28 Apr 15

Gor Mahia’s Scottish coach Frank Nuttall is happy with the 2-0 win over Ushuru that put three more points in Gor Mahia’s bag. But as usual, Nuttall is taking a long term perspective with the full understanding that there is stilla long way to go.

“Three points are always welcome and I am grateful that the players did well to get them which gives us an edge, keeping us at the top of the standings. The performance was really great and encouraging and will motivate us going to the next matches.

Nuttall thinks this was the best match Gor Mahia has played this season.

“So far in the season I think this was our best performance of the season and I am very impressed. We have shown good consistency and I want us to continue that way; our focus now shift to the next game,” he said.

Gor Mahia have indeed come a long way this season. In January, Gor Mahia signed several new players, many of whom dissapointed. The team was playing poorly as coach Nuttall told fans that the team was still gelling. But fans were losing patience as Gor Mahia lost to teams like Bandari and left fans asking how long the team was taking to gel. Clearly Nuttall knew exactly what he was doing. The forwardline combination of Kagere and Olunga is starting to gain an understanding and even the defence is now starting to learn how to play with each other as evidenced by their recent clean sheets.

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  • Mwakio P says:

    Congrats Coach for the good job you are doing. You will always remain our hero.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Jack Johnson aside, The best Kogallo coach ever !!! and I mean ever !!!! his success rate shows …

  • Derrick Sparkling says:

    This coach is extremly good, making players to be sensational. Thank God for bringing you in the Mighty Kogalo.

  • Dan Original says:

    At lease the coach and the entire TB has shown us what patience means. I remember when he came and the analytical nature in us even called him a PE instructor not worthy of a team like Gor. And when we lost 3-0 to Dynamos, 1-2 to Bandari, drew with the lower tier teams, we started doubting where we were going. Now it seems the rhythm is all there for us to see. Congrats Coach, TB, players , fans and the EC for making us believe

  • Jaupanda says:

    If there is an objective that Nutall desires to achieve, it is Team Work. He made this clear when he was commenting on the second goal against Ushuru. This is critical in Football. It may take time especially when you have so many new players. But I must also congratulate the Gor family for giving the whole team understanding and patience. This gives each player an opportunity to grow in confidence even if they have a bad day in the office. Each player experiences this one time or another. As a coach we must also give him the benefit of a doubt that he spends a lot of time with these players while we only see them on the pitch. He therefore knows them better than us. My take therefore is as much as the late Jack Johnson took us very far, and this is a FACT, it is now but history. The Gor we have in hand is worth more than the two birds in the bush.

  • collins says:

    Jack Johnson? That is debatable- i would root for Len Julians- remember when Kogallo scared the craps out of Zamalek and they had to use CAF then to lock us out?


    The Len Julians

  • Blogger says:

    Admin you can continue blocking my comments as if that will help the club. After all the EC will never implement the proposals on this wall.

    • admin says:

      Your posts are not being blocked. Sometimes there is a delay in when you see your post appearing. This is because this blog is constantly barraged by spam (thousands of spam posts per day). The spam filter may delay your post or send it to spam folder in error. This usually happens due to a combination of issues including:
      1. Adding more than one link to your post
      2. Using too many uneccesary punctuation such as too many question marks (see your last post. It had unneeded question marks)
      3. Using a very generic user name like “blogger”
      4. Writing a post that is too large (I suggest dividing your post into two if it has too many words)
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      Any combination of the above can result in your post being delayed or being sent to spam folder. The spam filter is a piece of software and not a human and thus can make mistakes about 1% of the time. The other 99% of the time, it works

  • ODUOR12 says:

    To me it is not a question of “fans losing patience” but rather we must admit there was poor planning. as always, at the beginning of the season.
    Even now fans are constantly exasperated by the poor planning by EC that is resulting in go-slows.
    Nutall was away for far too long and when he came back the quality of the players available to him/TB for the CAF and those available to him now/currently are poles apart.
    The availability of likes “Luanda Magare” Kagere, Karim Nizigiyimana, Abouba Sibomana etc who were not available for the CAF Cup have made the difference. Very few of the signings parade by the EC have made any impact with some disappearing mysteriously.

    I hope EC will plan better for next year and within this year to that players and TB are paid ON TIME.

    • collins says:

      Oduor 12 all that you have said in this column again and again with some people like Mwakio would indeed ma ke GM prosper….but are you telling them to the right people? There is no evidence the EC is hearing/reading your articles. Change tact.We are tired of reading excellent proposals day in day out. Otieno maokruu…..THOOOO.

  • Jimmy amimo says:

    to me, there no way the EC is going to change the way this club is being run. we are going to see the culture of begging, un accountability, insensitive to players like Emuge’s issue. it’s long

  • Coach you are Professor, leave alone those who are referring you as Pysical Trainner! your next game is against the Army men so pysical and rough especialy against K’Ogalo. Good luck Coach. Thanka.

    • oswozo moziek says:

      its disturbing to read in the media about our players welfare being neglected.Granted,we don’t have a sponsor and therefore cash is at a premium.But i would like to ask what happens to the home gate collections.Can someone please put us into perspective.
      On Saturday we have a big match versus Ulinzi.The green army will definitely turn up in large numbers.EC please use that collection to pay the players….they are the reason why we are Gor Mahia FC…failure to take care of them may lead to some of them defecting to the likes of Tusker fc….!!

  • Dan Original says:

    Though we know that we cannot run the team only through gate collections it’s imperative that we maximize on the collections at all our home games. It’s sad to se the confusions at the gates especially at City stadium. We have fans who thrive in confusion to gain free entry, stewards who believe that they must make a kill by engaging in taking 50 bob and letting some fans enter free, fake tickets from who am not sure (are they officials or the ticketing company ) and a ll other bad things which should not happen to a self-sponsored team.

    We should also note that around 30% of the gate collections go to deductions so quoting the gross collection as the revenue alluded to the team can also give a wrong impression.
    All the same we will definitely have a very physical game this weekend and the soldiers are known to play dirty in order to work up our fans. Let’s not fall into that trap

  • Dan Original says:

    Walusimbi’s agent threatens to terminate his contract due to non-payment. Looks like just like @ODUOR12 said the wage bill will be our only opponent this year. Something needs to be done urgently

    • Mwakio P says:

      Who are the people behind fake tickets? These could be some of the Gor Mahia officials in cohort with ticket printers and gate keepers. Something is really wrong with this great club. Ideas have been shared by bloggers and none of these office bearers is interested in even pursuing the easiest proposal like replica jerseys. Why? Because such officials have self interests that will always override the club’s interest.

      If the current executive committee members can not bring or initiate any meaningful change in professionalising the club, I suggest that at the end of their official tenures they should all pack and go due to their failures to initiate any meaning change or come up with sustainable financing model to the club.

      Take for example the sale of our branded replica jerseys, many illegal people are benefiting at the expense of the club. If you look round the stadium, you will see army of fans donning both the green and white jerseys. Some fans are still wearing faded jerseys that require replacement. Where is the EC? Are they culpable? Are they involved?

  • Mwakio P says:

    I have read Chairman Ambrose Rachier response to the threat of Walusimbi agent on contract termination. This is really being too arrogant way of talking and response to sensitive matter. Players have contracts that must be honoured by all parties. Money is out there but your entire office have failed to initiate revenue generating ideas despite the proposals that have been made by fans. As a fan of the team, am not happy with the Chairman’s statement. The response is pure rudeness from the top man holding the executive office. I hope the response could have come from Ferrari or lower cadre official.

  • Mwakio P says:

    I am very bitter with Gor Mahia executive committee on sleeping on the job and lots of opportunities being offered by our huge fan base. I still believe we can raise Kshs.50 million annually from the sales of club assorted merchandises alone.

    If forming the co-operative is too difficult, why can the office just come up with a proper initiative of selling the club merchandise to fans?

    What is too difficult for procuring, outsourcing and selling of club merchandise in a more organised and structured way? We now have very many malls and specialised cloth stores that can be used to do this business on behalf of the club.

    Food of Thought on Merchandise
    From the current branded replica jerseys, we have green for home matches, white and blue for away matches. These are three sets that can be used to generate income on daily basis for the club.

    With an assumption of fan base of 15,000 fans, each fan with incentives can be made to buy a set at a discounted wholesale or retail price of Kshs.1,200 and Kshs.1,500 per set. Through massive campaigns, promotional activities and advertisements, the club can be able to sell three sets to an individual fan. The wholesale will be ideal to supermarket chains, Gor Mahia Shop, specialised clothings stores, appointed distributors etc. In return the retailing price will be Kshs.1,500 from a wholesale price of Kshs.1,200 per unit, giving the distributors a margin of Kshs.300 per set.

    The sales will translate to retail sales of Kshs.67.5 million whilst wholesale can realised Kshs.54 million.

    This is an idea that need to be implemented today. Every year, designs of the branded replica jerseys will change to attract repeat and new fans.

  • Thanks Prof. Nuttal, whoelse is like you? Congrat and your Boys, remeber your next is against SoNy Sugar, where there’s a goal-keeper has given AFC 9 goals in two Matches. But when he is against GM, you might think he is from Heaven. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!