28 Oct 15

A report from the Star newspaper indicates that Gor Mahia and Alpha Fine Foods have entered a business partnership.

The company’s business development manager Churchill Ouma yesterday told the Star that in the arrangement, they will manufacture Gor Mahia Tasty Sausages and give the club one per cent per kilogramme sold.

He said the company has the capacity to produce more than 50,000kg of sausages per day.

Addressing the press at Kenyatta Sports Ground in Kisumu town, Ouma said a kilogramme of sausages goes for Sh420.

The deal follows a similar deal that Gor Mahia signed with Good Bread last year and with Elliots Bread this year. The deal has yet to be formally announced by the club and detailsare difficult to come by

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  • bob says:

    Am beginning to get worried again, these so called SME are making huge profit at the expenses of GM,even though we appreciate every little effort being made and geared to helping GM financially. Does it mean we cannot get some ` MEGA PROJECTS` in this club?

  • jakoyo says:

    sausage ? a kilo costs 420 , so who is the target market ? The poor guy who cannot afford kshs 200 gate charges ?

  • moses says:

    The sausage came at a bad time when WHO is warning of relation btwn sausage and cancer

  • Meshack says:

    I have never seen the Gor Mahia bread since Good Bread contract was stopped.Who sells the Elliots and where?