Entire technical bench sent packing, Bobby takes over

Gor Mahia have fired the entire technical bench. Coach Anaba Awono and newly hired Ken Odhiambo have been shown the door. A run of poor results has seen fans and officials alike loose their patience with coach Anaba Awono and his staff. The club’ performance this year has been wanting despite a massive recruitment drive. Play has appeared disjointed. And the defence has looked suspect. The defence was ruthlessly exposed in Maputo with players often being left wide open on the wings to send crosses. It left fans wondering, where were the full backs ? And why was a team that was playing away leaving so many gaps at the back when most teams that play away often adapt a defensive stance. Worse still, it appeared that no scouting was done and this Kogalo were throoughly and utterly shocked at how good the Mozambicans were. They on the other hand must have studied Gor Mahia tapes as is evidenced by the way they ruthlessly exploited the weaknesses.

The Maputo debacle also left fans wondering what Ken Odhiambo was doing because he was specifically hired to shore up the defence.

Besides Ferroviario, the club’s form in pre-season friendlies and in the Super cup against Tusker has been sub par. Matters however came to a head when they lost 0-1 to newly promoted Muhoroni youth. The stuff finally hit the fan on Sunday when they went down to Karuturi while playing a poor and uninspired game.

Kogalo’s legendary stopper, John Bobby Ogolla has been hired as caretaker coach and will be assisted by Tom Ogweno. he has had stints coaching the national team and Sofapaka. His record as coach has not been overwhelming. However it is still unclear what the club plans to do as far as seeking a full time coach. Bobby Ogolla will start coaching on Wednesday March 7.

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  1. sisemi kitu!! time will tell if awono was the problem but to me i think he has been sacrificed the problem is with the EC, i believe they are the ones who come up with line ups for their overrated players to feature.

    please lets sober up ,be bold and take the bull by its horn instead of beating around the bush,lets call a spade a spade and not a big spoon,officials are our greatest undoing, until they stile up and leave the tech bench to perform its duties freely then we r heading nowhere,we will hire and fire after every two matches beginning this Saturday.

  2. We were expecting this let’s move on with positively minded and serious people,am expecting Ogola to start with displine of players right away anyway welcome back home Boby.

  3. You should learn from what AFC did.The thorough scouting.
    Dont hate the game,hate the players. A good player should perform under any circumstance.

    A even afraid of attending the top 8 derby.

  4. Bobby we welcome you back.hope this time the EC will not interfere with the coach let the coach do his work alone.what i still say let Awono be given the jr team.and to fans,we turn in large numbers on sato to cheer the boyz.otherwise am seeing our running mates are trying to overtake us in terms of turn out of there games.and to EC,our gate collections please do something on that.there are usually good suggestions that fans do put across which when the good office can hinde then we shall go places.I STILL BELIEVE IN THE CURRENT TEAM.

  5. I WANT TO THANK THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE for listening to the voice of reason amids the numerous noises which were nearly drowning us. The Technical bench was incompetent as I have consistently pointed out. Good luck Bobby and Tom Ogweno. We hope you will be up to the task. Gor Mahia is a difficult club to coach but I believe you have been there and done that. Discipline is a MUST in the playing unit.


    R.I.P the K’OGALO DIVAS who perished in the road accidents over the weekend.
    ‘Out goes the HEADMASTER, KEN and JOLAWI OBONDO after succumbing to two consecutive defeats and in comes BOBBY OGOLA and TOM OGWENO.

    Out goes AVB after Chelsea losses to West Brown and in comes his deputy DI MATEO.

    When players refuse to perform on the pitch it clearly evident that the problem is beyond technical bench just like witnessed when Chelsea was playing West Brown over the weekend and the same applies to GOR Mahiia match against Karuturi.

    Bobby is a close personal friend and many times he has decline to coach K’Ogalo when offered the opportunity. His main reason had been nothing other than the pressure to withstand the overzealous and thankless quacks in the name of “FANS”.

    The begging question is if he is ready to be skinned this time round. The answer is a big NO, He has been given the job out of panic mood and I am sure he is not ready, because he has even been confirmed prior to finalizing his consultation.

    So the six million dollar man be prepared to face the axe if you can not beat Ferrovario, City Stars,TUSKER and AFC in the forthcoming matches. I wish you could have stayed put and concentrate with what you are doing other coaching GOR. This guys will not remember
    Your glorious records as a player. Ask ZICO,SIA’NGA,AUSTIN,JUA KALI……..the list is endless. In fact the quacks wants a MUZUNGU i.e “The White Witch Doctor”

    Bobby you should know people? And I hope you know GOR better than all of us.

    All the best as you take the HOT SEAT as from Wednesday this week.

  7. @post 3 Japesa please be informed that being a fan of GOR does not mean that you only attend matches because we are optimistic of always winning. I am happy that you are scared of “Mashemeji Derby” no wonder we fail to internalize what is ailing K’Ogalo.

    Even if I remain a one man green army I can not afford to shy away in the name fear of lossing to Mashemeji. After all you can not have your cake and as you eat it at the same time.


    Kaa Ngumu Kama OGANGO TRAILER

  8. I watched Gor’s game yesterday, it was pathetic. While fans were quick to blame the coach. Players and fans were also to blame. We need Gor supporters (‘not fans’)
    , to come forward and assist the team.

  9. I believe things were not working for AA and his deputy. GM just like AFC is a tough team to coach and so are ManU, Real, Chelsea and the rest. Let’s recycle the coaches until we find our match. Bob wish you all the best and u never know, you might be the one to unlock the potentail for players like Rama, Akumu, Moses and the rest. Otherwise we will give you the support you need as fans but if you feel there is more to team’s problems than you can manage, please safe yourself the agony. Otherwise welcome home and we hope that you will stabilise the unstable GM ship. Condolences to our two Divas and let’s win the sato match for them. GM forever.

  10. Now I read of R.Ngala talking about Dean Mwinde the Zambia national team assistant coach to be the person they are consulting to take over the technical bench.

    The chair had just released the most welcome news of firing the entire bench and Bobby position is not even official confirmed by both parties as we blog barely two hours another panic rhetoric is out in the public.


    This kind of outburst clearly shows that not the entire EC is happy with BOBBY. And my predictions will be GOR going the AFC way by changing the constitution and calling for early elections since we will not be sacrificing OMENA’S as the MBUTA’S have there way.

  11. One wonders why talk of Dean Mwinde could not be kept under the lid till the opportune moment.

    How does that impact on the person of Bobby? Here you are learning that you are appointed coach and in the next breathe you read or hear of the same office engaging in talks with another coach? How is that for motivation?

    This EC is too bloated with idlers. They should actually have gone with the sacrificed omenas.

    All in all, welcome home Bobby. We know your track record.

  12. Its not a good show at all Owano was agood coach toward the end of last season till the elections were done.tend to think the problem is JOE LAWI NOT OWANO.Please give him his job back…..

  13. It is a sobering moment for the entire GM family. Let us join hands as a family and sort out the problem facing the mighty Gor. Teams sack coaches that is normal, but what if the coach is not the problem? What about the players? what about the EC? Changing coaches as you lose the games will not help, it is even better to lose a few matches at the beggining of the season and go ahead to finish strong and even win the trophy. Let EC give Bob a free hand to deal with the players selection.

  14. . . . .Ngala is such a villager! Mshamba bila aibu, .. .let Bobby Ogolla work and not diarrhoea verbally about sijui who and who yet Ogolla has barely taken over, . . .if this continues, then we will hound EC members out of office as a collective effort hence installing Ogolla Bobby as the coach and the chairman of the board at the same time, .. I think this will work well

  15. Heartfelt condolences to the family of those who perished in mai mahiu.Did the EC even mention/acknowledge the deaths at their press confrence?
    T.O has some pending issues somewhere.I am not casting aspersions or intimating guilt, but am just asking for ‘guidance’ from fellow bloggers.What do you think good people?
    As for the six million dollar man,please lets’ spare him the hooliganism even if things dont work out his way.Once again,my clarion call to our fans-lets be patient and give the new team time.

  16. @ arrumtiddi Your concern on post 11 above is timely but please remember this old time saying from wise people;

    In K’Ogalo inner politics there exist some gangs for hire who have zero tolerance when it comes to destruction.

    I am talking about the “BANG SMOKING” & “CHANGAA DRINKING” mob that you only need to entice them with something small and they will perform the most negative act to ensure that the ‘PAY MASTER” point is driven home.


    Just wait before Bobby can crack it, sabotage will start and chants of “BOBBY MUST GO” will be the order of the day starting from this very BLOG.

  17. Can’t we have a PR person to handle GM issues or assign the task to the SG? Mara it’s Ngala with this info , mara it’s Faiz, mara it’s SG etc etc. Please spare us the blabbering and get us cordinated news. Are people idle in the EC or are they trying to outdo each other and therefore take credit for it. I wish they would also take credit for the poor performance.
    SG, tell us what’s with Gattusso? If the conduct is unbecoming do we still need to maintain him when we have a bloated midfield? As we talk to the Zambian are we also considering the feelings for Bobby by letting him know that he is a stop-gap coach will he be fully commited. Even in jua kali employment such information is always handled carefully and intelligently. Shame on you EC again. As we reprimand the tech team how about the players. Do we need to retain those with no fire burning in their bellies for a win? Food for thought. I was once told that the coach gives 20% and the 80% comes from personal initiative. When some players were in the opposition their work-rates were so high but looks lke now they have nothing more to play for. I could be wrong but that has been my observation

  18. I strongly believe the office bearers are too many there should be a way of drastically reducing them to replace it with a productive and professional secretariat. Bobby you are a trained coach and a respected person in our country, please never compromise your status for politicians, people know their ways, do not field their friends and fan overated indiscipled players. Leave them at that time they turn up to do the only thing they know how..politics!

  19. There is talk of the TM selling out GM strategies to opposing teams n even coming up with a line-up for the matches.
    These are the same issues Zico complained abt but we didnt give him a hearing. Karuturi seemed to hav known every GM were coming to hence they easily shut us out n never allowed us to play.
    That was the best decision the EC cud make.

  20. THERE WE GO AGAIN,stop these senseless outpouring of anger and emotions.i watched OGWANGS MATCH AGAINST ULINZI AND CAN TELL YOU THAT KENYAN SOCCER IS WAY OFF THE MARK.surely their defence was pathetic and they gave away two penalties which ulinzi were lenient enough to throw away.
    MY POINT-if we need good results then we either get rid of the bench and the playing unit altogether or go back to what sianga was doing-invest in the youth.
    Chelsea has just sacked AVB after sacking ancelotti but they are not ready to accept that its the calibre of players they have-old players ,who are the problem.they went buying foreigners to get instant results instead of grooming their own the barca way.Even ferguson now has to rely on the old war horses-scholes and giggs to get results as they ignored their academies and went for foreigners who are now not delivering.note that scholes and giggs are products of the clubs academy.
    WAY FORWARD- I may sound controversial but my opinion is that we should for say 2 seasons relieve pressure on the management and team and let them build a team from scratch i.e the youth.its a fact that since 1987 no kenyan club has done what we did and this is due to lack of proper structures to channel players to the senior team.As the nigerians say,all that anger wont cook yam,we need to channel our energies to building a solid foundation instead of hyping what has not worked for more than 2 decades.

  21. @Osaka, your comment here is a big excuse. Matches are won with better preparation, team formation, discipline, hardwork, good team chemestry mix and above all in the psychology of mind. All these have been lacking with this technical bench as well as office to give the required support.

    Many bloggers here are reacting and makings lots of suggestions. I had reported previously that there are crop of coaches that will be taking theit teams nowhere and these include Zico, Gideon ochieng, Abdalla Juma, Kingi Njoroge, yakhama, etc.

  22. @17dan,you have always advocated for a channel of information from the ec to the fans and general public,regular team updates,injury news,injury updates,official club position on major issues all to no avail.But do not tîre bro,this is our team,and we must not give up on it.
    On the other hand,those who are afraid that JBO,will not be given a clear hand to run the team,you need not worry.The JBO i know as many will bear me witness here,is a tough man,who wont take nonsense from anyone.
    Working alongside fabsich in the 90s,they used to dissappear with the muzungu and go do their ‘thing’ no wonder fabsich loved him.So whoever is sitting at the Ec,thinking that JBO is a push over,you better think twice!Anyway we love you the six million dollar man!

  23. I will stop giving excuses till the last match. I pledge to support gor no matter what!!!!! so help m,e Dear lord!
    for our ladies who passed on, may your spirits lingour amongst us forver!!!!!!!!!Amen!

  24. Sow shall you reap! No short cuts. When some of us say these, we are called names. Lets carry our crosses happily without looking for scape goats. Na badooo!! For God and my club Kogallo

  25. The players have been very lacklusture of late. We need someone who can light a fire under their bottoms. Anaba Awono did not strike me as someone who knows how inspire players or get them psyched to play.

  26. Dear Bloggers!
    I have no sympathy for the just kicked out technical bench! And this is why. A coach who does not know his starting five (5) players, let alone starting eleven (11) should not coach even an under eight side. If the coach knows there are some forces that dictate the team for him, he is better off resigning from day one. Me as a fan my patience will definitely wear out with more matches we lose. Le Pastre has been asking here our first eleven and no one seems to know. When you read on futaa.com you will find out the Bobby agreed to take the job on caretaker basis, he will come to Nairobi on Wednesday to officially do the signing, but he is aware he was talked to on March 4th. This does not negate the idea of looking for a permanent coach. However, we need a communications officer at GM. This idea of Bwana and Faiz commenting any how like prostitutes on the street must stop. Finally, we have to be careful with who we put in the technical bench especially on permanent basis. What has Ken Odhiambo achieved? Surely? We need a communications Officer too!!!!

  27. I knew something was on the way coming and am excited that the whole tec.bench sent home. It was very obvious they would go and they knew this but I wonder why they wanted to go with Awono. I feel strongly that Awono wasn’t the issue here. On a dairly basis I hear how forces behind control almost everything including fielding. I hope Boby become a no nonsense guy. He has to be strick and even kick out players who understand nothing about descipline like Gattuso. My prayer is that these fired guys should only come and watch gor on the teraces and not to begin influence players and wanting to make Boby fail so in order to cover their weaknesses. Pole mzee Awono, you were not the problem but you failed to speak up.

  28. my heart felt condolences to the family of those who lost their lives on sunday the whole GM fraternity led by our office bearers shld lead is in giving them a deserved send of and cosole the family, they shld also communicate clearly as to what happened in this loss of our beloved members.
    those castigating the fans for being intolerant and impatient are totally wrong this club is what it is bcoz of fans, just do a quick calculation as to how much it costs to attend the away matches in thika, nakuru, naivasha and then someone blogs that u dont have a right to be upset, that guy is making a stale joke, not even our shemejis hv the passion and the will power we hv when supporting our team, as to coaching jbo is a proffessional and caretakers sre appointed everyday if he is fit for a more permanent position let him prove it on the field. if they are forces that frustrate his work let him come out and say it the green army is the largest force in kenyan football and will deal with such forces amicably, we need a mangement board why r we still a society with village headmen trying to do what they want?

  29. Rachier and his should look things positively not waking up and sucking if this the case then they are going to suck more,since when a lawyer could manage football rachiers is poor on management you cant hold technical bench accountable yet you too you are not accountable where is our last years financial report

  30. Ka kuna shida coches ongea! Manze ts tym we settle fast so that tuenda mbali ndoto bado iko.kogalo…!Gor..gor mahia;we want tims to start crying 4 our tym gor! Sai na ka si sai ni sai…sawa.

  31. The move is good but let Awono be part of the new technical bench. However, we need an expert to coach Gor. Bob is temporarily holding the position as we source for a new coach, let this be as quick as possible.
    Truth be said, AFC fired 8 players and cleaned their mess from the technical bench, did it help them? Gor is bigger than few individuals. Fans have done their part, let players now do their part and discipline must be the order of the day. If a player is not disciplined let us not support him at all.
    We spend a lot of money in a year following out team and the word is, THEY MUST DELIVER!!!

  32. The move is good but let Awono be part of the new technical bench. However, we need an expert to coach Gor. Bob is temporarily holding the position as we source for a new coach, let this be as quick as possible.
    Truth be said, AFC fired 8 players and cleaned their mess from the technical bench, did it help them? Gor is bigger than few individuals. Fans have done their part, let players now do their part and discipline must be the order of the day. If a player is not disciplined let us not support him at all.
    We spend a lot of money in a year following our team and the word is, THEY MUST DELIVER!!!

  33. Nyangweso has just been fired. Talk to this guy. I think he can assist us. I know he is a good coach who also like Awono didn’t have his luck this tyme. If Siang’a is available he should be on the bench to assist with scouting and youth development.



  35. AM sorry to say pole sana to our true divas who passed away while doing job ya kogallo rest in peac.to new tech bench know what uv cam to do .let no presure distb u we only need way how to compete in agood way even if we lose we lose to agoodteam .hakuna shida GOR faNS should stop ahabit of who should play and not it wnt work fr us kabisa.now ogolla has cam at wrong time so ,

  36. I had said in one of previous article that Gor Mahia should employ communication officer to speak on behalf of club.E.C,should not be going to press every now en then unless there is a major annoucement where S.GEN and Chairman can speak.food of thought again.

  37. @ arrumtiddi on post no:15 do not shy from telling the truth at this moment in time because our house is in crises and decision are driven by the panic mood within the EC.

    As you put it on your post bloggers will not understand what you meant with .T.O.

    In a nutshell TOM OGWENO is being referred as T.O and he has pending cases in court that made him to be relieved of his duties by the defense forces. At a personal level I will put straight that he is not the calibre of person I would propose for that position, because I know more about his background and beyond.

    .@ arrumttidi that is my verdict because a person suffering from crimes like murder and robbery who is out on bond can not be in the right mind frame to handle GM at the moment. Quacks in the name of fans will be calling him names that as a person he will not be able to stomach. Besides that what leadership, counseling,guidance or managerial skill does he poses as a basis for his single sourcing. Most players infect complained that he is specialized in “Research” during his playing career, or is that the reason behind his selection.

    For Bobby I will not say anything because I know why? But time will tell

  38. Bloggers, i raise the red flag here!

    Former Ulinzi Stars and Harambee Stars striker Tom Ogweno has expressed his excitement on first day in office as the Nairobi City Stars assistant coach. Ogweno has been out of soccer action for a while now but he says he has something special for City Stars in his comeback.

    This was on the Eleventh of February 2012.

    Less than a month later he is in Gor as TM. What is happening?


    The leader of the bunch is the one midfielder who gets red carded in most games for his foul words.


    Players are aware that he is facing serious crime charges in a court of law and that is why ULINZI did dispense with him immediately CID went for him.

    @40 OGANGO TRAILER & @ 41 Creative Village you guys are spot on. If players problems are currently ranging from indiscipline and mis-conduct; how on earth do you bring another disgruntled, indiscipline and criminally charged element to be their role model.

    A friend of mine from ULINZI F.C is wondering if K’Ogalo EC do consult wider before they make certain decision.

    This guy was thrown out of the military after it was discovered that he was an accomplice to a serious gang comprising of ex and serving military personnel that police had been tracing after serious crimes involving robbery and murder.

    This guy case is still pending and i think his status as GM TM is not only questionable but also an abuse to morals standards that the EC would like our players to aspire for.


  41. The problem was not the coaching staff!!! No no no, the problem has been another thing all along i.e., lack of infrastructure, average organization structure, etc etc etc. Please the management should give the new coach Bobby Ogolla a post of Team Manager who doubles up as a coach so as to give him a free hand to operate, and also please we should address the issue of acquiring assets. AFC Leopards, Simba FC of TZ, and YANGA are overtaking us here in east africa. You see, these AFC Players and fans have got so much morale because they know that at the end of the year something good is coming and that is an incentive to their performance.

  42. The problem was not the coaching staff!!! No no no, the problem has been another thing all along i.e., lack of infrastructure, average organization structure, etc etc etc. Please the management should give the new coach Bobby Ogolla a post of Team Manager who doubles up as a coach so as to give him a free hand to operate, and also please we should address the issue of acquiring assets. AFC Leopards, Simba FC of TZ, and YANGA are overtaking us here in east africa. You see, these AFC Players and fans have got so much morale because they know that at the end of the year something good is coming and that is an incentive to their performance. thanks

  43. @Post 46 homologouschromosomes the criteria used to select the coach was single sourcing based on joblessness and cheaper to maintain. PERIOD!!!!!

  44. SIANG’A is the answer whether like it or not swallow the pride and approach papa for the job i’m sure he will be glad to comeback to GM and finish what he had started.

  45. It appears like Gor must pick a person who has in one way or another worked with Nairobi City Stars. Bobby was once there, Tom Ogweno, Ken Odhiambo and ZD. Kwani iko nini. I am sure Agido will find his way back. He is the current N. City Stars coach. For God and my club Kogallo.

  46. I don’t see Bobby ogolla as good choice cos this post need person of good command,if we can bring back sianga and be deputize by Gideon then it can be interim answer before Zambia coach arrives.We need people who can make radicle changes in gor at the moment not person to be given time.We have already lost 6 points and need a person who has been following team closely within our country is the answer, even Zico can make it.Team needs someone to build on their physical strength and i believe sianga was best known for that, No player could play in Gor during his time when unfit.Zico also believes in fitness and thats why some players hate him.To Gor mahia players please they should also realize always coaches are being sacrificed in their expenses,i feel some players are not also not delivering after signing contract form,so let them wake up too, because coach success is being determine by their abilities and handling human is just difficult for any fellow human being like coach.

  47. I totally agree with other bloggers that the problem is not the Technical bench alone.We have inherent problems emanating from indiscipline of players bordering on sabotage of the whole team.We needed the management committee which the EC is reluctant to formulate.Those idlers in the EC should be prepared as we will be coming for them soon.This time the excuse was the technical bench next time no excuse we will be on you.

  48. @40 OGANGO TRAILER Thanks bro for talking straight to this gentleman, Arrummtiddi. I really do not understand this guy, is he fighting for other officials in the club? I really don’t get him clear. He never get involved but he seems very much informed about everything taking place in gor. I sometimes want to take his words but any moment I begin to believe him, he switches to something else. I get informed that two pple died but it sounds like a rumour because of there is no detailed info. I personally think Awono should have spared in the technical bench but its okay the way it has been decided. I said many times that a player must observe maximum descipline. Look at Masika, he commented positively about gor when he was leaving and the guy look smart even at the moment. This Gattuso is nothing and I don’t know why he looks important to some. Without decipline you can’t go anywhere. I read his comment about gor match at kinyozi in lucky summer, oh! poor boy. Any one with true info if Black Berry is comming back?

  49. I personal y take this opportunity comend the office for having taken the direction. The office in the beginning did a mistake by leaving Oletunda and Omondi the ball Boy because the so called Kariobangi group used them to undermine the team. Its a shame that a former player and a old person in the name of Oletunda can do this. Oletunda in the technical bench will always celebrate when a goal is scored against us.Let Zedi do his work in Sony Leave us a lone. For those shown the door leave us a lone. for the Kariobangi who has turned Gor to be what they are surviving on find better things to do. Who is Jonico in gor Mahia. what age is a youth. Does the age bracket for a youth considers that of Jonico?

  50. to those irresponsible and irate fans who threaten players shame on you million times,i don’t believe whether u even tried mpira za jwala, cos whoever has played soccer knows that things do happen that u can’t xplain,remember Roberto baggio loosing a penalty that would have won the world cup,and the other day gyan also wasted chances,ulinzi stars back home lost two penalties in a match, pliz lets style up ,the players we r threatening will come back n haunt us,u never know the true value until u loose it.

    patience pays.

  51. Best GOR Line UP
    1. Mapunda(Jerry) 2. Kevin Ochieng (Nasio) 3. Yusuf Juma(Wekesa) 4, Ivan Anguyo (Davi Owino) 5. Mosoti(Musa Mohamed), 6.Gatuso (Akumu)7, Makori(Moses Odhiambo) 8. Rama Salim(Peter Juma) 9, Baldin Ngwa(Hugo Nzoka) 10, Edwin Lavatsa (Baloteli) 11, Ali Abondo( Midenyo)

    Everyone in bracket is sub just incase odf injury
    Statistics.. Any day Musa Mohamed id in Defence we are scored through his wing the boy needs to mature.

    Moses Otieno looses balls easily in midfield we need to sell him.

  52. Guys let stop giving the coach lineups. From my experience a line-up is drawn considering factors like:- opposition style of play, Fitness, the week’s practice sessions, the mental strength of tyhe player etc. We are over 1 million fans with 30 players and that means we can have as big a combination of players if each one was to have his/her lineup. That’s how frastrations start. On Moses Otieno I believe he is one of the most talented and disciplined GM player. Anybody with the official news on the Naivasha accident?

  53. I totally agree with comrades bloggers that the problem was not the bench.The executive should identify the real root of our problems and see what can be done to solve them.

  54. it is sad though not surprising that there has been infighting at Gor Mahia…for long we have wondered what is the problem, but now it is rather clear. if Gor mahia management knew about this long long before they fired Zico ( fans forbid ) and then went ahead and hired 13 new players in the less than 2 months, then they also deserve the SACK….Lets start a fresh, new page, NEW BEGINNING. let Gor mahia make it a policy of NEVER TO HIRE A KENYAN COACH ….there is simply too much politics !!!!!

  55. The move to sack the entire technical bench is a good one but importantly we must have a motivational voice in this new team led by Bobby. We have players of incredible quality if well nurtured and motivated. Rama, lavatsa, rasta, Gatusso, kip, and so many more. They need a father figure to instil confidence and motivation. Once this is there then they will always fight to the death! This season have we seen a motivated unit!! Not at all. Lets build the fighting spirit, team spirit and let the funs be patient. Bobby will help bring the spirit of the great Kogallo, the discipline and fighting spirit. It is one thing to loose without a fight and another to loose fighting to the death-Read man u comebacks.
    Bobby even if you do not do much pls bring the desire, determination and fighting spirit back. We will be gareful!!
    Kogallo 4 Life!

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