EABL offers fans a chance to finance KPL teams

East Africa Breweries have offered fans of Kenya Premier league teams as well as Kenya cup rugby teams a chance to finance their teams to the tune of up to KES 5 million by the end of this year.

According to the East Africa Standard, EABL have created a competition dubbed Jenga Game allows fans who take Tusker to contribute Sh2 to their clubs every time they consume their preferred drinks. East African Breweries Limited (EABL), who are the title sponsors of the league, will also top up the amount of money going to teams. Fans will be able to contribute money to their preferred teams by sending their teams’ code to the number 21450. All the 16 Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs have been given a code to help fans easily identify with their teams. The standard report did not give information on what the specific codes for each club is.

An excited Tusker marketing manager Martin Esyalai made the announcement.

“ Tusker has played a major role in the development of football and rugby, which have provided memorable moments for Kenyans. “Our brand is synonymous with the good times these iconic players have given us and it’s only appropriate that they are the face of Twende Game,” said Esyalai to the Standard.
Former Gor Mahia full back Tobias Ocholla has been selected to promote the competition along with other legends like Josphat Murila (formely of AFC), George Sunguti  who played for AFC and later joined Gor Mahia in the early 1990s and Lavin Asego who plays rugby for Mwamba and formerly with the Kenya sevens team.
Gor Mahia typically leads in these competitions and it will be disappointing if the club does not win this time. So next time you buy crates of beer for your party, remember to apply this code.
The last time such a promotion was mooted was in 2012 when the Nation group launched the Tokelezea na jalee where nation would sell jackets and give Gor Mahia a fraction of the proceeds. The deal fell through because the then sponsors Tuzo were unhappy that the merchandize being sold by the club did not have the Tuzo logo.

23 thoughts on “EABL offers fans a chance to finance KPL teams

  1. Great initiative for clubs to benefit. However, EABL should stop sponsoring their own team or any other team with no followers. Instead EABL should consider supporting teams with massive followers like Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards. This will indeed offer EABL real value additions both in the short term to long term basis.

  2. It’s like having keroche premier league with keroche fc playing in the same league.

    EABL should quit this marketing gimmicks with immediate effect, you can’t be a referee and a player…… If they have tusker FC in the tusker premier league, why can’t they have pilsner FC , Smirnoff FC or even white cap FC in their own respective leagues ? …….it makes more marketing sense than this baseless idea !

    My suggestion, if you want clubs to finance themselves reduce the premier league to just 10 clubs and create a nationwide county leagues I.e 47 of them, that can act as feeder for the premier league…..a fiercely competitive and quality league will attract sponsors….you can take this to the bank

  3. Even though you pay someone to think of marketing your products, the thinker in this one went to bed early. Does EABL mean that our players can only benefit if most of the fans drink? Aguda, Rachier have tried to market football as a family outing, now you are associating football sponsorship with bear. We will drink or watch matches. OR watch matches then drink. What a bout those who don’t drink, how can they make a contribution.

    Sounds like this is a tusker drinking premier league………fire the guy who slept on the job

  4. This idea is welcome. Personally i don’t see any problem with the promotion.

    As a club, i think by now we must appreciate that we have more noise than action among our support base and must welcome all manner of support from all quarters. The other reality is that Kogalo is supported by people from a predominantly poor region. Anyone doubting should go to their home area and call a fund raising event and see the results.

    I personally stopped sending money to the pay bill number when the treasurer stopped publishing the results and therefore i will just say kudos to EABL.

  5. Guys, you are deviating from the main point here. If the idea from EABL is true then to me it is a fantastic idea, whether you take alcohol or not. Honestly, I dont see why you are castigating EABL for sponsoring Tusker. Is it because Tusker is one of your perrenial challengers and you want them eliminated so you have an easy ride. Supersport is one of the sponsors of South African league and they also have a team there. That has not made their league less interesting. Guys, let us stop being petty. Go out and send those sms so that Gor can be richer. The same guys who were promoting the 351xxxxx code are now castigating this noble idea from Tusker. You never know, if this is successful, Tusker could just become Gor’s shirt sponsor. They could use the shirt to promote their other brands like Pilsner or White Cup etc

  6. Tunataka nini? You ask for bread, when given you say no we want cake, when given cake you say no we want chapati. I am longing for the day when we shall all learn to appreciate the little we receive from our well wishers. Kogallo needs money and we should not discriminate and demonize whatever little we receive from people of good will.
    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  7. Kosero, you are right it is as if we do not know what we want. Even the two bob can meant a lot. Is it about dringking the tusker or just sending the clubs code “GOR” to 21450? I have been sending that and I hope it is recording coz I do get positive response.The message costs just 1 bob.

  8. Guys, are the same guys who were saying that they can sponsor the team, TUZO or no TUZO. At times we should humble ourselves in order to prosper

  9. Binge drinking among students because of their love for K’Ogalo. Drinking sprees for the rest. Wow! Fantastic! K’Ogalo will surely win this one.

  10. I don’t support drinking alcohol. But sponsorship of teams should be separated from normal bickering about everything.

    It looks like EABL has brought a challenge aimed at raising funds in football and rugby, what is the problem with a soda maker creating a challenge for cyclists?

  11. this is good development. even though i’ve still not understood how sending the code is related to the beers i take. can shambody explain. otherwise this is a gud excuse for me to drink more.
    i also congrat gor for availing the REAL jerseys… i hope sitaziona ‘Muthurwa supermarket’. ONLY BUY FROM AUTHORIZED DEALERS.

  12. Good idea but this/the harambee r (extremely) short term solutions & r not sustainable.
    Even if the harambee raises 20m that is only 6 months operating expenditure without considering the amounts needed 4 signing players etc.
    Sponsorship if gotten is better but even that expires.
    A sacco is the best option & that is where EC should focus its efforts.
    Monthly contributions should factor in the “poverty levels”/ family obligations demands of the wide GMFC fraternity.
    Range of 250-500/month is best.

  13. @Oduor12, I have read about this thing called SACCO for so many years but nothing has come of it. Either you show us the way or simply fold it and support other initiatives

  14. I have also read about this SACCO story for far too long. I beg to be educated on how it will work and benefit the club. I honestly do not know. Anybody willing to educate me and others like me if at all they exist??

    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  15. @Oduor 12, for your information, the idea of SACCO was shelved about 4 months ago in some high level forum for some very good reasons but the key ones that came forth is that gor mahia has got very little fan base to jumpstart the concept and administering it would be a nightmare bearing in mind the type of ‘radical fan’ base that we hold and their economic background (sorry to say this !!! ) …..just look at any SACCO in Kenya and you will get a picture of what was said !!!

  16. @Kosero what do you mean anybody willing to educate you? We have @ODUOR12 who knows so much about it. As far as I know in my SACCO i contribute monthly, take a loan with interest chargable and in return the SACCO invests in income-generating projects. How will this SACCO generate income and at the same time be an expense vehicle for the team? Unless the team will be paying back the money and with interest.
    Or will it act like a members club e.g. Muthaiga golf club where you pay and get free services.

    @ODUOR12 please tell us and where in the world can we learn the best practices of the football SACCO?

  17. I support the EABL initiative but on another note, the EACC has written to governors and MCAs warning them not to participate in harambees as this is a violation of leadership and integrity Act, 2012 and public officer ethics Act, 2003.

    This leaves me wondering if our much hyped harambee by EK will take place. Is this another obstacle?

  18. Am surprised that some apparently well versed bloggers can ask 4 examples of successful clubs run on the cooperative model.
    Haven’t we been together on this site when elaborate posts have been provided with concrete examples.
    Well just 2 remind u (will provide the links kesho) only small clubs like Barcelona, Bayern Munich,B.Dortmund & Real Madrid have adopted cooperative systems.
    Jakoyo don’t be surprised that a more accountable system is knocked down in a mysterious forum & efforts focussed…

  19. …on paybills & harambees where generally your individual donations (& relationship of the donors too loose) will be too small 2 warrant your demanding accountability 4 your donation.
    That is a priviledge reserved 4 members & now attendees of “some high level forum” which I thought was either the SGM/AGM.
    The choir of wenye K’galo will continue belting out the chorus “BRING MORE WATER HUMMING BIRD THE FOREST IS STILL BURNING”

  20. SACCO is the best model in sustaining the team financially. Let us support all efforts to make Gor Mahia afloat. All these are excellent iniatives as long as they will go along way in financial sustenance.

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