Coach Kerr proud of his players

Despite dropping crucial points at home, coach Dylan Kerr has praised his players for putting on a valiant effort.

“I’m happy we held a big team despite the setback and we got a point from them. My players are doing better every day, but there is more room for wonders. Knowing the kind of tight schedule we have had recently, they gave it all the field,” said Kerr after the match.

Kerr further observed that his team did well considering that they were a man down with 30 minutes left to play in the encounter.

“I think when we were reduced to 10 men, the pressure to defend our goal was much, that’s why I told Tuyisenge to be double his effort, striking from middle and we created several chances.” he continued.

Kerr was once again critical of logistics and suggested the club needed better organization.

“We had to stay for a long time in the traffic jam coming to the stadium, this is not what you want in a match day,” he said.

Indeed Kerr was happy that his defence, which has been conceding a lot of goals, was able to keep a clean sheet despite playing top class opposition in the last two games.

“I am delighted with my players, it was a good match and the good thing is that we kept a clean sheet and got a point as well, although we wanted more. The pitch made it a little harder for us, and USM as well but the outcome was not bad. My players keep on giving their best, they are improving and that is the most encouraging thing.” said Kerr.

USM Algiers coach Miloud Hamdi observed that he would have done better if they had their key striker.

“My players fought hard, although we were not as clinical as we should have been in the attack. Darfaloum should have done better, maybe, but a point away from home is a gain,” Hamdi declared.

Gor Mahia will next play Yanga in Dar es Salaam. Having dropped points at home, winning an away match is crucial and this is their best opportunity.

24 thoughts on “Coach Kerr proud of his players

  1. Next away match in Dar es salaam?This is fake news! The next match is in Nairobi. Even though you are proud Mr.Kerr you seriously need a hawk-eyed no nonsense finisher to supplement the efforts of the current hardworking but average strikers.The window swings open just in two weeks time and surely a striker must come in.

  2. But We need a striker at least, a proffessional striker and we will keep on reminding the club officials plus the coach a gain and again. The sky should be the limit. We would like the team to bring the continental cup home and to go and play in europe Vs Everton, that would be a good exposure and some of the players might remain their for signing. Good luck GM

  3. Toooo early to chest thump coach…….we need to score goals in CAF and win games ! to me that is what we should be bragging about not lamenting about missed chances , bad weather and poor finishing.

  4. I have just read an article in the Standard titled , Burial of Shame : How K’galo fans Terrorise villagers and it makes for very pathetic reading , the total disregard
    for the berieved with utmost animalistic behavior designed to inflict the maximum of pain.
    Who exactly are these K’galo fans , are they descendants of human beings or beasts .
    I have through the decades known K’galo fans including the ones that could be described as hardcore extremists , but there activities were confined to the stadiums , but never to the extent we witness today .
    The likes of Apingo Nyawawa were die hard K’galo fans , who travelled far and wide in the country to cheer the team , but they were honourable in their love for the team and respected everybodies space , What Changed ? , Who are these insects that with impunity continue to drag the team’s image down to the gutters ?, If they are not harassing other motorists on the highway , they are urinating on Tom Mboya’s statue , or ripping seats in the stadiums , or breaking down gates to avoid paying or terrorising villagers during funerals while proudly dressed in full K’galo regalia .
    Is it the new generation of alcohol being sold in every corner or are they smoking expired weed or is it both , as far as am concerned , even in the days gone by , there was alcohol and weed and both were consumed by a good number of fans in and out of the stadiums .
    These hooligans are the genesis of K’galo’s dwindling of fans in the stadias and so long as they continue giving bad intentioned journalist such materials , a huge percentage of K’galo fans and their families will continue giving the stadiums a wide birth , our brand will continue to be dragged through the sewers .
    This for me is a problem we must sought out , It is getting out of hand .
    I sometimes wonder , what it is that goes through the minds of these beasts when days after their foolishness , they read and watch in the news how our brand is being messed up , when our club is being sanctioned and forced to pay penalties with money we dont have .
    Where have such people come from?. . . . .Really !!!

    1. @teddy sofaset branch entebbe
      I can feel your heart being ripped off by what you have read and probably you have even witnessed. It is something that has been reported in the past and broadcast. It is a display of shame in the pretext of showing loyalty. It is a misrepresentation of who a Gor Mahia fan is supposed to be. A common belief is that when one is under the influence of Alcohol or something, they may lose control of themselves, but my question is “do they remain intoxicated 24/7: if so when do they work or do things that add value to their lives and the society?” Some even think that it is being Macho when they behave like that. Take a case when they go to the village to bury a friend or a relative, some of them still live in the archaic attitude of being from the City. My friend with devolution government bringing development to the grass root, the rural person cares less of one coming from the City. I think one of the deliberate steps that can be taken is to use every forum to talk about it. Be it at the Stadium when Gor Is playing, Funerals, Media and other social gathering. As you say, their actions have been detrimental to the development of the team. Finally this I say with hesitancy, Bring in the Security apparatus- though this may be very expensive, to deal with them ruthlessly. It is very frustrating to about the same thing year in year out. The Gor brand deserves better than what is currently being portrayed.

    2. Teddy it is humiliating to say the least.I always wonder why would someone wear the kogalo jersey from monday to friday going to mjengo or idling in streets drinking changa’a and selling drugs then behaving like a madman when intoxicated spewing vulgarities and venom to all and sundry?Also why would someone wear a gor mahia jersey to a charged political rally demonstrating and antagonizing police while ODM political party has orange regalia tshirts as their party colours which are distributed free of charge?All this stupidity is what gives our beloved team a horrible name rendering us Pariahs in the eyes of other tribes and state actors.Some like me live where you cant dare put on GM jersey lest your neighbours start wailing loudly and calling police that an unwanted goon has invaded the neighbourhood due to their past experiences with the so called diehard joneko referred to here earlier as human waste branch a term i dont support but is the reality of their nature….

  5. Looking at the Coach’s carefulness on what he says, I think that he is working on the inner man of the players and that is self belief. He keeps acknowledging their efforts and inputs as the games progress. It is a fact that the teams’ Schedule is tight and jammed up. Of on one side one may say this is good in the sense that it is keeping them busy and working hard. On the other hand things like fatigue, injuries may just set in. The art of juggling all this is not as easy because at the end of any match positive results are expected. Going back to the Inner Man Concept. By having self belief, this becomes the drive that would turn so called average person to a star. Indeed it is a fact that we are not scoring as many goals as people would want: but that one goal that is scored at the crucial time could just be what will count. It may not come easy but out of determination to win, sacrifice and to go an extra mile. This is what also inculcates the character of Never say die until it is over.

  6. The primitive idiots whose heads are full of maggots who harass the innocent bereaved must be condemned. Intoxication cannot be an excuse for silly behavior by some wayward beings who are undergoing mental,moral and social evolution.

  7. What saddened me most about the Gor Mahia branches is even during the Radio Ramogi talkshow K’Ogalo the branch chairmen had no message/ ideas of how to mobilize the numbers to the stadium and improve management of the club. All they yapped about what not football nothing about players welfare, attendance, membership cum season tickets but about liero, funeral collections and other non football issues. EC of course never condemn such acts as these goons transform into voters during elections. Anyway wearing a GMFC jersey is anyone’s right what EC shouid stamp out is hooliganism during our home matches. Finally pongezi to team /TB for the draw versus USM. As regards our strikers the KPL scorers chart does not lie. Our players are way down and for some players its been that way for 2 years. Come June remember it’s loyalty to GMFC not to individual players even if it means dropping one foreigner or try Makwatta who is scoring in Zambia.

  8. Why guys are trying to find excuses for our strikers by blaming the midfield, oh coach should play certain combination of players, oh Aucho like midfider is lacking.The fact our strikers are getting clear cut chances and are not scoring. @jasego Gukan is a striker similar to Adebayor gets 10 chances scores 2 or 1, same with jausenge.I think we have the best midfielders, ni need of akina sijui mensah( who might turn out to be average just like guiikan).I totally agree with those who think that Lawi would a perfect boost to that 1st 11,

  9. There is one thing that the whole kenyan football fraternity agree with , and that is that in all our continental matches from Espereance to date , we have totally dominated and outplayed the opponents , but again one fact that runs through this dominance is that we have failed to take advantage of our dominance by killing these teams and this is a Conversation We must Have .
    Personally I have no personal social contact with any K’galo player and as such my relationship with any player/s is based on their performance /output and it is my obligation and duty as a fan to ask questions and expect answers .
    When I critique a player , it is not that I have any issue with the player but rather that I love the team more .
    Now to the performance , what is causing our inability to score ? , Is it our Goalkeeper ?,is it our Defence ?, is it our Midfield ? , is it our Strikers ? , Is it the Pitch ? , Is it the Refs?, the weather or Badluck ?
    The reason why we must have this conversation is coz we still have 3 games to go and which again we shall ” Dominate and Outplay ” and probably ending up with the previous narrative of not scoring .
    Truth be told , uptil now , all departments excluding the strikers have performed what is expected of them .
    With an exception to an extent of Meddie Kagere , Tuisenge , Guikan and Berry have not lived up to my expectation , they are simply not delivering .
    On another front , with the fixture congestion we
    are facing , I request the coach to be bold and give more of this opportunity to the likes of Boniface Omondi , Philmone , Ondiek , Lawrence and Momanyi , they have been impressive .
    I will not comment about Kevo today .

    1. @Teddy, all the players you mentioned are being given chances to show case their talents. Philemon has become a great defender and this is very encouraging. It is only Ondiek that has disappeared from the line up.

  10. @teddy , your objective and constructive approach should be encouraged. The underlying problem you have laid it clear for all to see….

    We are not performing against our peers yet some people want us to believe we are moving in the right direction!

    Nonsense! Another draw against yanga and we shall be singing enough is enough, we are just not good enough for the continental football.

    1. @ Jakoyo are we not currently sitting second in our group for continentals?Team is Superb…Team ber…What more can we want while we are playing exquisite Ballon D’Or type of display and pushing local standards to unimaginable heights continentally…

  11. The first time in a long time the Harambee Stars coach has done a merit based selection. Better still that all local Kogallo players minus Wendo have been called up.

  12. Wendo and the likes of akumu were left out cause of the packed holding mid of wanyama Gonzalez….. maybe the coach likes playing attacking football hence was not in his interest to call for defensive players…am astound on how our deputy captain was left out calabar….he’s performing in his league and the continetals…its a wait and see game

  13. As we line up today against Sofapaka , and looking at the gap we have already created between as and our nearest competitor , I think that now is the time to take stock of the depth we have by giving the other squad members an oppportunity to proove their worth as worthy of putting on a Gor Mahia shirt .
    I wish to see whether their is any who can proove that given the chance , he is better than Joash Onyango or Guikan or Tuisenge , Berry or even Meddie .
    This stock taking will give as a clear insight into the areas we need to strengthen considering that we are fortunate that this will be happening at a time the June recruiting window affords as an oppportunity to remedy any shortcomings
    To the likes of Onguso , Momanyi , Samuel Onyango , Joakim , Ondiek , Cassidy and kevo , this presents an opportunity that they must grab with both hands (legs) and proove to the ever demanding K’galo fraternity that some opinions already forming about you is farfetched .
    I wish to give my layman’s opinion about Guikan and Kevo , in my humble opinion , seeing the occasional flashes from this duo , it is easy to see that these are individuals who might have been good in the past but their best days are long gone , it happens to all players whereby the downward trajectory inevitably sets in through the vagaries of age or injuries e.g Man U’s Michael Carrick , John Terry , Andries Inniesta , Joe Hart etc and as such the heart may still be willing but the body is unable to cope , not their fault but we are not in a love affair here where it is for better or worse .
    Samuel Onyango seems to haveenormouslatent potential and it is the hallmark of an Innovative coach to take note of this , get the best out of such talent and find a way to how that potential can fit seamlessly with the team ,so far he has not risen to the occasion .
    Boniface 0mondi , Philmone , Lawrence Juma have in my opinion shown the hunger , enthusiasm and grit to put in a shift , what is required from this trio is an injection of confidence so that they are willing to display their industry without the fear of making mistakes , mistakes are human and the fear of making one sometimes makes players
    Over cautious , confidence and self belief is what makes Lionel Messi express himself .
    To the coach , the boldness you showed by your choice of line up during the Afc game is the kind of mental strength we need as a coach , the responsibility and accountability is on you and as such you must not get so worked up with our layman’s criticism and opinions on social media , we will not stop giving them .
    Best of luck in Machakos , on a scale of 1 to 10 locally , we are at 8 or 9 , but continentally we are at around 5 , my rating is looking at this group and beyond , but beyond more specifically

  14. Gor MAHIA was just lucky to force a draw and SOFAPAKA were surely the better team. With this trend of performance where you either fail to utilize your chances or when you do then your shaky and blundering defense cum goalkeeping leaks inside out then we should just digest the fact that our players and TB have just began to accept the reality that we are an average team. So let us stop this culture of too much hyping and chest thumping knowing very well that we are a very AVERAGE team.

    1. Leading 2 nil then almost losing. Bad… bad. Not encouraging at all. I think at times we become laxed and complacent. At times I feel Sofapaka should have won this game to make these guys know that they are not invisible. I usually avoid apportioning individual blames but I feel the GK at times is so casual and lets the team down. Probably Oluoch needs a stronger competitor.

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