1975: When Gor Mahia was barred from Continental competition

1973: Matiba forms Kenya Football League

1974 Kenya Football League

Gor Mahia barred from 1975 Champions Cup

This was a 1977 fund raiser for Gor Mahia: From left Kenneth Matiba, Peter Anyumba, Gor Mahia Chair), Zack Mbori (Vice Chair) and guest of honor Njenga Karume

1985: A strong Gor Mahia Unit is barred

2015 FKF and Nyamweya playing mind games

Will the 2015 edition of Gor Mahia fall foul to FKF shenanigans



20 thoughts on “1975: When Gor Mahia was barred from Continental competition

  1. FIVE things to put some of us right
    1. Rachier is right,he is the chairman of KPL , there was no way he could support FKF. Jamigori people have to take strong stands on critical issues sometimes
    2. FKF must be wrong on CAF champions competition,Gor was entered and the draws were done, so what confirmations again in February? Jakoyo,please do not celebrate too soon,and why are you celebrating anyway?
    3. FIFA findings have faulted FKF on very many issues, Nyamweya needs to come down and work with KPL.To attempt to run a parallel league is to cut back on the gains so far made in developing soccer in this country. Then Government intervention will be most welcome even if we were to be banned for years,let things start afresh.
    4. The transfers which were listed were only on local players,nothing on foreigners.I hope am right on this.

  2. As I said nyamweya was / is the cancer in Kenyan football I hope he is cut to size once and for all FIFA clamp down hard on him please do gor decision was key in this fiasco as you hold more fans , the TV won’t broadcast matches watched by the concrate slabs at nyayo

  3. history repeating itself ? why are we such a regressive society, dont we learn ….am celebrating because am tired of this NON -SENSE and BULLSHIT from politicians who do not know shit about football.

    Infact, let the country desist from any international/competitive football competition for at least 10 years. May be it will get into their heads that we need to focus on building a strong local league and everything else will follow…..naturally,offcourse.

  4. On this one i’m with Rachier. Even if he wasn’t KPL Chair, i would have preferred that he sides with KPL. Nyamweya is the current FKF Chairman but we all know that football in Kenya will always be there even without him.

    The country has many leagues and it would have been wiser for FKF to support KPL and grow the top tier as they move their new sponsors to support the various lower tier leagues. If KPL was to manage all lower leagues and let FKF have the top tier, all players will prefer the lower leagues. It’s all about management.

    FKF has made a name through GoTV Cup which has been supported by the same people they are now fighting. When it was the President’s Cup it was nothing but a shell.

    Finally, if the football managers can’t agree, let us have two leagues and see which one attracts better players, sponsors and audiences.

  5. 1.To FKF & Nyamweya “Show us the money”. Clubs need concrete facts about this new deal otherwise its just hot air. What FKF is doing is asking clubs to ditch their current home, KPL league, for an imaginary home ,FKF league. After all the new FKF league is still to be run by the participating clubS.

    2. FKF wanted the Mighty K’galo to confirm participation in their league not CAF. Threat CAF issue was the carrot bait. Thanks Jakom for calling the bluff.
    Problem with the likes of Nyamweya is obsession with power. Winning the league & GoTv cup is what qualifies a club to participate in CAF tourneys period. This is a right not a favour. Our Jakom is sometimes no better (a more polished version of Nyamweya) in his dilly dalling with accountability & transparency issues, holding AGM’s on time.

    3. On the transfer fees I think its what the losing club gets.There is a huge disparity between what the player is getting. Example for Aucho ,Tusker got nothing because his contract was over but GMFC paid the player kshs.1.8m for his signature. Same as for “Flava” GMFC got nothing but the player was handsomely paid.
    All this is fair and square what we are demanding from the TB and players is performances commensurate with their high fees.

    FKF if you withdraw GMFC (and how I wish you do coz we’re simply not ready) THEN ITS YOU TO PAY THE PENALTIES PLAIN & SIMPLE LOGIC.

  6. Football is about fans and the entertainment they get. I can assure that if we have two leagues most teams will opt for the KPL one. Both sides need to eat humble pie and meet half-way. We need SS alot as a country and am sure SS can easily up their sponsorship to an agreeable position.
    Why don’t FKF look for a sponsor like in the FA where Barclays sponsors the league and SkyTV handles the broadcast rights. Just like we have EABL sponsoring the league and SS with the broadcast rights.
    The threats of FKF should not scare us after all nowhere in our constitution is it indicated that we can have only one football body.
    So I hope this time Ingwe will stand with the truth and be counted after all without the Top 5 clubs in your league then you better run a county league.
    My 2 cents advice is for FKF to stregnthen the lower leagues and let KPL continue running the top league. After all the owner of KPL are the Premier league clubs.
    Rubbing the govt the wrong way when they (FKF) will need state support is not the way to go.

  7. Running the league by nyamweya !!!!! I won’t be able to watch klp, growing something takes time when kpl was being formed nyamweya was busy fighting Hussein terry so today he has ensured that haram be stars languish out of top 100 actually were it not for the smooth running of kpl we would be further down the log
    We better have the little ss money than have nyamweya s dirty millions

  8. Nyamweya is loosing it,with no Fifa,govt and clubs backing,FKF is as good as dead.their league is kicking off on 14.02.2015.i wait to see which teams will participate.EABL too are not confortable with Nyamweya,they know he is just after their money.

  9. Gor Mahia will not be traveling to Kisumu for pre-season friendlies against Muhoroni Youth and Sony Sugar FC as was earlier announced. The changes have been necessitated to allow the team prepare for DSTv Super Cup against Sofapaka scheduled for Wednesday, February 11, 2014, as the new season 2015 curtain raiser.

    ‘Gor Mahia were scheduled to play two teams on Saturday and Sunday at Kisumu County’s Moi Stadium but the technical bench has resolved to cancel lakeside city trip and focus on clash against Sofapaka. The team thus continues with its preparations at Kasarani.

    “The DSTv Super Cup pits defending Kenyan league champions and GOtv Shield winners.

    How can someone organize such big event and fail to market it? Are they not interested in gate collection?

  10. Don’t get me wrong but bloated EC is at sixes and sevens- as we bloggers say -mara Power Dynamo friendly, mara Uganda friendlies, mara Kisumu friendlies, mara DSTV Cup, mara we’ve nothing to do with Aduda, mara Aduda is CEO, mara Aduda fired again, mara GMFC Sacco launch to be on 28th Dec 2014, mara GMFC Sacco launch is on 15th February (As per Ngala on Radio Jambo),mara this mara that.


    Now Sofapaka is a good team and will be a thorough test for GMFC’s TB/players. Remember last year’s Charity Cup & Machakos trashing.

  11. It’s sad what is happening in our league currently. How I wish the PM had powers he would have intervened just like he did when he was able. I remember him sending a govt delegation to Zurich to explain why we were doing what we did.
    Is the govt so helpless to do something? I doubt. On Aduda saga it must be the usual office fights. The only problem is that despite his shortcomings he is the only one who seems to be doing something. The others are just like flowergirls/boys in that office. They say you cannot make a mistake if you don’t do or say anything

  12. Some of us, I am sorry to say, are just very difficult to understand. Why are they always complaining about everything. Mara sacco, mara inept EC, mara players, mara accountability. If things were really that bad in Gor, we would not even be honoring CAF champions league. Players would not be training now. Ask our noisy neighbors, if you think it is easy. These same characters were sometimes back over the roof top shouting to however cared to listen about MPESA account. It was launched, contributed Ksh. 100 and started demanding to know “kaka pesawa otiyo”. Now they have turned to sacco. It will be launched and they will have excuses for not registering as members. Watch this space!!. Before we know it, they will have shifted into another set of irritating noise – accountability. It beats my understanding how someone would demand so religiously for accountability for money he does not contribute.
    I am happy and not worried at Kogallo, let the unhappy lot find their level. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  13. Asembo kama mtoto wetu tunamjua. This is the guy who is causing trouble at FKF behind the scenes. Nyamwenya has no back bone he just flows with the wind like a flag. He is following everything Asembo is telling him. Let it be known that Asembo caused a lot of confusion at the Den. He attempted a coup on Magello but we refused his nonsense

    Mashemeji, let’s unite behind Magello during the next election behind Magello and bring sanity back to soccer. We can let Nyamwenya run beach football…ama?

  14. @Ingo, you are right. These guys connived to clip Sholei’s and Shikanda’s legs because these were people concerned with the welfare of players.
    I believe Magelo really did good at Ingwe until the luhyas demanded their team back when it was flourishing. Yes, we can rally behind Magello, Shikanda, Sholei, Hussein of Super8 amongst the football loving leaders.
    Because of the people pressure FKF have called off their meeting and asked for dialogue. They have also reinstated Gor for CAF. All these means that with the proper pressure we can move far as a football nation. I have started doubting whether that multi million shilling sponsorship was actually there. What if the govt refused to register that firm to operate locally? What would they do?


    1. FKF refutes FIFA report.
    2. KPL to implements FIFA report.
    3. FKF calls governing council and makes afinal resolution
    to renames the league with 18 participating.
    4. KPL shuts door for 18 teams league and announces 16 teams
    5. Nyamweya(FKF) hands over FIFA report to Rachier(KPL-GOR).
    6. Nyamweya writes to Rachier to confirm Gor CAF
    7. FKF (Nyamweya) threaten to ban (KPL-Gor) in CAF
    competition due non-committal letter from Rachier.
    8. Gor cleared to participate after confirming in writing.
    9. FKF Calls all premier league club meeting
    10. FKF pursuing dialogue,calls off clubs meeting.

    FKF has smelt the coffee: FIFA THE “BIG BROTHER” silently supports KPL resolution and hence FKF can not flex its muscle.

  16. After realising that clubs, FIFA n the government r against fkf nyamweya is conered and is now asking 4 dialogue, I think this is the time 4 all football stakeholder to gang up oust him to save our game from further damage

  17. @The Trailer, with me I think the aroma from coffee is too sweet to be compared with what Nyamweya and his FKF have smelt. Those guys have smelt a dead, stinking rat.

  18. Time is up for Nyamweya. Time is up for the cronies he represents.We all remember who supported him to get in office. All forces against him. Govt,Fifa,Supersport, KPL,Gor Mahia, EABL,Football Clubs, Rachier and lastly me.The guy is destroying football. KFF Souldern be disbanded today not tomorrow.


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