26 Apr 15

Gor Mahia returned to their winning ways when they beat Ushuru 2-0 at Nyayo stadium. And the win came against the backdrop of players staging a go-slow to demand payment of salary and bonus arrears. Players had initially staged a sit-in and it was not clear whether they whether they would eventually take to the field.

But when Gor Mahia eventually took to the field, they immediately took command of the game. Barely a minute into the game, Michael Olunga met a cross from Meddie Kagere but his header crashed against the post with the Ushuru goalkeeper Samuel Odhiambo left hapless.

In the 6th minute, Geoffrey Walusimbi picked up a pass from Ali Abondo. But his effort was foiled by Richard Mboyi. The Ushuru custodian was kept busy having to pull off saves from Sibomana and Meddie Kagere.

But the deadlock was finally broken in the 31st minute when Michael Olunga intercepted a pass from David Otieno. The latter was attempting to pass the ball back to his goalkeeper. But he mistimed his pass. Olunga pounced and scored. Gor Mahia went into the breather leading 1-0.

When the second half started, Gor Mahia picked up where they left off. The duo of Kagere and Olunga combined once again resulting in Olunga setting up Kagere to score the second goal in the 46th minute.

With Gor Mahia taking a 2-0 lead, Ushuru started make desperate attempts to come back into the game. Ushuru’s best attempt came in the 70th minute when Hussein Mohamed sent a fierce shot towards the Gor Mahia goal. Boniface Oluoch was forced to dive and parry the shot.

Ushuru continued to pile the pressure and Collins Okoth “Gattusso” was cautioned by the referee for a rough tackle. Second half sub, Evans Kiwanuka gave Gor Mahia some fearful moments. First he hit the crossbar with a fierce header then minutes later he forced Boniface Oluoch into yet another save.

Gor Mahia were able to maintain a clean sheet in large part due to Boniface Oluoch’s heroics.

Starting Line-up: Bonface Oluoch – Musa Mohammed – Karim Nizigiyimana – Abouba Sibomana – Harun Shakava – Ali Abondo – Meddie Kagere – Collins Okoth – Michael Olunga (Innocent Wafula 87’)- Khalid Aucho (Eric Ochieng 90’) – Godfrey Walusimbi

Unused Subs: Jerim Onyango – Ronald Otieno – Bernard Odhiambo- -Ernest Wendo – Timothy Otieno

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  • omondii@gmail.com says:

    Good game. Let’s sacrifice for these committed players.

  • Gichy says:

    That was a good game!

  • Joe Riaga says:

    Where is Blackberry?

  • agrippa says:

    Hi, is Anelkas number 0716 373503 and are we still on regarding motivation fund. I have to put my money once again where my mouth is. This team itamake sure giniwakano.

    • oswozo moziek says:

      to be honest the team is playing well.all we need to do is motivate the boys further and am sure they wont disappoint!!

  • owenga wuod nyasakwa says:

    mitnaa wat the boys are doing ….kudos

  • YAMO YUOR MON says:

    GOR OCHIEK.gini wasekano.

  • Dan Original says:

    Apart from @agrippa the rest are doing what ee do day in day out. Praising the team whenever they win but we need to go further than that by rewarding them financially for their efforts , buying the Gor bread as well paying their dues on time. We must all be ready to sacrifice for the team

    • oswozo moziek says:

      well @dan original i have no apologies to make for praising the team for winning..i will always give credit where its due…regardless of what anyone says or thinks!!!

      • Mwakio P says:

        On behalf of the Coast fans, I would like to congratulate the team for having beaten Ushuru and in this regard I return glory and honour to the Almighty God.

        @Dan Original, there is nothing wrong with fans and bloggers praising the team for splendid performance. We are all willing to support the team financially, physically, morally, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, etc.

        But the EC must wake up and think outside the box. The Sports Bill is now very clear on how football clubs can be run and operated. We as Gor Mahia should strive to comply with its requirements. The Sports Bill will sort the madness and bloated office we are currently having in Gor Mahia. Where I blame the entire officials (EC) is they blatant refusal to take advantage of the goodwill the club is enjoying with fans by initiating financial sustainable models. I would just like to pick three proposal for transformation steps needed by the club:-

        1. Transformation of the club into a professional outfit and limited liability company that can do business with many subsidiaries to generate income to the club.

        2. Sale of club branded merchandise.
        This is really a low hanging fruit for the club with just an estimated fan base of 20,000 of which each fan annually buying two sets of both green and white replica jerseys. Gor Mahia can become money minting business and this will sort out problems with paying players salaries and wages.
        For example if the club can set both whole sale and retail selling prices per jersey at fixed rate of Kshs.1,200 and Kshs.1,800 per units respectively. Depending with the models adopted either wholesale or retail on assumption that each fan procures two jerseys annually of both green and white sets that means we can sell 40,000 units of both colours (20,000 green and 20,000 while). In this regard we can raise between Kshs.48 million from wholesale sales and Kshs.72 million from retail sales. Absolutely, this is gold mine from only sales of replica jerseys alone excluding other merchandises.

        What is really EC fearing from exploring these avenues with only replica jerseys? Unless some officials have conflicts of interest regarding this matter of sales. This activity need to be looked at for sustainable financing model of the club.

        Other branded merchandises that can be considered are:-
        – polo replica jerseys,
        – caps,
        – cups,
        – track suits,
        – towels,
        – pens,
        – jackets,
        – watches,
        – mobile phone covers,
        – stickers,
        – bags,
        – porches for school going kids,
        – scarves,
        – tyre or spare wheel cover, etc.

        Meanwhile the recently signed agreement with the loaf manufacturer is one of the models that can thrive and see the club move to greater heights but EC must do more to embrace all these good proposals.

        3. Restructuring of Gor Mahia with fully employed personnel at the holding company or secretariat
        EC must come up with governance structure and transparency blue print to build confidence of fans, investors, sponsors and other stakeholders. In this regard, a transformed Gor Mahia must have the following governance levels:-

        – Board of Directors
        – Secretariat headed Chief Executive Officer supported by Finance, Strategy and Commercial Director, Marketing Director, Membership & Facilities Director, Internal Auditor and Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Director. All these secretariat staffs must have Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at the end of the year that must be achieved as driven by the strategic plan developed by the board of directors.
        – Forums of fans engagement that can be once monthly for fans to own and subscribe to the ideals and objectives of the club.

  • Jakoyo says:

    40 points to go !!!

    • fred odhiambo says:

      i agree with Oswozo and Mwakio.We are we supposed to do when the team wins?condemn them?its only natural that when someone does well he or she is commended.
      plus both these bloggers have also talked about helping out the team.Do people here actually read and understand what others blog before responding?I?

  • Eric from Juba says:

    A good game and we thank the boys and the Almighty for the win!

    Kutoka Juba, ukingoni mwa Mto Nile, pongezi tele kwa timu kubwa!

    In triumph and glory, in defeat and agony K’OGALO FOR EVER !!

  • Dan Original says:

    Guys, nothing wrong with praising the team. I also do likewise but I then remember that the boys are hurting. Again on saturday we go and expect another victory against Ulinzi yet today the players are still crying. Even the camel’s back gets broken. Can we have Anelka’s initiative to be a continuous thing now that we don’t trudt the EC?

  • waziri says:

    surely, the amount that was collected 1.4m btw sofapaka vs Gor iko wapi if players wanasema hawajalipwa? this is serious!!! smthing is amiss gentlemen.

  • Baba Travis says:

    I am happy with the brand of our football.Yesterday I saw a buildup that involved seven players completing 14 passes before an ushuru broke it.Am amazed by the commitment of these boys plus the TB.Am told that’s the kind of magical football Kogalo was known for in the eighties.Keep it up boys.Folks, have you realized how fast and seamlessly Kagere and Olunga have settled in?It reminds me of Rama and Sere of 2012 save for virtuoso displays and the stamina of the latter.I have just had a peep at the top scorer’s chart and we have 3 players in there.EC the ball is in your court.Where can I buy Gor Mahia bread? Any idea?

  • Mwakio P says:

    The news below has been reported by Goal link is: http://www.goal.com/en-ke/news/4522/kenya/2015/04/27/11184212/gor-mahia-players-crying-foul-over-unpaid-dues?ICID=SP

    We have a big problem too just like Ingwe…..something is terribly wrong with our Executive Committee under the leadership of Ambrose Rachier. We need to brainstorm on the way forward and come up short-medium-long term strategies.

    Gor Mahia players crying foul over unpaid dues
    Goal understands players’ morale in K’Ogalo camp is low as they ponder for ‘next move’ to force management clear outstanding salaries and bonuses

    Morale is low at Gor Mahia camp despite a 2-0 victory against Ushuru FC on Sunday in a Kenyan Premier League fixture played at Nyayo Stadium.

    K’ogalo players had only trained for a day in the whole week, as a result of a go-slow demonstrating to the management over unpaid allowances and salaries. A source from the camp told Goal that the players are pondering their next move in order to force management to sort them.

    “Motivation in the camp is low; players are not comfortable with what is happening. Actually we had trained only once last week before the match against Ushuru. It is heartbreaking to us that we are still struggling to make our ends meet.

    “On Sunday we did not receive even a single penny, we just finished the match and headed our different destinations, and today nobody has turned up for training because we were given an off-day. All in all, if the management will not pay us, we will just sit at home.

    “It is unfortunate but we believe money is not used properly. Somebody somewhere is misappropriating our funds. Two home matches, or three depending with the turnout, are enough to settle our salaries, where do these monies go? Is our wage bill that big?

    “It beats logic that we can collect close to three million or even more in two matches but still not paid, it just means we are not given first priority. If they do not pay us this week, we might not turn-up for our next match. This is not an empty threat.”

    • ODUOR12 says:

      I cry for these players. I had expected them to “lose” against Ushuru but nay to them Gor Mahia is greater than their problems. They and the TB are TRUE HEROES.
      Dan Original we have rejected the humming bird theory in toto.
      Has Rachier & EC gone even a month without pay?
      If not then why should our beloved players not be paid on time?
      What did the Sofapaka money do? Where is it go?
      We are getting kshs.130,000 per day from Gor Bread, Where is that money going?
      Why can’t the EC ask for an advance/overdraft and sort out the players/TBs salaries and allowance.
      I have cried from the rooftops that the 2015 wage bill is the only hurdle between GMFC and all local titles.
      Hope the Gor Bread is for GMFC and not a means to fund 2017 political aspirants. Gor forbid but I have said it, this is Kenya and anything is possible.

      • ODUOR12 says:

        Correction- Not Gor (but maybe the spirit of Gor Mahia can be invoked) but God forbid but I have said it, this is Kenya and anything is possible.

  • sylvaonyi says:

    Good football, poor man agent. These players are heroes coz they win games against all odds unlike ingwe.

  • Andre ocool says:

    The bread sells at Ksh 50 almost everywhere instead of the previously quoted Ksh 38, I think the company should look unto that before more harm/loss occurs.
    It seems everyone is working hard towards helping the kogallo except the EC. They are yet to prove their worth i.e paying the ever hard working players their salaries and allowances IN time. #gorochiek

  • Andre ocool says:

    ….. and by the way, I have never bought a Gor Mahia merchandise despite my support for the club, I just do not feel comfortable on the fake ones I see on the streets. Could the merchandise be taken more seriously, especially in other places like Coast? My membership and Sacco contribution is ever ready, as well as the ones for the motivational kitty, anyone ready to collect them in a transparent way?

  • Blogger says:

    wapi sacco??. I will never ever donate money again because the EC is getting used to it. It has become like their comfort zone. Sacco pekee. Congrats to the players. I expected them to loose