30 Aug 12

Courtesy of futaa.com

Gor Mahia has lauded Evans Kidero, the former Mumias Sugar managing director, for coming in to assist in ensuring the team’s coach Zdravko Logarusic’s stay in the country is as comfortable as possible.

Fully furnished

On Thursday 30 August, Kidero, who is also the Nairobi Governorship aspirant in the forthcoming elections, offered to take care of the Croatian coach’s accommodation, providing a fully furnished apartment.

Speaking to futaa.com, the club’s secretary general George Bwana voiced the club’s appreciation for the move which he termed a big boost to the community club and urged more well wishers to step in to see to it that the club prospers.

Big boost

-We are very thankful to Dr. Kidero and the entire EK Centre for the assistance; we have been in negotiations with them and a few others over this and for it to materialise I should say is a big boost because we are a community team and can’t entirely depend on what we make.

-This will take the club a long way and it is my call to the true fans and well wishers of Gor Mahia to step in and make their contribution felt for the good of the team, he said.

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  • George Ochoro says:

    Well done Dr. kidero. Let us appreciate kidero’s effort by making a contribution. I suggest to mr. kibwana to organise even a line where fans can contribute thro’ phone by sending sms. We av done this to boost many activities, why not to Gor kogalo? I know many fans will be eager. LONG LIVE KOGALO!!

  • zangi says:

    Thank you Dr. Kidero, the green army salutes your generosity and confers on you the title,”Member of the Green Army” (MGA).

  • Tom Ojole says:

    True, this is a sign of togetherness. We really appreciate your contribution. Few Kenyans have such a heart considering that you have been more associated with our shemejis team AFC. Once again THANK YOU.

  • dinga says:

    thnx mr governor.

  • Pundit says:

    Thanks Mr. Kidero.

  • Olu says:

    Big up Daktari..Bwana George, be creative and don’t rely on individuals goodwill. Come up with a structured way of increasing the club’s financial position..the very reason why Kogalo has a management. Hapana kuomba watu PESA..shame on you.
    Hint:- Football Clinics, develop Gor Mahia Brand, run a theme and have the brand be ambassada..peace in eletion…

  • ojera says:

    Thanks to daktari and his EK Center we how hope Loga will be having enough sleep bila kuamushwa when they want to clean the hotel rooms……@ no 6 please stop finger pointing as fun and supporter of GOR get a proposal and take to the EC before pointing finger.

  • fred Odhiambo says:

    no.6,Mr.kidero was not prevailed upon to support us,that was his own freewill,who are we not to support such a worthwhile venture?it does not mean we are relying on individuals for support.however if there are more kideros out there willing to support our cause,they are most welcome!!

  • George Ochoro says:

    No. 6, your hints are good and can develop the club. But pls don’t close your self, be open and respect other people’s opinions however bad they may seem to you. Avoid egoism. I still strongly feel there is a need to support kogalo club in whatever manner possible. As fred puts it this is our solidarity. Let us be true supporters and fans of gor.

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    Thanks and God bless you Kidero.

    @6 Olu – whether ‘kuomba watu pesa’ as you have put it, whether political or whatever reason, the fact remains that Mr. Kidero has been a very generous person and has agreed to extend his generosity to GM community and if you are a GM supporter why should you feel the pinch? If you are not a GM supporter then sorry this is not meant for you.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    Good people of K’Ogalo please do not lynch @ olu over his opinion on post no:6 if you can read very keenly in between the lines from G.BWANA’s appreciation comments above that states as shown below;

    “we have been in negotiations with them and a few others over this and for it to materialize I should say is a big boost because we are a community team and can’t entirely depend on what we make.”

    From the above excerpt i can not blame a “mwananchi wa kawaida” like @ olu for concluding that GOR management has been negotiating, bothering ,pleading and begging EK center to convince KIDERO to bail them out financially or otherwise in housing the coach.

    The truth is that while at AFC Kidero has always been volunteering his support out of goodwill and based on his close contacts with the club since his days as the CEO of Mumias Sugar besides striking a sponsorship deal.

    Where as for K’Ogalo it is our management which went to beg KIDERO several times because he is filthy rich and our community club is poor such that at long last he gave into there demand based on the anticipated political mileage.There is nothing like generosity.

    @Olu is right to call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. The management should be thinking and devising ways and means of generating funds with an open and transparent accountability mechanism instead of “KUOMBA WATU PESA” through unofficial political corruption.

    EK should be careful since he has declared his interest in GOVERNORSHIP knowing very well that politics is a “dirty game” and his opponents are watching his actions day in day out.

    Because constitution very clear that within six months to election date ALL aspiring candidates are not allowed to dish out money as means of seeking favor from voters be it “Mchango” or otherwise. Such kind of gesture do not require public attention and especially with our G.BWANA who …..!!!!! Mungu saidia

  • George Ochoro says:

    @Jabilo these initiatives are un stopable. Nothing like politics. Call it anything- kuomba, beging, mungu saidia…….. The fate of our club should not be left to the officials only, it should be the concern for all those who have kogalo at heart. Rem. there will be no manna from heaven. We have to work together for prosperity. So G Bwana is just right to call for support from every body. KOGALO HOEEEEE!!

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Thx Dr. and such assistance is always welcome but it repeat EC and Gor Members should wake up.
    1. When seeking to hire a foreigner one of the items which which the hiring organization should have considered is accomodation and transport.The money spent for hiring hotel accomodation could have been used elsewhere. Also you mean in the 14 or more EC,none could have solved this matter.

    Currently GMFC branches are required to only contribute the following to the Club.
    1.Annual registration of Kshs.1,000 ( I think this is 4 new branches)
    2.Annual membership fee of kshs.5,000 per branch.
    3.A branch has to have 30 members.
    4.As per the official website GMFC has 82 branches
    5.This means that GMFC only gets approx. kshs.400,000 from its branches ANNUALLY.
    Suggestion to EC which must b total transparent/accountable
    1.Let each member(we must differentiate btween members & fans) contribute kshs.150 per month.This works out to ONLY KSHS.5.00 per day.
    2.Assuming that each branch has only 30 members. The monthly contribution will b 82branches x 30members x 150monthly contribution=kshs.369,000 per month hence Kshs.4.428 million annually. MORE THAN Tusker sponsorship and from ONLY 5BOB.
    3.The branches must pay the fees in advance either quarterly, biannually or annually
    Benefits to Members.
    1.The bragging rights to be called a GMFC member.Look at how proud we are at this site being fans only.
    2.First opportunity to trading in GMFC merchandise for interested and qualifying members/branches. I refer branches since they can police they areas to route out counterfeits.BTW I hear counterfeits have made some individuals millionaries.
    3.Participation in football fan day competition. EC shld assign 2 players to ‘coach’ each branch just to spice things up.
    4.Photo opportunities for branches with team and trophies.
    5.First opportunity to buy merchandise e.g team jerseys (which branches shld contribute in designing). The unsold jerseys cn then be made sold to fans but after being bought branch networks.
    6.And many more.
    Surely EC and GMFC branches/members are upto this task.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Sorry I must add this.
    EC must undertake to provide the branches is financial statement quarterly and audited accounts at the year end.

  • ODUOR12 (RGM) says:

    Of coz and perhaps one of the more important rights is that only persons whose membership is upto date can participate in elections as either voters/ candidates. This can only be effective if membership is paid in advance. EC/branches may set extra requirements candidates.

  • Jakoyo says:

    The next thing you hear ,this guy wants to be be gor mahia chairman……..his siasa tuwache and let’s focus on football matters

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    @Jakoyo what in God’s name would be wrong with Dr. E. Kidero aspiring for Gor Mahia leadership?

    Jameni nawaomba tafadhalini ndugu zangu tuwache kutrivialise issues. Why must we always bring controversy and politics into everything no matter how noble it is? These are the same negativities that have contributed to the stagnation of Gor Mahia. This is how we have always opposed such noble ideas like public ownership of Gor Mahia shares yet that is the way taken even by the likes of Man U?

    @Jakoyo you are an honorable blogger in this site and I have known you to be one who deliberately raises controversies NOT because it is your stand but purely to gauge the reaction of other bloggers and I believe this latest is not an exception. I have no problem with that, but my plea to you is please put yourself in Dr. Kidero’s shoes: how does he view the entire Gor Mahia community after reading your comments? Ungratefulness? Empty arrogance? How does this impact on other philanthropist who would have wished to support K’Ogalo in a similar manner?
    Nawasihi tena ndugu zangu tafadhalini tuwe wapole na wanyenyekevu.

    @Oduor12 how I wish your ideas on generation of revenue could be embraced. They are so real. So practical. So achievable. Thanks.

  • PAREYIO says:


    Former Mumias Sugar CEO, Dr. Evans Kidero’s kind gesture to Gor Mahia is very much welcome despite the brouhaha about his motive being advance by some comrades here.

    The decision to provide decent accomodate to our tactician is indeed a big boost to a community club still struggling to come out of financial doldrums 48 years later. The executive committee have every right and power to approach individuals and corporate organisations for financial assistance either in kind or cash.

    I am alive to the fact that this is an election year and politicians will use their money to influence voters. Philanthropist EK is also quite aware of this fact. I want however to urge comrades to leave other institutions to find EK calpable. The problem with a section of our comrades are too ‘wajuaji’. I do hope the kind of motivation extended to coach Logarusic must translate to better performance since he will no longer have house rent to think about.
    On this note , I welcome other philathropists to come forward and assist the club in any way possible.

  • Dan says:

    The momemnt we humble ourselves and appreciate some small gestures GM as a team shall go far. Imagine if we were forward thinking and let Okudo transform the team into a limited company those early days. We could now be competing with the likes of TP Mazembe and Zamalek. I wish those critisizing EK could realise how expensive it is to run a team like GM. Guys let’s not criticise for the sake of it. Provide the solutions and lead the way of implementing them. As far as I know we can assit Gor without endevouring to be officials. EK supports Kibera Celtic which is itself struggling in the Nationwide league and they really appriciate his gesture. I remember two years ago some of us criticing Tunzo but now two years down the line they have not provoded an alternative

  • dinga says:

    @jakoyo: guys like you will critisize anything. what is it have you done urself to help gor. kenyan clubs are dirt poor. someone comes in to help us cross a bridge and all u can do is critisize. have you thought of how a well and positively a siked coach is good for the club. this guy will be happy knowing that at the end of the day he is heading to a home and not a hotel room. an apartment that he can now invite guests. this guy will, at the end of the day do his job better. the best thing we can do is to get a maid to work in the hse. so kidero might want to be the nxt chairman, my question to u is which law is he breaking? myself i have critisized the leagea deal coz i believe its leagea gaining more than gor but one thing i know is that gor is better off with the leagea deal than not having one.i still feel that leagea should do more to gor coz of the quality of marketing that it’s getting, but i realise that as ‘little’ as the sponsorship might seem to be, at the end of the day leagea has still helped gor and i have to welcome this.

  • George Ochoro says:

    KOGALO Vs W. STIMA. I wish Mayienga all the best! It is not an easy game. Not a walk over. But i hope the players who will be in the pitch will put a spirited fight and deliver. GO! KOGALO GO!!

  • Mboya Obendi says:

    Ladies and Gents lets learn to be greateful. Being too critical to the extent that you risk hurting your reputation and good will of any would be supporter. Personally I join all positively minded individuals in appreciating Dr.Kidero as a politician or otherwise for his contribution to help Gor.Especially at this time Gor needs more able people come on board to help subsdise what the EC injects. The moral of both the players and the bench should be kept shinning. I wish to ask the anti progress lot to show by deed their bit of support in kind. We are now looking a head to getting our second tropphy starting with our game with Western stima. thanks loGA.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    Someone tell me why should gor vs stima be ksh 500 (vip),afc vs congo jmj ksh400 (vip),and sofapaka vs mahakama be ksh 200 (vip)?.Yet all these are matches for the same tournament,same organisers,same stage?Why are they fleecing gor supporters?.We don’t have any problem with even ksh 1,000 per person,but what we are saying is if it’s 1,000,let it be 1,000bob for everybody,or atleast for the so called ‘two big teams’.

  • Dan says:

    @arrumtiddi you are right. Since FKF have so much interest in this cup, especially the gate collection bit why don’t we have a flat fee for all the matches. It’s a tricky situation since the higher the gate fee the more we get as a club. But let this thing of fleecing GM fans seize, kwani we are the only ones who have the capacity to pay for high gate charges?

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Phew! 6-5. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Ivo Mapunda. Thank you team K’Ogalo. One game at a time. 15 matches unbeaten. What more can I ask for.

  • Dan says:

    Looks like this fatigue is becoming too much. Again on Wednesday we meet a wounded Ulinzi. We seriously need to look at the bench-power. Can it deliver?

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Correction at post 25: What more can I ask for?
    As for the fatigue just let them swim. Wahenga said “Maji ni uhai”.
    It is good that Moses Otieno and Kevin Omondi are inching and clawing their way back to form.

    Mhhh…Good things come in doubles: we match on as Ulinzi lose in Chemelil. That leaves us 5th in the log hence some psychological advantage when we meet them.

  • Vincent Ocampo says:

    Arrum i do agree with u.kwani is Gor another bank that we dont know?FKF plz be fair or which section in your constitution say that u should overcharger Gor Mahia fans?

  • mwakio says:

    Thank our Almighty God for the victory. We give all glory, honour and praises to our Almighty God in the name of Jesus Christ. In all our remaining matches, it is our prayer that our the Almighty God will continue to give us victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.