3 crowd favourites released as Imbem signs

Ibrahim Kitawi, John Kiplagat and Duncan Owiti “macheda”, 3 players who were part of the youth brigade  recruited by James Sianga, have been released by the club. In comes Itubu Imbem the former Tusker striker as Gor Mahia try to sharpen their attack which has been blunt. Imbem has signed a one year deal.

According to club officials, the trio have rarely made it into the squad of 18. It is therefore in their interest to be released. This writer thinks the three will flourish. Owiti in particular if given a run of first team matches to gain his confidence could end up being one of the top scorers in the league. he has in the past shown a knack for finding the back of the net.

Teenage sensation, Anthony Gathu who previously played for Mt Kenya University has shown signs of brilliance and earned praise from coach Bobby Ogolla.

61 thoughts on “3 crowd favourites released as Imbem signs

  1. I can only say if this will be good for players then i pray for their future careers wherever they go.
    Football career is like that even the stars in do not stay forever in their teams. I thank them for their dedication to the team, nendeni na baraka za Mungu.

  2. The only way to have these three heroes move to a future is by leaving GM to get themselves footballing chance elsewhere.

    To me its not just Owiti but all of them-Kip & Kitawi too. I will not criticize the current recruitment again but will point out that we have reached where several bloggers feared early last year (2011). We have started all over again.

    To alot of people i think we are learning what really life as a GM fan is..if its really this way then it needs very persevering hearts. I think the departure of the trio marks a straw on a camel’s back (not necessarily the last one)

    On the Coach i(we) have commented a lot, i am not surprised at his out bursts. But of course supporters of his standards are so few to influence his appointment to the H.S position, i wonder how wild would he think guys at FKF are so naive to contemplate even considering him..if anything FKF is far far much better managed to fall for such hot air.

  3. I feel these 3 fellows were never given enough time to showcase their talents. Especially if you take Kiatawi & Duncan Owiti “macheda”, they made the real difference when Agido & Zico were the coaches and I WILL NEVER forget the combination of Owiti, Kitawi, Blackbery and Ngwa that made us no 5 and no 2 consecutively last year but one and the previous year. I wish them all the best and I know this is not the end of the road for them. If only they were given enough play time we would have known their full potential.
    To all GM fans -let us be patient and make final judgement at the end of second leg.

  4. ..I sincerely hope the GM management are aware of the seeds they are planting …very soon we will see what this will give birth to, then I will comment

  5. Mine is simple in football u must get playing time is wen u can develope ua talent n in any team ur n playing time is minimal then u better look elswhere n thats why many players r now hdn 2Division one. kpl is becoming very competative n 4none performers its back 2lower league as the likes of Hugo,Abich n co Hve alook at the following team n tell me if the duo can fit: AFC,ULINZI,TURSKER,SOFAPAKA, its not eazy blogers

  6. The good news to coach Logarusic is that FKF has sacked Kimanzi and he can officially offer his applications for consideration. Hopefully he can be shortlisted and finally offered the job since that is where is main focus is at the moment and not K’Ogalo.

    I am confident that the so called recruitments and relieving of the three youngsters namely KITAWI,KIPLAGAT and OWITI will go a long way to haunt the GM bench out of office. We need to be convinced how giving Itub Imbem a year contract will develop GOR long term plans.

    A guy who hoped out of TUSKER and failed to secure a club in Yemen is simple out of focus. What is the difference between this chap and selenga or Hugo who were sent packing. Kitawi is one of the available left footed midfielder after makori was shown the door and I believe KIPLAGAT is better than midenyo and NGWA. What rationale is logarustic using to bench players if not the same work-holic rate without thinking football wise.

    God forbid but GM is not Harambee stars if things don’t workout in the second leg then I am sorry ; someone gonna take the responsibility and we all know how it will come the K’Ogalo way.

  7. Well put @ JABILO on post 6 ,but let us give Logarusic the benefit of doubt hoping that his decision has the blessing of the entire technical bench and will go along way to uplift our standards and position in the second leg.
    But all said and done I know that the coach is a frequent reader of this blog; although since I told him off and castigate his profile by submitting his biased comments against Harambee stars performance I have not read from him again.
    I also wish Logarusic the best of success in securing the now vacant position of national team coach because come second round and with the kind of BIG MOUTH he has been vomiting all over in futaa.com he should be ready for the “REAL-FANS” backlash if performance backfires. And by the way the coach knows GM and he should borrow a leaf from ZD,SIAN’GA or AWONO.

  8. We have been having these players for long now. Why are they not improving? There must be something wrong with either their attitude or life style. Anyway What is the need of keeping players that are not playing? Pessimistic bloggers, give the coach more space and time.

  9. OKOTH JABILO, just to firm your comments. This Imbem guy was one of the guys who used to incite others at Ingwe. Thats when their team then was hovering around relegation zone then. Of course they were purged together with the likes of Selenga. He was at Tusker and went on AWOL to Yemen. The stint dint last. He was refused at Tusker only to be a suprise appearance at Gor. Kitawi was the most and prolific young left player we had. This is sickening cycle.

  10. On my side ican not coment on the duo but there will come atime when gor mahia will be more important than an individual,time will tell.

  11. Things are bound to change all the time; and if you are a player you better be on the look out all the time coz changes can catch up with you any time, especially in the big clubs. It happens all the time even in the major leagues that we know. If a player does not regularly make the line up then it is not useful to keep him, again it is not good for the player himself; they had rather move forward and develop somewhere else, and when they are still young.I hope the players have taken it positively and they are still our friends.


    Again whats wrong with coach commenting on Harambee Stars the way he did? Nothing because everybody is commenting any way.And should coach think dream of the Harambee Stars job? YES, YES AND YES. Why not, coaching Kogalo is not the A and Z in life. And the Gor Job is not a prison, or is it?

    So leave the man alone, he is doing a good job and I would also encourage him to look higher if he has the qualifications, thats life.

  12. there is tyme for everything and we need to give new fresh blood chance and playing time. Goodluck kip,owiti and kitawi.

  13. as a striker you are paid to deliver goals….you just have to look at our goals for and you will realise we fall terribly short.therefore it calls for an overhaul and thats what we are headed for.should the new recruits perform better,then the coach will be vindicated in the end….or otherwise!!!

  14. Don’t worry guys even in top european teams players move out. That is football and for a good player, he will always shine anywhere he goes. We just wish them good luck.

  15. All those in favour of coach BIG MOUTH; to them I say -wait till we play four rounds in the 2nd leg and you will see the cumulative results of negative energy this LoguRACIST has blown into the team.

  16. Am saddened by the dismissal of our three great players Ibra,Macheda and Kip, of all the players signed the only good players are the two Ugandans the others are disparate measures. Owiti is the best striker in Kenya and you will see. We have known input of bwana and Kilo in this. Bwana and Kilo have been conning .We are catching up with you. God forbid but GM is not Harambee stars if things don’t workout in the second leg then I am sorry ; someone gonna take the responsibility and we all know how it will come the K’Ogalo way.


    Hurricane Logarusic is at it again. With one stroke of a pen, he has released three more players who according to the officials, have not been making the first 18. As the KPL continue to be competitive and so is the clubs. It is no longer business as usual at K’Ogalo.

    Since he joined Gor Mahia early this season, Dravko Logarusic have not mince his words for players who cannot run and think at the same time. Hardly the ink had dried after he dropped six players, he has once again increased the tally by three. The honeymoon is now over.

    I have no doubt the three youngsters hold a great promise and I can only wish them well wherever they go. Football is a portable skill. It is true the three boys are darling of the crowds what we their dribbling skills. Kiplagat in particular is breaking new grounds in his community well known the world over only as athletes. I am proud that K’Ogalo has given him an opportunity to nurture his talent and is now ready to showcase it elsewhere. All the best Kip!

    Finally, with only a few days to the kickoff of the second leg, i remain cautiously optimistic the changes made at K’Ogalo’s playing unit will ultimately bear fruits. I want to warn our opponents to expect fireworks from us. We are determine more than ever before to give our very worthy competitors a good run for their money.

  18. I’m in total disagreement with some bloggers comments. Why can’t we give the coach time? We have been crying for results but these three players have been there and have been unable to score goals. Where are goals they have scored since the season began?

    The coach understands very well what he is doing and I believe we have been looking for a coach that will not favour certain players even if they are below par in performance.

    I was once a real admirer of Kitawi when zico dumped him but when he came back, the lad has not improved at all. He is not the same Kitawi that I used to admire though he comes from my home.

    Owiti was lethal when he was playing with Blackberry but since he was dropped to bench there has been no improvement at all.

    Kip is a good player but not impressive at all.

    Owiti, Kitawi and Kip were supposed to have seized the opportunity to impress the coach so that the coach can believe in them. These players have failed to do so and the coach is right with his decisions to drop them from the team.

    We have been crying for goals and these trio players have been there for a long time now. Why are they not scoring? Products are known with results and benefits they accrue to customers or owners.

  19. @Opuk raronge, your comments sound like preplanned PEV after 4 games. We as fans need to be very careful with our comments and utterances. Some of fans should just be banished from attending our matches as suic comments sound like the trouble shooters.

    GM will be there with us (Opuk raronge) or without us (Opuk raronge) bloggers. Players and coaches come and go.

  20. It’s high time Gor starts buying serious players who can help the club clinch the title and compete in Africa.Itubu does not look as the one who can take the blunt striking force to the next level. Ni pesa ndiyo hakuna ama kuna nini inaendelea. This thing of waiting for next season like Arsenal is taking the fan’s patience too far.

  21. How can Kitawi be released by three clubs in less than one year……..what is wrong with this guy…..discipline ? Am worried

  22. game of musical chairs.Please reflect on Olu Davids’ comment @4.
    ”I sincerely hope that Gm management are aware of the seeds they are planting,very soon we will what this will give birth to”.
    Mandugu na madada,tafadhalini tafakari haya.

  23. So as fans we want to recruit new players while retaining the old ones. Won’t we soon have a playing unit of 50 players yet on average a team only effectively uses 18 players. Who will pay the extra 30 players who are not contributing to the team success? I like the idea that the players were requested to go for loan where they could develop their skills while still GM players. I heard they declined that. I’m sure at their age they will now have the room to shine, prove us in GM wrong and come back home later on after establishing themselves. I repeat my comments that the league is now so competitive that even at the club level players have to justify their worth. What with players coming from across the border and other returning from Euro to grace the local league. Those doubting Thomasses are the same one who will sing praises of Lugavick immediately we start winning. Looks like some of us want us to go the AFC way by stalking discontent in the GM family. There is time for everything, including elections. Now’s our time to encourage the players and those villifying them should know that it’s not in the best interest of K’Ogalo.

  24. @ Mwakio, well said – your contributions are always balanced and well reasoned. It is my love for GM that drives me to warn all Kogalo faithfuls. But before we engage any further, please take your time and audit this guy’s (in)actions as a coach in Africa – only then will you understand my concerns. In the meanwhile, I stand by comments AND will be in Mumias to support GM. Niko kwa Gurdian bus ya Friday usiku. Mayiengaa…

  25. @Opuk raronge, let us give him time and we will reflect on his performance. Our comments could also scare away potential good players.

  26. To be honest and fair; Kip had no future at Gor. He has been (2012) poor and getting worse. Same is Kitawi and personally I have never seen what we adore much in Owiti. How does a player “have a future’ forever? How many coaches came and went and he still “had a future”? These guys made us happy in one season and went off form, mostly, the memories of then, maintains the illusions about their brilliance yet practically, owing to one reason or another, they have been below par long enough to warrant a release. For my opinion, the right move for them and club; ofcourse I remain a loyal admirer of Kitawi. All the best pal

  27. It’s good the coach says he is happy about the signed six players. He says they are the best deal in KPL today.

    Now players give us your best. Please lift Kogalo to where it belongs. Koops says it will be a three horse race but Kogalo ni ‘Punda’. Please prove him wrong.

  28. A trouser does not wear out on one buttock/knee only, but its the norm for a trouser to wear out on both buttocks/knees.

    Released players have/had not be paid so i would not be surprised if the current players (and even benches) dues are up to date.There is a reason why GMFC is not among the top 3!

    K’galo’s woes are 20% players/technical bench but 80% of its problems is management(read EC).Logarusic and EC will be on my radar, NO MORE EXCUSE ONLY RESULTS ARE WANTED.

    LOL!Signing Imbem is akin to the Selenge and the Niija fella but lets see maybe they know what they are doing but I doubt

  29. I believe everyone has time for everything and some very few of us fear the more that things will definitely go bad and the hooli-disciplinarians will strike. The cycle continues.

    Let us also understand that a team of new players will need time to gel and so the question remains for how long are we going to be building from the scratch.. if my memory serves me well Zico began building a new team, we were at it again with Awono early this year and now again the white guy has just began with only one year contract.

    Time time time till when?

    I see someone trying to con the GM family and many of us call for patience coz a foreigner is involved, it would have been different if it were sir Bobby solely on the bench. But remember when the ‘Disciplinarians’ strike all of us suffer whilst this con game could have been avoided and damages shelved!

    The guy if anything expresses his desire for another job..Really how can people applaud that? Is there any loyalty required from anyone at a position?

    Good and bad remains that the GM set up as per today is such that you cannot deny anyone any right for good and bad. Its that terrible.

  30. How can you sign Itubu Imbem before signing the promising Ugandan Mubiru. Stop joking. We have seen Itubu in KPL for 4 years and what has he done. Please just give Mubiru a chance. Lets see what he can do.

  31. Dropping those 3 players is the last nail in Siang’a project.I do admire how the coach works,but what i have noticed is that he does not have time for developing talent,he is mr.quick fix.That might and i repeat might win him the league but not continental trophy.GM has always nurtered players,the big question is that are we doing that now,definately not,we want finnished products.
    With this trend we will never produce another golden generation.To me the 87′ group are my legends and the good thing is some are alive,they will tell you what it takes to be crowned african champions.

  32. well said duncan,the coach wants quick results to boost his CV and move on -mourinho style.the question is this,after mourinho moved how did his former clubs fare? that might just be our fate.shockingly some fans like mwakio who have been calling for structures and youth development have been hoodwinked by this coach and the office antics.LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD,WHAT IF WE WIN THE LEAGUE THEN GO OUT AS WE WE DID AGAINST FERROVIARO,IS THAT PROGRESS.KENYAN CLUBS HAVE BEEN COMPETING IN THE CAF CHAMPS LEGUE BUT NONE HAS EVER REACHED THE LUCRATIVE GROUP STAGES.OUR NEIGHBOURS TZ HAVE 2 CLUBS-SIMBA & YANGA THAT HAVE REACHED THESE STAGES WITH SIMBA KNOCKING OUT ZAMALEK TO REACH THE STAGE WITH SIANGA IN ITS TECHNICAL BENCH.Gor is no different from harambee stars where its a game of musical chairs with no sustainable and enduring investment.


  33. Wuonpap you are spot on,football is a big business and when you have those age group teams,i am sure we got something from the sale of blackberry,you can never go wrong.Why are we so obsessed with eating from hand to mouth.we must get these structures,after all why is harrambee stars strugling,the disease in GM is the same disease in almost 80% of the KPL teams and by extension H.Stars.

  34. Lets just say its easier to bend a green stick than a dried one without breaking. No home grown no player at the national team thus no pride for the club even if u r champions. Old players for quick result but how will we sustain the result without young generation. Anyway has EC changed the club tradition and philosophy? Even the so called tusker,sofapaka have kept 80% of its squad for the last 3yrs but still at the top. Players and coaches TURNOVER rate in kogalo is very high and alarming thus will scare away sponsors.

  35. What we can advocate for is an U14, U17 and a reverses league for Kenya and in that case we will have our future stars featuring in that league. As it is now only the ready material will feature in the league. As we want to groom players we as fans also want results immediately otherwise we would not have haunted Siang’a out. Remember we chased him at Thika ’cause we lost despite him telling us that the team was for the future. Assuming we win the next 5 matches all the critics here will be praising the EC and the tech team. The mood in this blog depends on our performnce apart from @Kosero who has been left-leaning all the time. Can we afford to lose 5 consecutive game and console ourselves that what we have is a development team? Not with our callibre of fans. Genrally as much as we have issues at the EC level, we fans can also be a liability to the club depending on our conduct

  36. these are interesting times! i like whats happening in gor. gor is no longer a parastatal where pay just comes in wether u attend work or not. i do feel for the dropped players but u have to perform. the reason tusker and sofapaka are doing well is cause they are result oriented. if u can’t do the job u go. history does not count, otherwise maradonna would still be at napoli. for these players to be dropped there was a reason. let the coach do his job. aren’t we holding him accountable? the dropped players have a chance to prove him wrong…but the question is why were they dropped in the first place? the croat has no camps in gor, i thnk he is doing his job as an excecutive somthing the likes of kimanzi and kenya coaches shud emulate. but unfortunately fkf will always prefer coaches they can push around. mr croat – first deliver the meat at gor b4 trying to be cosy with the friendly team and if fkf is thnking of wooing u to harambee stars then pls be wary. prove urself at gor, the gor family supports u…do not let greed control you. you also do not want us(gor) as ur enemies. i will attend all matches in nairobi to assure(contribute towards) ur pay , if u r to go to stars, live me satisfied as u promised and let it be with my blessing.

  37. Dan you are so right. What happens at Kogalo is a true reflection of what we are. That’s why even the young officials we elected seem to annoy fans daily. They behave just like us.

    I therefore make a decision today to support our team as it is for the second leg. I believe that our club is growing and the end of the league will surely determine and shape the policy on scouting, recruitment, training, fielding and coaching.

  38. If performance is the yardstick for acquisition then why settle on rejects like ITUB IBEM, the MIDENYO’S and NGWA’S who also belong to the past glory of the yester-years. Are you guys not contradicting yourself? Let us style up and be objective.

    AGIDO has already acquired the services of the three “masterkeers” and i wish to state here today that come our match against CITY STARS; Coach logarusic will be in for a surprise when they will be unleashed to torment us and that is the time FANS will bay for his blood; i rest my case. And its sooner than later.

  39. @Ogango trailer let’s use civil words for our players. Won’t you be celebrating if any of them score? No player is a reject. We used to ‘boo’ Odera while at GM unless for him to cause us stress when we played KCB. I repeat, let’s spare the players we personally don’t like the venom on this site. It’s not good for the GM family. I believe we don’t go about abusing our family members just because we don’t like them. Those three players could be our saviours. And by the way there are those who believe in those players

  40. O’Trailer are you sure? Then that is a perfect move! Those are the future of Kenyan football, refer to Okello Arthur at 38, these were true talents who never saw chances at GM.

    Fans lets accept than we are all GM fans and none of us has the monopoly of wisdom not just in this site but anywhere else.The truth is that we’ve only been acquiring bench warmers and out of 18 squad players who add very little value at GM.

    If you look back at the recent past just when Zico came, its the same players now discarded who took us to no.2. Whereas with the massive recruitment of the so called ‘stars’ we are a laughing stock at KPL. But this is GM..with a Coach in transit we should know what to expect..AGIDO will surely make very good use them. I wish them the very best.

  41. Ogango Trailer, I do not like criticising my colleagues but I think you appear to have an agenda against the coach? Whats it, you know the tone you have adopted these days are not like YOU of the past. You can’t let the coach and office do their work? I am annoyed with you, the first and only time am feeling annoyed with some body. But on the positive I think you and others of the same thoughts will see sense and change because even you you have work to do where you are working and you are the one who knows how to do it and you are allowed to do it freely so that you take responsibilty for failure or success of it. Think my man , think.

  42. I don’t understand what the obsession about Kitawi and Macheda is all about. Did I read sometime last year bloggers here accusing ZD of wasting their talents. There must be something seriously wrong with these players especially Kitawi. Tusker rejected him after half a season. Awono brought him back. He never picked. Lugarasic now has also rejected him. I don’t think all these three coaches dont just like him for nothing. My conclusion, Kitawi has a discipline problem or is a lazy player. Let us give this coach a chance please. We cried out loud for a muzungu, now that we have one, let there be peace. For God and my club Kogallo

  43. Why do we always want bloggers to speak positive even when things go wrong? These 3 players (Owiti, Kitawi & Kiplang’at) are good but have not had enough play-time. They will torment our defense and especially Owiti ‘Macheda’ is a real threat to any defense. So far all these new signings Owiti ‘Macheda’ is better than them by far and he knows what to do in front of goal. He’s not a trial and error kind of a striker. Maybe we are overlooking these players coz of age? on a different note guys let us understand that disagreeing/having diverse views does not necessarily mean one is against coach or players so guys let us be accommodative to other people’s ideas instead of insults. For instance, I don’t see the problem with Oganjo Trailor’s sentiments…No39.

  44. There is no single player that has permanent position in Gor Mahia. These players have been in Gor Mahia long enough and they have not improved the performance of the team. Why can’t we let them go to other clubs to prove themselves. You never know that we might require them in the near future.

    GM fans expect a lot from the team and this is why we need players that can perform.

    Bloggers are the same that always cry for the better performance but at the same are demanding for the trio to remain. This is just hypocrisy of the highest order.

  45. Statistics speaks volume. I prefer stating my argument with facts and figures. Can we assess the playing time of our so called preferred players and we account for goals scored during the active playing before pointing fingers at each other with biased opinion over my comments,

    name playing time Goals
    Hugo 65 mins 1
    Makori 125 mins 1
    Midenyo 7 games 2
    Ngwa 8 games 1
    Rama 8 3
    Owiti 30 mins 0
    Kitawi 75 mins 0
    Kiplagat 45 mins 0

    Where is the justification when those who had plenty of of playing can just offer an average of 0.00195 goals per match.

  46. Tosha…………….How about refreshing your minds and talk about tommorrows match i will be in Mumias eager to meet you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kitawi was never a good player,good individual skills,poor work rate,not a team player,loses more balls than he gets.Kiplangat has pace thats all about him nothing else.for Macheda he is good but he falls very much behind in kogalos striking options.a loan spell maybe to city stars,rangers,or even muhoroni might have helped him.but i hear he refused a possible loan deal.

  48. @OGANGO TRAILER, with due respect let us support what we have at the moment and move on. Sulking at this stage will not help us. I think the coach is doing a good job and we all need to support him. I was once mad when Gor Mahia released Kitawi but since he came back, we have never seen the tricks and skills this lad from my home used to show. I do not know what happened to Owiti and Kiplagat.

    Let the trio develop their careers elsewhere. You never know as they might come back one day. I think this is good for the three released players.

    Regarding the playing time, how long have we had these players in the team? We need all players to have positive attitude and this is what will make them succeed elsewhere.

  49. My only prayer is that the seven players (and counting) will add value to the GM brand. Let’s also hope that these recruitments/droppings are being done on merit and not the way we had been handling the same. It’s now upto the old guards in the team to pull up their socks. Footie is now an occupation and only the best will be recruited and/or retained. As fans let’s hope that we will get value for our money when we go to the stadium. We should also expect and accept any results from the field.

  50. fellow bloggers….just out of curiosity,how old is oscar mbugua?i think i have heard that name for the longest time!!and how solid is nick ouma??please somebody answer me.

  51. Fred its okay to verify all these(age and solidness of Mbugua and Nick respectively) but just look at the way worshiping of the Coach is being made paramount and questions abounding from unmerited dismissals are causing rifts amongst us..

    It will therefore make more sense to observe events from a distance and enjoy whatever the outcome without generating more of the turmoil.I think we’ve cried enough but they cannot understand.

  52. Kassam Mwivangano @51 you are absolutely right. Like you, I have resigned to just watch from a distance “and enjoy whatever outcome”. What has befallen us is what in the medical world is akin to the disease otherwise referred to as Ondine’s curse.

  53. Kassam @No. 51 & Barefoot @ No52 don’t give up on commenting. Again let us not expect every comment will be positive as some people may expect. Unless all of us are pretending we can’t be of same opinion and we have to accommodate and respect other people’s opinions. Let as many fans as possible talk about GM issues to enhance improvements. Anybody expecting smooth comments every time praising EC, players and the coach I’m sorry this is not your site-Keep off lest you get hurt.

  54. I was so disappointed when i saw Logarusics comments in the media that Kenya(harambee)should invest in developing players from the tender age.That is the most hypocritical comment i ave heard from him since he came.What is he doing in GM?Does GM need the same remedy he is recommending to H.stars.The GM fraternity is so confused.All we are thinking abt is winning the league,after that what?do we want the continental humiliation to continue?I think we are not headed in the right direction.

  55. BELOVED.Dear bloggers,the sacking of these players,the attitude of the coach and the perfomance of the EC is causing tension that I pray will not spillover.Every GM supporter(not fan)has a right to be upset when things don’t seem to be going right.Many contributers here have either supported or oppossed the decision to offload KITAWI,MACHEDA n KIPLANGAT.Football,like other sports,appeals to emotions at the expense of concrete reasoning.Friends,I will support my beloved Gor but will,at the same time offer constructive advice.I will understand that losing is part of the game and-though I sorrow over it-I will help ma fellow supporters get over the pain and move on.Despite our difference of opinion I pray that our new chorus should be this”MY BELOVED KOGALO YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.God bless GM..

  56. Kiplagat was a good winger but never given a real chance. Kitawi is one natural left winger who like Kip n Owiti should be in Harambee Stars. But what I foresee is that they will flourish just like Hadji is doing at Chemelil

  57. Since when did us fans of kogallo became better positioned to know our players ability than those who are with them and training them is what is their proffession?Its THE BIG MOUTH who handles that and as a proffessional as we are and as fans of a proffessional club,its only good we give him a free hand to do it as much as some of his decisions may be hurting to us.Lets judge him at the end and give him the necessary support as he goes about it,ama? Koso uparo nade jokenya mafans mag’gor.

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