Gor Mahia officials must plan logistics for Gabon

As has been correctly pointed out by blogger “Barefoot” on this blog, Gor Mahia should fully expect harsh treatment when they visit Gabon. As Barefoot correctly pointed out, the Gabonese will probably stop at nothing to beat Gor Mahia.

Intimidation by Hosts

Just recently, when Harambee stars visited Calabar, Nigeria, they were not availed a proper training ground and had to train by running in between classrooms at a primary school.

Harambee Stars in Calabar

Back in 1988, when Gor Mahia played Inter Club of Congo-Brazzaville, they received extremely harsh treatment at the hands of their Congolese hosts. The trouble started right at the very airport when Gor Mahia players were initimidated by soldiers and held at the airport for several long hours. On top of that, Gor Mahia were given a training ground that was right next to an army shooting range. The players could not concentrate on training because they could actually hear the gunshots and the bullets whizzing past. Eventually they had to leave the training ground and train near the hotel swimming pool. With all that intimidation , Gor Mahia ended up loosing the second leg. 1-4.

As Barefoot also correctly pointed out, Gor Mahia should be ready to face hostile match officials and must maintain their cool even in the face of poor officiating.

Pre-Match Meals

Gor Mahia must also make their own plans for pre-game meals. Back in the Mid 1970s, Luo Union were fed a meal laced with laxatives right before their match against USM Alger. With Luo Union players indisposed and literally sick, they ended up loosing 6-2. As a result, Gor Mahia in the 1980s would bring their own cook, specifically the legendary Andrew Ochido “Kamkunji” to cook what is known in vernacular as “Kwon mar mengo“, i.e a sufuria of ugali for the entire team.

Plan Ahead

Gor Mahia must utilize the Kenyan embassy in Libreville to make their own plans for training, accommodation and meals. Unless, acclimatizing is needed, Gor Mahia should plan to arrive two days before the match in order to avoid being given poor training facilities.


8 thoughts on “Gor Mahia officials must plan logistics for Gabon

  1. As this article states,plan yourselves well for any eventuality in Gabon as we do not want excuses later that things did not go well because of lack of a training pitch or bad food or poor accommodation or whatever….to be forewarned is to be forearmed!!!!

  2. We should desist from this fear-mongering and creating an awe-inspiring situation that will only negate the gains for the team. BITAM is not a “MUGUMO TREE”.

    I do not believe that K’Ogalo should expect such very backwards and uncouth treatment from Gabonese and especially our host Union Sportive de Bitam.

    If anything any attempt to frustrate K’Ogalo will be the turning point for that match.

  3. Jabilo@2…its not certain that we will be treated badly in Gabon…or vice versa.what this article does is throw caution to the wind to prepare Gor for any eventuality.That is why Fred above rightfully says to be forewarned is to be forearmed.Ndio maana mzungu alisema…just in case!

  4. I guess Okoth Jabilo was not paying attention to what happened to Harambee Stars in Calabar recently. Do you see the picture up there ?

    There was a Zimbabwean team a few years back that was housed in a hotel where there was incessant noise just outside the building. The players could not sleep and were too tired to play well the next day. Naturally they lost.

  5. Reading the article,lts not fear mongering,but lets be prepared incase of doltish activities from these west Africans.Lets not forget what harambee stars went through in that country during the late Fabischs tenure as coach.But Bitam are beatable at home.Lets not forget that after the match the Gbonese players were very vulgar after the match outside the match.I saw them chide our fans outside the stadium.Good luck KOgalo!

  6. Haki nyinyi, mnafaa 2post commends za motisho kwa ma playaz,c eti 2tagongwa ,squad iko shwari,c oni penye c poa, najua 2 2takosa fans huko, na team ye2 huwa imezoa funs wakiwa home. gud lack boyz,najua mtapenya thru dave owino KOSO!

  7. Mine is just but a little voice. Thank you administrator for adding your much louder voice to this concern. You have explained the Congo-Brazzaville happenings so clearly that whoever has ears should hear and whoever has eyes should read. The powers that be should hear your voice and take the necessary precautions.


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