Kidero wants to ban Gor Mahia and AFC from the City

Reports posted on suggest that Nairobi governor Evans Kidero is moving to ban both Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards from the City of Nairobi.

“The Governor is very incensed by the acts of fans from both teams. He has condemned what happened on Sunday and has moved to ban them (Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards) from the City.” says a source to

The source has revealed to Goal that Governor Evan Kidero has also demanded that the two clubs compensate for damages caused after Sunday’s ‘Mashemeji derby’ that was called off owing to crowd trouble.

In this case Kidero would be taking a cue from Governor Mutua of Machakos who banned Gor Mahia from Machakos.

Meanwhile Kidero is silent on the fact that one of his employees, driving a city of Nairobi vehicle actually ran over several Gor Mahia fans deliberately.


After releasing the initial statement banning both clubs, Kidero rescinded it saying he had no capacity to do so immediately. He said the banning issue was being considered.

Kidero however wants compensation from organizers of the Kenya Premier League game after hundreds of fans stormed into the streets destroying property and uprooting trees along Uhuru highway.

This behaviour from fans is unnacceptable and is precisly why these teams cannot gain sponsorship while lower clubs have lucrative deals.

FKF Blames Gor Mahia

Meanwhile Sam Nyamweya has fired yet another salvo against Gor Mahia . KFF now blames Gor Mahia saying they had requested the home club and KPL to inform them of their security plans on August 19 ahead of the match in vain.
“However the League organizers KPL and the home team never responded to our letters and adamantly never invited us for any pre-event security meeting as required,” said FKF in a statement.

The statement said FKF issued out their recommended guidelines that are standard procedure during such a high risk encounter. “We also wish to point out that on match day there was a serious security lapse due to the very few police officers present and also the serious breach by the organizers by not frisking fans entering the stadium.” No buffer zone was created as per the recommendation of the governing body and both clubs stewards engaged in fights inside the perimeter fence, said the statement.

Ambrose Rachier as KPL chair has been in battle after battle with Sam Nyamweya of the FKF over issues like TV revenue sharing and how many teams will be relegated. Nyamweya is now taking it upon himself to make life difficuult for Gor Mahia. Last month he refused to pay for Gor Mahia to travel to Tanzania for the CECAFA cup despite having committed to do the same.

16 thoughts on “Kidero wants to ban Gor Mahia and AFC from the City

  1. What is this nonsense from FKF. Sam Nyamweya was in the stadium for barely ten minutes and left after being suffocated by the overwhelming presence of his opponents. Remember throughtout the week Nyamweya kept talking about security, what did he know that GOR the home team and KPL did not know and if indeed there was something afoot why did he not share the same with GOR and KPL.? Apportioning blame will not help. Those of us in the stadium were alarmed by the police lethargic reposnse to the imminent chaos, in fact we would have seen chaos of a magnitude that has never been witnessed if GOR MAHIA fans, except afew yobes, reacted to the provocations from AFC fans. AFC fans have caused mayhem now three times this season – in Thika and now tiwice in Nairobi and no firm action has been taken. Instead some people including the media houses are trying so hard to link GOR fans to the mayhem witnessed on sunday. Yes among GOR fans are few bad ones, in fact very bad ones and the police should deal with them as individuals. Let us deal with the issue at hand, firm action should be taken against AFC Leopards for the mayhem on sunday, those fans arrested should also be dealt with according to the law and let it not be just a vendetta. The police should take blame….every other time the police are in the stadium you will find them in the main stand, you wonder why they cannot be located like that terrace above GATE 6 to creat a barrier or buffer between the two group of fans?

  2. This thing of security it has been mentioned so many times should not be a club responsibility. Gor Vs AFC match should be treated like any mammoth rally where all that needs to be done is the police to be informed and they do what they need to do. Afteallr, during the political rallies the parties do not pay or organize for security as that should be taken care of by the police as the organisers are tax payers

  3. Fans should just behave and each team takes responsibility for its fans misbehaviour, not the home team. I didnt see AFC bench or even players try to calm their fans like we’ve always done.
    Those blaming gor on this are just haters

  4. You would have noticed the police were all on the safe and peaceful side. Gor side.
    Nyamweya’s time if up. Elections are around the corner and his prisoners akina Shollei are out and will conteest

  5. The Mombasa Longroom Branch is pushing a contribution campaign dubbed #themagic101bobforGorMahia in which we target around 1 million fans to be sending at least only 10 bob to paybill no 350100. During the Bandari match we plan to have printed flyers to be given to fans to urge them to make it their habit to be sending that small amount every month. So send what you have to 350100 and make a difference.

  6. Silly Kidero silly Nyamweya… Gor has had the most disciplined fans this season… All games have ended peacefully except for the stupid County Council idiot who ran over members of the green army provoking a retaliation… You do that anywhere in the world you face the music…

    However i must condemn the few whether Gor of AFC fans who uprooted trees, grass, vandalized shops etc… Let those who were arrested be treated as examples…

  7. this was pure sabotage by nyamweya and a few AFC fans unfortunately it didn’t work as planned.its war btw fkf president and kpl( Rachier).the president is trying by all means to make Gor look bad.nyamweya should not bring politics in football.

    1. Olunga has gone for trials with Bidvest SA, should be back in a week’s time. The club has indicated they will not stand on his way if he chooses to go. But I have this feeling that the lad may not last at Bidvest if they take him. It may maybe another case like that of Peter Dawo or Berry who left when they were not mature enough. Omino should strive to make his way to 1st XI but I doubt if Berry can regain that devastating form he had when he left GOR. Otherwise Agwanda should step in Olunga;s shoes.

    1. K’Ogalo will not replay rivals Ingwe after premier company awarded them points from the abandoned league match played on Sunday at Nyayo
      Gor Mahia have been awarded Sunday’s abandoned Kenyan Premier League match against arch-rivals AFC Leopards at Nyayo Stadium.
      The league body KPL made the decision on Tuesday and communicated it to both clubs. Gor Mahia deputy secretary Ronald Ngala confirmed the same and expressed delight at the decision. “We expected it. We were not at fault at all. The rules are very clear that all teams are responsible for the conduct of their fans,” he told Goal.
      In awarding the match, the premier league company quoted rule 3.4 which states that a team shall forfeit a match that has been abandoned as a result of the conduct of their fans.
      Ngala defended Gor Mahia, who have come under criticism for not providing enough security during the ill-fated derby. “As a home team we did all that was required of us and KPL was satisfied with the arrangements. We therefore, deserve to be awarded the match.”
      But reacting to the ruling, AFC Leopards said they will appeal insisting Gor Mahia as the home team failed to provide enough security.
      “We will go to the highest court to appeal the decision. The match should not have been played at all owing to incidences of insecurity before kick-off. We believe a replay would have been a fair decision,” revealed AFC Leopards Secretary General Asava Kadima.

      The match was called of in the 64th minute with both teams tied at 0-0 after AFC Leopards fans protested at referee’s decision to award Gor Mahia a penalty. K’Ogalo will now bag three points and a 2-0 advantage from the aborted match a decision that keeps the champions’s unbeaten record in the league intact

  8. Shemeji no replay you had a great opportunity to prove a point but you squandered the opportunity……… I will tell you in broad daylight that efusi cannot beat mayienga this season ngojeni olunga aende ndio myudhi

  9. Nyamweya always has a bone to pick with Gor. Doesn’t surprise at all that blame is now squarely at our doorstep. Hatuzhezi hio ligi yako ngoo, bure kabisa.

  10. I have nothing to tell nyamweya … Let him qualify harambee stores to afcon first …. Kidero banning his constituency from the city ?Sawa kidero good move wuod asumbi …. You will in turn pay heavily for that …. Again all hooligans should rot in hell

  11. For somebody Mr. Kadima to say that they are going to appeal against the the ruling of KPL, is just a waist of time and money, how many times did AFC, fans had attacked match officials and injured them? Mr. Davis Ongweno is the latest culprit. Those who had an oppunity to watch how Mr. Ongweno officiated the match between Olando Pirate and AC Leopards of Congo, was very fantistic but here in Kenya, they are Referee who can not handle AFC matches. I can’t remember when did Gor Mahia fans had attacked match Officials but AFC fans, from Mombasa,Thika, Nakuru but nobody is condeming their behavour? . On Dr.Kidero if he is a one term Governor let him ban Gor Mahia AFC Leopards in the City of Nairobi?

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