Gor Mahia appeal to KPL regarding referee

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In the wake of the crowd trouble that marred their barren draw against big rivals AFC Leopards, Gor Mahia were left with sour grapes and irked about referee Davies Omweno’s overall performance in the game on Sunday 18 March.

Wrong call

Gor Mahia midfielder Ali Abondo was red carded for a high tackle on Amon Muchiri in the 67th minute which caused fan trouble and Gor Mahia’s fiery vice chairman Faiz Ochieng says the referee was wrong to show the card, which sparked the unrest.

Speaking to futaa.com, Mr. Ochieng said the referee seems to be sworn to ensuring Gor Mahia fails, with the same referee having been in charge last season when Gor Mahia’s games against Rangers FC in the league and Ulinzi Stars in the Top 8 tournament which were abandoned and pronounced that the club will be writing to the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) over the issue.

-I would like to congratulate both sets of players for a good game because they did their best to try and see that the game ends well. However, we are disappointed in the referee’s performance in the derby because the guy seems to be a sworn hater of Gor Mahia. I have already told GMT Otieno this and we are even going to write an official protest to KPL over the ref.

Unnecessary card

-The red card on Ali Abondo was very unnecessary in such a game which normally has a lot of tension and to make it worse, when he was sent off one of our players was on the floor, he ought to have stopped play. The referee clearly lost it also because Ali is a very humble player and if he fouled Amon it was not one to warrant a red card, he said.

-He is even the same man who spoilt our matches last season against Rangers FC in our first game of the season and also the one against Ulinzi Stars in the Top 8. Needless to say, both games were abandoned but this time we are saying enough is enough. On Monday we are writing to KPL to complain about him, he added.

45 thoughts on “Gor Mahia appeal to KPL regarding referee

  1. The red card on Ali Abondo was very unnecessary in such a game which normally has a lot of tension.

    Above is one of the foolish taking i have ever heard. am Gor fan i think the foul was bad enough to get a red. we should blame the ref for not showing Afc players a red card too. but we cannot just have this kid hurt each other because its a game with a lot of tension.and then defend what is undefendable.

  2. although the ref overall performance might have been questionable but Ali abondo tackle was a straight red and the the ref got the decision spot on.

  3. Try to be as objective as possible and avoid selective reading. Is it the statement or is it the person or office it is attributed to that in your view is ‘foolish’? How did you feel see Kevin Omondi being hacked down at every opportunity to the extent the boy had to play in alot of pain since our substitutes had been exhausted by the deliberate and targeted injuries? How do you feel about the injuries to Rama, Kitawi and Kevin? Have you enquired as to their current condition before using that word ‘foolish’? Should I remind you of your position before this match? Do you remember me telling the blog that all those ogwang strikers would be well contained? Listen my brother Motema Pembe: Ogwang did not come to play soccer against us…It was something totally different.

    How do you explain the constant and persistent hacking of Rama and Kevin right from the whistle?
    Watch closely and you will realize this matter ceased to be football and is now heavily laced with the politics of the land…and now it is clear it was the hidden agenda on that fateful Sunday. Did you manage to cast your eyes to the VIP stand and see the presence of some very obviously xenophobic politicians from that land?

  4. After watching Shemejis against Muhoroni and now against GM looks like they have no strategy to a team playing a slick game. That’s why they enjoyed the physical game against Ulinzi and the rest.
    I wonder who told them that the best way to contain GM was to hack down our most-creative players. Like @Jackowili puts it there were more political undertones in the match than the match itself. I wonder whether those politicians will also attend a match of shemejis and City stars. Your guess is as good as mine since there will be no political points to score they will miss out. From the stands I couldn’t see the foul better but from replays it was nasty but I guess most players after watching from the bench your team mates being hacked down at will and the ref just smiling with your opponents you wull be worked up and do the same. That is human as much as we say footy is just a game (and now a career to some people).
    I wondered why the tension on the terraces yet during the stoppage I saw players chatting happily while hoding and patting each other with the rival players yet they were the ones sweating and getting hurt in the process. How comes we get more ‘hurt’ than them?

  5. do u mean in derbies cards should not be shown?barca vs realmadrid we have seen red man u vs arsenal we have seen red why not gor and leopards? the problem with kenyan derbies fans go to the stadium with fixed minds we must win

  6. afc is tactless its just a matter of time we will take our position in the league. God bless GM, God bless Players, God bless technical bench, God bless EC, God bless the Green Army. Go to hell Magelo & co

  7. Though the ref could not show a straight red card because of the tension but the tackle was open and not good.we should higher foreign ref for such derby nd provide enough security

  8. Let us be reasonable and not try to justify criminal acts to the fact that the referee got something wrong. It does not fit as an excuse to do what Gor Mahia did. Shame.

  9. Gor should be civilized…how many players are red-carded all over the world they don’t throw stones accept decisions made and stop complaining….grow up!

  10. Pardon me comrades but may be long…

    Gentlemen and ladies, I have a bad feeling about this. Some of those very strong anti Gor Mahia sentiments are founded on envy and phobia. Our EC has come out and taken the right stand regarding this quagmire. No one would sit back and watch as politicians masquerading as football administrators apportion blame on their team and drug the teams name in the mud the way some holier-than-thou individuals are suggesting.

    The fracas on Sunday was not caused by the players or technical bench nor was it caused by EC. Any well meaning person should take time and dig into the very root cause of this rotten behavior of looters in the name of fans. So why these calls for Gor Mahia’s demotion? Why the threats of not playing this team in KPL fixtures?

    It is in the open domain that ogwang fans clad in AFC replica jerseys openly mugged unsuspecting passers-by on that fateful Sunday. How about the hate speech in social media on the build up to the match? Why these double standards? Why is FKF giving KPL an ultimatum to take punitive action? Why the rush?

    As true fans, not looters, we should give unwavering support to the EC as it wades through the crocodile-infested murky waters of local football. As a Gor Mahia F.C. branch full of creative and innovative great thinkers, this blog should seize this opportunity and advocate for the re-branding of the fan base; -something we can achieve working hand in hand with the EC. Suppose it is made mandatory for serious fans to be duly registered with the official branches and the roll be centralized and made available at the click of a mouse? With this the club could be able to reign in on those bad apples and clean its name.

    Recently Gor mahia went on a recruitment mission to Murang’a county. It is my prayer that the hunt was successful. I assure you comrades that if guys from that county jump on board then we shall see a major transformation in terms of economic development and empowerment to both the club and the fans at an individual level. Remember the majority of those liquor-sniveling and bhang-smoking looters in the name of ‘fans’ are youth-(the likes of Blacky). But should we wait for others to jump on board first? Over to you comrade sisters and brothers.

  11. recipe for sinking. it’s unfortunate how fans continue to condone what abondo did. if the referee was biased this was not the way. the gor image is for long now being associated only to violence. just the way when someone mentions a policeman one of the two things ur mostly likely to think is a bribe. is this how gor mahia(the legend) will be remembered, with stones ,damages and death. let me give a parallel situation in boxing, when kenya boxers and more so african realised that they were unlikely to win any matches against their european counterparts, the advice was simple, go for a knock-out…long story short to get this knock-out u had to be pretty good. gor should not wine about the referee, the solution is to improve its game, the gor of 87 would be such a team, in goal mouth melee u had dawoo, long range u hard nyangi odembo, mid-field and defence split passes u had goerge onyango et c. otieno, runners like ndolo to complete such passes. gor has to improve to beat biased refereeing, this is basically how teams like man.u and barcelona operate. gor with this attitude will be cooked, remember once gor was re-legated but kff overlooked. now fkf is going for GMT. will this help gor? surely just wait and see, in the mediocrity of the league yes, but in africa just FORGET IT. gor fans know that they can intimidate the EC and FKF, thats just how far u’ll ever go and once players realise this , take a guess …

  12. I got a storry from some old men that there was once a conspiracy to fix the match btw Gor Mahia and a certain team in the early years which was unearthed and the fideration officals had to higher a referee from the neighbouring country[Tanzania]which Gor eventually won,it’s only possible that some people may have had the match fixing mind to act as they did.However ,As we’re looking for ways of a verting the same in future as fans ,so should the federation assert that no team shall be punished for what they’re not in control of[Match fixing].

  13. Please fellow bloggers and the two Ingwe fans above, let us go back to the beginning of the match to get a clear picture of the problem.

    There was to be no sitting above gate 6. What happened? Kogalo Fans sat there first. Was there any effort to move the fans above gate 6? That is where impunity started and was allowed to grow.

    There was to be no dancing around the stadium. What happened? Ingwe started the dancing with their Isukuti troupe. Impunity continued. Kogalo started dancing in the second half.

    There were to be no bottles allowed into the stadium. What happened? Hawkers were allowed to sell drinks with bottles in the stadium. Bottles were the first objects thrown before the slab next to VIP was broken for smaller stones. Impunity continued. The paper cups are impossible to throw from a distance.

    There were rough tackles from both sides. What happened? The referee looked soft on all except Abondo. The referee made the players think he would be soft on bad tackles during the derby.

    The first batch of disgruntled fans opted to walk away from the game. What happened? The police decided to make them run faster by firing tear gas at all and sundry on the Kogalo terraces. The police force by the way is being reformed because of such issues.

    When the fans left the stadium, the police pursued them further to the streets and roads. The result is on peoples cars and street wars. When they left the stadium they were no longer the responsibility of the club.

    From the above, one can clearly see a lapse in security arrangements and lack of a clear response strategy in case of a breach. The same will repeat some day if organizers will only be interested in gate collections and not the good of the game.

  14. gor mahia is abig shame and so long as all poor fellows are associated with it we are going nowhere.the ref.was right.

  15. Some bloggers just talk in the name of talking.Both fans were very happy and mingled together as inlaws.everything went smooth till the ref decided to spoil the party.It was shame but i dont blame fans that was too much for the to stomach.players of kogalo were being hacked left anrd right it seems the ref had already decided the match even b4 the kick off.we have lost on several matches but there is no ugly incidence which happened.As far as fans are to blame let look the level of our officiating also.Man of the match KASAYA.well done boyz tuko pamoja kwa mazuri ama ubaya nyinyi ni wetu.


  17. Jakoyo,he is competent REF yes, what happened to him LAST SUNDAY?remember our Ulinzi match?they should go for refresher course.wake up call to FKF.

  18. If Omweno is the most competent referee in Kenya, then no wonder after every KPL matche, you will hear coaches complaining about poor officiating. All thje referees in Kenya need thorough training before they are allowed to ref any other matches.

  19. some of us reallyreason as if they were informed of the events which took place at nyayo.Its my sincere hope and believe that ingwe came for a win at whatever cost and before the match they could talk ll nonsense and some even talked about the derby being used to settle The political leadership of theparty.

    some bloggers arepoiting fingers at Kogallo fans not withstanding the events which took place last in the match between the two clubs wher Ingwe caused the match to be abandoned.I never heard from this bloggers and neither the federation nor the kpl took action against them.
    Im not defending the act ofthe so called fans causing mayhem inour stadia but as one blogger said earlier that these people are known,action need to be taken asap to ban them from getting into any football arena.
    Secondly we need not to apply double standard but to set a precedent and also take action against the referee.

    Gentlemen football is played in the pitch not boardroom and to summerise why did afc fans attacked fans enroute town until ppolice came to our rescue,this you have not condemned and stil avoiding to talk about it.

  20. I totally blame the person who does appointment on referees.GMT should be responsible for the whole chaos.It is always in kpl that when team is leading on top there certain favours to maintain them there,its too early for ingwe to consider that position belongs to them.ingwe players had rough tackles from the start of game and no card was shown.

  21. At the onset i must state that i do not in any way condone the violence that occurred at Nyayo, however for some bloggers to pretend to be more “civilized” that others is the height of hypocrisy, the same gentlemen who engage in corruption and violate traffic rules with impunity are now pretending to be saints.
    We need more of sensitization of fans and competent officiating than all the nice grammar, from the so called “civilized” lot amongst us.

  22. Creative, thats the exact chronology of events. But do some critical internal look and analysis. The home team is always responsible for the security. Our EC dint do much. As short as that.

  23. one blogger motema pembe! i have had an opportunity to read your comment’s.are you an efusi blogger or kogalo! before you write anything reasons fast. How do you explain the constant and persistent hacking of kevo and rama right from the whistle? to your reckless thinking and myopic way of see our office bearer! to to ole magello and you will be rewarded.but us along us you don’t attend matches and talk like a parrot we bloggers of GM won’t allow you go Scott free?

  24. What happened at Nyayo is in the past…let’s focus on the future but i must agree that Gor as a team has improved and our passing & flowing game is back!!!!!

  25. I didnt see game ya Abaluhya Futbal club. Wanga didnt even have ashot on goal. Watch this space, we rain Kogallo.

  26. Jabilo, hello today. At your remarks jana about the postponement of tomorrow’s match shed some light on this excerpt from Futaa.com:

    Gor mid maestro out again
    After his absence in their game against perennial rivals AFC Leopards, Gor Mahia’s midfield kingpin Collins Gattuso Okoth will miss out again in Wednesday 21 March’s game against Rangers FC at the Nyayo National Stadium.
    Healing well
    The Kenyan international sustained a knee injury in the game against Tusker and he has failed to heal in time for the Rangers game but he says the injury is healing well.
    Speaking to futaa.com , the midfielder said he is feeling much better but is not well enough to play competitively so he is just working in the gym and hopefully he will be availableat the weekend in Gor Mahia’s next game.
    Majorly in the gym
    -I am recuperating well after the injury but the Rangers game tomorrow comes too soon for me, I will not be able to feature though the pain is easing off. At the moment I can pass the ball and do some slight ball-work but majorly am in the gym.
    -The next game, at the weekend,against SoNy Sugar might be a good bet. I think then I will be ready to play. With the way it is healing I should be ready for that game, he said.
    Written by 20/03-12 14:44 by Dan Ngulu

  27. For real I have come to appreciate the concerns of many about the injuries sustained on Sunday vs Leopards. Read on:

    Injury concerns mount at K’Ogalo
    Gor Mahia may be facing an uphill task in trying to get their first Kenyan Premier League (KPL) win since the opening day as they may have to make do without a number of key players for their game on Wednesday 21 March against Rangers FC.
    Growing injury list
    Gor Mahia have an expanding injury list and from their last game on Sunday 18 March against AFC Leopards, Kevin Omondi, Rama Salim, George Midenyo and David Owino have headed to the treatment room though the team’s coach Bobby Ogolla says they still have a chance to feature in the game against Rangers.
    Speaking to futaa.com , the coachsaid Omondi sustained a shin knock and hamstring injury, Midenyo bruised his shin after anawkward fall while Owino is struggling with a knee injury.
    Bad fall
    -We have some injury concerns ahead of the game against Rangers FC on Wednesday. Kevin Omondi is currently struggling with a shin injury and his hamstring is also tight after the Sunday game. Rama Salim has a thigh injury and Midenyo is also down with illness and he also bruised an earlier injury on his shin in an awkward fall at City Stadium in training.
    -David Owino is also carrying a knock on the knee. However, no one is completely ruled out of the game on Wednesday as yet. We are having series of assessments on them to see how they are faring, he said.
    Gor Mahia will also miss the services of midfielder Ali Abondo who was red carded in the team’s game against AFC Leopards on Sunday 18 March.
    Written by 20/03-12 14:01 by Dan Ngulu


    @ Jackowilli , Please even if it means fasting, to
    enable redemption of Jakoyo, I beg you to do so
    urgently, otherwise at this rate I fear for him.

    His frustration are beyond repair and i can not promise his safety as long as FKL or KPL will take GOR MAHIA for granted when it comes to bias officiating.

    @ 14 Comrade Jakoyo, . We all abhor and condemn hooliganism in this blog especially with regard to sanctity of innocent human life and damage to their hard earned property.

    But What Was The Genesis of All This Mess?

    I will give you my take on this burning issue at stake though through some very fundamental biblical understanding with reference Apostle Paul epistle to the Romans; and precisely Chapter 3 which is very much highly considered as his most important “THEOLOGICAL LEGACY”.

    Derbies pitting GOR MAHIA and AFC LEOPARDS is like the biblical story of the famous JEWS who based their faith in GOD as an initiation done on circumcision and the GENTILES who based their faith in practicing the laws of GOD as a norm.

    ROMAN 3:10
    As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one
    ROMAN: 3:29
    Is He the God of the Jews only? Is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles also:
    ROMAN: 3:30
    For it is one God, that justify circumcision by faith, and un-circumcision through faith.


    2010 EPISODES
    AFC won 1-0 in the 1st leg tie played under floodlight and GOR won 1-0 2nd leg played also under floodlight although there was stampede on gate2 that caused life and to mostly K’Ogalo fans due to mis-management of crowd.

    Resolution:Future derbies be played in broad day light.

    2011 EPISODES
    GOR won 3-1 first leg and AFC won 3-0 2nd leg and on both occasions there was peaceful gathering.
    FKL cup semi- Final GOR won 1-0 although the match was abandoned with 10 minutes of play due fracas caused by hooligans from AFC side.

    2012 1st leg ends in a barren after 25 minutes of stand-off due to crowd trouble from GOR fans. Reason being biased officiating. FKL re-locates the forth coming Super 8 clash between “Mashemeji” to Mombasa.

    1. Which law on EARTH or HEAVEN will exempt either AFC
    or GOR when it boils down to HOOLIGANISM?
    2. why did Gor or AFC fail to fight in both KPL ties
    in 2010. Or the so called hooligans in the name of
    “GREEN ARMY” had hibernated back to different planet?
    3. Why did AFC mess the FKL CUP or in your own view
    they are untouchable ANGELS in the eyes of the LORD
    since they are the current pace setters in 2012 KPL
    as per the table standings.
    4. Which law on earth or in heaven confirms AFC as
    angels and GOR as satanic when your Mr. Clean and
    sub-standards referee in the name of OMWENO applies
    bias officiating in broad day-light.
    5. Does GOR MAHIA fraternity belong to a different
    planet or are they super-natural beings such that
    you expect them to stay put while AFC,FKL,KPL and
    political busy bodies have a hidden agenda inclusive
    of unfairness playing decisions so as to settle down
    ODM political fights? GOR is bigger than R.A.O [PM]
    6. Why apply prejudice and selective opinion simply
    because its unacceptable for you to accept the
    reality of the matter as it were.

    7. By switching super 8 derby to MSA are you solving
    the core problem of inept officials. And who told
    you that GOR and AFC have no support base at coast.

    Please take your time and read the whole of ROMAN Chapter 3 ; i promise you will find solace to all
    your problems regarding GOR Vs AFC derbies.

  29. look at it this way to stern hooliganism is 3 way job first talk to the teams.2. appoint referee with clear instruction that work with the fourth official,linesmen tv replays where possible and event organisers .3.fans pay their money and before any match who can identify ahooligan? it could be you or me depending on how you look at it , football being agame of emotions it is really hard to predict the outcome interms of hooliganism but responsibility on both sides must be adhered to by like minded fans look at what happens in rome derbies italian police plan for months , liverpoolvs manu, real bercelona,old firm derby , boca vs river plate has wars on the street lasting days if anything argentina is second world for those calling hooligans uncivilised they put out fire with acup of water think of solutions some of these people who get injured are your brothers , friends by calling those who injure them all sorts of names wont change their bad behavior some do not even know there are blogs where you call them names cos they are busy enjoying my laptop money they need systematic counselling what did efusi fans do to kogallo in october last year same stupid thing dont look holy here you are one and the same devil so lets all style up if efusi is the home team allow 3000 kogallo fans and let us police our fans and we do the same stop this barrating of kogallo i have suggested from time and again how to run this league better to no aveil so KPL should go and anew kpl instituted to run this league

  30. omweno performed below per the elbowing of kitawi is punishable by what red card and further ban so efusi fans i dont know you for you disguise as eggs you too are rotten apples we could work together to help football in this country all the rest of kernyans are scrambling for white collar jobs through the back door and if anything it is our background mates who struggle to earn clean money through football let us not play to the gallary of this poorly organised country the oliechs, wanyamas, blackbery are our people we need to produce more through gor and efusi the busaa drunk in kawangware and band smoked in kariobangi will not help here this is the only occupation our people could get jobs on merit i sound poor here but this the truth let us not kill our feeding hand over three points let us look at it from another perspective so let us leave this blame game and promote our brothers ,and neighbours we all feel proud in our pros

  31. We should ask ourselves also if our policemen are well-equiped to handle crowd trouble. Why were fans who were walking out of the stadium being tear-gassed?
    As someone says let’s focus on the future.
    As AFC threatens not to honour our matches that should not worry us. Though it’s unfortunate those are just 2 matches out of 30 and just like them we also need the points. By the way, why say you don’t want to play GM yet in the same breath you need to be awared the three points!Something does not add up here.
    After all, for two years we didn’t play AFC since they were playing in Kabete, Kawangware etc in the Nationwide league. So that should not worry us. What if the teams in the KPL had refused to play AFC since their promotion was boardroom-based and not in the field. How would they react? How people forget too fast. Maybe AFC should convince other teams not to play GM and we see if they succeed.
    On fans let’s have some restraint and FKF let’s look at the officiating. It leaves alot to desire.
    One thing I can take to the bank is that the moment AFC stops winning we will see reverse roles since both teams have a minority who don’t believe in order.

  32. jb @ 31, you have really tried to bring in some angle that I feel its good for all and sundry. No one is an angel here. Remember in the bible that one that says if you are spotless, aim a stone? Lets all stump out this vice and develop this game for all. Thank you again.


    The executive committee of AFC Leopards have decided not to honour all the Gor Mahia matches till their demands are fully met. This includes compesation to the family of the AFC fan who lost his life.

    I reserve my comment now till the full report that will unravel what went on Sunday is made public. A few of my colleagues and I have been urging fans to exercise responsibility both individually and collectively. It is very disheartening to loose innocent lives when we had the opportunity to avoid. A section of our fans who normally perch on the Russia side of the Nyayo national stadium have contributed immensely to our woes. I must however commend the few K’Ogalo patriots who sometimes chose to seat there.

    I don’t want to speculate what KPL is planning To do to us . Wacha tukule ujeuri yetu. The Gor Mahia leadership has completely failed to address the issue for long. Will the KPL succeed? Last week but one, I attended a match between GM And Ferroviario de Maputo at the Nyayo national stadium. I was seated at the main stand afew rows behind the football fathers of Kenya. Just from nowhere, a man, well in his late 30’s stood up and shouted down Mr AA who was seated and keenly following the match. No one, not even the security detail on the dais made any effort to arrest the chap. This is something some of us are not used to. How can you ridicule your chairman infront of his visitors?

    I came back to kajiado a very dejected man. In our community, we have been taught to be respectiful to the leaders. Chairman Ambrose Rachier was elected legally by a majority of delegates. He therefore have the mandate to lead the club according to the aspirations of the members.


    1. The Unqualified and corrupt officials who run our football at the National Federation Office, (FKF).
    2. The Unqualified and incompetent personnel at the KPL Head-Office are ruining our football due to their suspect credentials.
    3. The appointments of match-day Officials are done using some very suspect criteria instead of being pegged on a tried and tested standardized and uniform practice.(i.e. Drawing of lots by team officials from a pre-qualified list of Referees)

    1. When the next elections for the National Office Holders comes, we must make sure we weed out all the corrupt officials by the means of our votes. “Operation vote out all the corrupt officials at the federation” must begin to take shape now. Our football cannot be run by people who corrupted their way into the office.

    2. The KPL must be made to style-up and to be accountable to the clubs who are actually their employers. By hiring only qualified and professional personnel, they would be sending a big and clear message to the clubs, that they will do nobody’s bidding. KPL is a brand name that cannot be allowed to hire the yesteryear hirelings to run its operations.This only breeds complacency and mediocrity at the unit aptly named, Kenya Premier League.

    3. The appointments of match-day officials must be done using a uniform standard which is tried and tested. i.e. its a high time that the drawing of lots/ballots was introduced in the KPL when selecting match-day officials (Referees). This will allow the various clubs’ technical bench to participate fully in the appointments of the referees to oversee their matches. This builds trust and eliminate completely the suspicion that some teams have against certain KPL referees.


    I want to thank all the bloggers who have castigated the acts of violence and hooliganism visited on innocent Kenyans in the name of people supporting their football clubs. Football is played on the pitch and any person masquerading as a football fan only to carry out their thuggish activities on unsuspecting Kenyans must be condemned in the strongest terms possible. These are criminals whose activities borders on anarchy and so must and should be arrested and handed over to the Law enforcers- The Police. We must not allow such demented elements (bhang-smoking, miraa-chewing and alcohol/spirits drenched)thugs to drag the name of Gor Mahia to the mud. You cannot purport to support Gor Mahia when you are involved in criminal activities such as mugging and stoning of people and vehicles etc. We therefore call upon all peace-loving, loyal and true Gor Mahia fans to smoke out and point to the police authority such kind of people whenever they are spotted in the stadium. Some of these people are well-known to us, as they are our brothers and sisters, uncles, nephews, neighbours or even work-mates. Please Spread the GOSPEL “Operation Rid Gor Mahia of Hooligans”

    On the fateful match, I will give my two cents-worth of comments later. Thank you.

  35. @EBLAZING..thanks for your good comments today and welcome to the bloggers..atleast we are on the same page. Cheers.

  36. @mr soo 24 I read your blogg, yes i am a Gor fan and not a yes man like you that support every crap that happens at Gor and the crazy fans that give this good club a bad name. i played soccer before and not like you monday morning coach with mdomo tu, who has no idea what the hell you are taking about.

  37. I wish to extend my gratitude to the great minds like Eblezing, jb, Ogango Trailer, Pundit, Dan, Le Pastre, Creative Village, Ochan, Arthur Okello, Mr Soo, Zangi, Wuon Paul, Ochigah, Pareyio ole Lelerue and Jasuba chumbi nyiri. Thank you comrades for not tiring out in this fight to create sanity in this beatiful game.

    This matter is getting out of hand because some politicians think they stand to gain. But at what expense to the youth who play football and their old folk that depend on them (think of mzee Noah Wanyama and mama Oliech). Politicians are busy creating bad blood between GM and a team we supported out of relegation by attending their matches and cheering them on to victory not forgetting the fund raisers. Our gate contributions at that time was almost like manna from heaven to Ogwang. These two peoples (and clubs for that matter) are better off together than divided.

    @Ogango Trailer thank you very much for your very clear exposition of Romans chapter 3. Just be calm. As Jakoyo reads the Word, I am dispatching all these prayer items directly to Okweya rabuor mayienga wuod Josep fundi bao…Asayi ohinga mar Sayun…Singo jabura osiepna…Nyasach Albert Kosero (Kampala Sofaset branch), Nyasach Agwa Kassam gi Jakojera gi Joe Riaga…Nyasach Eblezing gi Arrumtiddi koda Thiring’inyi akuot. Okweya come take control, cool down this chaotic situation and tame the enemies of peace and sirkal… Amen, Amen and Amen.

  38. before luos settle the lake shore who do you think were munching mumi,sew, fwani,odhore okunga and obambla? Leave ngege out because that is nile perch brought down by popular demand.

    The land was not handed to us. It was a pitch battle and the victors acquired the land.That is the beginning of the in-laws rivalry.This thing is not new.We kiss and make up . Life goes on.Are you familiar with “whatever happens in vegas stays there”?Whatever happened on the payground stays there.

  39. This is a long story of who the cap fit, let him wear it..Shemeji wanapenda kulalamika sana. The game was technical and strategic,..Gor showed more of the two..aka shemeji expected easy game and they were shocked when the game was pushed on them. Viva Gor

  40. GM fans are always ready to accept defeat honourably through fair play. They have done so many times. Last Sunday was a calmination of poor officiating. Having lost a few games on the trot, it looked like we were going to loose again albeit unfairly. Get me right, I’m not saying the tackle was a good tackle, but the ref was so inconsistent because he turned a blind eye on the earlier tackles when Ingwe players were kicking GM players. So, who caused the trouble? Fans got worked up by poor officiating. Hooliganism or whatever you want to call it has no cure but holigans could be passified by good and consistent offiating.

  41. Gentlemen, here is an article which i believe is very objective and spot on on how to address soccer violence, i hope FKL etc reads this article before passing judgement on kogalo
    “Last Sunday’s Nairobi derby had all and sundry (especially those who care to attend matches at the stadium) high in expectation.

    I, to confess, had trouble concentrating on my normal duties from Thursday. However, the end result was an anti-climax given the manner in which events unfolded at the Nyayo National Stadium.

    Change tact

    While I dont at all condone violence of any nature, my take is that violence will continue to rare its ugly head unless we change tact in dealing with it. One blogger, John Maina insists that Gor should be banned and fined for the incidents that took place at the match venue on 18th March 2012.

    I can understand his frustration, especially after confessing that he was not present at the stadium. I don’t think this will be the ultimate solution; and before all manner of descent is directed to me, please allow that I indulge you further.

    The most interesting thing about fans is that they are an amorphous group, which does not subscribe to any laid down organizational rules or code of conduct (only the country’s constitution and basic rules of human nature).

    Educating the fans

    The composition of the group ensures that in diversity you have different levels of comprehension; some know what to do when faced with a referee’s decision against their team, other think that an error or bias by the match officials gives the Carte Blanch to act in an unruly manner.

    This means that by entrusting a club to entirely root out the vise is largely unwise. The club does not have the machinery to monitor the happenings in the Stadium and therefore would have little success if any in trying to curb crowd trouble. What is the solution?

    The most effective role the club can play is educating the fans. However, this is a process in itself and does not guarantee instant-coffee type of results. It is a gradual and painful process.

    Unruly fans

    However, the fans that see the sense in having a violence-free football outing play an role in trying to point out and discourage such behavior. Having attended majority of the Gor Mahia matches, I have witnessed a metamorphosis of some sort; while violence was not restricted to a section of the ground (it was present at both the main stand and the VIP areas), you rarely see any acts of hooliganism emanating from the latter.

    In case one among the supporters dares to be different and acts in a manner likely to breach the peace, the other fans take it upon them to reprimand the character and at times expel him from the stadium. This needs to be encouraged, although the effectiveness of the same where the concentration of the unruly fans is higher may be less effective.

    The soccer lords, both KPL and FKF need to be active participants and stop the fence-sitting behavior. Banning and fining a club will not bring an end to the vice; the two organizations need to start playing Big Brother during potentially explosive matches. By having cameras strategically pointed at the potential trouble spots and acting upon such video evidence will add value.

    Sports Stadia Management Board (SSMB) will need to be roped into such an arrangement and the costs can be shared among the clubs. Any fan caught on camera trying to disturb the peace by hulling projectiles to other fans or in the field of play should be arrested, charged and if found guilty jailed. Over and above that, the concerned fan should be banned from attending all sporting events; it happens in Europe.

    Sheepishly smiled and backed down!

    The security forces (police) should change tact and do away with archaic methods of fighting crime. By having heavily armed and padded men surrounding the stadium just shows how intended you are at intimidating the crowd. When violence breaks out, some trigger happy personnel are more than willing to fire tear gas canisters into the crowd, which leads to further injuries through stampedes.

    On the material day for instance, one policeman was pointing his smoke-stick at the VIP section ready to fire, yet the people in the section were peaceful and frantically urging their colleagues at the adjacent stands to cool down. It was only after he was shouted down that he sheepishly smiled and backed down! The way forward is to place undercover personnel in the trouble spots and intelligently have those disturbing the peace flushed out and dealt with accordingly.

    Smoke cannabis

    Still on security, majority of the trouble makers make their way into the stadia heavily intoxicated and inebriated by both illegal and legal substances. Why on God’ green earth would you allow a drunk fellow into the stadium. He is a security concern to both him and the other fans. The security fellows should be vigilant enough to deal with these characters by not allowing them inside the arena.

    Some of them smoke cannabis in the stadium, which is a banned drug! How do they get into the Stadia with these narcotics? Who searches these fellows and what do they look for when conducting the search?

    Synonymous with crowds and not unique to Gor Mahia fans

    Hooliganism will continue unless steps are taken by all stake holders to weed out the perpetrators of this uncouth behavior. The reason why Gor seems to suffer the brunt of the act is due to the fact that together with AFC Leopards, they command the largest number of followers and fans respectively.

    During last season’s FKF Cup semifinal, a section of the AFC Leopards’ fans pelted both the assistant referee and a former Gor player; evidently this is a behavior synonymous with crowds and not unique to Gor Mahia fans. Hooliganism is also rampart in other “civilized” societies with far reaching devastation e.g. recently in Egypt. In Europe, clubs in Turkey are known to have unruly and violent fans.

    Tact and guile

    In Argentina at one time the authorities were contemplating stopping the league due to the vice. In other European countries including Spain a different side of hooliganism does rare its ugly head; racism. All in all we need to employ tact and guile in dealing with the matter.

    We need to move from the traditional methods of fining and banning teams so as to try and control this negativity. After all, the fans make a football match very entertaining; ask Super Sport if they would be happy airing matches where the stands are empty.

    Written 19/03-12 12:37 By Kenneth Nzomo Kiilu

  42. Gor Mahia is a sinking ship. Jump while you can. The fans of GM are an embarrassment to the football fraternity. Until these stone throwers learn that they are hurting the GM brand, we are heading nowhere.

  43. the ref should have checked the situation before giving out the card, because ther was alot of tension,i think he should have given ayellow card.

  44. A simple solution to the crowd/fan trouble between Gor and AFC is that for example Gor was the Home team the stadium should be open to Predominantly Gor fans and reverse the course when AFC is the Home team It is done in the Rome and Milan derby`s Lazio vs Roma AC Milan Vs Inter as well as other tension packed games like Boca Vs. River plate Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid a foreign ref maybe should help in such games.

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