Ambrose Rachier endorsed by KPL
The Kenya Premier League has endorsed Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier to contest for the top post. The endorsement was done at the weekend during the company’s governing council in Mombasa but Rachier says he has not made up his mind on the offer.

“It is true that I was endorsed to contest but I have not accepted or declined. It is not an easy decision to make and I am still consulting on the way forward,”

“There are many issues to be considered not least of them being that there is little time between now and the polls date. Iam consulting and will announce my stand at the appropriate time,” he said.

According to the electoral code released by the Independent Electoral Board (IEB), the league company already has two positions reserved for them on the
If he were to contest Rachier will have to relinquish his position at Gor because he cannot hold both positions if he wins.

Whereas the FKL has tortured Kenyans with one humiliation after another for the last 10 years, this author thinks there are already enough good candidates who can steer Kenya football in the right direction. Mr. Rachier should focus on the club.

12 thoughts on “Ambrose Rachier endorsed by KPL

  1. tell our prezda to keep off FKL politics, concentrate on k’ogallo, u still have unfinished bizness here.

    if u want to leave tafadhali leta okudo,he’s the only one i can trust apart from u.

    anyway best wishes in whatever direction u choose to go.

  2. Hey Mr. it is not fine to lift stories and paste them on another blog. Being on the net, we read most of the stories and we would appreciate different angles. Give it a KOgalo twist and talk to Rachier peke yako and quote what he tells you not what he tells other journalists.

  3. I agree with nyakwar lory how does this help gormahia this is personal thing bwana dont give such issues priority into our web try to be more creative


    I wish on the onset congratulate Chairman Rachier on his endorsement by FKL to gun for a top post during the forthcoming FIFA – endorsed elections. The endorsement is indeed a vote of confidence to the leadership & track record of Ambrose Rachier, the chairman of Gor Mahia.

    Ever since he took over the reigns of Gor Mahia, the club has witnessed unprecendented growth on fan base and revenue through gate collections. Furthermore, Rachier is credited to have successfully romanced and indeed signed the highest sponsorship deal in club history in kenya. The 38 million kenya shillings with TUZO is still the highest amount of money to be commited to a club by the corporate. Perhaps these achievements coupled with high academic credentials might have informed the kpl members to endorse him to gun for a top position.

    Gor fans therefore should not condem Rachier for training his eyes on the prize. I personally encourage him to go the seat of his choice. There is no better place to launch his campaign than from this site.

    You have my blessings Chairman.

  5. Rachier aende huko KPL!! Fact: Buying a bus took him ages, T-shirt official haziko, gate collection iko down…. Kanyangondaleasing ndio mob under his leadership

  6. where is the confidence referees spoil our games every now and again we look like bush club with un called for violence this endorsement is really not in good taste work hard with kpl to make league more professional not going to head this still birth football federation it has too much local politics

  7. @Ochi McOwino, I think your comments are misplaced. Rachier has done a lot to the club. We have a bus and the club is moving in the right direction. We just need toi continue winning all our games and become KPL champion. Rachier should remain as Gor Mahia Chairman not anything else until we win three KPL trophies.

  8. nyakwar lorry, you sound a very agitated person by the way you are personalising this good man who has taken his time to give you and everyone an opportunity to air your weird sentiments on this very platform.
    why dont you come up with your own platform for your self to comment on?
    you are a big let down with your kinds!
    This man/woman is making Ko Galo Audible with this kind of communication.
    Let him comment anything He/She wishes.

    the other one is Ochi mak owino, gooooooooooodnessssssss! what have you people contributed to the club. I wish we should be giving our real identities so that we know who is real to the spirit of Gor Mahia.

  9. I think the Mr. Rachier debacle is fine to comment about it is the sycophantic bit in us that is making it be a political topic..

    Mr. Rachier was elected GM chairman but it was not very political (the election).It is unfortunate that this issue definately call for evaluation of the person Mr. Rachier and so let people not get annoyed when a negative or positive comment is made about him coz it is evaluation.

    However i have an issue with people arrogantly refering to others as having not contributed a thing to the club..are you sure the other person does not belong in any of our branches so that he stand no chance of contributing? Are you sure he does not attend matches and pays entry fees? Are you sure he did not contribute towards the bus Harambee? (through the branches or otherwise..)

    Guys the.. what have you contributed to the club mongers are the likes who have pretended to shoulder the club but ended up looting GM for years..they are the thieves among us!

    We are and will remain free to air our views for as long as we live.. Even in the forthcoming elections in GM we will have a chance to change leaders after evaluation..whover shall fit the modern yardstick for GM leadership will be given the mantle but not by just saying people have shouldered the it Okudo or the incubent a proper scrutiny shall be made , gone are the days of Kanu Mama na Baba we need accountability,professionalism,openness and humility as opposed to manipulation,confusion,politics and corruption.

    So long.

  10. @Papamiky….I am Ochieng Owino if u want it spelt out it is laughable that u use “papamiky” and can dare ask someone using Ochi McOwino (Real Names)to reveal identity. I stand by my sentiments – Rachier has disappointed due to inertia and has been reluctant to implement changes that would propel Gor to greater heights. Some of the changes implemented have been due to branch pressure.

    How does a lawyer allow non officials to sign for Gor Mahia Bank accounts….continually ati mpaka branches waquestion ndio ana take action. How? how?

    When we talk of what Michael Joseph did with Sarfcom, What Mwangi has done with Equity…WE CANNOT talk of Rachier’s achievement at Gor in the same breadth.

    I am not saying that he hasn’t done anything but, his achievements are ordinary at best!

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