4 Oct 16

Various fans, branch chairmen and officials have expressed
Additional Reporting courtesy of the Nation
Chairmen of Gor Mahia’s branches on Monday issued a 30-day ultimatum to the current leadership to either hold club elections or vacate office.

The branches’ chairmen also stated that they were not involved in the making of a draft constitution that was presented to the public two weeks ago.

Fifteen branch chairmen led by Kondele’s Hezron Okoth expressed concerns about the current leadership’s reluctance to call for elections before demanding that the process be held by the end of next month.

“We have explored so many other channels but to no success and that is why we have come out to the media. Elections in this club were supposed to be held in February, but up to now nobody has called for the annual general meeting.

“We received a notice for a special general meeting last week only for it to be postponed without explanation.”

Addressing the matter, the club’s secretary-general Ronald Ngala said that elections would be held in due time.

He refuted the claim that the officials were deliberately delaying the process for selfish reasons.

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  • Dan Original says:

    unfortunately team club SG is poor at communicating. Elections to be held even in 2018 the dates should be known by all parties. You cannot say that elections will be held in due course. In this office only AR stands a slim chance of being voted back. The others should not even offer themselves for re-election

  • Jb says:

    What can rachier brag about to have done for the club in his many years at the helm ? Theft after theft of gate collection set term limit in the new constitution and let him not contest . The mentality if African leaders of : till death do me bad should not be allowed to continue

    • Joe Riaga says:

      Rachier is not perfect. But don’t diminish what he has accomplished. This team was mediocre before he took over in 2008. Those were the days when a small handful of fans would do impromptu harambees outside the stadium to collect money for player’s bus-fare so they could go home after the game. The current officials did not care and the team was constantly battling relegation.
      I agree that Rachier has not everything as we would like it. But he will likely win again because none of these others are known to fans.

  • levelmind fan says:

    GM will continue to stagnate if Mugabe will still be at the helm of GM.I appreciate what he’s done so far bt he is not the Guy to take us to the nxt level.Almost 6yrs at the helm we are still at par with teams like city stars financially
    if u remove sonsorship (which he cant claim credit 4).what’s his score card.a simple pledge like clubs own training ground he’s failed to deliver & he came into office with that pledge yrs ago,now I hear him saying he will tackle hooligan so he shuld be given another chance.oh pls

    • A person says:

      The main sponsor Sportpesa were out to appease Kogallo faithful in order to increase their profits.The kind of fanatical following that Gor has is enough to attract many sponsors. But the Mugabe/Museveni prefer the status quo so that they are seen to be bailing the club out during crises. I support the term limit idea for Ec.

  • Musymo says:

    Its election time again and the new talk in town is I am come to take you to the next level. Its sounds novel when you are typing it on a keyboard but where or what is this next level. Of course you will tell us about a stadium on some land in Embakasi and a club house( Have the aspirants ever thought about what that entails), club merchandise ( up to 70% of Gor Mahia fans will tell you the replica is expensive and will be at home donning the Muthurwa-made Adidas jersey) Now can these aspirants climb down from Utopia and tell us exactly what they intend to do to realize these dreams!!!!

    • Jatingare says:

      My concern is precisely the empty promises these candidates are making. Fans should not be gullible. A contestant should tell fans exactly what steps he will take to get the team a training ground. And before that, they should tell us what their track record is. None of these contestants appear qualified. What exactly did Chris Omondi achieve when he was an official? The other guy doesn’t even have a track record. I am not sure he has ever managed something as small as an estate team or a mboga stall and now he wants to be chairman of the biggest team in the country. Fans please don’t be gullible.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    FOOTBALL IS PRIMARILY ABOUT WINNING TROPHIES NATIONALLY, REGIONALLY AND CONTINENTALLY. Not that a training ground ain’t important but even primary schools have their own training pitches etc. They say you can fool everybody some of the time but not everybody all of the time, although ain’t sure anymore. Twas the draw against S/paka that poisoned the atmosphere and derailed the SGM. A 3rd win and opportunist EC would have held the SGM. Be certain that current bloated EC(in particular AR) have built a war chest from the non declared GATE COLLECTIONS. Voters will be ferried to swing the outcome. Of course aspirants will promise you heaven on earth so JUST PUT ALL EC ON WRITTEN YEARLY PERFORMANCE CONTRACTS THAT THEY MUST ENSURE THAT GMFC 1) qualifies for either of the two continental tournaments 2) reach at least the semis of all CECAFA tournaments we participate in 3) reach at least the group stages/3rd round of all CAF tournaments we participate in.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    In summary, for the slow sorry bored/busy reader, What will grow the GMFC Brand, making us more appealing to higher value sponsors? What matches will bring fans to the stadium? A CAF home match against the likes of Zamalek after drawing with them away or same old City Stars duels etc. What will make GMFC jerseys and other merchandise more popular and sell beyond our traditional support base not only nationally but even regionally and beyond. Isn’t it consistently winning CECAFA, qualifying for the semis/WINNING in CAF. Yes our own training ground etc is important but priority is WINNING TROPHIES AND THAT WE HAVE THE RIGHT,POWER AND MEANS TO ENSURE AND DEMAND THAT ALL EC MAKE A WRITTEN COMMITMENT TO. WE CAN ENTRENCH IT IN THE CONSTITUTION! Summarizing weche GOR tek.