Felixinho straight from Enugu

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Felix Nwosu came to Kenya all by himself with one sole aim in mind; playing for Gor Mahia. Having watched Gor Mahia play on Supersport 9 back at his homeland in Naija land, he made a decision that he will play for that club. At that time, he was playing for Enugu Rangers, in the top flight Nigerian league.

“I came here all by myself and said to myself that this is the club I want to play for. I have been watching them on Supersport 9 and they really impressed me. It is a very big club with good players who have very nice quality”, says the 23 year old “Felixinho”.

“I was playing for International Rangers FC in Enugu Nigeria. They wanted to confirm my signing with them at the beginning of this coming season but then I said no. Let me come to Kenya and try out with Gor Mahia and see how successful I can be. I did not want to deal with an agent since agents are very slippery people. They go to a team and ask for a big sum of money and then u end up losing the opportunity. They have done that to me several times. I hustled for my fare here all by myself, I do not know anyone here I am just looking upon God because I have a dream and I must risk to achieve it”, said the central defender.

Nwosu was the centre of attraction during Gor Mahia’s first training session on Monday where he caught the eyes of several onlookers including the members of the press who had attended the session.

His physique, pace and aerial capability stood him out of the crowd and he is happy that he was among the four who were picked to return to training on Tuesday.

“I am very happy that I was picked. It is the first stepping stone of the better things to come. If I make it to the final squad by the grace of God, I want to give my all to this team. I know that they have lost a very important central defender and If I get that chance to play, I want to help them fill that gap. I trust in my abilities and I only need to work hard”

“Back there in Nigeria, we train twice or thrice a day and I was surprised to come here and learn that there is only one training session per day. That means I have to come up with another training schedule for myself because I have to make sure that I am on top. If we train in the morning, I will have to train again in the evening on my own”.

“My dream with Gor Mahia is to ensure that we win the champions league. That is the far I want to go with this team. If we get together and work as a team, it will definitely be a realistic dream. This year we are playing CAF Confederations Cup. We also have to do our best and I am very sure we will go far”, he adds.

“Felixinho” as he prefers his jersey to be written has previously played for Court of Appeal in Abuja in the Nigerian Nationwide league before moving to the Enugu academy. He then played for the senior team and were third in the West African (WAF)Cup equivalent to the CECAFA Senior Challenge cup, last year.

20 thoughts on “Felixinho straight from Enugu

  1. Wow. Naija players train 3 times a day and Kenyans only train once. And you wonder why they are better ?
    Hard work yields results people ?
    Interstingly, that was also the first observation of Blackberry Odhiambo when he went to Denmark. He said that Kenyans do not work as hard in training as do the Danes. Lets pull up our socks !

  2. @1 Joe Riaga I had the same reaction upon reading this article.

    This young man should not be left out. How I pray that we snap him up “at the twinkle of an eye”.

  3. Amazing! Kogalo is a great brand! I get the feeling we r destined for glory again. And this lad hs determination beyond belief. That’s the hunger we need at Gor. Let him be a lesson to all the players at the club. Management please sign him, he costs us nothing! Am certainly going to watch Kogalo training later today!

  4. Give this young man a chance he may be what we are looking for, and watch out other teams may snatch him, expecially batoto ba mungu or Afc leopards.

  5. That is the kind of player we need – someone who will go that extra mile to be included in the team … show great desire … I strongly believe that someone with that kind of desire to play for K’ogalo is better that some highly paid and highly skilled player whose heart is elsewhere …..
    Hope it works out for Felixinho and Gor

  6. I have just developed some interest in this oga guy…pliz Janabi Mahono and Ken Odhiambo, can u find some place for this lad who is a free agent? we lack depth in defense and so pliz just give this defender a chance hata kama ni one year contract or else Sofamiaw will reep where they never sown. I watched this guy jana at ESTADIA DE CITY and this young man has what it takes to play for Kogalo. just but a thot!

  7. What the guy is saying about training is true. The players in the West always seem to be much faster and look fit compared to their Kenyan counterparts. I have always wondered what they do differently. Awono must be aware of the same and so we can only trust him to make the right decisions as he is now head coach.

    The guy has a champions attitude, passion and energy and reminds me of Rigobert Song. Fighting all the way. Sign the guy now!

    Having looked at the new signings, i am convinced that Kogalo is now the team to beat. Congrats Bwana and co.



  9. Sign him very fast!!!!!!!Is that clear?God sent him,He knew Masika was going so he sent this guy.Don’t you find it strange that he came all the way from ENUGU?
    He is God sent!!!!!Again,please sign him now……

  10. Was just checking to confirm that the management has signed this passionate guy who could go such lengths just to play for the mighty k’ogallo. Awono and Ken what are you waiting for? This might be our earliest opportunity to perfectly fill the gap left by the ungreatful masika

  11. The 9ja dude has shown undoubted passion….for Gor Mahia……he deserves tha combat……welcome felixinho..na so na

  12. This interesting and next is a player travelling all the way from Brazil to come and play for GM interesting indeed. Long live Gor Long live the green movement

  13. For someone to pay his own air fare from Oga/Naija land to Kenya, train twice or three times a day and talk only positive things about a foreign club, tells you that Gor Mahia is a brand that sells itself.To the management: Please see to it that the young man is given a fair and equal chance during the trials cos we may just land the next Augustine Eugvone or Stephen Keshi. I am impressed by the lad’s attitude towards hard work which actually is the thin divide between success and failure. Our central Defence is thin in numbers and quality hence we must make sure that if Felixinho is quality then he is a well-come addition to the Green Army. Thank you.

  14. Na wa o.G Bwana sign dis dude now coz he has kogallo at heart and the passion too is there.mek no mistek abi dis dude go be aso rock for defence.we need am now.abeg this felixihno na ma guy.

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