Bwana: We will not play AFC

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Gor Mahia secretary general George Bwana says that the team will not play AFC Leopards in the Top Eight tournament after their archrivals failed to honour the clash last Sunday.

Kenyan Premier League’s governing council awarded Gor the match after Leopards refused show up only for Football Kenya Federation to overrule the decision and ask KPL to write a report about the match

Bwana told that his team will reiterated that his team will not accept anything less than playing against Tusker in the Semi finals on Thursday.

He maintained that they would follow the decision by KPL’s league governing council to award them the walkover and threatened to pull out of the tournament if asked to face Leopards.

“We are currently focused on the semi finals against Tusker and anything to the contrary will lead us to pulling out of the tournament all together. We are in the Top 8 tournament to help develop youth football since the money from gate collections will be used to organise the under 19 tourney but KPL’s decisions have to be respected.”

Gor are slated to clash with Tusker in the semifinals on Thursday at the Moi International Sports Complex.

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  1. Wonderful decision atleast for once Mr. G.BWANA that is the way to go. Let Nyamweya try else where before taste the “REAL POLITIK” of mayienga. “SHETANI YEYE” . He should stop his theatrics with his “OLE CHIETHA”.

  2. Am still in shock ! why did Kenyans elect Nyamweya to head fkf? with this kind of pple football in kenya is doomed , Bwana tuko pamoja we dont need to palt Efusi

  3. @2 OGANGO TRAILER I echo your sentiments. Let us play Tusker on Thursday as scheduled and move on…no turning back.

  4. Please bloggers, let’s sober up! The main issue here is money and power. It’s not Magelo or Nyamweya. It’s neither GOR nor AFC. It’s Money! Its’ Power.

    Before the football elections, KPL was in charge of the league, Top 8 and was a signatory to the sponsorship by Supersport. Fast forward and now we have Nyamweya. If you are a Kenyan you must see that GOR and AFC are just pawns in this game of chess. Nyamweya is seeing all the money in Kenyan soccer but doesn’t know how to control it. He wants to kick out KPL and renegotiate with Supersport.

    How many bloggers remember when we were to play some matches in an empty stadium. The decision was by a KPL committee and Nyamweya overruled it and at that time we loved him. Right now AFC fans love Nyamweya. He is playing his politics very carefully with the two big clubs. He will even ensure one of them wins the league. The reason is that KPL is controlled by Corporate Chairmen of institutional clubs that were in order when we were not serious. He is orgnanising a coup on KPL. I hope Supersport will accept him once he succeeds.

    Before we condemn him, let us accept that to bring back Kenyan soccer to where it belongs, one of the community clubs must win the league. If ‘Abandu’ win it, we must not be cry babies, we must remember how we lost it and work to replace them next season.

  5. fkf made safaricom withdraw their sponsorship in football and now they are working hard to frustrate SS. All these efforts were initiated during FKL regime in order to promote soccer in the country. nyamweya is not out to promote football in kenya but to wreck it from inside. If we take stock of what he has achieved since elected its just chaos. Suspension of 2 officials, the country losing to minor teams, Allegation of Naggi having stolen footballs etc which does not augur well with football management in the country. Apart from him gaining as an individual by being coopted in fifa management commitee let him tell us what he has achieved so during his tenure. During his time as the chair of kff we used to have a disorganised league with most decisions being made in the boardroom and the league given to the highest bidder and this is what he wants to bring back. As a matter of urgency Kibunja should investigate this man since his si to provoke the peaceful GM fans who even paid Kshs 800,000.00 and left the stadium without asking for refunds after the match had aborted. Was this not enough to prove to the world that we are a law abbiding citizens? If its politics open up nyamweya open up

  6. SAM is peeling back the mask in the kpl.Best losers,best walkovers and best pretenders days r over.AFC WE ARE THE REPUBLIC,U MUST KNOW PPLE.

  7. For more information on the chess game, please could we read ‘Peeling back the mask’ and see the role of Baba in this. The book talks at length about the election of Nyamweya and how Hussein saw dust.

  8. Gor Mahia drives football in this country..we are above petty Nyamweya’s public attention tactics. AFC had opportunity and the privilege to play Kogalo on 29th July, they blew and we ain’t going back.

  9. @trailerman no2,tone down,I know that some of these things can get into one’s nerves,but just tone down kidogo on the wording.Thank you.
    @creative village no6 and ochigah no7,you guyz make so much sense.I agree with you.


    Guys I will not dwell on what most of us have mentioned because that is the official position of GM. We will not play AFC even if ordered by the likes of FKF or otherwise. PERIOD!!!!

    But this is the juice of the matter. That the title for 2012 had been pre-determined by FKF to head straight into the den through boardroom and biased officiating by hook or crook.

    Thank you our heavenly confusing the crooks to let out the cart before the horse and now their agenda is in the public domain. Didn’t the same FKF postponed league matches involving the same “Big Cat” when they had internal wrangles to allow them time to re invent there wheel when SoNy was breathing demolition fire after TUSKER and CITY
    STARS had spoiled their presumptuous first leg victory party.

    And they blamed their undoing on internal wrangles between HYENA and OLE CLUELESS.
    Now when everything else seemed to be working ,the coward cat simply diverts attention and plays side shows to slow down the revamping and marauding K’Ogalo so as to buy and avoid the wounded TUSKER that was looking up at them after disastrous Kagame flop. Just the other day they were bailed out by biased officiating against C.Stars that justified the behind the scene deals that are now in the public domain. Had K’Ogalo not requested for postponement of their Wednesday match against ULINZI , AFC had nothing to complaint about. They knew they will study GM playing and strategize on how to play.

    Now KPL is in the round 19 of games played with 10 matches remaining and OMWAMI WEFWE @ATTENDANT on post no;8 please be informed that just like I mentioned to you previously we are still at position no: 6 as title pretenders and EFUSI is seating pretty well at the summit as number one title contenders as of now ; but come the rime we shall be playing the derby then expect us to be either the KING, THE MAKER or DESTROYER.

    The kind

  11. No turning back, its either semi final with the beer brothers or nothing. AFC is not special in fact they copy everything we do,let them wait and see and learn. Who doesn’t know or shemejis tactics everywhere remember the trusted friend taking a cup of tea with a common enemy? shame on them. no apology.

  12. weee! high voltage soccer politics, all i want to ask for dear brethrens is some decency, from football admins to fans. lets be honest,and gentlemanly in whatever we say and do.i love Kogallo and the beautiful game, lets not bring it to disrepute

  13. The SG is right on this. I only hope he consulted widely before releasing the statement otherwise don’t be surprised if the Vice Chair comes with his own comments. Let’s wait and see but these are definitely turf wars and it’s like ‘how can everybody laud KPL yet we are the soccer federation? We must to something be known’. I can assure you that even SS might find it difficult to work with some people.

  14. Let Nyamweya and his aligators keep on croaking, we are moving on come rain, come sunshine, come bees, come smoke or fog. Let Nyamweya revive Shabana I said that I hate recycling football officials.

  15. Why did Nyamweya kept quite for long and only to deciede when decision had been made.He is the overall boss of football in Kenya and should talk wisely.All teams should be equall wether one tops the league or at the bottom.National team has no coach which should be great concern rather focussing on club politics

  16. I wish to express sympathy and sorrow at the passing away of Jackson Mureu, a former Gor Mahia player. Thanks for your service to Gor. Please let us pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace.Executive Committee kindly weigh in, if you have not already done so!

  17. 1.For the first time Bwana, since being elected,has done smething right,kudos.However lets see 4 how long this decision holds given that the others are yet to comment-Faiz what say thee?
    2.Clever move by KPL/SS to hurriedly organize the semis on thursday.However the backlash from one Nyamweya will be severe.I think KPL by this action has signed its death certificate.
    3.EC please redirect your energies on winning the league/FKL cup not this 3rd grade Super 8 tourney. take maximum advantage of the cat’s panick.
    4.Finally R.I.P Jackson Mureu.
    5.P.S Tie down ‘Miguna’ Logarusic to a contract NOW

  18. guys pls realise the power games here. supersport is out to flex itself here ofcourse after making sure ppl like nyamyeya are in the pocket. this super 8 is a waste of time. supersport is trying to increase its clout in e africa thru this tournament and ofcourse they give kpl money for the league. gor EC let nyamweya bring his village mates to play afc. lets see what he can do to gor. i would really be pained to see gor play leopards. gor pls boycott this super8 crap for the nxt yr too. as fans i think most of us prefer the league and the presidents cup. nyamweya cannot improve kenya soccer and now wants to be seen as improving club soccer. pls nyamweya and those BOARS now hiding in supersport…GET LOST. give the match to afc, gor fans lets go to the stud in numbers and put money in our teams pocket and this super 8 fiasco will have no effect.

  19. Breaking news……AFC leopards refuse to honour all gor mahia matches until the top 8 issue is resolved……………ha ha ha ! We will never grow as a football nation

  20. @21 Jakoyo tell them to go to he’ll and meet angel lucifer to uphold there wishful demand.
    AFC should not pretend to be the latter days saint. Why not beat kwanza THIKA united in there next match alafu we can touch base .

  21. Who cares? That’s three points for GM and I save 200 bob for milk for my family or a bottle of Tusker. Guys for there to be a change remember such things must happen. For those who care to remember three years ago where was AFC playing? At Kawangware and Dandora at 12:00 pm on a dusty pitch in the provincial league. Did that stop other teams from playing in the league? No

  22. On my fellow bloggers let us take this issue of afc with asobber mind for i can see ahand of politic behind the whole issue.let us concerate with gor affairs but not theirs because for now if gor meets ingwe the outcome will not be good .i think it would be good for afc to play after the election .(prevention is better than cure).lets go slow.

  23. Gor fans.av read alot frm u.av seen the real u.ol bad terms u use tells us the ingwe who u can be .anyway lets not pretend we are inlaw cant b spoken 2 the way some u r doing.we are just fans creating irrelevant hatrage.

  24. Emerging story:

    Gor are liars-Koops
    Written by Trevor Mbati
    Tuesday, 31 July 2012 08:03
    Two days after boycotting KPL top 8 at Moi sports center,Kasarani,Leopards head coachJan Koops has come to clear the air on why his team failed to honor the match and went ahead to condemn Gor Mahia officials for betraying him.According to the Dutch tactician,It was an agreement between Gor Mahia’s Croatian coach Zdravko Logarusic,Gor Mahia’s Secretary General George Bwana andhim that both teams should not to honor the top eight clash but their arch rivals went ahead leading to Gor being given a 2-0 walk over.
    “I met Gor’s coach and SG on Tuesdaylast week during our friendly match with Kenya U-20 at City stadium and we talked for long about our clash and how KPL wanted to make moneyfrom the two teams.They are the ones who came up with the idea of both teams boycotting the match.After the meeting we agreed that Secretary Generals from both teams should write a letter to KPL with conditions which should be met first before the Top 8 clash is played but it only our SG who did so.” Koops said.
    “They lied to KPL that they were ready to play the match yet in real sense,they were against it.They also agreed with us to boycott the match but they went ahead with all the plans for the match to make KPL feel AFC Leopards is their enemy.This officials fooled everybody even their fans,they were ‘best losers’ and now they are ‘best liers.”Koops added.
    AFC Leopards Secretary General confirmed that he had received a phone call from George Bwana on 21st July 2012 in which he confirmedto him that coaches from both teams had spoken and agreed that the match should be postponed.The two officials had more than one conversation over the issue only for Leopards’ SG to be surprised by the change of tune on what they had decided Gor Mahia took advantage of the walkover when they saw that Ingwe were pursuing what they had agreed.
    Various reports in Gor Mahia’s officialwebsite continued to discredit the top eight tournament through articles that questioned the fixing of the fixture,then the amounts that were being paid and who was to benefit from the gate collection fromthe clash.

  25. This is interesting. You mean two teams can agree not to honour a match and still come out as winners. Like has been said all this is politics whether soccer politics or the other politics. The jury out there was that AFC were not going to honour the match, kumbe out there they were reaching out to GM. KPL said that the team that misses the match would bear the consequences. It’s good we honoured the match. What if we missed the match and AFC honoured it

  26. We got to look beyond Afc leopards and concetrate on winning the league. which we are looking pretty good at position 6.

  27. Jan Koops please keep your problems to yourself. Who tells you that Gor Mahia fans are that gullible. Sorry this one did not work. Please try another one.

    If I may remind you: What did you tell the media at Kidero centre? Do you remember the day you were receiving “hand-outs” from Dr. Kidero?

    Jan Koops please think twice before you insult Gor Mahia. I sympathise with you having come all the way from The Netherlands to engage in cheap insult.

    At your age mzee Wepukhulu we expect you to be wiser and be a role model to people like us and not the other way round. Let me hope hard that you have been misquoted otherwise you would do better to retract your insult on Gor Mahia and make peace with the entire K’Ogalo family.

  28. mr koops, since when did team meet to boycot a match. pls don’t turn up for the league match too. the 3 points will do us good. so what happened to someone sitting on ur accounts. sasa nyamweya, what will u do? pls bring ur village mates to play afc or ask the BOARS for the way forward. WHAT A USELESS TOURNAMENT.the afc bubble will burst and soon someone will realise that ur tourist visa has expired…kenya style.gor , pls focus on the league.. that is all i ask… even if ur beaten 20-0 in super 8 by a team choosen by nyamweya(read BOARS) , I SINCERELY careless. that tournament has clearly turned into a scam. pls give the boar cup to afc.

  29. Koops you are an old man. Keep company with men your age. What were you doing in with agemates of your grandsons (the Log, George Bwana and even the Efusi SG) whom you have mentioned in your wild allegations? Please take Dinga’s post about your tuorist visa seriously Mr Koops.

  30. @E blazing pls note that the comment was posted by a fan n so cannot b relied on. Remember after Karuturi match in mumias he talked passionatly about the dearby. Shemejis kindly leave wepukhulu alone he is a wise man n always measures his words infact he has declined 2 comment about the match only saying they acted on the chairman’s directive.

  31. Guys, I believe Koops is a good grandfatherly figure. I don’t think he has any extra energy to get involved in these skirmishes. These require someone like our youthful SG and his counterpart in AFC deal with. Have you even heard our Chair speak about it? No. His law background only allows him to speak when necessary. On the Top 8 participation I believe it’s good for the clubs and players. These two both get allowances and exposure on SS. The mileage we get from SS no sponsor locally can give us. Just ask any marketing person. Do you guys know how Lugarosic and Felixinho the Nigerian knew about Gor? You never know this is the way we can end up building a team to conquer Africa again. The fringe players who don’t play regularly can also be used in this tournament. With a paltry 30 games played per season our players don’t get enough play time to make them ‘battle-hardened’. They need more games to improve on their speed which is said to be half that used in Europe and other leagues as well as their physical fitness


    Nothing heartbreaks me more that this endless barbs against AFC Leopards family.
    I must admit frankly that from those of us ( Gor fans) who comes from the other side of the world, maasailand, we not used to these reckless and without manners talk. The world will not end even if AFC Leopards decide not to feature in the Kenya Premier League for good.

    Politics or no politics, our resolve to be this year’s contenders remain unchanged. The top 8 tournament with an ultimate prize of ksh 1 million cannot be bogus for heaven’s sake! SuperSport has a genuine desire to develop football in Kenya. The top 8 turnament aim is increase competitiveness and standards in club football in Kenya. Many of us now look forward to the super Wednesdays when this fixtures take place and in most cases under floodlit stadium. Ask those who never got a chance to participate in this tourney how they feel.

    Going forward, the next league match and top 8 semi final is beckoning us. Untill we get hold of the elusive silverware, anything else is irrelevant. This is the principal aim of any succesful club.

  33. Thank you @Bill Wabz. I want to give your comments the benefit of doubt.

    I would be out of my mind to go to Holland and then hurl insults at Ajax Amsterdam (or you insulting PSV Eindhoven) while enjoying the hospitality of the dutch people.

    Kenya is a great country and our humility should be respected. Mzee Wepukhulu is enjoying our tea with the real sugar from sugarcane quite in contrast to that from sugarbeet back in his country. He also enjoys our sunshine from January to January. I am sure he can handle the Kenyan ugali very competently (thanks to mentorship from our wonderful in-laws).

    From the medical view point, the mzee requires all these at his age. In fact he requires extra measures of protein in his diet. You have not failed him in this either because you have ensured that he gets enough of the Kenyan termites (kumbi kumbi or ng’wen). Termites can go either with ugali or with tea for breakfast.

    Need I mention the great Kenyan tilapia which we have allowed him free access to (whether at Kosewe’s or otherwise)? Now you and I know that there is no tilapia in The Netherlands. We are willing to teach him how to do a clean job on the engine, i.e head of tilapia (a skill that the Log has acquired very fast). However, all that will depend on him showing respect to Kenya and Kenyans.
    Through our generosity as Kenyans, we can even go an extra mile and introduce him to other fish delicacies like sire, ningu, okoka, soga, odhadho, suma, mumi and kamongo.

    One thing we wont do is tell anyone (Kajwang) about the expiry of his tourist visa because Efusi needs him and K’Ogalo needs Efusi in the primier league. Besides, if he is deported, he will most definitely end up in a nyumba ya wazee (from where he could have escaped} back in The Netherlands. Thank you shemeji.

  34. There is a lot of propaganda being generated on blogs across the divide and the aim is the same. Divide and rule.

    The Top 8 has been proven to be the most lucrative tournament in Kenya. A team plays about 4 matches and walks away with 1 million shillings. Upcountry teams are airlifted and catered for throughout the tournament. All teams are given participation fees.

    In the league, a team plays about 30 matches, catering for their own training and travelling plans only for the winner to get 3 million. 1 million in 4 and 3 million in 30. Do the arithmetic! FKF Cup is a loss to many clubs.

    The league only makes sense because of the green army and the guys in blue. Top 8 also makes the league more competitive especially the second leg as the mid table sides are kept competitive throughout the campaign for them to qualify as Top 8. The bottom sides also have to avoid relegation.

    I always believe that Top 8 can grow to be a very attractive tournament but we must support Supersport with ideas to build on what they started before we thought of.

    Finally the South African derby that was played on Saturday between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates had fans selecting their own first eleven and subs from the two teams by text messaging and the commentators even mentioned a player who had received 2 million votes. It is a yearly derby that helps the rivals celebrate soccer. The match had 94,000 fans in the stadium.

  35. @Creative village and @Ole Pareiyo you have all said what I believe is good for everyone. Soccer is a game to be enjoyed and earn a living for some. Hasira ya Tilapia ni furaha kwa Mvuvi. So bloggers let’s stop these emotional outbursts as it is not helping GM, and soccer in general. We say on one hand we don’t want to introduce politics to GM and that’s what some of us are doing. I still believe Mzee Koops is a good old man. Let’s leave him alone to enjoy what he likes most in his twilight years. It’s something some of us might never experience. We MUST respect elders and know that with age at times the pressure of everyday life including derby soccer can be too much to handle. We also had our old man in Jack Johnson whom we expected to be respected. On the AFC Chair we should also let our office deal with such issues otherwise most of us are not qualified for that. Having said that it doesn’t mean that the Ingwee fans are ‘angels’. Their site is all about circumsition, Gor Mawe, PM and Oguda until some visitors there are wondering when they will ever discuss football, moreso AFC. We don’t have to go that way else the difference will be the same

  36. Sori bloggers it is true indeed koops n loga had ‘verbal agrement’ 2 play the top-8 at the end of season bt loga ‘betrayd’ koops as reported in todays standard only the quote by ingwe fan at afc site was highly exagerated, inspite of the agreement btwn the 2 couches i feel theres alot of politriks behind the scenes

  37. after all has been said….and done,what is the position of tomorrows game?is it still on or are we going to go all the way to kasarani and get disappointed again??

  38. @43 – fred Odhiambo tomorrow’s match ahs been confirmed. Read the following:

    Courtesy of

    Following a meeting held on Tuesday between Football Kenya Federation and Kenyan Premier League, it has now been agreed that the TOP 8 semi final matches will proceed as scheduled on Thursday.

    The semi final matches had been thrown into uncertainty following FKF’s announcement on Monday that they will not recognize the decision by KPL to award a walk over to Gor Mahia after AFC Leopards failed to show up for the quarter final match at Kasarani on Sunday.

    “For the interest of sponsors and that of football development in the country, the tournament shall proceed as planned.” FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya has said.

    However, in a press statement released on Wednesday afternoon, FKF announced that all fines imposed on AFC Leopards for failing to attend the match in question on Sunday be nullified.

    FKF has further announced that they will in future review the staging of the Top 8 tournament and has called for consultative forums between KPL Clubs and FKF to agree on modalities of running and staging the tournament.

  39. I hope our duo of Dan and Rama with support of the rest of the engine humiliates the Brewers tomorrow. They are not strong defensively after the departure of their two dependable players.

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