Congratulations Lawrence Juma

Until this season, midfielder Lawrence Juma has not seen plenty of playing time since he joined Kogalo from Nzoia Sugar. But everytime he has gotten an opportunity, he has proven his worth. He has a high work rate and has scored numerous crucial goals such as the winner against Bandari in the Super Cup and also the first goal against New Star Douala in last season’s CAF Confederations cup.

He got his first call up to the national team when Francis Kimanzi called him up for the friendly against Uganda set for Sunday. Juma will now be working to cement his place in the national team which isa tall order. But if given a chance by Kimanzi, he will prove his worth.

The other Gor Mahia players in the squad are Joash Onyango, Clifton Miheso and Kenneth Muguna.

Gor Mahia Squad for 2019-2020

Gor Mahia’s squad for this season has been named. Missing is Philemon Otieno who is out with a long term injury that he picked up while on national team duty.

Goal Keepers: Fredrick Odhiambo, David Mapigano, Boniface Oluoch, and Caleb Omondi

Defenders: Joash Onyango, Charles Momanyi, Elvis Ronack, Abdala Shira, Joachim Oluoch, Wellington Ochieng, Maurice Ojwang, Shafiq Batambuze, Geoffrey Ochieng

Midfielders: Kenneth Muguna, Lawrence Juma, Ernest Wendo, Tobias Otieno, Bernard Ondiek, Boniface Omondi, Richdonald Bolo, Lloyd Khavuchi, Dickson Ambundo, Clifton Miheso

Strikers: Samuel Onyango, Kennedy Otieno, Francis Afriyie, Nicholas Kipkurui, Gnamien Gislain Yikpe, Dennis Oalo


16 thoughts on “Congratulations Lawrence Juma

  1. So where is curtis wekesa and why did we buy him ? Those 2 west African strikers are ‘fakes’… They hardly even show up for training , I wont be surprised if tough talking Stephen ‘Zedekiah’ pollack terminates their contracts within the next 2 months.

    Watch this space.

    1. Omera desist from giving our Coach useless monikers names which are not his and add no to value to his credentials. He is called Stephen George Polack where are you getting that Zedekiah from? Follow Zico to KCB if you admire his coaching so much but dont re-invent him here at Gor. He was and is still respected but dont remind us of him daily. New Assistant coach is really amazing in his role too. Quiet but very professional and tactical

  2. Infact Jakoyo not just Wekesa, there were several new youngsters who reported enlisted, some were promoted from youth team, three from Sony. Where are they?

    1. @Ja Thur gi ji, I suggest you should direct the question and your concerns to the EC or go to the training to confirm.

      I do confirm that we are just mere bloggers bwana Ja Thur gi ji.

  3. So what really is the fake outrage over the list all about ?, is it that we sometimes we get bored of being happy and hence have to manufacture something to lament about like slay queens .
    What the club has done with coming up with the list is so normal and any complaint if genuine can only be attributed to innocent ignorance but if otherwise ,to fake outrage .
    The concern ought to be if the list meets the bill of our expectations, but again if one is wired on perpetual complaint mode ,no decision can ever be good enough .

  4. Mr Admin, Lawrence Juma broke through last season not this season. After Mieno left Oktay played him with Muguna in the central midfield with Wendo rotating more than Lawi. Just wanted to set the record straight.

  5. I thought Curtis and Philemon are injured and that’s why they are not in the list despite still being Gor players. They actually need time to recover.
    On the two West Africans we need to know the details of the injury but we shouldn’t be in a hurry to judge. We did the same with Tuyisenge and even labelled him the 4m problem

  6. Let the coach identify and sign players he wants. The greed by some officials to actively involve in signing is unprocedural and un professional. The coaches hand in Miheso and Tobias are just doing fine.

  7. Mr Keneth, totally agee with you. The Coach in collaboration with the Scouting department- if any exists, must be given the duty to identify the players not some pot bellied Mulmulwas.

  8. Mr Kenneth, I totally agree with you. The Coach and the Scouting team-if any exists, should be given the free hand to identify good players. This duty should not be left to the pot bellied Mulmulwas and Mafisis.

  9. I wish to join in congratulating Lawrence Juma for his call up to the National team ,but while at it ,i wish to use this Lawrence Juma issue to look at the bigger picture vis a vis Gor Mahia and vis a vis the New Coach .
    A few months ago players like ,Lawrence Juma ,Wellington Ochieng ,Boniface Omondi and to some extent Kenneth Muguna were players a critical look would term as just ordinary , Wellington had been dismissed and rightly so or so it seemed so by Kogalo lovers ,Boniface was stuck in the time warp of having potential ,Lawrence was working hard but not smart , Muguna’s real potential was taking longer than usual to make its point ,but all over sudden ,something changed in the last few weeks/matches and being a non believer in coincidences ,i believe someone made this change to happen and in my considered opinion ,that is non other than the coach.
    The hallmark of a good and progressive coach is identifying and playing to the strengths of the players fate has dealt him and synchronising that with all to make a coherent strategy that then makes whatever he is imparting creat a synergy that makes the tactics flow and be what we are currently witnessing unfold right infront of our eyes .
    Key to this strategy has been Tobias and in the not so distant future ,discipline and ego put in check ,this boy is gonna be a revelation in the mould of Charles Otieno Engine ,for those who have invested in Gor Mahia’s institutional memory .
    Once we tighten up the gaps and lapses that have been conspicous in our backline ,then Gor Mahia will be where we wish it and that is results and entertainment .
    For all this to happen and be sustained ,all the components that make up Gor Mahia i.e the EC ,TB ,Playing unit and the fanbase must stick to their lanes and play their roles .

  10. Congrats to Lawrence Juma and Kenneth Muguna. The duo played very well and our midfield is going to be very strong. I agree with Oduwo that there questions the bloggers can direct to EC alternatively try Jakoyo with his innuendos and his rumor mongering gusto if he can answer.


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