Frank Nuttall: I am here to stay

Gor Mahia coach Frank Nuttall has rubbished rumours that he is intent on leaving the club. Nuttall, who is only holiday in Scotland dismissed such reports as falsehoods.

“I have been informed about various stories circulating in the media concerning my relationship with Gor Mahia including falsehoods and inaccuracies that may be attempts to discredit me and tarnish my good name,” said Nuttall according to the Standard.
Nuttall whose contract runs through 2016 thanked Gor Mahia fans for supporting him.
“Such stories are being monitored and those circulating such falsehoods and inaccurate information are advised to stop. Once again, I would like to thank the true fans of Gor Mahia for all their support and assure them that I have an existing contract until December 31, 2016 which I intend to honour.” he continued.
The report will come as good news to Kogalo fans who deem Nuttall as the single most important component of what has turned out to be a very successful season for Kogalo. But much to the chagrin of Gor Mahia fans, the club has been trying to get Nuttall to take a pay-cut.
A Gor Mahia official confirmed to the Standard that the club has been trying to get Nuttall to take a paycut.
“We cannot afford to pay him anymore. I am aware that a letter was supposed to be sent to the coach last week asking him to take a 50 per cent pay cut or forfeit his contract.We have an option in place and are just waiting to see how it goes with Nuttall”.
Nuttall is paid Ksh 650,000 per month and an additional ksh 600,000 per month for accommodation.
This will not sit well with fans. Rather than ask the coach to take a paycut, the club should be more aggresive in soliciting funds from fans. Moribund initiatives like the paybill number should be re-activated.

15 thoughts on “Frank Nuttall: I am here to stay

  1. We need to look for more ways of generating money for the club. But first we need to revive and make vibrant the current initiatives such as pay bill No.350100; Gor Mahia sacco; membership fee; Gate collections etc and last look for a sponsor

  2. When are we releasing our CAF list? Or do we wait till one minute after the deadline so as to pay the fine. Or are the rest of the EC waiting for the Chair to be done with his campaign?

  3. My take is simple, accommodation of kshs.600,000 per month means Nutall is being accommodated in a hotel.
    Why what happened to the Kidero’s apartment.

    Also let’s not castigate Olunga & Kagere for asking astronomical signing fees coz between you and me they are more aware of the financial capacity of Gor Mahia and maybe the money that is wasted by EC is more astronomical then the fees they are asking for. THE SIMPLE TRUTH IS THEIR PROBABLY HAVE MORE INSIDE INFO THAN EITHER YOU OR ME.

    Why should Nutall take a pay cut simply move sort out his accommodation have you’ll have enough cash let to pay our Legend JBO.

    GM despite all its successes is still being run very opaquely no transparency or accountability.

  4. I agree with the sentiments herein that Sir Nuttal deserves a pay rise. The amounts being paid for rent is simply due to inefficiencies within our bloated EC. Why not get a furnished apartment at say Hurlingham or Kilimani for 150k per Month and save the rest?

    I also take issue with some members of the EC who talk negatively about the technical bench and the players who are leaving. The chairman should reign on such reckless comments and streamline the communication channels.

  5. Gor zeroes on Rwandese marksman to replace Kagere. Meanwhile Kagere says that he is still a Gor player. TOTAL confusion but all the same let’s hope we have a formidable team in 2016

  6. Well, unfortunately gentlemen our fear has come to pass….Gor cannot raise s team to beat today’s deadline at midnight. We follow the same script each year. Our goose is cooked and ready to be served.

    1. What does raising team in this case mean? We only lost Timothy Otieno and probably Kagere , Aucho, Walu and Sibomona and Olunga. We still have the rest including the boys from the U19 team

  7. propagandists have come in handy with the intention of selling their minds to fans who orchestrate apathy to the truth.
    nuttal is leaving, nuttal is not leaving.
    kagere is leaving, kagere has only demanded higher fees.
    nuttal stays in an hotel, nuttal stays in kidero’s apartments.
    collins okoth has left, collins is at gor to stay.
    the office charged with dissipating the truth is reaping huge from inflated expenditure and misappropriated collections.
    fans have been deemed loyal to the extent of ingesting all news as the truth, eg “all the arrears have been settled”.
    hmmm… some brains were baked from an oven.

    1. Kogallo get ready to be fined for late player list presentation to CAF……..some dollars to be thrown to Cairo. Our own making, lets not blame any body.

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