Derby raised 3.9 million

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Gor Mahia secretary general George Bwana reveals to Goal that the figure could have been significantly high had the match been played at Nyayo

Sunday’s derby between rivals Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards’ raised Sh3.9 million in gate collections, officials have confirmed.

Gor Mahia Secretary General George Bwana has revealed to Goal that this is the figure they have been given by those who handled the tickets.

“Slightly more than 7,000 fans attended the derby and from it we raised Sh3.9 million,” Bwana said.

He added that the number would have been significantly high had the match been played at Nyayo Stadium and also expressed satisfaction by the security arrangements made on Sunday.

“The fans behaved very well and I am happy by their conduct through-out the fixture. They were peaceful and determined to keep the peace.”

Gor Mahia were forced to place a Sh1million on Sunday to cover for any damages that may have occurred on Sunday.

The eagerly awaited fixture observed Gor Mahia rally from behind to force a 2-2 draw against Ingwe. Gor Mahia scored through Ugandan import Dan Sserunkuma and David ‘Calabar’ Owino while Noah Wafula and winger Paul Were scored for AFC Leopards’.

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  1. It’s true Nyayo could have raised more. But also if the charge was 300/= more people would have attended. It’s also a fact that shemejis rarely attend matches but either listen over the radio or watch on Tv.
    Another factor was also the recycling of used tickets by fans as well as the gate stewards.
    All the same thanks fans for observing peace and believing that we were not losing that match whatever Ingwe did. Most fans believed that at 2-0 we were still going to win the match or at worse a draw. That confidence in the team is reassuring. What we need to do is to make use of our chances. Whilst Ingwe got two and used we missed so many chances on that game

  2. Of course we expected to raise a much higher figure than 3.9m.Here are my reasons why this did not happen.

    1.Entry charges and Venue
    The 500 shillings flat rate charge was a very bad idea.This obviously locked out a big majority of fans who contribute to high gate collection in places like city stadium.These fans struggle to raise 200 to watch Gor play and here you are charging 500 plus add the fare cost to a far away venue then it becomes too much for the common fan.
    2.Corruption at the gates.
    due to the high cost of entry,many fans opted to bribe their way into the stadium by giving the gate attendants “something small” to be let into the stadium.Others recycled already used tickets to gain entry.This denied the team alot of revenue!!
    This may have kept a large number of fans away from the stadium for fear that a loss for any team may trigger violence and also judging from past experiences.
    4.Live broadcast.
    Many opted to catch the action from the comfort of the homes or pubs.Again,a combination of factors could have contributed to this…kasarani as a venue and the high gate charges.
    Lessons learned
    1.To draw people to the stadium,we musk kick hooliganism out of our system and find ways of bringing the masses back to our stadiums by creating a conducive and friendly atmosphere where everybody can enjoy the game.
    2.gate charges must take into consideration high and middle income earners(who can afford to pay for center stand)and low income earners who struggle to even raise that 200 to watch a game every weekend!just like we have those who can afford the 1kg bluebland,there is a provision for those who cannot afford that but have options for 500grams and 250grams etc.Let us be considerate of the less fortunate members of our society and give everybody a chance to support the team they love!!
    This is my opinion.However,i think the team is on the right track….but like i have always said,the fat lady has not sang yet so lets keep this celebratory chants aside and concentrate on fully supporting the team in the remaining matches!!!

  3. My take is that kshs.500.00 as ticket fees must be maintained and that Kasarani is the right venue its a big stadium and it will show Kogalo that we are not yet there-we cant fill Kasarani so new targets must be put in place as opposed to being a big fish in a small pond its better to be a small fish in a big pond.The other thing its expensive to travel to Kasarani and its easier to be nabbed ukitupa mawe than at Nyayo or City.Again Kudos to Rachier for giving the photos of the hooligans to the police wacha wasakwe na iwe funzo kwa wengine….choices have consequences.
    With good results and zero hooliganism Kogalo will be able to fill Kasarani in two years that means more revenue and better sponsorship especially if Kogalo games become safe enough for family outings why?coz sponsors look to advertise and reach as many people as possible and that is the business side of the club that we should develop gradually otherwise now with the 3.9m Rachier should approach ALEXANDER FORBERS OR AAR/RESOLUTION HEALTH FOR MEDICAL INSURANCE FOR THE PLAYERS,and that should be done immediately without consulting the EC which is bloated and does not have the same focus its a decision we will will support and even re-elect him back to office if he achieves and yes i know he can.

  4. Oswozo a nice piece you have written and i want to give my take on your considerate piece.
    indeed we have to provide for every one to enter the stadium during Kogalo matches-i stand corrected-but the way i look at it is that in the war against hooliganism we cant afford to relent that’s why i think the games must remain expensive as there are options if you cant afford watch on TV or listen to Radio Jambo in fact this time round even KBC TV was showing the match.
    The club is the no.1 brand and you agree with me that the demand is very high,once you reach that level you raise the bar and you see that’s why a guy comes to someone’s stadium and because the team not even looses but draws this fool breaks a seat worth kshs.3,200.00 without thinking ,hii ni fan gani wajameni and he does not break one he breaks many when the time of paying comes he is not there he is associated with the club 2.8 m lose and the club pays and therefore its time for Kogalo to say these are the kind of fans that we want and if you dont meet the criteria please join the sofa set branch! There is the a certain class of fans who stay away and it’s bigger and better behaved than the hooligan who pays kshs.200.00 and feels that it’s lots of money and that Kogalo MUST win because he paid kshs.200.00….excuse me we dont need that kind of desperation coz we take the 200 and we loose more so afadhali ikae in fact now center stand should be made like 700.00 Russia ibaki 500.00 watazoea.
    The strategy is simple get medical insurance for players that’s good motivation continue wining the REAL Gor Mahia fans will still come to the stadium to watch the game we don’t have to be held at ransom by a group who do not look at the bigger picture.

  5. Oswozo@2…i agree with you all the way.
    Football is for the masses and everyone regardless of status or social standing must be given an equal chance to enjoy and partake off it.

    Its disheartening to hear people advocating for the 500 to be maintained….effectively locking out the less fortunate members of our society.Not all of us are blessed as you,Paw Akuche to be able to afford that 500 to watch our team play week in week out.Its God who gives and its him who takes away….tomorrow it will be you hassling to raise that 200 shillings to watch Gor from ‘russia’!!

    Life has a way of turning the knife right up those people who feel so privileged as to look upon the less fortunate with scorn….

  6. Paw Akuche@4,i have 2 questions for you. everyone who pays 200 shillings a hooligan?
    2.during the karuturi vs Gor game,weren’t there acts of hooliganism from center stand?hadn’t these people paid 500?
    I have said it here before and i will say it again…raising ticket prices to 500 is and will never be a solution to hooliganism!!we have a very twisted way of looking at the realities in life!!!

  7. Fred i said i stood to be corrected and i appreciate your take only that i forgot to mention that this should be done on home matches,you see this goons are concentrated in Nairobi why dont we have the big problems while playing away?
    i have put it in this blog that at times despite the saying that …its a way of life at times you put on your Kogalo jersey but you are ashamed when a colleague asks you if you participated in breaking seats and if you throw stones its a horrible reputation the feeling is very bad.
    The issue is not privilege tell me how else would you deal with goons these people dont think….if you are a true fan putting on a Kogalo shirt clearly the match is broadcast live to the nation the print media are there taking pictures to be put in national newspapers and you proceed to do what this guys do surely tell me how do you deal with such?which sponsor would want to associated with you even in the court of public opinion your rating is very low and remember when you talk of masses are you insinuating that we bend to the whims of the goons? I dont think you can have your cake and eat it at the same time …not possible.
    You know am a realist we had better come up with solutions rather than be emotional what is your take how else will we control the fans ? and stamp out the goons? Look at how its done in Europe how tickets are sold maybe Le Pastre could shed light a team like Liverpool has been able to control and reform the goons how?We must be practical as the club has a potential to be very profitable but only if things are properly done.

  8. I don’t agree with those who say EFUSI fans don’t go to stadiums.I have seen the amount they collect during their matches sometimes above ours.Shs 500 was to high for an ordinary mwananchi who resides in such areas as Ngong,Rongai,Kitengela,Mlolongo,Dagoretti,Kawangware,Uthiru ,Mukuru,Embakassi and Kangemi considering busfare factor and the period of the month.The Ec should have made it 500 for main stand and 300 for the other areas.

  9. Oswozo i hear you remember the gates were crushed and people who had no tickets entered-the goons- the center stand but with that said i dont mean to say that only Russia guys create trouble my strategy is make it more expensive and and have less but more responsible fans giving the club a better image and better social rating.
    Now guys maybe my strategy to stamp out goons has not gone well with you it is my opinion.How do you think we will deal with the hooliganism coz it was not there during the derby but you know as well as i do that if no concrete action is taken it will come back as it always has.What is your TAKE guys lets avoid side shows and emotions say this is the ways we should go coz if you are a real Kogalo fan 500.00 is not much in a weekend you said its a way of life air you opinion how do you think we can stamp out the vice and make stadia family friendly.

  10. Robbery…robbery…corruption….corruption….theft….theft….accountability….accountability….transparency…..transparency…..etc…etc



    When will our EC members be more open and transparent to the worthy course of leadership?

    We have to sort out this mess during the next AGM and all registered club members should pass a resolution to reduce EC membership from 12 (twelve) to 5 (five) EC members. This bloated office must be sorted out during the AGM. Let us have a lean and innovative structure to curb this mess at the gate.

    From some confirmed reliable sources, our current EC members have been busy at manning the gate through their agents. We must reject this and instil discipline in the office.

    Our bloated office consists of the following:-
    1. Chairman – Ambrose Rachier
    2. Senior Vice Chairman -David Kilo
    3. 1st Vice Chair – Faiz Ochieng
    4. 2nd Vice Chair -Antony Ojee
    5. Sec General – George Bwana
    6. Dep Sec-Gen -Roselinder Achieng
    7. Asst Sec Gen – Ronald Ngala
    8. Treasurer -Samuel Ominde
    9. Asst Treasurer – Gerphas Okuku
    10. Organizing Secretary -David Nyandega
    11. Dep Organizing secretary – Sec-Jack Orowe

    1. Why do we have three Vice Chairmen? Why Senior Vice Chairman? Why 1st Vice Chairman? Why 2nd Vice Chairman? What are the value additions the club is gaining from these inept and good for nothing vice chairmen? What are their roles regarding managing the club?

    2. On Secretary, why should we have two deputies? what are the roles two deputies?

    3. Organizing Secretary, fellow bloggers and fans, do we really need to have organizing secretary and his deputy? What have they been organizing?

    4. Regarding Treasurer, do we need to have a deputy Treasurer? I do not think that we need to have a deputy Treasurer.

    Fans, from the figures reported, this confirm that Gor Mahia has been a cash cow and we need to tame this mentality during the next AGM by electing only five officials that is Chairman and Deputy, Secretary and Deputy and Treasurer. This will reduce the eating mentality and the number of officials whose aims were to eat and continue eating from the club coffers.

    I suggest that we should radically borrow a leaf from the recent AFC Leopards (INGWE) AGM particularly on how formed a board to vet all their prospective officials or aspirants before the AGM.

    Vetting will be the way forward for transforming the club to become more responsive, lean, effective, efficient, accountable, transparent and we should aim to bring on board “fit and proper” candidates with “clean past records” to run the affairs of the club.

    Vetting is the way to go just as the new Kenya Constitution advocates for vetting before appointments.

    We need to add new clauses in the article of association and club constitution on the rationale of recalling non-performing EC members. This will also curb corruption at the gate collections.

    Below are the four easy methods that can be used to curb this rot of stealing the financial resources:-
    We need to have an engagement with both Safaricom and Airtel where all fans accessing our home matches should pay through M-Pesa and all monies will be wired to the bank account. This is very possible by having an generic account with either Safaricom or Bharti Airtel.

    Safaricom/Airtel can provide a master list or register of all the fans that have paid through MPESA vetting at the entry points.

    Open Gor Mahia Collection Account with any bank with a country-wide branch network like KCB and Equity Bank. Upon depositing the money in the collection account, our fans will be issued with a deposit receipt that will be used to access and watch all our home matches.

    Engage the security printers like the company which is currently managing the airports or parking bays. This security firm will be required to have several detective machines with chargeable batteries at entry points to verify the tickets and this will ensure that there is no double entry into the stadium.

    The season tickets can be used to curb the rot and such tickets should have security markets matched in the machine of the company that have been engaged to procure these services. This will curb fraudulent ticket printers from engaging in their dirty business.

    Let us all fans turn out and register in large numbers so that we bring the desired change and change we have been crying for into the club fold.

    All register members should vote out Faiz, Kilo, Ojee, Nyandega, Ngala, Bwana, Ominde, Okuku, Orowe and Roselinder.

    The bloated office is where we go wrong as a club. Suppose each official pockets between Kshs.100,000 – 500,000, the club will be losing close to Kshs.1 – 5 million in every our home matches.

    The above figures are the monies we are losing in every our home matches.

    My heart is crying out for a change at the club hierarchy from the top downward. If the top EC is rotten, expect downward EC to be rotten as well.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.

  11. Now that’s an opinion and i think Mwakio at 10 is objective and i totally agree with his opinion.
    Look at the organizing secretary ,he should then organize how the players will get medical insurance what does he do? nothing,anangedhia.
    The other thing just to add on to Mwakio i think it’s high time the club should have a fully fledged office complete with a CEO and his team at least if this guy messes up with the club finances he can be fired and the beauty is that he will have a job description! Not guess work.
    Now Mwakio just an opinion with all these good ideas why dont you contest? in the last election guys were fronting you kwanini usijaribu i think Rachier has done a good job but he does not have a good think tank the guys around him are useless busy bodies who cannot advise properly for the good of the club i think they are there to enrich themselves as it lasts we must kick them out in the elections.

  12. Sincerely speaking I’m disappointed. At worst I expected 500*20,000 which equals to 10,000,000. In fact even though Ticket Masters had issues with EC, we were better off with them than Wells Fargo.

    Anyway if we want to do away with these theft then we can think of having automated process that keeps on updating the final tally and then at the end of the day no one will roll it back and ‘play with our heads’.

  13. 3.9 M means the total number of fans who came/paid for the match were 7,800 (ie 7,800*500=3,900,000). Lakini watu ni waongo!

  14. @ 10 Mwakio – you have said it all; I wish I could get this suggestion to the Nation/Standard Newspaper so that the entire public can read and help us toe the line. The current assumption given the figure of gate collection is that only 7,800 fans came to Kasarani. I thought I saw not less than 20,000. AFC fans alone could have been 6,000 and GM was like 3 times more than AFC fans…

  15. @ 10 Mwakio – you have said it all; I wish I could get this suggestion to the Nation/Standard Newspaper so that the entire public can read and help us toe the line. The current assumption given the figure of gate collection is that only 7,800 fans came to Kasarani. I thought I saw not less than 20,000. AFC fans alone could have been 6,000 and GM was like 3 times more than AFC fans…

    If you could have mentioned a figure like 6 million people could have accepted though this figure at least was 10 million.

  16. Admin, we appreciate ua efforts but sometimes you take too long 2 update articles.Debate on this actually started off yesterday under the previous article. actually posted it on 26/08/13
    Secondly you suddenly went quiet on the status of our U19 team.
    Kindly note this site is way ahead of others in terms variety/value of contributions hence the need of timeliness of articles.
    @ W.A.B Uwongo zaidi nayo! 583 seats broken but has there been any hooligans identified. Admin any update?


  17. I think its been confirmed that “ordinary fan” who can afford only 200bob per match is the bedrock of GM’s support in terms of gate collections. Actually they contribute more than 70% of the collections which comes close 2 Tuzo’s sponsorship. Just check whenever figures 4 VIP & terraces are given.


    Can someone in the bloated EC take up the scheduling of our GoTV/league games.Why do we always have 2 lag behind & catch up?

  18. Thank you Oduor12@17… that is somebody who appreciates the “ordinary fan” down there and values his contribution towards boosting our kitty and fan base!!!

  19. Paw Akuche you don’t need to apologize to anyone. Goons must be kept out of the stadium and the 1st way to do it is price them out. Then we’ll find away of stopping the recycling issue. Those who can’t afford please watch on Tv. TV is free or cheaper than the 500. These people are giving football and Gor at large a bad name! We want to be proud of our shirts as Gor fans. I nearly got killed in Nakuru one time members of a certain community were attacking anything Gor after a good football match and when I raised it hear an idiot claimed am feeling good about my Dubai car and rented apartment. And he calls himself a Gor fan! Did I stop him from living in Runda and owning a car from Germany? This thing of us always putting emotions to everything, talking about knives and all that nonsense will never take us far in the present day corporate world. I feel bad that I cannot safely where my Gor top because certain goons have made it impossible. Step by step we’ll throw them out and leave Gor and football to sanity. If the EC can keep the prices high the game will gain back it’s reputation.

  20. Pod Antie….that is wishful thinking!!!soccer the world over was not made only for the moneyed people.Your idea and others who think like you are outdated,old school and have no place in modern day society!!!!!

    I continue to strongly agree with Oswozo,Oduor12 and a few others who are humane enough to consider the less fortunate in society.Those of you who think are so high and mighty moneywise how about you pull a Sonko and buy the less moneyed individuals matchday tickets for centerstand for the rest of our games!stop talking and show us your might!!!!!

    How come we only raised 3.9m yet it was 500 entry??does that make any logic to you really?enough said….

  21. The reasons for the low gate collections have already been explained and not one solution will get us to where we need to be. It will be a combination from the various bloggers. It’s true that some fans (especially the neutral and the faint-hearted ones) stayed away due to fear of violence. remember that in the last few days some Ingwe and Gor fans had been involved in some rowdy acts. Some fans were discourage by the entrance fee, some by the proximity to Kasarani (we all know that it’s a nightmare to get public transport after a match at Kasa as opposed to Nyayo),there was also lots of ‘leakages’ in terms of corruption at the gate and recycling of tickets as well. Live TV (both SS and KBC) could also have contributed to the low figures. I actually witnessed fans asking each other for tickets to bring in their friends.Therefore even us as fans we need to examine ourselves. Ironically as fans we are ready to point fingers at the ticketing firm, SSMB , EC yet we are also party to these misdeeds.Therefore as we bash all the other parties what have we done on our side apart from criticizing everything and everybody(which itself is good thing but we have now done it for almost a year)?

  22. time to break our poverty cycle:

    Poor gate management; low gate collection: lack of money to motivate players; poor results; frustration among funs; hooliganism; SSMB ban and sanctions; penalties and further loss of revenue, sponsors kept away:

    Right positioning

    Good gate management; higher revenue; players are motivated, rewarded, insured etc and better players attracted; good results; Hollyganish (instead of Hooliganism); more crowd; more revenue; more sponsors.

    The EC must wake up and tell us where to would like to start from. right now we are lost in the high sea, with hooliganism, poor gate management. MIXED WITH GOOD RESULTS FOR NOW. PLEASE ACT WHEN THERE IS A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO

  23. Yawa @23 Dan Orig. I was done with this issue until i read the last part of ua post & your contradictions r SHOCKING.

  24. Is it not like saying that we have had courts and the police since we became independent but crimes are still being commmitted.
    Guys we are all in this. You get the leaders you deserve. Remember the phrase ‘ Choices have consequences’.
    We ensured that the Rama and Danny issue was resolved amicably. Why can’t we handle these others?

  25. @Dan,Try 2 imagine level of crime if the courts/police never arrested,prosecuted & jailed ANY criminal.Its just unimagineable isn’t it?




  26. I think guys are narrowing down GM’s financial troubles and hooliganism mayhem to mere social status. That is unfortunate.

    Lets look properly at what Dan Original is putting forward. NOT one approach to the issue will help, NO.
    For instance Kenyans are Kenyans so to say..hike anything and they will definately find a way around it e.g Dstv, Zebra meat and now Gor Mahia match entry.

    I may not agree with Paw Akuche on the stereo type that only low end guys destroy property but its a social general assumption. Yet, by hiking the gate charges people get into the stadia at almost free of charge!

    The first attempt to rid GM of fans perceived to be poor by extension hooligans through overpricing has proved futile and must not be sustained. If anything, it could have made economic sense to charge 100/- for terraces and 1000/- for the VIP so as to fill Kasarani. This could have raised almost 4m from terraces and 15m from VIP giving a total of 19m for this big Kenyan Derby.

    The Ec stands accused for failing to capitalize on this windfall and bowing to imaginary euphoria bordering on hooliganism (which to me is their creation)and the assumption that guys will die to watch GM vs Ingwe at any cost!

    I dare the EC to keep the prices up and report back to us for the rest of the season.
    However we must accept that each of us have an opinion about something and we need not be perfect to contribute in any debate.

  27. am am adent gor fan bt stumping out hooliganism haz been a challenge….itz a high time we move away from being a community club and sell da club 2 a billionaire….thz will improve our resources greatly,start buildin our own stadium,get medical cover….if we win thz title thz yr hooliganism will reduce greatly bcoz fanz r nervouz n thtz y riotz erupt wen we concede or lose…bt if start winnin title for lyk 3 yrz conti…..thn wel hav winin mentality hence no hooliganism

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