9 Nov 11

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Newly elected Football Kenya Association (FKA) have protested over the appointment of Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier as one of the two Kenyan Premier League (KPL) representatives in the National Executive Committee (NEC). Rachier was appointed by the KPL alongside KCB chairman George Odhiambo but his appointment was rejected by FKA National Executive Committee.

In a letter to KPL CEO Jack Oguda, FKA chairman Nyamweya said: “I would like to inform you that NEC has rejected the nomination of Ambrose Rachier, chairman of Gor Mahia, as the second vice chairman, mainly because it is not in line with KPL’s policy of having the chairman of the champion team sitting in the FKA board.”

He also said the move amounts to conflict of interest as Rachier was a candidate for the position of chairman in the October 29 polls. “This move if left to stand, will start causing acrimony after we have had a very good start with KPL,” said Nyamweya, adding that Odhiambo’s nomination was undisputed. Rachier’s appointment was also contested by AFC Leopards chairman Alex Ole Magelo who said the due process was not followed.

Elsewhere, coast fans sighed with relief after relegation-threatened Bandari beat hosts Karuturi FC 1-0 to revive their survival hopes. Bandari is the only team still carry coast hopes after their neighbours Congo United were shown the door after succumbing to 0-4 to against AFC Leopards in Mumias. Newly elected FKA Mombasa sub-branch chairman Ali Hussein hailed Bandari feat away at Karuturi. “Their victory is the victory for all the coastal soccer fans as they are apparently the only hope for the region in Kenya Premier League (KPL),” said Hussein.

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  • Ja-Gem Achiel Kende says:

    KFA has done a commendable job by rejecting Gor Mahia chairman as appointee of KPL. This is a welcome move and KPL should also be investigated on how they run their affairs. Where in earth do you nominate an interested party that was floored in the last KFA election? I think the are very many competent Chairmen in the KPL that should have been considered.

  • Pundit says:

    Thank you Nyamwea for rejecting AR….i salute your bold and wise move.

  • Dan says:

    Not sure if this is the way to run football in Kenya. I think Nyamweya has not recognised that the way we do things in Kenya has changed. First of all the excitement of having a new team in office is not there. Is it because people’s expectations were not met? Even the corporates who sponsored the elections hoping to have a new beginning seem to have held back. Remember EABL was to sponsor the National team but so far looks that they are cautious in doing so. If Kibaki and Raila are in the same government what stops Rachier or even Hussein from working with Nyamweya. @Pundit don’t let your hatred of AR cloud your vision. Let’s have an all-inclusive team and stop this issue of winner-take-it all which has caused us major issues at the national level. As of now the discredited Oguda and his KPL are the only ones who seem to have gotten their act together. Just for the record I’m not vouching for AR as a person but against the issue of choosing ‘friendly’ people to work with. After all he was not representing GM or his person but KPL. What if Ole Magelo was chosen would it have been right? We all know the history of FIFA when it comes to credibility issues and this can easily be extended to FKA. After all we know from history that some of the office bearers are not as clean as cotton.

  • Pundit says:

    @Dan..thanks for your comments…but just for the records Nyamwea was not my prefered candidate but he was properly elected so we have no option than to support him…all members of FKA council were properly elected..so we fans and stakeholders must support them until next elections for the sake of our soccer.
    I am opposed to AR being the FKA vice chairman because there is controversy on how his name was floated, who elected him…you know it’s the KPL CEO…had he been elected by the entire KPL council then i’ll have backed him.
    Let him go and seek mandate from other chairmen of the FKL clubs in a popular vote!

  • Dan says:

    Thanks @Pundit. We have no option but to support the office but will the corporates do likewise? We need a sponsor for the league as the clubs also look for their own sponsorships.
    Not sure who submitted AR’s name but looks like that was not the reason for his rejection. I believe the same person(s) who submitted G. Odhiambo’s name are the same who submitted AR’s. Anyway that’s none of our business in GM since we have more urgent issues to resolve.
    On FKA ,small issues are already being raised. e.g was the national coach chosen on merit and was it a competitive process? Do we still need one who doubles as a club coach? Why not go the whole way like in UG and get a professional coach who is not affiliated to any club. We all know that in Kenya the coach draws most of his players either from his current club or even former club. If we increase the teams in KPL to 18 can some of them even survive ten matches before bancruptcy sets in. Congo united and Rangers are good examples. Having said all that let’s give the team the benefit of doubt but let me assure you that had we elected Hussein maybe the goodwill we would be experiencing now would be different. Have you noticed that the HS are not attracting any firms even as they approach a vwery important game. Or are they waiting to come out during the return leg as was the case for the game against Cranes. But that’s all now water under the bridge


    @ Dan if AR was wise enough and concentrated with GM affairs HUSSEIN could have beaten NYAMWEYA in the polls while KO’GALO would bag two trophies in its cabinat. Just add what the two guys gathered and you will realize that AR candidature did more damage and harm thus providing NYAMWEYA the victory.

    I have no personal hatred against AR but he needs to change his tact and re-strategise afresh by ensuring that GM moves to the next level since he is the true face of future FOOTBALL LEADERSHIP during post NYAMWEYA ERA.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    There goes Nyamweya showing very early signs of incompetence and dictatorial tendencies. AR for now represents a stakeholder in kenyan soccer (KPL), which currently runs the premier league. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Nyamweya should keep petty vendetta aside but then again AR you played a big role in putting this guy in office despite his track record showing that he was one of the worst candidates!!!

  • paul says:

    @Dan, I think KPL is subordinate to FKA.

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    Why do some of us want to insist that AR spoilt for Hussien. I think Hussein spoilt for AR. Had Hussein not contested AR would have won. Look at it from that angle as well. Otherwise I find that aurgument very weak. For God and my club Kogallo.

  • jb says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!rachier rejected really good set piece reject him more

  • Jagem Achiel Kende says:

    @Kosero, hahahahahaha sycophancy of the highest order. This kind of sycophancy is what is destroying GM. The emperor is naked and you insist that the emperor has dressed very well. AR got partly 333 votes while Hussein had over 1,100. Who spoilt for the other? AR was even defeated by Hattimy. What a joke of the year?
    Sam Nyamweya -1461
    Hussein Mohammed – 1183
    Mohammed Hattimy – 734
    Ambrose Rachier – 333

  • .. . Guys, let us come together and reason: AR having lost to Nyamweya, he allows his name to be forwarded to the same guy for approval as one of his vice! . . .in fact, AR should have rejected the offer immediately rather waiting for Nyamwea to humiliate him shamelessly in the public like he just did. I thought our own boy here AR was a barrister lakini he aint behaving and thinking as one! Lol . . . . Nyamwea can frustrate him further and it is not a secret anymore

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    @Jagem Achiel Kende, sorry educate me, what exactly does sycophancy mean. This word has been used by many bloggers to the point that it has lost its meaning. I beg to be educated on what exactly is sycophancy. Why don’t you blame Hattimy for spoiling for Hussein. Stop this cheap argument. In a contest, there is nothing like so and so spoilt for somebody. Nyamweya won squarely because Hussein targeted the wrong voters, but not because AR spoilt for him. As GM elections draw near, some of us on this blog with ambitions are still busy calling the likes of Kosero names instead of looking for votes where it matters. Once the results are out, they will be the first to complain that so and so rigged or so and so spoilt for their preferred candidate. For God and my club Kogallo.

  • Jarieko says:

    Typical mijinga africans. Instead of moving forward and looking for ways to make GM better they are engaged in petty and very unproductive ugali politics. Dudes, looks for ways to help your chairman and channel all this negative energy towards helping GM, morally or financially. To all those satirizing AR, ask yourselves where was GM 5-10 years ago? To all those supporting AR, ask yourselves, how can we help him steer the club towards greater heights of prosperity. It is embarrassing, to say the least, that you guys can sink this low. Very immature and primitive!!

  • OLELUM JAGUR says:

    Comandable,Let him rest in his law firm,Even his friend Zedi dint support him