Confusion galore as parallel leagues start

Football Kenya Federation have promoted 13 teams from the nationwide league to participate in the FKF run league.

FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya said the new teams would replace the 13 top clubs who refused to play in the new 18-team competition.

“The new clubs will meet on Monday to come up with the new fixtures to the new league, which will kick off next Wednesday,” Nyamweya said.

The KPL however maintained that their own league will begin this weekend with all the 16 teams taking part – even though three of those teams have agreed to the rival fixture list too.

AFC to join FKF League ?

Other reports however indicate that AFC leopards and Muhoroni Youth have submitted a written request to FKF to be allowed to participate in the FKF league.

A report posted on says that a statement signed by Media Officer John Kariuki reveals that Ingwe and Muhoroni have written request to be included in FKF Premier League of 18-teams.

The statement read in part, “After Football Kenya Federation released list of clubs to take part in only sanctioned top tier league – FKF/PL – it was a beehive of activity at FKF Secretariat, with clubs in KPL requesting that they be allowed into legitimate league.

“First to troop back with a written request was AFC Leopards through Secretary George Aladwa as well as Muhoroni Youth. Most institutional clubs are also expected to shift their goal posts and jump into FKF/PL after their top management, who are their sponsors weighed their options of playing in an unsanctioned league.

“Football Kenya Federation has already informed its parent bodies Fifa/Caf on new composition of 2015 league and a communiqué will be issued before end of day today (Friday).”

But when reached for comment on whether they had written to FKF Ingwe secretary Aladwa told Goal, “We support an 18-team league but we are yet to officially write a letter to FKF. I am not the only official in AFC Leopards’ and such a decision can only be made at a NEC meeting.”

Minister Hassan Wario

Sports Minister Hassan Wario had earlier warned the two factions to reach an agreement by February 17 absence of which the government would take action. That date came and went with no government action. He has now warned that the government will not tolerate parallel leagues. But it remains to be seen what he can do. The last time there were parallel leagues in Kenya, the sports minister at the time forbid one faction from using government stadia.

Update: AFC deny joining FKF league

An updated report on now suggests that AFC have not joined the FKF league.

But in a shift rejoinder, Ingwe have denied they are part of FKF league and will instead feature in KPL league that kicks-off on Saturday. “On behalf of AFC Leopards I deny writting any letter to FKF about FKF/KPL stand-off. Our position and confirmation as a club about 2015 league will be communicated by Allan Kasavuli, club chairman.” says the statement.

Kasavauli has been in the neogiating team along with Ambrose Rachier of Gor Mahia, Elly Kalekwa of Sofapaka and Jack Oguda of KPL. It appears an FKF official released a deceptive statement.

This kind of stalemate however is not good for the game and needs to be resolved one way or another.

23 thoughts on “Confusion galore as parallel leagues start

  1. As it is FKF is desperate since without the who is who in Kenya soccer their team literally becomes the second tire league. And by the way without sacrifices we cannot bring change to the soccer administration in this country. The thing is to make FKF life difficult including non availability of refs and match venues. The top teams in this country cannot all be wrong

  2. If parallel leagues ban, FIFA will probably ban Kenya. I hope we use that ban to re-organize. Hope the govt removes Nyamweya, appoints a caretaker committee and changes the FKF constitution with a view towards accountability and transparency.


    @Dan Original KPL & FKF are just the same monkeys in two different forest locations. None of the two has the interest of developing and championing football as an industry but their TUMBO KUBWA.

    I would rather this two faction’s reach an agreement and we find some amicable solution rather than play into either side of the divide. The TWO stupid and silly factions don’t make any difference as far as progress and unilateral development of soccer both as a sports and economic empowerment industry can be gainsaid.

    Any sober and intelligent sports personality will oblige to the FACT that our current dilemma with the issue pertaining to management and administration of top tier league football is only ONE way traffic and you can take this FACT to the bank.

    There is nothing like lose/win or win/lose but rather it is a WIN–WIN or LOSE–LOSE…PERIOD.

    Yes KPL (Read CLUBS-CHAIRMEN.OGUDA,MUNRO & SUPERSPORTS) might have the fanatical support from KPL teams, financial muscle from the sponsors , organization structure and strategic development plan but where is the LEGITIMACY?. This is where the back stops when big brother (FIFA) come calling.

    This a serious issue when it comes to players development and transacting football industry business within the universally acceptable standards. We should FATHOM this fact and stop being myopic with this serious issue. NO SERIOUS PLAYER will wish to ply his trade outside the FIFA recognized institution.

    Our new constitution is silent when it comes to Sports and society act and the policy safeguards FKF of which the Government is a toothless barking dog in this matter.


  4. ‘We support 18 team league’. Thats Aladwa et Raila position. Basically Aladwa has no stand and simply barks coz Raila says. He has run Afc to the ground and I really wonder on who’s behalf he is talking… Nowonder he has backed down. Raila has lately joined the corruption bandwagon in grand scale. From making unsubstantiated rigging claims to blocking candidates. My guess is that reality will bring you down to earth. It’s a pity that you can disrupt football that puts food on the table to this young people without a care. All this to support someone who finances your campaigns.
    On FKF … the goverment can hold on till elections in October… but knowing the Opposition corner, this will not happen or if it happens violence will take over. I guess at the end of the day govt will have to come in. Wait until the selection of Harambee stars then see for yourself the ‘I DO NOT CARE’ level these opposition guys will go to. I voted ODM but I sincerely have a bitter taste on my mouth.

    KPL league will go on and I pray it succeeds.

  5. @Dinga, what has RAO done between KPL and FKL? If you have personal issues with RAO, why dragging Gor Mahia fraternity into your personal differences. No one had forced you to vote for Cord or ODM. The voting was your personal decision and brother Dinga you should note that neither Gor Mahia is Raila nor Raila is Gor Mahia.

    I think Raila has supported Gor Mahia more than you have done. therefore your posting is in a very bad taste.

    We bloggers really get it wrong by mixing football with politics and this is why we have hooliganisms.

  6. @Mwakio tell him the truth. This are the same people who voted for Nyamweya and now want to bring politics in serious matters. Please note that the problem here is not number of teams to be in the league, as Nyameya purports, but re-election campaigns
    Just look at how the super league is run then you will know how incompetent Nyamweya and co. are. This is a guy who has no football achievement to talk about either in playing or administration. @Dinga be objective na kama ni siasa unataka like page ya TNA and offer those services there.

  7. So long as pple like Raila are part and parcel of ongoing machinations then football will be dead in Kenya. So he supports Gor Mahia but with what intentions? The issue here is the integrity of Kenyan football, it’s not about Gor mahia. It’s no secret that he uses Gor mahia as a media to campaign. If Gor fans are happy with that then no problem. My question is, Why is he supporting a corrupt stance stance taken by FKF? What’s in it for him? So today ShabanaFC goes in, why not Bondo stars the next time? So Shabana wins the Nation wide league this time, what makes you think it will not win the premier league in a years time? Blind support for leaders I may say.

  8. i think everyone here is entitled to their own opinion.personally i support the 18 team league because it gives me a chance to watch my team play more matches regarless of which faction is running the league..fkf or kpl…i just want to enjoy my football.however,this should not be misconstrued that am supporting fkf.i just want football no matter who is at the helm!!

  9. @dinga,oswozo .lets not drag babas name in thiz.let the truth b told in black n white,the kpl fkf feud is not ova no of teams bt how fkf have been handling kpl as running of football is concerned.fkf prefers other broadcasters over supersport fkf broadcaster is willing to give teams 9m to 18 teams whereas supersport 7.5m for 16teams.the best thing for supersport is that it gives our players exposure for their 1st class worldwide cover n thats y our players lyk mugubi,oliech,origi,mariga,kahata,callabar n others hv found themselves playing in other leaguer

  10. @Dinga, Baba is not a village leader as you can compare yourself with him. Baba is not a football official anywhere and he can give his opinion just like you and him. Why dragging his name in the feud between KPL and FKL? Is Baba official in KPL/FKL? Is Baba the cabinet secretary?

    The continued problem in Kenya is poor leader at the sport level as everyone is busy fighting for his stomach at the expense of players who earn their living from football.

    I really hate people who bring nonsensical discussions on matters which do not hold any water at all like @dinga.

    Your hatred for Baba can not go unchallenged here but this site should not be a forum for dragging a respected leader’s name like Baba. Mind your useless posting and focus on football matters. You are people who just post nonsense but can not even offer solution nor give required financial support to the team. Your yapping just shows the kind of person you are by dragging people’s name without any proper substantiation. You should learn to respect leaders of Baba calibre.

    You have to stop this nonsense otherwise the administrator of this site should do something.

  11. I support Baba for what he has done in the country and for his support for the club. We should stop dragging nor smearing his name in this site by bloggers like unthankless and ungrateful @Dingas. We need to respect elders, statesmen, leaders, our parents etc for us to be respected too.

    It is not about blind support but support driven by what someone has done and achieved.

    I do not support FKL’s decision in running a parallel league but this does not mean that we can call Nyamweya all sorts of names. He is still the Chairman of FKL. We need reasoning to prevail not hardcore positions being taken by both KPL and FKL. The person who is sleeping on the job is Dr. Wario the CS.

    We require the CS to act very fast and speedily to sort out sports’ mess in football, athletics, rugby, cricket, etc but not given useless ultimatums like what CS gave of 48 hours with no actions.

  12. @ agripa,I have really regretted and cursed my action for voting fort his wimps kindly spare us the flak. probably you are not aware how my heart bleeds.

  13. mc odiko@11…do you understand english.take your time if you have any snd reread my article.where have i mentioned baba??c’mon…get a life!!!

  14. @Bob, it is good to acknowledge ones errors of judgement and make ammends. Nyamweya can say that FKF can run and supervise the league professionally. That is laughable bearing in mind that they couldnt decide who was promoted. Just imagine if he were to brinf these shenanigans to the premier division. If it is true, I hope so, that he has a sponsor waitinf in the wings, let him direct them to the super league. This is a league bereft of money and exposure and this sponsor can help develop that league. In case supersport washindwe we will have a sponsor with proven credentials to take our game to the next level . I finish with a request that Nyamweya to go even if it us the Nigerian way.

  15. Please lets just sober up and stop name calling,have never had anywhere Raila saying that he is supporting Nyamweya,what i hard from him was just a comment and everyone has his own opinion Raila is just a human being like any of us here,so i dont know wether to call the people who are supporting KPL position also corrupt because all of them are corrupt just as someone has just said they are the same monkey its only the forest.

  16. Dinga you should know this (FIFA +CAF +FKF) =SOCCER.
    Rachier as a lawyer and GOR MAHIA chairman should know this and the consequences of participating in an illegal league(KPL). I think we fans and supporters should not allow our team to participate in KPL league. No clean man in both KPL and FKF even Rachier is not clean. Our chairman has been paid alot of money to destroy Gor Mahia by participating in illegal league. He doesnt care what will happen to our players if we are banned. Personally i dont support this Rachier’s move to KPL. I officially annoinse that Gor will not Participate in KPL>

  17. This was really a very simple case – KPL could have just accepted the 18 league and forget about the Nyamweya.

    Consequences awaiting for players is far much bigger than what us fans think.

    Nyamweya and KPL bosses may not care much. Kenya may be no-where in future and that means even this league – KPL & FKL may turn out to be like friendly matches and not the way it has been.

    To me the Government should come in and give way forward.

    The reality of the matter is that the only body recognized by FIFA is FKF and we can beat them in their own game if we use some little wisdom other than arrogance

  18. Guys, i don’t think KPL is against an 18 league team and so does SS. What the want is that it be done on an organized periodic method. The exposure our players get from SS cannot be quantified. Who ever watches the TZ league on Azam Tv apart from in Tz. i don’t think we need that anymore here as ee have progressed enough. My take is that KPL handles the top league as FKF channels the other funds to the lower tier, youth and women leagues. By the way our constitution thro the bill of rights protects our rights of association so let’s go on get banned and clean our soccer

  19. @olweda, for once be objective. Do we suffer now and clean the mess in our soccer (FKF) or do we kowtow to their whims whilst hoping for the best. Those supporting FKF are you sure truly thats the right way to football prosperity. Some guys never used to watch the league pre-2006. Who has placed this league in its prime position, surely not FKF nor its predecessor KFF. Lets talk the truth and it is that Nyamweya wants to destroy his competition for forth-coming elections come what may. Some are supporting Nyamweya forgetting that he has fined us and wanted to jeopardise our continental participation. If u truly love football why would u want to destroy it. Actions speak louder than words.

  20. @Olweda, we have never heard this new name in this site. We support KPL, which is more organized not disjointed FKL. Get list in thin air Olwenda.

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