Coach Kerr: Fatigue has been the main factor

After beating Thika United 5-2 in a scintillating encounter 10 days ago, Gor Mahia have gone on a drawing spree, drawing three straight matches against Chemelil, Mathare and AFC leopards. Kerr blames the glut of fixtures.

“We have been playing three matches in space of six days, and that has affected my players. Fatigue has crept in and it has reflected on the pitch, that is why we have struggled.” said Kerr to

Kerr also sought to take pressure off the players by saying the poor results were not their fault.

“I will not blame my players at all, it happens at times and it is up to me as a coach to find ways in which I can improve our results.” he continued.

Kerr went on to say that playing against AFC for a chance to play Hull City was illogical since Hull were only interested in playing against Gor Mahia.

“Gor Mahia is the best club in Kenya. By winning the league last year it means we are the ones who should play Hull. I know Hull City want to play Gor Mahia, I have talked to their manager but unfortunately we have to play this game so as to prove that we are the best team.” said Kerr.

Gor Mahia take on Hull at Kasarani on Sunday May 13.

17 thoughts on “Coach Kerr: Fatigue has been the main factor

  1. Excuse ! You have a squad size of 30 players so don’t tell us about fatigue…. isn’t it the reason clubs have big squads and depth in every department ?

    1. Jakoyo say “excuse me”!…. not “excuse”. All in all I sympathize with Ker. What he is saying is a valid fact. The squad may be 30 yes, but remember he is under pressure to deliver results so he must field his most trusted and reliable. For this reason he ends up calling on the same players most often. I think the same is happening to Zinadine Zidan at Real Madrid.

  2. Today I have to furiously differ with this Jakoyo, leave that to the coach. You think he doesn’t know about the squad number? No, no, noooo…. please give Kerr his space

    1. Omera iero somo ne ji sana..what is your problem? Can’t anyone say his opinion without your lectures?

      1. @musyomo, Gor Mahia does not belong to you. You have this habit of poking your nose recklessly on other bloggers’ comments. Please style up and let also ja thurgi Ji give his opinion. Why do not want people to comment in the forum, why then do you post? We are all free to give comments on whatever is being posted here.

        1. 1.I didn’t see anywhere ja thur gi ji asked you to defend him and:
          2. You just poked your nose recklessly on my comments the same thing you just accused me of!!!

          1. Musymo guy can you need to grow up and mature. You are not my prefect nor head boy. Note that as long as comments are posted, all bloggers including yourself will continue to make comments. The best thing you can do is to keep into your lane and make whatever comments responsibly but not gagging up bloggers.

  3. A good coach always air his views, and i like the way he is behaving, however, no body is perfect a hundred percent. The central defenders plus Walusimbi as well as some midfielders were outstanding during the Masemeji derby . Ker has plenty of good players to choose from. Our coach i hope you are getting used to fans comments , do not be shaken, curry on with your good work. We wish you , the club & supporter success.

  4. @Jakoyo ..Yes we have 30 players but we also have 1st 11.All players are not equal so i think coach is right.
    You will also agree with me that we are still unbeaten.
    I just want to say that so long as we comment without malice then it’s in order.
    Personally i have no problem with the coach.
    Tumetoka mbali.Ja Brazil cha would have not reached where we are now.
    Let’s give credit where it’s due.

  5. I believe what coach means is fixture congestion doesnt give mayienga ample recovery time.REmember good people whether 1,2nd or 3rd eleven is scheduled to play,thw whole team trains & intensifies efforts to prepare for the match.Now when such is due to illogical reasons like playing efusi then the burnout is unwarranted.Sir Kerr the Great just keep on soldiering on,we are behind you 100%.Make us proud against Rayon Sport & see banners written “In Kerr We Trust” litter the stadium on match days…

  6. What Kerr is saying is complete common sense as rightly put in perspective and context by @ Jasego , Have seen well resourced coaches of Chelsea , Man U , Liverpool etc who have similar squad size lament on the same .
    But however offence u may have with Kerr , statistics show that he has made the best use of his
    Situation despite that situation and for that I give him a thumbs up and expect even better tidings against Rayon Spprts and all the other teams in our group .
    Good work Sir

  7. I agree with some of the sentiments expressed here.
    Under the circumstances,Kerr has done quite well.

    It’s not easy doing squad rotation and getting positive results game after game.

    One thing that we should be happy about is that the players are all getting game time and a platform to prove themselves.

    That said,I wish the team all the best in Kigali and the subsequent games coming up.

  8. Yes the squad maybe large but think of a scenario where only Kevin with his weight and Guikan with his lack of fitness are the only available forwards in a match? Of course Kerr has to be worried despite the depth in squad.

  9. Kerr knows the squad like the back of his hands. He spends time with them not just sitting but working. As it stands now he has taken Gor to a class of its own and I respect him for that.

  10. And the gate charges for the match? Thooo jorwanda otingoree malo .who can afford to pay that in Kenya? Kerr. Means the biggest/ highest authority. Donge?

  11. Kerr has done well and expect him and GMFC to do much better after the June18 transfer window now that he intends to be fully involved in the player recruitment. Unless EC frustrates Kerr, i.e Nutall style using the usual guns for hire, the 30-40% “passengers” who dilute the quality of the teams will start being reduced. Kerr will also have no excuses about player quality any more and only the latter rounds of CAF should be a challenge to K’Ogalo. Hopefully the club’s management can start to exhibit such progress e.g membership cum season tickets, more transparency and accountability etc.

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