6 Oct 17

Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr who has led the club on a march of 12 matches unbeaten has indicated to a Scottish newspaper that he would be open to the position at Kilmarnock FC.

He told SunSport: “I won’t apply for the manager’s job at Killie. I’ve got a job and that would be disrespectful to Gor Mahia who are a wonderful club.

“But if they wanted to speak to me? I’d swim the Med to talk to them.

Kerr played for Kilamarnock for four years between 1996 and 2000 and made 61 appearances for the club. He has followed the club’s fortunes closely since leaving.

“They know me, they know my feelings for the club. “I feel for Kilmarnock. They can’t go down, a club like them.

“Being there was a fantastic spell in my career. I’d four years there and we won the Scottish Cup and qualified for Europe twice.

“I don’t know if people remember the kind of person I was and think I don’t take things seriously enough. But I’ve grown up — a bit, anyway!


Kerr says his experience coaching all over the world has prepared him for the job.

“I’ve sampled management all over the world — in Vietnam, the USA, South Africa, Tanzania, England and now Kenya. “But the last four jobs I’ve applied for in Britain I didn’t even get an acknowledgement

“My attitude has always been that if I see something that’s appealing, I go for it. That’s why I was at Chesterfield as a youth coach, why I was at Simba FC in Tanzania.”

“I’ve worked my way through the levels, whether it was being the first non-Asian coach to win a trophy in Vietnam or working here in Nairobi, where you’re one of the very few white faces.

Kerr spoke about his accomplishments and experiences in Kenya.

“People think, ‘It’s Kenyan football’, but there are pressures. Gor Mahia are one of the biggest clubs in the country and when I joined I was told the job requirement was to win the title.

“I signed a two-year contract and my ambition is to get the club into the African Champions League group stages, which Gor Mahia have never done before.

“I’m proud of what I’ve achieved but most of it has happened far away from Britain.”

Given his recent success at Kogalo, Kerr is likely to be a hot commodity. If not Kilmarnock then even other clubs in Africa including Tanzania will be looking for his signature.

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  • Jakoyo says:

    We always have zico and pamzo on the bench to take over but nevertheless Kerr is one hell of a man management coach…we wish him well !

    • jasego says:

      Jakoyo pliz pliz i dont want to sleep angry,zico and other local coaches cannot handle GM.Mediocrity is the best they can ever achieve as Zico flopped face first in mud when given the golden chance to show not TALK on his coaching prowess. As for Pamzo other than pace setting in the first leg with Posta Rangers what has he achieved worh note?10 consecutive Quagmire draws is pamzo’s record as per now with Posta Mgt set to review his contract as head coach come end of season.NO LOCAL coach will take charge of Kogalo as Failure is there second name If Kerr goes another likewise qualified European must step in with immediate effect

      • Jamigori says:

        @Jasego, this Jakoyo guy smokes some weed. No local coaches can succeed in Gor Mahia because of mediocrity, favoritism, mabeste attitude and victimizations.

  • jasego says:

    Sir Kerr Please as per our discussiobs cordial in nature and characterized by shakespearian prose,humour and banter i urfmge you to stay put.The omens of Legendary Gor Mahia wuod Kanyamwa seem to heavily favour you.Seeing out your contract will etch your CV among great coaches,leaving now to greener pastures assures you but one thing,a better salary and working environment but instant success like you found here wont be easy to achieve,not even in neighbouring Simba SC of Tanzania were you so successful.Good brands take time to build,stay here win league unbeaten go qualify CAF group stages then your legacy will be secured.ASANTE

    • jamriAmbo says:

      I need not add more. Follow the footsteps of one Len jullians and remain a hero in our hearts. Conquer for us the Arab world again, sir.

  • Kerr is a good coach and there is no doubt in my mind about that , however all that we have to see about his prowess are against local competions , and which in my estimation is not a good enough yardstick to gauge his quality .
    The test will indeed come when we face the best from the rest of Africa , but again on this I wish to emphasise that success on the field is brewed outside the field and that is in the executive offices where plans are mooted and executed , hence for Kerr to conquer the continent , the plans to do so should and must be ready by now .
    Finally having won this domestic cup so many times this decade , our situation has become akin to Bayern Munich in Germany or PSG in France where winning the domestics against the local competition Is not a yardstick to gauge the level of superiority a team enjoys .
    But this current Kogalo team as presently constituted has the pedigree to go far in Africa , but all cylinders I.e the EC , TB and the Boys must fire concurrently .

  • bob says:

    @jakoyo you almost made me vomit… Sorry eeeh, but what is in your warped mind a bout these local lads? Can you check their records in Gor. Wamekulipa so that you campaign for them?

  • With Kakamega homeboyz going down 1-0 to Zoo Kericho , Ulinzi drawing 1-1 with Sony and Sharks drawing 0-0 with Afc Leopards , it means that if our next game is against Kakamega Homeboyz then thats the day we will be crowned the undisputed champions with 8games to go . . .Seriously underwhelming.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Guys, zico and pamzo will work together @ kogallo soon….watch this space.

    Nevertheless, KK homeboyz lost today meaning come 25th October 2017 we will be declared champions elect.

    Please come and fill the stadium on 25th October 2017 !!

  • kifaranga ya computer sofaset kupe branch Jinja says:

    Ker prefers the GMFC head coach job to being the youth coach of Chesterfield, a 4th division English team, but would jump at the chance to coach Scotland’s Killie, who are currently rock bottom of the Scottish Premier League. With GMFC he has a chance to not only win the premier league but also compete at the continental level, so what could be pissing him off so soon, being locked out of training grounds! motivating players whose payments are delayed! poor structures! Ker is only 6 months into his 2 year contract, but there seems to be a exit clause that’s very easy for him to activate as did the underperforming Ze Maria. Bloated management of GMFC is deliberately shambolic, with vested self enrichment ghost projects “building a stadium agenda”. That said this is the best chance for the longest ever serving chairman at GMFC to at least reach the CAF group stage once in his +10 year tenure which is littered with domestic titles only and not even a double at that.