Enough of this “referees helping Gor Mahia” business

Muhoroni coach Francis Baraza for his part is now blaming the referees for supposedly favouring Gor Mahia. He is also channeling Chemelil coach Mike Mururi who said last year that Gor Mahia struggle at continental level supposedly because referees favour them.
“Today, the referee was biased towards Gor Mahia. He gave them every advantage and even that goal came after Ali Abondo had handled the ball. It clearly shows they are being favoured, no wonder they struggle at the continental level.” said a bitter Baraza.
He should blame himself however. One of the cardinal rules of football that a coach should  impart to his players is that players must always wait for the whistle. If a group of players stop playing because they saw a handball then concede a goal, they have only themselves to blame. Referees do not have additional eyes on the side of their head nor on the back of their head. This means they will miss some calls. A team that stops playing therefore has itself to blame as well as the coach.

Everyone knows that the Standard of refereeing has been low in the KPL this season. Even Gor Mahia have been victimized by poor officiating. A coach who does not prepare his team for this can only blame himself.

Last season, coach Mururi of Chemelil was running his mouth about referees helping Gor Mahia only for his side to lose 3-1 to Gor Mahia in March of this year. His new excuse at the time was that his side had not played competitive matches.

Baraza should be gracious and admit that he lost to a better team who despite not being at their best, maintained a level of teamwork and discipline needed to .

As for Gor Mahia’s struggles at continental level, it is silly to suggest that they are because local referees help them. In fact such statements from Baraza and Mururi betray a hint of jealousy and bitterness. Gor Mahia’s struggles at continental level have more to do with the fact that the team is always re-assembled every December and January due to mass departures and arrivals. The lack of cohesion in the playing unit due to players not used to playing with each other has a negative impact on Gor Mahia and other Kenyan clubs.  In any case none of the other Kenyan teams have done much better than Gor Mahia of late. Sofapaka were bundled out by Platinum FC of Zimbabwe in the preliminary round. At least Gor Mahia made it to the first round.


12 thoughts on “Enough of this “referees helping Gor Mahia” business

  1. If Baraza and Muiruri want us to believe them,can they explain why Harambee stars does not do well in international assignments? Is it because some coaches favour Harambee stars locally? And which Kenyan team does well at contintinetal level? Was Sofapaka not eliminated by Platinum FC of Zimbabwe at a much earlier stage than Gor Mahia? Coach Baraza and Muiruri are engaging Kenyans in propaganda yet they know a game of football is not politics where profanda reigns

  2. Great article….
    If I may ask how many trophies have these bottom teams team?
    How many trophies have they won?
    Which positions are these two teams occupying in the log?

    Baraza and Mururi should focus on helping their teams to get out of relegation zones.

    1. I wonder if this Coaches have anything in their head. There are 16 teams in the league, have they manage to beat other 15 teams?
      Bure kabisa

  3. As news of AFC getting a new sponsor trickles in,what have EC done or missed that their counterpart have got spot on?what is the latest about the bread deal and why is the technical bench and players still going unpaid?Can someone shed some light on the above issues.

  4. Baraza Baraza refereeing is never perfect world over… Even EPL had its moments… some decisions go for you others dont…. but only a sore loser will pick out the bad ones after a loss… did u care to thank the same referee when he denied Gor a clear penalty and a straight red for your defender who brought Walusimbi down in the area?????

    pathetic loser!!

  5. Baraza should accept that he lost to a better team,he should thank his goalkeeper and the posts.did the ref favour gor when olunga was fouled at the edge of the box in the dying minutes !

  6. And you ask yourself one question, Before Kogalo started haunting Kpl which clubs where winning the league? which one went further than where Gor has reached? I know Afc, Sofa paka, Ulinzi and Tusker all have won Kpl and participated in the continental games, where they favored to win Kpl there by making them not to excel? Over to you


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