Harun Shakava appointed team captain

Shakava seen here receiving the Sportpesa cup from Tanzanian cabinet minister Anthony Mavunde

Gor Mahia’s towering central defender Harun Shakava has been given the captains armband by coach Dylan Kerr. Shakava takes over from Musa Mohamed who has departed to KF Tirana.

Shakava has captained Gor Mahia before, most notably at the 2017 Sportpesa Supercup. Unlike in past seasons where players voted for the captain, this time it was a direct appointment by coach Dylan Kerr.

“Shakava will be my new leader on the pitch, I usually prefer a center back to captain my team and he is the best candidate for the same. As a matter of fact, the extra responsibility will make him mature and his game will improve” said Kerr to goal.com

Indeed most Kogalo captains have historically been defenders, most notably Julius Owino and Musa Mohamed and going back much further it was Peter Otieno “Bassanga”, Austin Oduor “Makamu” and Paul Ochieng “Kunde”.

Fans should trust coach Kerr’s judgment as he it is he who observes the players at close hand and knows which ones have good leadership qualities. Also Musa Mohamed’s game significantly improved when he was named captain. The same can be expected of Shakava.

Harun Shakava joined Kogalo before the 2014 season after an impressive run at Kakamega Homeboyz.

Goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch has been named as Vice Captain.

“I wanted to give Tuyisenge the assistant captain role but he said he wanted to concentrate on his game, so we settled on Oluoch, who is an experienced player as well, with perfect leadership qualities,” Kerr told goal.com

Oluoch joined Kogalo in 2015, taking over the starting goalkeeper spot from the long serving Jerim Onyango.

22 thoughts on “Harun Shakava appointed team captain

  1. Who could ever imagine this 20 years ago: A Luhya is the Gor captain and a Luo is the Ingwe captain! Kweli sisi ni Mashemeji

  2. Hongera Shakava kwa majukumu mapya lakini Oluoch eish! Is he not the same Oluoch who was alleged to have slapped Nutall? There have also been allegations that he wanted to arm twist the TB to give him playtime despite his underperformance. I have my reservations here, BlackBerry would have been better.

  3. Congrats to Shakava. captaincy is usually a big responsibility. see hoe players wish to even Captain England for even a single match. All the best

  4. Congrats shakes,you deserve it for the loyalty you have shown and patience.Now take charge of the team and improve your game even further.KCCA beat Tusker 1-0 yesterday,kweli Kogalo ndio team hapa mtaani,let’s wait and see how sofapaka and shemeji perform against them.In the meantime team iko sawa na morale iko juu,hapo number 7 ndio headache kidogo in selection…Boniface Omondi ameiva,Samuel Onyango mambo mbaya,Kevin Omondi moto kama pass…Nani ataanza jo

  5. The past FKF Sec Gen, Robert Asembo, Jaffery Maloba, the late Vin Machembe and Anthony Lugongo, are all names associated with my Shemejis yet they proved to be my greatest friends in high school. We together watched the Shemejis do battle in the fields but never could we imagine this happening. Congrats Haron, you deserve it. This should cement the bond and the trust that we have as a people. Go ahead and lead Kogalo to greater heights.

  6. People have spoken.
    The selection is good.
    Shakava deserve the captaincy even Oluoch but Berry would have been my choice……

  7. The appointment of Boniface Oluoch as assistant captain is very much in order. Leadership and a position of responsibility has been observed to promote discipline and maturity in fellows who could otherwise be truants.

  8. Congratulations shakava for your elevation as the captain of this great club in East and Central Africa. Know that your name will be among great names that captained this great club.You must now know that being a captain, you are the leader and you must know how you handle your colleagues in the pitch and out of the pitch. You must also know that you are Gor mahia and Gor mahia is you. Don’t provoke fans to interfere with proceedings on the pitch. Improve on your discipline so that you earn your respect from referee’s with bad intentions. I have always admired you but maybe your discipline haven’t been good to make you win defender of the year.

  9. BREAKING NEWS ! with offers to enter UGanda market flooding their doorsteps and contract with Kogallo officially lapsing on 30th January , Sportpesa set to make an announcement next week, setting a monthly revenue targets for both Kogallo and Efusi as a condition for new contract to be signed…………..Can this be done ?

    1. Jakoyo substanciate your sources first as these wild rumours with no bearing can’t help kogalo.What monthly revenues and in which form & manner,is it betting revenue from club supporters because such cant work

  10. Admin, wasn’t the infatigable, irrepressible, hard tackling, hot shot legendary Gor Mahia center back / stopper John “Bobby” Ogola aka “6 million $ man” a K’Ogalo CAPTAIN? As we wait and hope for SP to reconsider let EC remember how high and dry these sponsors always leave us at the first sign of trouble. Can’t we ever learn from the past Tuzo, Castle & even SP experiences. We need a plan B but that said only a good CAF performance will maintain and attract sponsorship. Best of luck H.S. Btw Musa Muhamed may be a shemeji, what’s his middle name?

    1. Full names of former Captain are Musa Mayeko Muhammad ancestrally from Uganda a place known as Bududa.He is currently a naturalized kenyan citizen though

  11. @Jakoyo, Do you have the details of what the Monthly Revenue Target is? If you do then please let us know. We can then begin to look at it against our avenues of revenue generations or collection. It is only then that we shall be able to respond to your question.

    1. @jaupanda when i read some of the bloggers post here am really motivated to read the next post.u guys really do nt joke with matters Gor.jakoyo your quetion is hanging,pls tie the loose ends so that we get the point.

  12. Sportpesa is going no where the thing that am worried about is when the EC becomes desperate and take anything that is put on the table…. the minimum is or should be as it was to renegotiate anything is to plus not minus. Afc has valued it self 70 m ….. Gor’s budget roughly is 100m buh we should be reasonable and not petty in the talks we need there money and they need our image in their brand … finally let’s all jaza stadi on sunday cheer them

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