Another Ugandan on Kogalo radar

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Uganda’s promising striker Eddie Mubiru will be jetting in the country next week to open transfer negotiations with Kenyan Premier League giants Kogalo

The KCC youngster was voted the best player in the 2011 Brookside sponsored East Africa Secondary School Games in Mbarara after propelling his school, St.Marys Kitende, to clinch the regional title.

Brookside product

In an exclusive interview with, Brookside Dairy Company Marketing Manager Peter Wesonga, revealed that the forward impressed former Gor Coach Anaba Awono in January but failed to sign him as the transfer window had been closed.

-Last year in Mbarara, out of all the participating teams from seven countries, he’s the best player in the tournament and he’s currently at KCC.

-The previous coach (Anaba Awono) had liked him when he was here in January but unfortunately the transfer window had closed

 Date with Logarusic

However, the Manager who said their mission is to nurture upcoming talent into superstars, is optimitsic the new coach,  Zdravko  Logarusic, will sign the player.

-As sponsors, we have a policy of offering scholarships to best footballers and link them up to various teams for them to earn a career in football. He’ll be coming to Kenya sometime next week for Logarusic to see him and may be start negotiating, he added.

Real talent  

On contacting Gor’s Secretary General George Bwana, he admitted that they are interested in the player.

-Mubiru is a success of the Brookside Sponsored Secondary School Games in the region and was here the other time for trials but the technical bench didn’t pick him because they felt he’s still inexperience.

-We have been following him and he’s done very well at KCC and we hope to bring him on board, said Bwana.

13 thoughts on “Another Ugandan on Kogalo radar

  1. I hope it will not be another signing spree like last time. I hope as we recruit we think of balancing the team. We don’t want a situation where the team is loaded with strikers but no quality midfielders to feed them. Then we lament that our strikers are not scoring. We should also consider the feelings and future of the current players as much as we beef up the team. If possible we can loan some of them out to get ample playing time and experience. Best wishes though to all incoming and current team

  2. only the coach and only him should decide what /which player he wants bwana you talk too much actually i dont like the way you are working to crude

  3. Edwin Mubiru is a left winger ala Makori. For those who watched our match against City Stars in January, he was t he left winger who ran circles around City Stars Defence in the first half.

  4. What really has changed? Are these the six players the Croat had evaluated to be able to think and run at the same time?

  5. Eddie is a talented player, those who watched Uganda Football league will attest to that. The boys has speed and accuracy in ball delivery.

  6. It looks like we are going to be announcing to the whole world players who we are supposed to have signed even when we haven’t signed them! Mr George Bwana,why not just keep quiet and call the press when necessary? Am sure rumours are just about to spring up of us wanting to sign a Messi, then Bwana will confirm it and before he even lands at whatever airport, hell have signed for another club. What’s up? Shut up!

  7. In January , this guy was left aside after tryouts and instead they signed Ballotieno even though he had not had any tryouts with the club. It shows that GM dont have good player evaluators.

  8. Omera this recruitment circus sounds like the brainless recruitment gor mahia underwent in January. I think we shouldlet the coach come back and do the talking…………….

  9. hey guys we learnt our mistakes and i hope we never repeat it. this time we want the best and they have been sported so lets wait for the window perion to open then we strart negociatin. otherwise we needed someone from east Africa and we will get. After all we know the player and we have seen him playing period.

  10. Freedom of speech, it is not a bad thing, it gives opportunity for you and I who are stakeholders of GM to evaluate and comment before any final decision is made…isn’t that a way of consultation brothers!!! Without that, life is boring without Kogallo in action!!

  11. Negotiations are yet to start…the guy is yet to jet in or come by whatever means, let’s assume via Migingo route. I don’t believe this boy will make any major impact to GM but let the technical bench meet with him and decide. BUT don’t sign him and put him in bench and then spoil his career; if we will not utilize him then no point of meeting with him in the fist place. If he is good enough we would be seeing him in Uganda National team…though let me not judge the ‘book’ by cover.


    FIFA, the world football governing body have rules and regulations regarding players acquisations and transfers but clubs have the rights to buy the player they want according to their ability and specific needs.

    Every time the transfer window opens, bloggers all manner of names without justifying why they chose this and that player. And because fans influence greatly the decision of the executive committee, the club coffers run dry without tangile results on the field. For instance, last season K’Ogalo made good money from the sale of Eric Masika but squandered the money to buy inexprienced boys!

    I believe the following should inform acquisations of any player

    1. Talent

    2. Experience

    3. Displine

    4. Accolades if any

    K’Ogalo is currently scouting for players to recruit this mid season transfer window. The young lad, Eddie from Uganda is much welcome but I hope the authorities have done their homework right this time round. I can’t wait to watch the second leg of the KPL !

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