Gor Mahia 2 Sofapaka 3

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Sofapaka edged out Gor Mahia 3-2 in a Kenyan Premier League match marred with chaos at Machakos Stadium on Sunday.

The win opens wide title chase as Batoto ba Mungu cement second position on 53 points and Gor Mahia remain at the top with 54 points. Sofapaka recovered quickly from an early own goal by Eugine Asike in second minute and were back in the match after 18 minutes thanks to a Fiston Rizak goal.

Rizak was picked out well by John Njoroge with a long cross and he simply chested the ball picked his spot to score the equaliser. The Burundian then scored his second in the 52nd minute out-jumping his markers to head home Enock Agwanda’s long throw in.

The Gor Mahia defenders will blame themselves for not stopping Razak, who had a clear free header to put his side ahead. It was a fast paced start for Gor Mahia. Godfrey Walusimbi attempted to pick out George Odhiambo but Eugine Asike was quick to stop the danger.

But instead of putting the ball out, Asike shot directly at his own net. Goalkeeper David Okello was in motion at the same time and his effort to clear the danger ended up in the net. Despite conceding the early goal, Sofapaka kept up the fight for an equaliser and were rewarded with three corners in a span of six minutes.

At the half hour mark George Odhiambo’s attempt to score was well blocked as Gor Mahia stepped up the search for a second goal. Then Godfrey Walusimbi’s shot at goal gave David Okello problems as the Sofapaka goalkeeper could not hold onto it and a waiting Dan Sserunkuma failed to take advantage of the opportunity.

Sserunkuma was a bit selfish with the ball. He should have played with Eric Ochieng instead of trying to go for goal. David Okello was cautioned by centre referee Nasor Doka for talking back at the match official.

In the second half, Sofapaka allowed Gor Mahia too much space into their half and could easily have been punished. Sofapaka however, were the more pressing side forcing two corners in a row even as Clifftone Miheso went in referees book for a foul play.

In 52nd minute, Enock Agwanda had a long throw in which found Fiston Razak waiting to head home and he did in spectacular style silencing the large number of

Anthony Ndolo scored the third in the 73rd minute before Geoffrey Kizito pulled one back

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  1. Shame on those who had Gor uniform molesting the Sofa goalie. Can’t we learn from what is happeningito ingwe? The league is still ours to lose and nothing warranted such behaviour. Yet just this week we were mocking ingwe. Remember what I said ‘ mwenzako akinyolewa tia chako maji’

  2. The boys played well against a well organized and in form sofapaka who are unbeaten in 8 games and are definitely candidates for the double !

    Thanks for defying the temptations of the hired goons and heeding to the call of unity even in defeat.

    I said this is a title decider and I wil not swallow my words !!!! whoever has won this game has one foot on the title. The ghosts of 2012, the day we all shed tears as ulinzi walked away with the title are yet to be fully exorcised. …..I just hope soon and not later we shall exorcise the demon.

    Once again, I remain as ” realistic” as ever.

    Have a ” realistic ” days bloggers.

  3. @Jakoyo, I am optimistic that we will win the league but we need the team of goons masquerading as stewards checked. If they don’t know soccer rules then they have no business being gor stewards. This is a good opportunity to sacrifice some of them forthe good of kenyan football and gor in particular.

  4. @ dan original, more goons are coming and more matches will be aborted as tusker and sofapaka climb the ladder !!!!!!! some people simply cannot rest until kogallo has been laid to rest !

  5. I wonder where these stewards were when ingwe was banned. Some ting cheats them that gor is untouchable. There are actually destroying the brand instead. Maybe this lose will be the beginning of rational thinking and managing expectations. I think the ref did a good job today only that emotions were too much on the gor fans and players

  6. Gor must play in empty stadiums for the remaining games. They must also be suspended from next years league and fined 500,000 just like Ingwe. Anything short of this will confirm to me that Jack Oguda and his technocrats at KPL are out to kill Ingwe and at the same time gift Gor with trophies at all costs

  7. I don’t think that Gor Mahia fans understand that football is about wining and losing. What type of clubs don’t lose? Hata Barceleona walichapwa jana. Any way, I think goons spoil our name, mix soccer and politics and destroy our image even to get sponsorship. I am so mad right now, not because we lost but because we behaved bad

  8. there is a big difference between what happened in today’s game and what happened between sofa and afc….use your brains ingo and figure that out….if you can!!!

  9. Dan and Oswozo….are you saying that it is OK to hit a player in the head but not a ref? If that’s the case, fans will just be targeting the opposing players and beating them up since the punishment will be minimum. At the end of the day, both players and refs must be protected from fans. Period!

  10. @ingo, see my comments about hooliganism above. In fact Gor should play the next two matches behind doors. It’s the only way the goons will know that they might havecaused their team to lose the title. I hope the CCTV in machakos will be used to identify these goons. I hope to hear that some are charged tomorrow in court and given like 3 year’s sentence

  11. ingo…your comment was not on hooliganism but on what action should be taken on Gor…and thats exactly what i was responding to….sure what happened to simple english….and sheer logic!!!

  12. I condemn the thuggery that was witnessed in Machakos. We need to accept the defeat and move on as any form of hooliganism does not augur well for the football in general and securing any sponsorship.

    Our players were down today with defense poorly manned. The left and right fullbacks as well as Shakava were down but let them pick up in the next game. We still have one point advantage.

  13. Oswozo, Based on the hooliganism exercised by Gor fans, the repercussions meted to the team (Gor) should be exactly the same as what Ingwe were subjected to. Anything short of that will be favoritism. That is what I said and that is what I’m saying. If you cannot understand my English, I will have to ask my friend Barefoot to translate it for you in Luo.

  14. @Ingo, the only difference is that the Gor game continued to the end and was not abandoned. That means that the hoolidanism was contained. Also mind you Ingwe was having suspended cases e.g the one for Thika and Muhoroni. All the same the condemnation of these Goons should be everyone’s right.
    @Mwakio, our defence was down and I have also noticed that of late Calabar has been complaining too much with the match officials. Looks like he is ‘slowing down’. Even us who are not players know the danger when Agwanda takes the throw-ins and this aerial balls are Jerry’s weakness since time immemorial. I saw Okello going for the aerial balls upto the 18 yard while Jerry waits, even the first goal I believe he should have warned Shakava that there was a player behind him; and where was Calabar?
    Anyway we were down and exposed yet the Sofa defence was not inpenetratable.
    Now we wait for KPL verdict though the game ended and we have no choice but to move on.

  15. @jakoyo, we still have one point advantage. We all have to raise our game against Muhoroni and Ushuru. If we can win these two games, we will be home and dry.

  16. unconfirmed news from Machakos: gor fans on the rampage have burnt a motorbike, a BMW and one person killed afer loss to Sofa. Cells are full of suspects and GSU on red alert

  17. Dan, if the argument is that Gors game went on to completion unlike Ingwe’s, then what you will see going forward is that when a player is touched by a fan, he will basically lay down and the team will say that they can not continue with play and demand to be awarded the game. If we want the games to continue to the end, then Gor must face the same consequences as Ingwe.

  18. @ Mwakio. P , kogallo players are beginning to panic, MUHORONI game will not be easy and so is Ushuru ……it’s called stage fright !!!!!!

  19. Jakoyo stop intimidating our players. Kogalo will rise from today’s poor show to win the next two games. I do agree Jerry should have shouted at Shakava informing him of the player behind him…and Calabar is complaining too much and losing focus on the most important task. Bad day in office but champions rise from such and go on to win again. If sofapaka was that good they would have been ahead of us on the table.

  20. @jakoyo go and support Sofapaka as you are thinking otherwise. Are you really a Gor Mahia fan? You look like more of an impostor than Gor Mahia fan.

    On rampage, what for and for what purpose? Where are law enforcement agents? Arrest them and take them to court tomorrow morning. These thugs should be banished from attending matches in stadium as they have no place in modern football. These are thugs and criminals. But not Gor Mahia fans.

    This just confirms what jamigori alluded to yesterday. We have to play our roles in policing and have all trouble makers arrested and jailed.

  21. @Ingo, why should Gor get the same punishment as Ingwe for different crimes? Why can’t Gor get a more severe punishment if that will make you happy? Remember you have had cases against SONY, Muhoroni and Thika. When did Gor have a case?
    @Jakoyo, there is no stage fright. Some of these players have played greater games and I believe last year was tougher since we wanted to win after 18 years. This one is just a repeat of last year’s win. Let’s not put pressure on the boys with the GIniwasekao, Giniwaseretain talk. Humbleness will get us places

  22. What does Jakoyo stand to gain by always predicting doom for the selfless, dedicated Gor Mahia players.

    It is true that for once Shakava was not at his best, but that is all water under the bridge. I am keen to watch how Frank Nuttal will react to his first defeat.

    On the match against Muhoroni, I appeal to EC not to airlift the boys to Kisumu. If at all they must be airlifted then let that be done at least two days earlier so that they can shake off the jet lag.

    It is sad to notice that Ingo has emerged from hiding to come and dance on Gor Mahia’s grave. A little strange.

  23. It is very unfortunate that all fingers are pointed at fans, yet none at the rogue police who get excited throwing teargas. After coinciding the third goal, teargas started from off the terraces ant the cops proceeded to throwing the teargas canisters the fans on the terraces causing unnecessary runs. We may be having a bad name but I think police are trained on crowd management and not profiling fans.Also the sale of alcohol in the stadium should be banned and Tusker (EABL. The stadium was yesterday turned to bars creating unnecessary excitement to walevi branch members.

  24. @ingo, we would like you to take revenge on Sofapaka. that’s the only way you can start the healing process.

    and for Tusker, you cannot sponsor a league and fail to win it. Please ensure you win our remaining matches including Sofapaka

  25. Sofapaka were the better side,we lost concentration and we were also outdone in the midfield.We are still very much in the title race,but have to win all our remaining games.lets give credit to sofapaka,thats what football is all about.
    About the goons its rather unfortunate that they still exist,it was pathetic watching that guy run into the pitch and hitting sofapaka keeper on the head.those kind of scenes are not good,i hope the guy can be identified and action taken accordingly.

  26. I wish Emuge was fully fit since it’s time Calabar and Shakava rested abit. These two guys have been on the team in every match gor has played. Our lack of bench power is laso doing us in. Without Timothy we lack the offensive punch that he brings. Eric, his sub is defensive minded. I also wish Wiper was fit to give the options upfront. The mathematics still favour us but that is as far as things are. It also favoured us in 2013. I believe the loss was a wake-up call and we will rise from it. On another note as fans we also put alot of pressure on the players that at times they tend not to perform and theat’s what the opposition uses against us

  27. I am opportunistic that Kogallo will retain this title in Kisumu this coming Saturday. The party is still on, it has only been delayed. Let us keep our eyes on the ball.
    In Machakos, the boys were a bit sluggish. The fire power that they have exhibited in the previous matches was completely lacking. It was just a bad day in office. Let us take it in stride. There is no point of turning to violence. We lost 3 vital point, some of us resorted to throwing stones at the police and damaging property belong to innocent people, but the results have not changed. However much we fight, the results shall not change. Why then do we resort to violence. What do we want to achieve? It beats my understanding.
    I am not worried about nothing but retaining the TPL 2014 title. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  28. Brothers and sisters ALBERT KOSERO uv made my day i cant add more than that.4days to go pap let plays move to kisumu early enough coz hot weather there not going to be easy on us training grounds should not be used us excuse TB.AMEN

  29. As we move to Kisumu let’s be open that we might play the remaining games without fans. The fact that we didn’t learn when ingwe was banned is just too bad. For such fans their ‘love’ for gor might end up being very negative to our title push not forgetting a sponsorship deal and the future of the club in general.
    The fact that Ingwe was banned means there will be alot of presure for the same punishment to be meted to Gor despite the crime.
    Maybe us winning the trophy minus the fans would be another bitter lesson to us

  30. Apart from the Ugandan duo of Walusimbi and Kizito who showed professionalism most of the gor players are just ‘children in character’. Gor will probably beat Ushuru and the other team but when it comes to beating sides that want to play real total football, this team remains fake.

  31. @dinga, kuwa mpole. Isn’t it this very team that you claim plays real total football that Gor beat in the first leg. Ama in the first leg they forgot to apply it. Ball hudunda chali yangu. Sofapaka were just better prepared and determined that Kogallo in yesterdays game. That does not mean that Gor is fake.

    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  32. @Dinga, is a typical gor fan. a sore loser. He should instead be motivating the team instead of blasting them.We were poor yesterday and lost but the league is a marathon and is not measured by beating the teams that play real total football but by collecting the most points.

  33. I also strongly condemn hooliganism, it is sad that the hooligans will never learn n honestly Kenya’s 2 largest clubs have contributed to the dwindling standards of the game n repeatedly shaming the nation with their unnatural behaviour.
    They discourage any potential sponsors n keep off many would be fans,
    That gor steward who kicked Sofa’s goalie while on the ground should be handed over to the police by Gor’s EC. And Gor Mahia should be punished severely.

  34. as for what i saw at the stadium on TV, there was no hooliganism, that issue of the goalie is being thrown out of propotion, and i dont understand how efusi issue feature here, we are miles apart and as different as oil and water. now, that was just a bad day in office, nutall was beaten pants down by conceding very “silly” goals. but all said and done, we have more advantage than tusker and sofapaka combined. it was truly evident that sofapaka are an out and out professional out-fit, so are tusker. for us to be competing for the title with them in itself is a statement and a victory wether we win the title or not. tusker must win all there games so must sofapaka and they will play each other. so, the first scenario is either GOR wins it or sofapaka wins it. second scenario is either GOR wins it or tusker wins it on goal difference. there is no other scenario as in either tusker win or sofapaka. kogalo must be in the picture in either scenario, thats why i am not so alarmed.but we need to take @jakoyo seriously, he “might” be having a point. lakini players walijaribu kabisa.


    Thanks Sofapaka a.k.a “Batoto ba Mungu” for your determination to win against K’ogalo and thus opening up the title race. But we are just a point off the hook which is still an advantage as long as we can “WIN” all the remaining fixtures though GOD willing.

    @ jakoyo’s “REALISTIC” assessment and one “MILLION” question is can Gor Mahia absorb the pressure and win against Muhoroni and KRA with the title at stake? Although i remain OPTIMISTIC” that it is possible “OUR” historical analysis is a remains a different story.

    In 2011 Ulinzi had the “ONE” point cushion against GOR. Two trophies were availed at AFRAHA and TOK K’OMWANDA. Ulinzi won against Karuturi and “we” drew with City Stars. Game shot Kikombe gone.

    In 2012 Gor had one point cushion against TUSKER and we blew it at TOK K’OMWANDA while TUSKER laughed all the way at Hope Centre. Thika new how to spoil the party and we cracked.


    Have an “OPTIMISTIC DAY” since we are leading though narrowly.

  36. I remain optimistic, congrats boys!you gave it the best that you could, only that results didn’t go our way.
    Jamaneni tuwache kulialia, Let us keep encouraging these boys and hope for a better performance in our next match.

  37. How did even the guy reach the goalkeeper and what were the stewards doing?its embarrassing and this guy should be arrested. I condemn this act with strongest possible.

  38. difficult times lie ahead IN THE TWO MATCHES. you need to find old Gor MAHIAN who have seen it all and can stomach ANY RESULT. I am beginning to ask myself how did we get here. TOP FRY are still frying us even though they have left the league.

    I leave it to jesus

  39. Lightning rarely strikes the same place twice. We lost (No, we never lost because we didn’t have it in 2010 and 2012) but who says the other teams cannot lose it that way? The thing is to remain optimistic and pray that all goes well. What happened in 2013 was a good lesson to both fans and players, including the EC AND TB. Losing to Top Fry is not a measure of a team’s strength.

  40. i dont condone hooliganism, but its people like @ingo who literaly provokes us to such acts. if anybody has ever cared to notice, kogallo matches attracts attention even of non-stake holders whos only take in the match is to see gor losing and telling the fans the same, never mind that the said fans witnessed the losing either live at the stadium or on tv, its normally like adding salt to wounds, what do they expect? what makes me extremely proud is that people cant have such a passionate dislike for non-entities, therefore these are people who envy us and our style (swagga bala) big time thus the only option they have is to make us feel under. the efusi of the world cant just believe that we are up there with the big boys, to them its like a dream. my advice to them and like minded losers is, watch these space, two matches from now, the probability of us winning the title is 2 to 3 while the competitors probability is 1 to 3. ngoja tu

  41. truth be said, colorbar thinks he is more important than the rest of the players. jerim is off colour, shakava have played so many matches, Eric lerthergic,so may be a quator of team was playing yesterday. and for goons, if only five of them can be caught, then short dead on day broad light. then nothing would change. they irritate me a lot. too thick to realize the problem they putting the club into. they are disgrace. kumanina zao

  42. WHAT? 10 MILLION? Machakos government have banned Gor Mahia from playing in machakos and a fine of 10 million. It sounds so funny to me and I think some people think Gor is a bank. STUPIDITY

  43. Bottom line is the defence let the team down completely. Those were easy goals we should not have conceded. People must realise big money buys big players. Look at Real Madrid, Chelsea and TP Mazembe it all about the Benjamins good people. Truth be told Tusker, Sofapaka and Afc have better teams than we do but despite this our team has done more than expected and its Gods grace.Its by Gods grace we are here at this point in time though i must say i was disappointed but not surprised coz it was either a win, draw or lose. Natull has so far done a good job with the team despite the kind of quality we have in the team. I still believe by Gods grace we shall retain the league and those celebrating our loss will be dissappointed. Then again without without the big money shall we be able to attract quality players like Walusimbi?

  44. Headline from the Star

    Gor Mahia fans rioted in Machakos on Sunday following the team’s defeat by Sofapaka at Kenyatta stadium. Machakos County Deputy Police Commander, Joshua Ole Leina condemned the incident noting that the riots usually lead to many casualties and the destruction of private property. “I urge Gor Mahia fans to have sportsmanship, to accept defeat and celebrate wins,” Ole Leina told the press on Monday morning. Ole Leina said trouble began at around 5.40pm when Sofapaka’s Tony Ndolo scored the teams winning goal, in the game that ended with a 3-2 score. The game had already been stopped twice. He said the chaos by Gor Mahia fans forced administration police to throw tear gas canisters into the stadium, worsening the situation. “It was at this point that the Gor Mahia fans set fire to a boda boda that was parked outside the stadium. In retaliation, a Nissan Wing road suspected to belong to Gor Mahia fans was set on fire,” Ole Leina said. He said that investigations into the riot are still underway but that no one has been arrested since no resident has reported loss or damage of property. Businesses opposite the stadium remained closed as police tried to contain the rowdy fans. The chaos also led to a traffic snarl up since routes to Machakos town were inaccessible. A spot check by KNA early Monday morning revealed that some of the damaged vehicles, including a Pajero and a Minibus allegedly belonging to Gor Mahia fans, had not been removed from the scene. Machakos residents who spoke to KNA were irked by the riot, many suggesting that the games be banned from the stadium. “We Machakos residents are a peaceful people and if Gor Mahia fans cannot behave, we urge the county government to ban the sport completely,” one resident said. The incident was the week’s second one, following a similar occurrence on October 20 after the GOtv Shield semi-final match between Sofapaka and AFC Leopards at City stadium, Nairobi. A section of AFC fans hurled stones and other objects onto the pitch after Ndolo scored Sofapaka’s second goal at the 86th minute. Police dispersed the protesting fans using tear gas canisters but they did were not deterred even after the players left the pitch. The officers resorted to firing shots in the air. A number of people, including the game’s referee and journalists, sustained injuries and were taken to an ambulance for first aid amid escalating mayhem. – See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-190161/gor-mahia-fans-riot-machakos-burn-cars-loot-shops-after-sofapaka-win#sthash.U1GFKaxe.dpuf

  45. Machakos County demands K’Ogalo to pay an estimated Sh10 million as compensation of destroyed County Government and Private property

    Machakos County government has banned Gor Mahia from playing at Machakos Stadium.

    A statement obtained by Goal signed by governor Alfred Mutua states in part, “Gor Mahia is an amazing football club. However, the violent behaviour of its fans during and after Sunday’s match against Sofapaka in Machakos was despicable and unacceptable.

    “The people of Machakos are peace loving people and love happiness, good things and development but abhor violence.

    “As a preventive measure and so as to ensure no one is injured or killed after a Gor Mahia or any other football match in Machakos, the County Government of Machakos has banned Gor Mahia team from playing in Machakos County Stadium until further notice.

    “In addition, the County is invoicing Gor Mahia football team for an estimated Sh10 million as compensation of destroyed County Government and Private property.

    “In the meantime, police are studying CCTV footage and will be instituting cases against individual rowdy and violent Gor Mahia fans who caused mayhem in Machakos.”

    Mutua’s statement comes barely hours after Goal exclusively reported that K’Ogalo will also be fined Sh500, 000 by Football Kenya Federation and will be forced to play in empty stadia for remaining matches.

  46. bullshit! do they expect kogalo to police for them there county? upuzi mtupu, kogalo was not even the home, why should i who was watching the match in nakuru on tv pay for a sin committed by an individual in the streets of masaku, toa hiyo

  47. What happened in Machakos seemed to have been planned as some bloggers alleged. From where i sat, i don’t think the violence was instigated or started by our fans. There was a group behind the terraces who started it all and were working together with the police in this.

    The other day i saw Jerry give a Mathare player a free ball to score and i also thought he never tried anything with the second goal yesterday. Agwanda threw the ball but our keeper who knew what to expect never moved at all. I saw a level of shakiness that can only come with guilt. Is there something going on Jerry?

    The heavy penalties and fines are okay but in truth, whoever plans these kind of things knows how our fans think and behave. They even made sure drink was easily available before they made the move. We are playing in empty stadia and have to give all the prize money to Machakos should we win.

  48. @The Villager, as much as we point a finger at other forces we are also no blameless. Who sent those goons to go and molest the Sofa keeper? Some people in the process of helping the team do more damage to it. Do not worry about the fine to the County. The will have to go trough a judicial process to prove thatthe damage was done by Gor fans. Only KPL, FKF, the judiciary and the National Govt can hold us at ransom. The County will have to prove that the gor fans did the damage as well as provide the suspects in court.
    All the same maybe this is a good lesson for us. Like I sad before the pot most likely breaks at the doorstep though all is not lost. Jus like Ingwe maybe wecan do better without the fans. Luckily enough the teams we are remaining with are beatable though there is no guarantee. the other conslation is that the worst we can be is No. 3

  49. From Kamau Wa Mwithiga

    Unless a Gor Mahia player or official was fighting in the field, Gov. Mutua will not be able to collect from the club because there are penal codes for dealing with destruction of public property and other related crimes. You cannot be held responsible for a crime committed by another when you have no custodial control over them. Here, Gor Mahia did not have custodial control over the fans and therefore its up to the law to take its course on an individual basis.

  50. I do not condone hooliganism but these measures being taken by FKF will not help a thing.

    Banning fans or even fines will not work.
    All football stalkeholders have a responsibility of managing fans but the greatest responsibility lies with the federation in conjuction with the government, and more so goons.
    There is no single club in this country that has the machinery to deal with goons or criminals.

    Football is today attracting huge crowds and the only thing that is lacking is how to manage these crowds.
    I want to remind fkf that some of these goons are not football fans but criminals who get an opportuinity to commit crime.

    FKF should therefore partner with the government and come up with systems that would help manage the huge crowds knowing very well that criminals could be in their midst.
    If this can not be done then we should try doing football without fans.

  51. As much as we may still win the league, the damage has been done i.e. the Gor brand has been soiled, I wonder which sponsor will come aboard given the hooliganism witnessed jana.

  52. As usual n jus like AFC officials Gor EC will bury theirr heads in the sand n wait 4 sometime n life will go until the next incident.

  53. We lost on the field fair & square.
    Lit ndii but it happens.
    The sad truth and I say it without battering an eyelid is that hooliganism in Kenya football is stage managed.
    What was so difficult about arresting the goon who attacked the Sofapaka GK if he was truly a security threat. The stewards simply shoved him aside when they could have apprehended him. He was clearly outnumbered or was he a sofapaka mole.
    Now unless rules have changed SP as the home team was responsible for the security.
    It was predicted in this very site that this incident would take place and it came to pass.
    Bill Wabz @ 61 is right Afrosinema continues ooh!
    Its been the norm for years, GM matches are a opportunity for bhang smoking and alcohol binges so what do you expect.
    Lastly without taking anything away from Nutall, this Timbe guy has proved that African (non Kenyan) coaches have some pedigree. This and the Kenya Power Charity Shield matches are evidence enough.

  54. @Oduor12 let me dissappoint u. Nutall is a better coach than Timbe taking into consideration the quality of players Sofapaka has compared to Gor mahia. If u were to calculate the value of Sofapaka players in terms of monetary value and those of Gor you will be shocked. Gor did not have money to buy quality players mid season compared to Sofapaka but despite this the previous and current coach have worked with they have. It has just been sheer determination and a supportive fan base topped by Gods grace.
    On hooliganism let me say this and i have said it previously what is killing Kenya soccer is impunity. Who allows sale of alcohol and smoking in the stadia; is it club officials, stewards, stadium mgt, security personnel, probably FKF, KPL out to make quick buck? Its really a great concern which must be addressed urgently. Drunkards hurl abuses, giving threats left right and center. FKF must take action on clubs allowing sale of alcohol and bhang smoking in the stadia.

  55. @ Voltage like I said “without taking away anything from Nutall” but you may want to reassess the immediate former coach. My belief is that if he’d stuck around GM would be out of reckoning for the title by now.
    You’ve compared the value of players @ GM & SP. What of the that of GM & Nakuru fried Chicken & Chips/FC 105.
    Hope in the final analysis we won’t rue that lost game.
    Finally with all the financial woes @ GM nobody can wish we r denied home matches gate revenue needed 2 pay players.

  56. @ODUOR12 the league is a marathon and the small teams will always pull a surprise. In almost all leagues even the relegated teams will have won a game, maybe against the champions. What counts is the consistency of a team and I think we have been consistent and that’s why we are where we are.

  57. meanwhile sofapaka have grown cold feet,they want their AFC game transfered from mumias to Nairobi,they are citing insecurity.

  58. Believe it or not, the leading scorer for Gor Mahia, Dan Sserunkuma is the main problem in Gor Mahia. The player does not pass the ball even if a fellow player is in better position to score. He always wants to force his way through defences and many defenders now know him. I believe even if he remains in Gor next season he will never perform. Blackberry also dribbles too much. Why not pass the ball to a colleague and look for space so that the movement is not slowed down. Walusimbi is a midfielder. What is he doing looking for goals? He should be a provider to the strikers. He should not hold on to the ball too much. Gor should work on their passes because most of their passes do not reach their destinations which is worring for a to club like Gor. Oluoch and Erick Ochieng in the midfield, terrible. New signings next season please.

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