Coach Dylan Kerr demands more from players

Newly appointed coach Dylan Kerr wants to see rapid improvement from Kogalo players following their disappointing 0-0 draw with second tier side Wazito FC.

Kerr wants his players to show more composure in tight situations.

“I want my players to have freedom to play, to show the identity when with the ball. I want them to have the ball even in difficult situations and not lose possession easily,” he said.

The new coach also wants his team members to show hunger and fight and he has vowed to reward those who show hunger with playing time.

“We’ve more than week before the next game. This is enough time to instil my philosophy. I want everybody to be on the same page. Everyone will get a chance but they have to show the hunger for it. They have to be hungry to meet the set goals. That’s what I am challenging them to do.” he continued.

Coach Kerr’s players likely still have not come down to earth after their match against Everton.

10 thoughts on “Coach Dylan Kerr demands more from players

  1. Good sound bytes from Ker. I hope he has the courage to follow it through. Match day squad be based on merit and this is going to increase competition. The loser will be the lazy and self entitled ones, the winner my beloved Kogallo of course!!

  2. Good Coach Kerr, so far i hear very good things which are positive and unifying. We are behind you 100% though you will face a very serious problem of lack of goal scoring. For a very long time now since our Mighty Olunga Dawo left and Sserunkuma before him we have not been able to have a lead striker managing 10 goals per season which is discouraging by any strike rate standards. It has been the onus of midfielders and defenders taking up the challenge to score a few goals to push us forward. Unfortunately try as i did management didn’t budge in getting one top rate West African this past mid-season. Well fight with what you have as at now and reclaim the title then purchase the much needed personnel in the next transfer window. All the best coach and best of luck

  3. “One week is enough time to instil my philosophy”. The “Famous Gelling Time” tremendously shortened.My reservations aside, i see a focussed head coach.PASSENGERS AND YES “SELF ENTITLED PLAYERS” BEWARNED. IN FUTURE, I SEE A SHIFT FROM EC DRIVEN SIGNINGS THAT’S WHERE THE FALLOUT MAY START.LEADING GMFC SCORER MEDDIE ONLY 4 GOALS FROM 15 GAMES, LOL! but some hope in the new signing from Nzoia who has 6 goals but none for GM in the league so far. We must wrap up this league early.

  4. Kerr is already showing signs of good leadership. However lest we forget that had this draw happened when Zico was head coach, by now we could be reading useless essays about Jodala this Jodala that! # Zico remains my Legend. My opinion my choice.

  5. These are brilliant ideas, but I choose not to be excited. Remember Maureen? He came, talked a lot, however where did he end up?…….and why did he end up there? I would be happier if Ker could keep his cards close to his chest and share them only with his players.

    It would be better if Ker could talk less, prepare the team better as he thinks best then confound all friends and foe with comprehensive wins through convincing performances.The more Ker talks, the more he exposes his tactics to his opponents hence the better he prepares them against Gor Mahia. Ker’s philosophy appears to be efficient and can deliver us the championship if only he plays his cards right.

  6. Agree with all of you , ,Kerr though i credit him for finally admitting jodala style of football is superior, should let his football and results do the talking ……otherwise too much talk and no results will make him the shortest serving kogallo coach ever !

    1. Better a head coach who talks too much and puts pressure on himself/team hence if no results/titles are forthcoming a short tenure is inevitable/ok than the type with no titles/results but buys time with “don’t rock the boat” approach. Otherwise the next time we may win the league/GoTv again is after another 10 years(instead of 2017) and any CAF title 30 years and still counting/waiting!

    2. No no Jakoyo, Tiki Taka technical football must continue but infused with more quick attacks and transitioning from forward play. Basically we play good football but lack the urgency to score or composure to convert our chances in the final third. That is coach Kerr’s immediate area of improvement not Yuora Nena mbele…

  7. Those who cherish direct football why not try the high school games.They are purely direct with very raw talent and very high scoring. It will come a time when you will graduate to watch the football that is expected of gor mahia.i also started in that level but now am in La liga and serie A.and that where I expect gor mahia to be.

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