Collins Okoth calls time on his career

Former Gor Mahia midfielder, Collins Okoth “Gattuso” has decided to retire from active football. The midfielder whose combative, relentless , battling style earned him the nickname “Gattuso” finally decided to call it quits after he was released by Sofapaka.

Okoth had joined Gor Mahia from Tusker in 2010. He was however dogged by disciplinary problems. According to then coach Zedekiah Otieno, “the player attended training when he wanted and was not ready for correction.” This led to him being suspended from the club. Aside from indiscipline,. he was accused of sabotaging the club.

He made a return in may of 2011 but clearly his disciplinary problems were never far from the surface. In April of 2012 he broke ranks with the club and announced he was leaving, citing frustrations from club officials. Weeks later he appeared repentant and wanted to return. But Kogalo now under new coach Zdvarko Logarusic would have none of it.


So Okoth was one of the players initially released by Logarusic. He joined Sofapaka during the mid year break but yet again his disciplinary problems came to the surface. Sofapaka owner Elly Kalekwa has said that Okoth was released due to lack of discipline. Okoth himself has said that he was released because he asked for his 3 months salary which is in arrears.

Okoth now wants to return to school.

“I never finished my secondary education and I want to go back and do KCSE. This will help me as I opt to find other means.”

His lack of discipline mirrors that of other players in the past whose lack of discipline brought a premature end to their careers. Veteran fans will remember winger/striker Andrew Obunga who was nicknamed “Obung Singh” because his big afro looked like the turban worn by sikhs. Obung Singh was first suspended in 1982 before being expelled from the club in 1983. He briefly joined Re-Union before going to India for further studies.

 This column wishes Gattuso all the best in his future endavors.

26 thoughts on “Collins Okoth calls time on his career

  1. I did say discipline is the key to success. Gatusso is a very talented player but he must listen to advices, correction and accept to change. Education matters alot thus while going back to school be a role model to the students be positive, focus and intellectually smart.

  2. I blame our coaches for the premature end to such talents. Having realized that a player has discipline problems and doing nothing about it but rather axe the him from the team, is irresponsible and evil. Coaches should possess a fatherly figure to the players. We all know what Rooney was like before Fergie turned him around for the better.
    These white guys we kind of worship are never interested on the welbeing of our society. All they mind is their salaries. What happens to our brothers in the team after getting what they want from them is never important to them.
    We should use football to get guys out of streets, crime and drugs. These are our brothers, as a football club, it is our duty to positively impact on their lives instead of condeming them. I’m sure none of us criticising okoth as to do with his dicsipline has done anything to help this young man. Do we even know his background? Bitter pasts oftenly indiscipline cases. Someone should find some help for Gatuso.

  3. @mcosweto, the comment about “white guys” is uncalled for. Racist comments are not allowed regardless of who you are. Remember, a similar comment by white guy about black will not be accepted therefore your comments are also unnacceptable. Gatusso was given time to change. What do you want the coaches to do? The decision to quit is his own. Remember Joy Barton was/is dodged by the same problems. He is still playing because he has not decided to quit. No one else will ask him to quit. How many coaches have rejected him?? STOP BEING A RACIST!!

  4. @mcosweto, self discipline cannoit be instilled by a coach. It is inborn and it is upon Okoth to show this at all times. The boy has to blame himself for his predicaments and time will tell.

  5. @mcosweto: gatuso shud carry his cross. how do coaches come in? at my work place do i hold my boss responsible for my disciplinary problems? gatuso had it coming from the gor days. it was amusing that sofapaka took him, what were they expecting.just like when gor took him. point is, when a player leaves one club for another, a good management system looks at the reasons why he is leaving before signing him up and that is why nobody wanted to touch tevez despite his abundant talent. he simply had to stay in man city. but again european clubs have good character analysts unlike in africa and kenya in particular where fans determine the first eleven.

  6. Guys we must all remember Wahenga walisema kwamba”asiyesikia la mkuu huvunjika guu” so be it Gatuso. Let him see the likes of coaches; Bobby, Ziko, Ghost, Bekham and the list is long, humble men in and out of the pitch. Pride comes before a fall so they say.

  7. We are all responsible for our own actions and you choose what you want to be.Gattusso has been dogged by the same problem in Tusker,Gor and now Sofa…..that speaks for itself!!!


    What a sad day for me. I first knew Collins when he joined us from Tusker in 2010 season. From the hype that was generated when the player joined K’Ogalo, Gatusso as is fondly known by peers seem destined for greater things. The boy was spotted by Zedekiah Otieno or simply Zico and was eager to give a starting position.

    There was no denying the fact that Collins was very instrumental in our midfeld earning the second position in the Kenya Premier League standing. Soon afterwards the boy’s displine started to nosedive. On the pitch, Collins found himself being booked several times by the centre referee either for foul mouthing or very stupid and reckless tackles. Outside the pitch, the teenage boy was not good either. He comes to tranings when he likes or abscond without giving adequate explanation.

    It is no wonder, the boy was axed from Gor Mahia squad.

    As we mourn his departure from active soccer, let his behavior serve as an example to the rest of the players. We have been told ever since that displine is key to success. Collins Okoth is paying the price of his unbecoming behavior. Even when he goes back to class, the same displine gonna be demanded of him.

    Finally, Geoffrey Griffins, the former director of Starehe Boys Centre when he was asked about the behaviour of his past students, he said, ‘i know I have produced eagles but I don’t choose which direction they’ll fly’. An example was Fai Amario, the business magnet from Naivaisha who was claimed to be a big time criminal. We at GM know we have produced a great talent, but where he goes, not in our power.

  9. Fare thee well Okoth remember an old African saying..’If you cook bad food tou’ll eat it alone’.. i guess the reverse is true.

  10. I believe Gattusso is not beyong salvage. It’s at this time that counselling will work. Remember what Fergie did to Rooney. Any coach out there who can also act as a mentor for him? Football is about skills and character. Both can be amended is they go heywire

  11. haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 okoth going back to school really!!1this will not work my brother you are in a lost world have you asked yourself what will you do with your footballing ability you need to attend anger management courses, ask for advice this where @ mwakio comes in you have been a victim of my own circumstance before i could tell okoth’s life going to the dogs if he is not careful you see need to do one thing write an apology letter to kogallo nation ask coach for forgiveness he may end up flopping badly in exams so what will be next! a bird in hand is worth 10 in the bush so the same trait of impatience will follow him so okoth needs help especially from his close friends based on his past he will not make it education either where discipline is even paramount

  12. @15jb don’t laugh at Gattuso. Don’t celebrate at somebody’s downfall. This boy can still learn from his mistakes and make a good choice. He is stil young and there are many opportunities open for him. This one incident should not end his life. Please Gattuso, don’t loose hope your decisions will determine your destiny.

  13. Discipline is the key to success. Let him go back to school but still if he’s indisciplined he’ll be shown the door in that school. He can still change so it’s the duty of technical bench to decide if we can still need him

  14. Anywai its kut to go back to skul.Gattuso dont hang ua boots they r important.u av a great feature.kuwa roho Ngumu kama Gumo.

  15. Gentlemen, indiscipline will take Okoth nowhere. He has ruined himself and we should not shift the blame to his Coaches. Even if he goes back to school,he will not succeed without being disciplined. If he finds it difficult to maintain self discipline, then he can join Miguna as an Assistant!

  16. @george ochoro am not lathing at okoth am just pointing it out to him that it is even worse in school life there will be no tutor who will entertain absent ism

  17. There is no hidding den for indiscipline. Collins from my experience about him could only obtain help from a counselor, not school. If he’s axed from football, then I guess he is going to be the worst enemy to books, teachers and school environment at large. Nontheless, Gattuso should mind his lifestyle, personal attitude and how he relate with people around him. Jst like coaches, the bosses around won’t associate with indisciplined persons. In general, Gattuso’s call to quit football is malicious, uncalled for and very detrimental to his future life. Let him check o n this. Let him stop smoking and using hard drugs and change attitude and maybe he will be agood person in future.

  18. Dan@13, I think Gatuso can benefit from this piece of advice if we can be tolerant and agree that every individual has a unique weakness taking into account one’s own unpublicised secretive discplinary issues. Continuing to castigate what has befallen Okoth is only making a bad situation worse. Lets not rejoice when his future is headed for the rocks. Remeber the late Okello Zangi. Let us look for a good solution that will help Gatuso and make him appreciate our collective mindfulness of his welfare. As we prepare for continental football competitions next year I wish a Gormahia midfield comprising Peter Opiyo, Teddy Akumu, Collins Okoth and Njuguna. Give the boy another chance than condemn him.

  19. Gatuso, education is life and i urge you to go ahead and acquire the papers. Those who are out cheering you while entertaining them with good football moves will not be there in time of needs. We have many players who are languishing in poverty yet they were very good players. The only players who are doing well in life are the ones who took education seriously. My only worry is why now and not then. WHY DID YOU LEAVE SCHOOL.

  20. @Ochigah please don’t ask why now and not then. As long as he is stil alive he can make it. So many people have gone back to school even at their old age but Okoth is stil in his youthful stage. Let us be with him during his difficult moment. So Ochigah, why ask this question now and not then, when he was shining in the pitch?

  21. Your Destiny is in you hands..if u transfer the skills from the pitch to books then u will soar..Jesus is the KING! Run to Him and let no one discourage you..all the best in your endeavours

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