Faiz: we do not want double headers

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Gor Mahia vice chair Faiz Ochieng’ feels that they [K’ogalo] need to be consulted before playing a Tusker Premier League double-header.

This comes barely two days after the TPL giants featured in a weekend double-header, at City Stadium that saw Gor pip Karuturi Sports 1-0 as Mathare United defeated Oserian with the same margin.


According to the official, they are not pleased with the double-headers, hence other teams should seek alternative venues.

-We must be consulted first and not only to be handed double-headers.

-In future, we don’t want double-headers. The other teams should seek alternative grounds, said Ochieng’ to futaa.com.

In Saturday’s double-header a total number of 4287 tickets were sold raising Kshs 1, 124, 100.

With three matches to go, Gor are ranked second on the log, two points below leaders Tusker.

12 thoughts on “Faiz: we do not want double headers

  1. Kwani all this long, faiz and his friends have never known that these fanless teams are taking advantage of gor’s massive support in these double headers?

  2. As long as it’s not GM’s facility we don’t have full control to say what you want and what you dont want since terms and conditions are not determined by you; otherwise try booking for full day always so that the fanless teams don’t take advantage…

  3. the issue of sharing gate collections does not arise, because the tickets sold are clearly marked e.g Gor Vs Karturi, and there is no reason another team would come to claim the same. Maybe he come out clear why he doesnt favor the same..

  4. Separately, I think all opposing teams have read our game. Since Mathare employed the six man defence (and almost beat us), everyone has been using the same approach (perfected by Sony and Karuturi). And I am afraid the risk of reducing defenders and adding strikers, leaves us critically exposed to fast counter attacks. This may be harmful against Tusker and especially Muhoroni.

  5. What if Gor was the away team? Would a double header do us harm? Those are the issues we need to clarify since as a fan I get more value from double headers so long as GM is not a home team.
    On the strategy of beefing the offense to get a goal I’m sure this can only work when we are playing the ‘smaller’ teams, and it has always worked. After all the best way of defending is to continuously attack. With Tusker game I’m sure we will be more cautious but I believe Loga will come up with something. How many coaches in KPL can change a game/formation as he does? None. Anyway all the best for the weekend and I’m sure all those no longer confident will come back on Monday singing all the praises. How I wish we would be consistent in our support and not basing it on form or display of the team at a particular moment. Though we should never tire to positively/constructively criticize

  6. @David: double headers are not welcome even if the tickets have different headers for these reasons; the problem comes to who man’s the gates and who does the ticket printing. if the two clubs cannot agree then it’s a waste of money. if one team has clowns at the gate and prints it’s tickets at river rd printers… then what happens? unless the bigger team (in this case gor) is allowed to print the tickets for the the two matches and man the gates… but what happens if no one buys the tickets of the smaller teams match, will they agree to fund gor the printing costs… i thnk these are the issues which have to be sorted. and why wouldn’t mathare argue that their fans were not necessarily wearing mathare shirts.
    myself i support the V.C. faiz on this. and also do away with weekday matches coz they deny gor the ‘real’ income.
    @Opuk R.: ur observation is very true, and i believe this is the best test for gor to learn how to pasua such difences. pls look at barcelona. most teams came to realise that even if u defend the whole match u will still be beaten, but the coach who is now coming with the formular to beat BARCA is maurino of RM. it’s now for logar to come out with a plan of how to burst open such defences.

  7. @Dan: if gor is the away team then it does not matter as you correctly observe, but will gor and the other team do it for free? so as to help raise money for other teams gor can agree to playing the second matches so long as the other teams change their venues to city stadium. is this workable?? i thnk there has to be alot of kusikizana which might even open the door to rumours about match fixing. it’s an unspoken rule that teams in a league always remain ‘enemies’. the momment gor agrees to helping the other teams even for the good of football there shall exist doubts when gor hummers such a team 4Nil.

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