Gor Mahia and Thika United draw

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The midweek Milk Derby between Gor Mahia and Thika United at the MISC Kasarani has ended in a barren draw leaving Thika United three points clear at the top of the league standings.

The hosts Gor Mahia have however dominated possession for the better part of the first half managing to contain their opponents Thika United into their own half.
Thika under pressure
Thika United strikers have also faded from action apart from David Kingatua who has been overly active managing to penetrated their opponents defence through his electric pace.
Moses Odhiambo has however managed to steer the Gor Mahia midfield to action and enjoyed the first attempt on goal in the 20th minute from a fine exchange Anthony Akumu and Edwin Lavatsa but Indeche punched it back to play.
K’ogalo then piled pressure onto Thika and came close again with another run this time from Edwin lavatsa but a weak through ball from Anthony Akumu was easy pickings for Indeche in the Thika goal.
Two bookings
Both teams received a yellow card each with Kingatua getting his in the 31st minute after fouling Moses Odhiambo and Gor’s right back David Otieno in the dying minutes of the firs half for fouling Dennis Odhiambo.

18 thoughts on “Gor Mahia and Thika United draw

  1. Encouraging results. Though Thika United of late seems more vulnerable at their backyard than away to GM.

  2. The positive news is that we can now dominate a match unlike before. We can now pin a team that is full of youth and has played together for quite long. Not bad. Thika is not just any other team and that result is commendable considering the circumstances we are emerging from. One game at a time and we match on.

  3. can some one bring in contact with the president of GOR MAHIA

    i live in netherlands i want to help the club

    need his phone number

  4. @Jakoyo, the answer to your concern lies in the midfield. That midfield has just undergone some changes. The team took a break while other teams were preparing. That foreign coach whom you have every right to ask for has been around with us since February. Do you remember seeing him in Egypt against ENPPI? He was there. He has been away for only a couple of weeks. What I am saying is: if it is a foreign coach, then we have heard one. Good man, the answer does not lie in a coach’s foreignness. The answer is with our boys and Sir Bobby. Let us give him a chance. I believe he is in need of those many shots on target as we are….and he is in a position to do something about it…and trust me, give him a couple of matches and he shall surely do something about it.

  5. Good game i must say. Indeed Owino is top class material. Wish we had a player of Kahatas class a good player in the wrong team. our midfield is still leaking but there is potential there if only they can learn to both good off the ball. Iam so proud today coz i shouted less an indication of the class shown today. Thika were a good opposition and i must say a class lower than Gor butt higher than the rest of the teams in the KPL. Bobbys subs were spot on. Kudos all. One glarimg thing feom the fans cut down on the negative abusive rhetoric.

  6. To the people who cant see anything new up to you,what i can say the team played very well it is just that thika were trained the whole week how to park bus,there were too many blue shirts behind the ball with only two infront,their strategy was was to kill us in counter which they couldnt coz owino ,mosoti and musa were spot on.otherwise i enjoyed the game keep our tiki taka brand of soccer.
    BObby should just train the boys how to unlock the locked defence because there is no team who will play an open game with gor coz we are very dangetous.

  7. Congrats to the team, technical bench and especially the coach Sir Bobby Ogolla, not forgetting the fans who turned up in large numbers despite being a mid-week clash.

    @ 5 Barefoot Bandit – you are spot on. Mid-field bado haiajiva.

    @ 9 caleb oluoch – you are right. Thika’s stype of play against GM has always been defensive and yesterday even before the kick-off I knew wembe ni ile-ile.

  8. Am in agreement with Oswozo@7 and Steve@8….and i disagree with Caleb@9.Unless you have not been watching Gor games,then the likes of caleb think we played well.On the contrary,we played our usual game….solid in defense,poor in midfield and wasteful upfront.So kindly tell me what was new!!

    Further,when a team comes to ‘park the bus’,its up to our technical bench to devise a way of unlocking that defense. If not then lets all just be content with saying we played well and dint win because our opponents played defensive!!!

  9. The going is not going to be easy but with determination we will be able to make it. The players need to gain that confidence and it will come with time. It’s not abnormal for a whole team to lose rhythm due to the delicate balance of trying to win by whichever means and also entertain.
    Are we getting Monday and Obwoge? Those are the players we need. By the way how comes we are not getting players from the lower leagues and grooming them to be star players? The thing we did with Macheda, BB, Kitawi, Viera. The list is endless. At least Chemelil got Victor Ochiend and Obwoge. Ingwe got Omotto, Mathare has got lots of young boys from the lower divsion and yet they are not inferior at all

  10. I believe that was the most entertaining match I have watched this season. Tikki takka kind of football displayed by both teams. GM played a very improved football. What this country lacks as Loga used to say is, strikers with ability to attack and score. Good football with no goals is just Asenal football.

  11. Looking at the table, one can say that we now have two horses. Gor and Thika. It is now down to mathematics. We must have must-win games and games we can draw or loose. That is the reality of the game. What we must avoid is loosing or drawing with non entities. We need at least 60 points to win this league. JBO do your analysis and maths.

  12. its a high time we Gorians to improvice new moves and tactics while pertaking a match that seems to many as a soft 1. I know we are facing many challanes this time,but pray that all goes well soon

  13. only kiongera , rama, sserenkhuma , david owino , david otieno are the only playes were signed by gor mahia from their respectic clubs and have performed , the rest were good before joining gor mahia and once lost their glory e.g odera from kcb to nil , moses otieno from tusker to nil. we new our midfield is Hourable , and we cant act at the right time , should we hire coaches that take their holidays during the periods we require their attention so much ,no impact , no change , no shots at goal , and too soon NO FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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