Felixinho going nowhere

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After a few days of heated talk on the future of new Gor Mahia acquisition Felix Nwosu, Gor Mahia secretary General George Bwana has come out to clear the air saying that they will not be expelling the Nigerian centre back but will deal with the matter “Internally”.

Felixinho had not been in training with K’ogalo for the better part of the week after the team manager instructed him not to appear in training.
He had been accused of gross indiscipline by the club and Bwana says that due to the 1 year contract the player signed, they would not be making a rushed decision of sending him away.

“The coach and the technical bench were of the opinion that the player lacks discipline and they had disagreements with him on the pitch. As the management we have met the technical bench, they have explained to us about the issue and we have agreed to deal with it internally”, Said Bwana.

“This is a concern but we are capable of handling the matter internally. We also call on players to ensure they respect team discipline because it is too early to start roughing up each other with issues that may affect the performance of the team”, he adds.

According to Nwosu, the issue was a facebook update and not more than that.

“I respect them and I do whatever I am told to do on the pitch. The issue was only a status update on facebook, but I am sorry if it rubbed anyone the wrong way. It is a misunderstanding and I hope it will not occur again”, he said.

15 thoughts on “Felixinho going nowhere

  1. This is ridiculous. The Secretary General, his Vice as well as the TM are reading from different scripts. Its too early for this kind of communication. As much as we got a player who has passion for the club it does not mean he is the right type for the team. The technical bench ruled him out only for Bwana to come around and misrule them. Is it the SG or the tech bench who knows? I have observed with sheer regret that Bwana is running the club like a personal property. Kindly consult others. Have seen this Felix in training and in friendlies and he is no more than Division one players. There is someone with vested interest in this Naija guy. Am trying to imagine one of our stars in the premier league watching some team from West Africa on Supersport and decides to leave his club and travel to unknown land to sign for that unknown team. There is more than meets the eye about this Felix guy. Try check out his other names. He might not be the person we think he is. Anyway good luck to those who believe in him.

  2. Can admin confirm the good news that Balotieno has been cleared by Mathare to play 4 K’galo.Will he be available 4 the CAF tourney?

  3. Impunity impunity from the office. What type of office bearers do we have in GM? Admin should give the technical free hand to pick players that will be useful to the club. Secretary General must coordinate with the technical bench but not communicating to press this way. This just shows lack of maturity and coordination between the admin and technical bench.

    It is regretable that a small matter is taking a different scenario that can sorted out in a very amicable way.

    If the admin and technical are not reading from the same script, there are dangers ahead and we would not win anything as a team.

    We need teamwork with all the stakeholders for our team to move forward but not parallel directions where admin and technical are trying to outsmart one another.

  4. Listen guys. The question of EC members not reading from the same script does not arise. If any thing all of them are in agreement that this is a case of indiscipline.

    The only thing George Bwana has shown here is a failure to be emotional about the issue. He is actually being very rational and looking at things in perspective. As he puts it, this is a guy who is already contracted. Why not let him stick around, warming the bench for a year and avoid the serious legal implications of a breached contract?

    It is important to mote that George Bwana is not arm-twistng the technical bench to field the boy.

    Let us mot rush to accuse George of this or that. He is only carrying out his mandate which we ourselves gave him; and he is doing it quite efficiently and always keeping the fans updated.

    I think everybody now sees why Oga left Nigeria- most likely he is known back home for “bad manners and lack of respect for elders”.

  5. there shud b internal mechanism in GM 2 deal with such cases of indiscipline.this kind of kangaroo courts doesnt augur well 4 the team.others r claiming that the guy is a con,how can smbdy b a con in game like ftball?u take 2 the field n prove ua self.period!! the issue of being average is crap.

  6. As much as I suspect Nwosu to be suspiciously “pendekezaring” himself to the Green Army,am happy that we have a hands on executive that can sort such issues internally with the technical bench. This is what we,as fans asked for,an EC that steps in b4 matters get out of hand. The article is very clear the matter has been handled internally,Bwana(by extension the EC) has done no wrong here!

  7. @7 Oduor12 you are seeing this matter very objectively. The matter has been handled excellently by the EC.
    It is us bloggers that are blowing the issue out of proportion.

    Do you realize that “handling the matter internally” has quite a number of options including loaning the player to some club?

  8. @Jackowili, how the player signed before being subjected to rigorous trial and drills? Why should a player who has not been recommended by technical bench be just signed like that? Something must be wrong somewhere in the club? We need clarity here before any further comments.

  9. @Jackowili, how was the player signed before being subjected to rigorous trial and drills? Why should a player who has not been recommended by technical bench be just signed like that? Something must be wrong somewhere in the club? We need clarity here before any further comments.

  10. After this friendly match I am left with a number of unanswered questions but I prefer to retain them in my chest for now?

  11. We should not entertain indiscipline and i trust our current coach hence any player who does not behave properly should be reprimanded accordingly.

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