auditing company like Price Waterhouse or even with Diamond Trust.

This company would be responsible for soliciting funds from fans on behalf of the club. The company would take charge of initiatives like the membership drive which flopped and is now in limbo.

The auditing company would also reach out to Gor Mahia fans who are based in the diaspora, many of whom have been looking for a way to contribute to the club. Note that Moneygram has recently partnered with Safaricom to make it easy for diaspora based Kenyans to send money to M-Pesa accounts.

A major fault of the clubs recent fund raising activities is that it is limited in scope. For example, when the club conducted a fund raiser last year, contributors were limited only to those who could attend the fundraiser event at Shauri Moyo hall. It comes as no surprise therefore that the fundraiser failed.

Performance based payments

The company chosen would keep an agreed upon percentage of the proceeds as pay. Because their pay is based on how much they collect, the company will be motivated to raise funds.  Fans are more likely to trust an external company like Diamond Trust. But the company can generate even more confidence by creating a website that details how much money has been collected on a month by month basis.

Aside from engaging in a transparent effort, the auditing company would be responsible for creating a sustained effort by constantly reaching out to fans and encouraging them to renew their membership. The ability to sustain an initiative is something that our current club officials are unable to do. They typically start an initiative then it fizzles out. You cannot blame them however as they have full time jobs to attend to.

Evidence suggests that by engaging in this level of a sustained effort with transparency, the club can attain 30,000 paying members within 2 or 3 years. if you have 30,000 fans paying Ksh 100 per month, the club can raise Ksh 3 million each month which is Ksh 36 million a year. This is an amount far higher than what the club was getting from Tuzo. In fact it is twice as high.

The club can also create various levels of membership. For example gold membership with increased benefits can be Ksh 500 per month while platinum members. Lets say for arguments sake that 1000 of the members are gold members and 500 are platinum members, then the club can raise Ksh 4 million each month.

Fans have to be the sponsors.

The rumours that the club was going to get a a sponsorship deal with Molo milk are unlikely to pan out anytime soon. Fans who have been going on social media claiming that the deal is imminent pending a few details are doing the club a  disservice. If fans actually think a sponsorship deal is imminent, they are less likely to contribute. And since sponsorship is difficult to come by, it is the fans who are going to have to sponsor the team.

This is the Barcelona model.

Before fans dismiss membership as an archaic way of funding a club, they should know that this method is commonly used by European teams, most notably Barcelona. A glance at their history page suggests that by 1924, Barcelona already had over 12,000 members. By 1970 they had over 65,000 members and todaay they have over 105,000 members paying an annual subscription of €177 per year. No wonder Barcelona did not have a short sponsorship until recently. They never needed it. In Africa, teams like Zamalek and Al Ahly have the highest subscriber bases

Coach Nuttall not carried away with good start

When Gor Mahia were registering poor results during pre-season friendlies, coach Frank Nuttall told fans to be patient. Many did not listen. Matters came to a head when Gor Mahia lost to Bandari in Mombasa and fans unhappy at the poor display expressed unhappiness resulting in a bitter exchange between fans and some players. But coach Nuttall stuck to his guns trying various combinations while telling fans that the team was still gelling.

Now Gor Mahia has gotten off to a brilliant start. Three league wins in three matches is the best start Gor Mahia has had in recent years. In 2013, Gor Mahia started with 2 draws. And in 2014 it was 2 wins and a draw.

Coach Nuttall says he is happy with the good start. “I am also amazed at how the new players have settled in very fast. It is as if they have been around all that time,”  he said to Supersport.com

But Nuttall knows that there is still a long way to go and players must remain focused.

“We are all happy we are winning, but we must go step by step. We should not be carried away but the wins. The fans can savour the wins, but for the players, it is important to remain focused. Immediately we are done with one match, we shift attention to the next. All I can tell my players is not to get carried away. Let us celebrate when we ultimately finish the job.” ” he added.

Porous Defence

The porous defence is worrisome. Consider that in 2013, Gor Mahia played the first four games without conceding a goal. This was thanks to a no nonsense defence with players like Calabar, Mosoti, Musa, Jerim among others.

In 2014 they conceded only one goal in the first five matches. Yet this season they have conceded four goals in three matches. But Nuttall is unperturbed and sees opportunity for improvement.

“All we are looking for is a win and that is what we are getting. As for the conceding of goals, I am not very particularly disturbed but I know we will improve,” he said.

It is also worth noting that though Gor Mahia were not conceding goals in 2013, they were also not scoring. In 2013, it took a while before new signing Kiongera gelled with Rama Salim, Lavatsa et al. And in 2014, the strike force was so dependent on Sserunkuma that some Gor Mahia fans dubbed it the “Patia Sserunkuma tactic“. It looked like Gor Mahia midfielders had one mission which is to find Sserunkuma whether it was via long balls or short passes. This was detrimental as Blackberry often appeared lost.

Nuttall’s re-entry breathed some life into Blackberry who found his role, as well as Timothy Otieno. Nuttall is now working on creating a multi-dimensional attack that can worry opposing defences from all angles. The net result is that Gor Mahia have scored 9 goals in three matches.

Contrast this with 2014, where they scored 9 goals after 8 league matches. And in 2013 they scored 9 goals at the 10th league match. It has taken the team less than half the time to reach 9 goals this time around.

Ali Hassan Abondo

One player who has been instrumental in Gor Mahia’s brilliant start is Ali Abondo. The Kisumu lad has found the back of the net 8 times in all competitions. His ability to make astute and well timed runs and then calmly plant the net is reminiscent of the legendary Hezborn Omollo who scored over 20 goals in the leagues of 1983 and 1984 and scored 15 goals in 1985 and is likely the most prolific striker ever to don the Kogalo jersey.

This is the same Abondo who was jettisoned in 2013 with technical bench members accusing him of not working hard enough. Abondo has learned from the past.

“All seasons cannot be the same; last season was a bit different unlike this time round. What is important is to learn from previous mistakes and work towards rectifying them the following season, with hard work and prayer it pays off. I work hard every day to have that confidence thanks to my family also for their support.” says Abondo to futaa.com

This is the same Abondo whom first questioned his return to the squad with some saying that Gor Mahia should have brought back Kevin Omondi “Ade” instead.

Remaining Grounded.

But no Gor Mahia player nor fan will get carried away. Only three matches have been played so far. And even a prolific striker like Sserunkuma cannot be expected to continue the breakneck pace that Abondo is scoring goals. But the newly focused Abondo with guidance from coach Nuttall will find ways to contribute whether he is scoring goals or tenaciously defending and putting in timely tackles as he did back in 2013. A player can be called upon to play different roles in each game.

And Gor Mahia will remain grounded and humility will prevail knowing that all is not perfect.

Continental Encounter

Speaking of humility, two encounters that gave Kogalo a dose of humility is the matches against CNaPs where Gor Mahia barely scraped through and the match against AC Leopards whom Gor Mahia will face in the return leg.

Gor Mahia will be looking for a miraculous 2-1 win in the second leg. The fact that the Wednesday night match against SoNy Sugar has been postponed will only help by giving Gor Mahia more time to prepare and to avoid injuries. Also, fewer midweek matches and more weekend matches is good for the club’s financial coffers.

Whatever the score is in Congo, Gor Mahia players will gain experience. And the continental sojourn has sharpened Gor Mahia players leaving Chemelil Sugar coach Mike Mururi to lament.

““Lack of competitive games in a long time also played a part in our defeat. Gor Mahia has been playing continental matches as opposed to us. They looked fitter than us and were ruthless.” he said to goal.com


FKF and KPL finally reach an agreement

Peace will finally prevail in the Kenya football scene. A three man delegation has been sent by FIFA to resolve the standoff that has lasted four months. : Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi who also sits in FIFA’s Associations Committee, Ashford Mamelodi ,Fifa’s development officer of  Southern and Eastern region  and Italian Primio Carvalao, who is head of Fifa Football Associations. The FIFA delegation has finally gotten the two warring sides to come to an agreement.

Under the agreement, the KPL will continue as currently constituted with 16 teams in 2015 and will be considered the top tier league. KPL will also be allowed to fulfill its contractual obligations with sponsors. The league shall however be renamed the FKF Premier League to emphasize the fact that it is still run under the auspices of FKF.

FKF shall also continue to run their league now renamed the National Super League.

In June the two warring sides will sign an MoU under which the league shall transition into an 18 team format. Under the current plan, four teams will be relegated and 6 teams promoted.

Azam TV deal

FKF chair Sam Nyamweya had taken his opponents by surprise when he announced a lucrative deal Tanzanian TV giant Azam. The deal worth Ksh 207 million over three years is to see each club paid Ksh 1 million per month for 10 months. It gave Nyamweya a strong bargaining chip and put him in prime position to be re-elected in October since he now controls the purse strings of many clubs.

Nyamweya now says the two leagues will be harmonized in 2016.

The entry of Azam into the Kenyan market is a good thing as it forces Supersport to pull up their socks by offering better deals to club, by making matches accesible to more fans via free to air TV and by enhancing mobile and online services, all of which Azam currently does much better than Supersport. And unlike Supersport, the terms of Azam TV deals are not shrouded in secrecy. Nobody quite knows what the current deal between KPL and Supersport is. It has supposedly been leaked to the media but the sources are unverified.

Return to normalcy

With peace now prevailing at least for another year, clubs are now free to focus on their respective league campaigns. Chairman Ambrose Rachier can now return to running the club instead of shuttling back and forth from his office to Milimani law courts to address Nyamweya’s latest salvo. he can now resume the task of shoring up the club’s finances and resume the search for a sponsor.

The return of normalcy and certainty should also see a return by many fans who had abandoned the league and perhaps even draw sponsors to the league and individual clubs.

The biggest losers in this arrangement are probably Posta Rangers who had rightfully earned a place in the top tier league but are now stuck in the second tier. As for Nakuru All Stars, this standoff has benefited them as they were due to be relegated. But going by their current performance, they never learned from last year’s debacle.

Nuttall lauds players as Mururi admits defeat

Gor Mahia coach Frank Nuttall has lauded his players for shrugging aside the congested fixtures and winning their third successive match in the Kenya Premier League.

“We had a very tough match against Bandari on Thursday and we knew we were coming to another tough match in a very short time with congested fixtures but I feel we did well. We played well on an overall and we got the three points and that is a very good thing for the team.”

“The players were well motivated and we gave 100% in the game and it is now three wins in three matches but we will not get over ourselves. We want to take one match at a time and now we shift focus to our next game on Wednesday,” he said to supersport.com

Nuttall lauded Khalid Auch for his goal saying he has been working with Aucho on shooting during training and it has paid off.

“Since he joined us, he has been taking shots from five or ten yards out and scoring in training and we have been encouraging him to do so. Today he gave us the lead from something he has been doing regularly in training and I must admit, it was a good strike”, he added

Gor Mahia were ruthless says Mururi

Chemelil coach Mike Mururi has admitted that his side were beaten by a fitter more efficient side. He blames the lack of competitive games.

“Lack of competitive games in a long time also played a part in our defeat. Gor Mahia has been playing continental matches as opposed to us. They looked fitter than us and were ruthless. It was obvious something was wrong with my boys.” he said to goal.com

Fans will remember that this is the same Mururi who last season said Gor Mahia only won because they are helped by referees.

Gor Mahia 3 Chemelil Sugar 1

Goal-scorer: Aucho

courtesy of futaa.com
Khalid Aucho opened his scoring account for Gor Mahia as they beat Chemelil Sugar 3-1 in a Kenyan Premier Match played on Sunday 22 March at the Nyayo Stadium from 1615hours.

Aucho, Ali Abondo and Meddie Kagere scored Gor’s goals while Meshack Karani scored Chemelil’s consolations goal.

Scare for Chemelil’s Onyango

Gor hit the ground running and in the third minute were awarded a corner that was brought in by Abondo but it was too wide. In the 11th minute, Fredrick Onyango punched the ball back into the field of play and it was picked by Michael Olunga who managed to hold off two Chemelil players before setting up Abondo who handled the ball before he could shoot and the whistle was blown.

There was a scare for Chemelil in the 12th minute when Onyango rushed out of the box to try and prevent Olunga from racing into the box but he missed the ball before fouling Olunga. He however was not sent off and was given a yellow card. The resulting free-kick was brought in by Abouba Sibomana and forced Onyango to tip the ball over the bar for a corner that was fruitless.

Aucho, Abondo score

In the 26th minute, Chemelil missed a chance to score after Karani was disposed in the box and the clearance found Stephen Wakhanya outside the box but he shot over the bar. In the 36th minute, Gor breathed a sigh of relief after Harun Shakava made a last minute tackle to deny Wakhanya a shooting chance inside the box. In the 41st minute, Kagere won a free kick that was brought in by Sibomana before it was cleared by Chemelil, it however found Aucho who exchanged passes with Olunga before he released a hard shot into the back of the net. Two minutes later, Olunga scored but the flag was already up.

When play resumed in the second half, Onyango was forced to make a finger tip save from a Sibomana free kick. A minute later, Gor doubled their lead through Abondo. This followed the subsequent corner that found Olunga in the box but his shot was blocked only for the rebound to fall on Abondo who made no mistake from the right side to give Gor their second goal.

Karani, Kagere score

In the 67th minute, Aucho missed a chance to hit a brace after a good Olunga found him in the box but his shot went wide. In the 80th minute, Olunga crossed in the box but with Onyango already out of his line, no Gor player could connect with the cross.

With four minutes to the final whistle, Chemelil pulled one back through Karani. This was after a Chemelil free kick that was brought in by Collins Kisuya and Boniface Oluah came off his line to try and pick the ball but Dennis Onkangi beat him to it before the latter pulled the ball back for Karani to put into the empty net.

Any hopes Chemeili may have had of a comeback were killed when Kagere scored his second goal and Gor’s third goal. Godfrey Walusimbi played a one-two with Olunga before the former made a run into the box but he was disposed by Kisuya with a sliding tackle only for the ball to find Kagere who made no mistake from close range.

The win means Gor now have nine points from three games while Chemelil have a single point, gained from their barren draw with AFC Leopards.

Gor Starting XI:23. Bonface Oluoch. 5. Musa Mohamed. 14. Karim Nizigiyimana. 3. Abouba Sibomana. 2. Godfrey Walusimbi. 10. Khalid Aucho. 6. Collins Okoth (20. Ernest Wendo 90′). 18. Harun Shakava. 22. Meddie Kagere. 30. Ali Abondo (25. George Odhiambo 89′). 19. Michael Olunga.

Unused Subs: 1. Jerim Onyango. 15. Bernard Odhiambo. 7. Ronald Otieno. 17. Eric Ochieng. 9. Timothy Otieno

Chemelil Starting XI: 30. Fredrick Onyango, 3. Samuel Oluande ( 19. Jonathan Mwaniki 78′) 15. Collins Kisuya, 5. Omino James, 9. Charles Odero (c), 2. David Ojwang (27. Dennis Onkangi 70′), 26. Smith Ouko,12. Murage Daniel, 14. Maxwell Onyango (17. Tony Opondo 50′), 18. Steven Wakhanya, 24. Meshack Karani

Unused Subs: 1. John Waw, 23. Kevin Migunde, 20. David Oriki, 7. Alloys Mangi,

Starting Line-Up
Bonface Oluoch – Musa Mohamed – Karim Nizigiyimana – Abouba Sibomana – Godfrey Walusimbi – Khalid Aucho – Collins Okoth – Harun Shakava – Meddie Kagere – Ali Abondo – Michael Olunga.

Subs: Jerim Onyango – Ernest Wendo – Bernard Odhiambo – George Odhiambo – Ronald Otieno – Eric Ochieng – Timothy Otieno

Gor Mahia settles arrears as Sserunkuma wants out

The good news for Gor Mahia fans is that the club has apparently settled all the salary arrears. The players salaries were settled prior to their match against Bandari according to goal.com

“We are delighted that club officials have paid us and so we can focus on our mandate of performing well,” said the source to goal.com

The salaries of the technical bench members were also paid.

Sserunkuma wants out of Simba

Dan Sserunkuma who lit up the Kenyan scene for four years, is finding the going rougher in Tanzania. He now wants out of Simba after having spent most of the time warming the bench. This he thinks is detrimental to his career.

Sserunkuma had returned home to Uganda to address family issues. But while there, he sent a communication to Simba asking to terminate his 2 year contract after only serving half a year.

Simba for their part have expressed a willingness to end the contract stating that Sserunkuma did not meet expected standards and that the contracts of international players can be terminated for lack of performance. This according to top Tanzanian magazine, Mwanaspoti.


Gor Mahia 2 Bandari 1

courtesy of futaa.com

Gor Mahia beat Bandari 2-1 in a Kenyan Premier League match played on Thursday 19 March at the Nairobi City Stadium to move three pints clear at the top of the Kenyan Premier League table.

Gor was the better side from the start with Abondo, Kagere, and Olunga having attempts on Bandari goal early in the match but they could not find a breakthrough in the opening minutes.

Kagere goal

Gor’s persistent pressure finally paid off after 23 minutes of play as striker Michael Olunga fed his strike partner Meddie Kagere who calmly slotted past Bandari goalkeeper Wilson Obungu on his full debut to give Gor a much deserved lead.

Kenga goal

The hosts’ lead however lasted for only five minutes as former Nairobi City Stars midfileder Lawrence Kasadha drew the Dockers level from a set piece curling the ball from the edge of the area past Boniface Onyango on Gor Mahia goal.

The two sides left for a breather with scores level in a half that Gor would have scored more goals had they been more clinical in front of goal.

Abondo goal

Gor started stronger after the break making inroads into Bandari penalty area the pressure paid off once again on 62nd as Michael Olunga was brought down in the area and Ali Hassan Abondo stepped up to restore Gor’s lead from the spot.

The defending champions pressed on after the goal but could not find another goal a result that saw them bag three vital points and they sit comfortably at the apex of the Kenyan Premier League table.
Starting Line-up

Bonface Oluoch – Musa Mohamed – Karim Nizigiyimana – Abouba Sibomana – Godfrey Walusimbi – Khalid Aucho – Collins Okoth – Harun Shakava – Meddie Kagere – Ali Abondo – Michael Olunga.

Jerim Onyango – Kevin Oluoch – Bernard Odhiambo – George Odhiambo – Ronald Otieno – Eric Ochieng – Timothy Otieno