Season tickets: A step in the right direction

In a move that shows forward and progressive thinking, Gor Mahia FC  have announced that starting this Friday, fans will be able to buy season tickets. Secretary General George Bwana told that will pay Sh6,000 for a season ticket which will allow them to watch all Gor Mahia home matches.

There are several advantages to buying season tickets for fans:

To begin with, the season tickets come at a significant discount. By paying KSh 6000, a fan can watch all home matches. That amounts to KSh 400 per home game which is less than buying tickets on game day. Bwana indicated that Another benefit will be express entry to international matches involving the club as well as friendly matches. Some clarification is required from the club on what this means. If it means the season tickets also cover internationals and friendlies then this is a bargain that is too difficult to pass up. 

Fans will be able to avoid the hassle of standing in line to get tickets or taking a trip  to the ticket buying locations which can be time consuming. 

All in all the club stands to raise more revenue by selling season tickets.  

Bwana told that for now the season tickets will only be applicable to the VIP stand and terrace season tickets will be introduced next year depending on how the current arrangement works out. This is a good move from the club to roll out the program in sequential steps and if it works then it can be expanded. It shows good planning on the part of the club officials.  

Bwana also told Among the advantages to be enjoyed by season ticket holders include entry to matches through a special gate. The holders will also receive discounted rates at partner hotels, local airlines and holiday resorts.  

The club is going to have to elaborate much further on the specific benefits especially with regard to travel and accommodation. Because if those benefits turn out to be real and tangible then the demand for the club’s season tickets could expand significantly.  

The benefits for the club include the fact that the club will get an assured source of income unlike the current situation where they have to wait until game day. Having cash in hand early means the club can generate more money say through an interest generating bank account or other investments. 

In order to assuage fans who have doubts, the club will have to redouble their efforts in stressing accountability and transparency.

11 thoughts on “Season tickets: A step in the right direction

  1. With the interest rates the local banks offer- This is pipe dream!! However, it is a good idea. If well planned, this could be a move in the right direction. However, to ensure higher up take, consider signing up with other corporates, e.g you may say, “Holding a GM season ticket gives you say 10% discount at Carnivore or Ranalo etc. Just an example. For a start, the partner may not need to pay anything to GM but can be an eye opener for a big corporate depending on how successful this venture is.

    Just to clarify, say GM signs with Ranalo. The former will benefit by selling more tickets due to the fact that supporters will be expecting 10% discount to eat and drink at Ranalo. The later will also benefit from higher volumes and publicity in return for the 10%.

    By the way, Ranalo is only an example and I am not trying to promote them over other joints.

    Dont forget that if successful and many people subscribe, it will help reduce hooliganism since there will be a database of most spectators. There is a possibility that those who will pay for this are the people who will not want their names soiled in the name of kurusa mawe.

  2. k’ogalo followers I know that we expect our team to win all the matches that comes our way due to the fact that we are giants of tusker premier league. But at the sametime there are three results in football which are
    a win
    b draw and
    c loose
    All can happen including the last one.
    we should be ready to accept a loss and see what next.
    On the seasonal tickets I think K’O galo deserves more that . If we were to play yanga in tz how much will we pay. I think terasses will be


    ” if u give me 8 hours to cut down a tree, I will use 6 hours to sharpen the axe.” These are the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln.

    Every activity requires meticulous planning and proper execution in order acquire desired results.

    I want from the outset laud the decision taken by the EC to introduce season tickets to the fans. The move is not only timely but it is also cheaper and convenient. The issue of ticketing had been a thorny issue on this blog raising suspicions that certain individuals are benefitting from the mess.

    The move to introduece season tickets is therefore going to eliminate corruption by 60 percent. I must however caution the EC to name in public the company that is printing the tickets as some unscrpuplous persons may take advantage to sell fake tickets to the unsuspecting public thereby denying the club the much needed revenue.

  4. @2 cont.
    kshs. 1500 which is tshs. 27000 and vip will be kshs 3000 which is tshs 54000 . Now if you are selling tickets @ kshs. 400 for vip . dont you know that soccer is entertainment and is what k’ogalo is providing. why dont you sell seasonal tickets @ kshs.10000 so that it translates to approximately 600 /match which is not too much. why is it easy to go to a talk show and pay kshs 1500 and find it difficult to pay even kshs 1000 to get entertained by k’ogalo .

  5. @4cont.
    k’ogalo is a regional giant just like yanga ,simba ,tp mazembe, el meraikh , APR of Ruanda etc. why shouldn’t we treat k’ogalo as a giant. that is my oppinion.

  6. This is a move in the right direction which we have been asking EC to implement. Where do we buy these tickets? I will buy four season tickets.

    The important thing is for the club to maintain accountability and transparency on sales of these tickets.

  7. Allow me to laude the EC for the noble idea. This reminds me of the defunct KBS megarider saga which colapsed due to poor internal controls, piracy, abuse and lack of equipments. We are still behind on technology levels i.e. How will card or ticket ownership be authenticated at the stadium point of entry? We need to develop sitting arrangement and discipline in the stadium whereby ticket has sit number on it and stewards direct u on your seat. My humble suggestion is that instead of season ticket we go the partnership with visa card “kogalo” card just like manchester or arsenal way combined with kogalo card holders gets 10% discount at different merchant outlet. The EC should 1st check the sitting arrangement issue, kick out all bhang / drug abusers from the mainstand area, and put stiff rules on season tickets replacement e.g. Pay 80% to replace before mid season and 50% incase of after mid season i.e. Kshs4800 and 3,000 respectively. I submit. Kogalo my club

  8. This is brilliant!The most important thing is to start, improvements will come later. Where do we buy from? Am ready…

  9. @ mwakio yes we can buy but my worry is if u loose it how will it be stopped and replaced. We need protection and the club too needs the same. Thus what i propose is Gor Mahia visa card

  10. Every noble idea must have been conceived somewhere, I therefore agree to this idea, for your information, rewarding loyalty is the reason why the season ticket sells @ Ksh.600, I see some people are wandering why the season ticket holders will pay averaging Ksh. 400 per match! . . my dear friends, it is due to loyalty.
    I am joining,. . .
    I am also jived at the fact that Machakos Stadium is ready and we shall play three teams there: Guys, Machakos twaenda au sio?!

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