Bobby unhappy with referees but praises team

Coach Bobby Williamson expressed displeasure at the match officials who officiated the match against Thika United on Wednesday.

Thika engaged in time wasting and the referees did not do anything to stop it. Speaking after the barren draw, Bobby insisted that the officials should have acted with more firmness to deal with the vice evident on the pitch. This according to a report on

Bobby however lauded his charges for defending well. Gor Mahia have kept a clean sheet in their 2014 Tusker premier league matches so far

Musa to attend South Africa Trials

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Gor Mahia are set to lose defender Musa Mohammed from Thursday as he is set to leave for South Africa where he will attend week long trials with PSL side Pretoria University.

Gor Mahia has already been notified by Musa’s parent club Fisa Academy and the technical bench has prepared to work without the player for that period.

Gor Mahia Secretary General Charles Omondi says they have received communication from Fisa Academy requesting for the release of the player between March 20-28, 20-28, 2014.

18 thoughts on “Bobby unhappy with referees but praises team

  1. Let’s score when we have the chaces and the issue of refreeing will be irrelevant. We start this weekend though I know this is one of the two games TopFry is banking on

  2. @Dan, I agree but remember football is like a rhythm. When someone destroys your pattern and tempo wasting time or kicking the ball out or taking it back to the goalkeeper in a bid to interrupt your tempo, it becomes very hard. We must also remember that playing as a defending champion is one of the hardest tasks because everyone wants to beat you or at best all the teams are content with a point against you. We are going to see these a lot during the season and therefore there is every reason for BW to be frustrated. He will come up with a solution but it may not work all the time.
    This is why it is easier to win a trophy but very difficult to defend it.

  3. time wasting comes later in the game, not from the start of the game, killer strikers, finishers etc is what gor needs, we should be able to score the fastest goals of the season. super subs and last minute gasps not for defending champions

  4. I had said that this will be an excuse from GM’s TB i.e that the opponents frustrate our game by playing negatively etc. Roping in the ref. is just another version. Lastly now & again u will hear the other excuse that the players didn’t play according 2 instructions.
    Its an open secret that most teams will always adopt negative play against GM so that the crowd gets agitated,in turn pressurizes the players, hence spoil the team’s game plan (if any) 2 get a draw or maybe steal a win on a…….

  5. single counter attack.
    TB knows this even b4 the season begins,their inability 2 counter this a year down the line is telling.
    Surely all top teams in other leagues (eg Bayern, Barca, Esperance) suffer the same fate. We simply must b better at progressive ball possession, creating & clinically finishing scoring chances. Holding all our training in the open is unadvisable .Top fry’s a no brainer the real challenge is Tusker mid next week. Let team mek the fans’ support count not pass blame 4 draws.

  6. am with Oduor12@6 and 7
    am a sucker for success and my expectations for Gor is that they win every game.True…in every game we expect a win,draw or loss.
    But with the investment we have put into the club,the ability of the players and the expertise and experience of the technical bench,i expect better results than what we got against thika.
    Let us not kid ourselves that we played well because we did not.Granted,we were good in defense and midfield but that was it.Going forward,we were pathetic to say the least.
    Every game we play is a “home” game…make the 12th man count!!many “smaller teams”…locally and abroad are known to play defensively or use negative tactics against bigger clubs to steal a win or draw but some teams devise ways of unlocking such teams….so why not Gor??
    So,the sooner we drop this attitude that teams play negatively against us the better.We have the resources to come up with wins against any team….and that was the expectation after our 5 nil drubbing by Esperance!!!

  7. Yenyewe GM Tech Bench must improve tactically. Let us be honest, Thika played their usual game against GM. I am not complaining about the result but truly the way a game is presented exposes some complacency.

    At times it takes the ordinary fan to push the tech bench and even the EC to wake up! Yes some of us will take everything positively yet many will express reservations.

    BW and his bench must be given time and space to showcase their skills and implement their know how but it will be obvious when they play safe and just keep the team going without extra effort.

    @Oduori12, i will ever be on your case as a known campaigner of AR, could you please reach him or could any blogger with a link to AR kindly persuade him to relocate GM training base from the City Stadium to a secluded place not even railways, some where a bit private.

    I know Oduori12’s point is not just valid but crucial too, it should be implement with all urgency possible.

  8. Oduor12 and Kassam,you always focus on TB and especially BW, if you watched the game their were some instances where you could see our players hiding behind the opponents while the ball is ours,no one is making move or opening,what is the TB expected to do,go inside the field and force them to run/open.This are basic things that you expect a player playing for GM should know.I believe TB and the Coach are doing their best what is needed is the players to “up their game”,why do you think As for now we don’t have a real permanent 1st 11?,i believe its because of inconsistencies on the part of the players.e.g Oboya played very well against stima,against Thika he didn’t build on his previous performance and many others so until players are consistent you will always be blaming the wrong dept.

  9. @ Kassam “tukubali yaishe” coz some consider me the most anti AR / EC blogger. Perhaps its good in a way coz i try to restrict myself to issues beneficial to GM (not personalities) as do 99% of of the bloggers.
    @ Level minded fan is what u r implying possible really.
    That’s sabotaging the TB. Why does’nt EC immediately sub such players.
    Could you be knowing something we don’t?
    You could be right but speak plainly my friend at that’s the norm.

  10. @Levelmind, you are spot on. Whenever i’m at the stadium i occasionally have a lok at BW on the touchline and you can see a very frustated coach. If only our players were consistently giving top-notch performance we would not be having this conversation. Look at the performance of K14. Though a very talented individual the body language just betrays him. Even BB has not started firing on 4 cylinders. Currently Calabar and the UG tri are the best performers. Kenga is yet to hit the form he was in last year. Being the optimistic person I believe that we are yet to hit our summit. On another note let’s get Wiper, Emuge, Erico et al to get some playing time else they become rusty and we have an Anguyo-situation to deal with

  11. @oduor.what i know is what is see during the games,more that often when a player is not confident enough,he does not want to be the one to spoil a move or a pass,that’s y he doesn’t open or show,unfortunately if the ball happens to be given to him he will either fumble with it or make a bad pass simply b’coz he didn’t want the ball in the 1st place.In our mid today Baba is the one participates a lot but tends to tire in the 2nd 1/2,Akumu i don’t think it is his mind that he can dictate the way we play(my opinion-no offense),Rama could be wonderful,if he can improve on his work rate,stamina,and releasing the ball quickly.Our striker should also learn to fall back in the mid and play 1-2s with our midfielders if we are playing defensive opponents this way he will always be in the game
    On the issue of sub,TB has tried to do that by doing that in our particular game since you cant sub kila mtu,and starting a different player in the next game,you might think its rotation but am sure the coach is still looking for his 1st 11.If we had those gadgets like in europe that can measure distance covered by a player and a number of complete passes made by player,you will be sure you woun’t be blaming the coach.All in All i think this squad is better than last years’.Patience & encouragement from us is what the coach/team needs especially when we loose or draw.I believe most of football tactics and formation are well known,so it comes down to the belief and the desire of a particular team to win that carries the day(luck to some extent),if both teams can cancel each other out,it then turns to the individual brilliance of a particular player to win a match.Can we for sure say that our players have so far shown that hunger,belief and desire to win each and every match?playing well they have.

  12. Ooh Laa la..!!”TB STYLE UP..!! IT IS A REALITY CHECK”

    @ ODUOR12 “HATUWEZI KUBALI YAISHE”. As long as GOR MAHIA exist in the football world “WE” shall never cease to post our individual opinion based on the issue’s pertaining to the clubs EC Management style and practices, Technical bench ability ,playing unit style and welfare and of cause our fans behavior and attitude.

    After the ESPERANCE debacle I did issue a wake-up call to our fans to stop living in denial that our “TB” slept on the job and the need for them to up their game since the TPL 2014 was neither a walk in the park or a bed of roses as some of us just like BW were trying allude and buying the skewed reasoning based on the competition financial muscle.

    Now the reality check is slowly sinking as exhibited by the frustration and anger of BW against his counterpart (KAMAU) and the match official after the final whistle.

    I kindly ask our TB to go back to the basics as correctly put by former manager of Argentina national team a Mr. Menotti who insists that current managers have complicated football with tactics, insisting that Football has only four basic aspects; which are defense, attack, creating and finishing. It doesn’t have as many aspects as they make out nowadays.

    We should not blame players when they play according to instructions and game plan of the coach. I can not understand why players will hide behind opponents because they don want to get the balls. That is a ridiculous statement to make. They are simply marked out. Just like GOR defense was caught napping on two occasions. KAMAU had a better Game-Plan and it worked.

    The back-stops with the manager PERIOD!! not the fans or EC. His job is well cut out and when the team fails to achieve any of the four aspects of basic football, then IT will be very evident however many excuses you put across.

    The many divergent views on this blog is a good pointer to our TB that fans are very much enlighten in modern football such that it is easier for them to separate the “Chaff from the wheat” in any statement that you provide with respect to the kind of result you register. No wonder you will read of “they played according to the instructions” when you are happy and a complete U-turn when the opposite happens.

    Jose Mourhino recently applied an intimidating approach to his players in the changing room during the 15inutes half-time break when he noticed that the guys had just “SWITCHED OFF” by walking straight into changing room and glaring at them one by one for 5 minutes and left without uttering a word. He left the players to ponder amongst themselves. They discussed their weakness frankly and resolved to make their coach happy. At full time CHELSEA won 3-0 courtesy of a hat trick. To me that is a manger whose players understands his expectation when he demands for better performance.

    Bobby Williamson please dust up yourself against the Esparence debacle and accept that you guys goofed, Get a shave and clean up yourself from the rugged Tunis trip, give your boys a pep talk and turn around GOR performance. The inconsistency in your players performance can only depict your leadership style as the head of TB and not Otherwise.


  13. Lots of noises from trouble shooters and hooligans. Give the technical bench time to deliver on their assigned mandate. We bloggers and hooligans are the ungrateful lots. If you claim to be good coaches and experts, why can’t all of you experts apply for the position of the coach? We are very tired of always hearing about EC, mara technical bench mara hii mara that. When will we bloggers be grateful for the job of our technical bench team?

  14. Find money and buy allan wanga if you dont want draws he is a top drawer striker at the moment in the kenyan game ile siku mzee ataumia or something happens you understand why am saying this.he is the best patner to ssere at the moment ec.

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