Gor Mahia blank JKU 2-0 to finish 3rd

Gor Mahia beat JKU of Zanzibar 2-0 in the 3rd place playoff of the 2018 CECAFA club cup.  The goals came from Burundian new signing Francis Mustafa and Samuel Onyango. The first half was scoreless before Mustafa put Gor Mahia ahead in the 52nd minute. This brings his tally at Gor Mahia to two goals. With time running out, Samuel Onyango added a second.

In the process, Gor Mahia were awarded Ksh 1 million in prize money. One can only hope that the prize money will go to the players given the effort they have put into this tournament despite all the obstacles and issues they have faced. When Gor Mahia were awarded Ksh 3 million for winning the Sportpesa Super cup, only one third of that money went to the players.

Gor Mahia now turns their attention to the COnfederations cup match against Yanga on Wednesday. They must win this match to keep their hopes of advancing alive.

Coach Kerr rested several key players. In addition to the likes of Shakava and Blackberry who have injuries, the coach also rested Tuyisenge and Kahata.

Gor Mahia XI: Shaban Odhoji, Philemon Otieno, Innocent Wafula, Joash Onyango, Charles Momanyi, Lawrence Juma, Boniface Omondi, Kevin Omondi, Samuel Onyango and Francis Mustafa.

48 thoughts on “Gor Mahia blank JKU 2-0 to finish 3rd

  1. I’m proud of you our players, how i wish we could an EC like the 80’s which used to take Gor to Europe for pre season trainings.

  2. This Mustafa seems to be a good replacement of the former Rwandese striker.We are happy that he is delivering on what he was signed for,scoring goals.This puts more pressure on Guikan and Tuiysenge to also score goals, the end result is winning winning winning. Congrats.

  3. Congrats TEAM for the 3rd place win. I hope the players get 100% of the money. News that Gor boycotted the dressing room during the SF match is very sad. At this point and time protocol MUST be followed whether you like it or not. Getting to the stadium through the fence is so old school. Shame to the TM who made us do that. We can believe in magic at this time and age. You can’t believe in juju and at the same time make the sign of the cross as you enter the field.
    Today again we didn’t appear to take the bronze medal and the dummy cheque despite Zico summoning the team to the podium

  4. Gor may meet hash punishment for skipping the closing ceremony yesterday since the officials refused to hand over to the players the 1m money they worn, the players are also planning to skip the training. Is there away of removing these official from the office and replace them soonest possible ?

  5. That is why Aduda went there…To ensure any prize money is taken by EC right there and not the Captain so we now await more haggling and squabbles.Me am tired of talking about this office even,why spoil a golden generation of good players we have as a team?This Nonsense of unpaid bonuses reaches Wednesday will we really beat Yanga FC?

  6. @jasego, spot on ! as at yesterday, players were not in talking mood with the EC so the medal snub was very much in order…..i support it 100 % and as fans i think we should all side with the players (at least on this issue ) even in the upcoming Yanga CAF match ( i doubt if we shall win it ) , fans should NOT accept this behaviour from the so called ‘ofisi ya mafisi’.

  7. Guys, i can see a George Bwana-like situation coming up. it will happen on Wednesday or during thr derby. EC be warned

    1. @jasego…does the prize money come in cash or cheque?

      How did Ghost manage to share out the cash with players when Tusker won cecafa some years ago?

      I remember when Tusker came back to Kenya,he lost his job as a result of what he did!

      1. Must be in cheque and in the team’s name. But that does not mean the players don’t get the money. Looks like this is the worst office we have gotten ad a club. Previously without a sponsor the team was petgorming with little out of the field issues. Am sure they cannot nowcall an SGM because they will need police protection

  8. As funs our benefit is only the joy we have after a win and nothing else, we can as well boycott attending Gor Mahia Matches !!!! . Ahol…

    1. We thank God for the win. Kudos players n tb…anybody with any idea of how this mess can be sorted out instead of endless complaining…are we helpless surely?

    2. Boycotting is out of the question coz we are always eager and excited to see our boys play.

      However,there are no measures that can be put in place to make sure that the EC does not mistreat the players?that is if the allegations are true!

    1. Saw it coming. Discipline and following protocol is paramount. We seem to have a disconnect between the players and the office. In such cases the Patron steps in. Like Sakaja is doing at ingwe is our patron aware of what’s happening at the club?

    2. Whoever much I support the players in all the going ons on the club, somebody tell musonye that cecafa is a was of our valuable time and if he likes he can burn us for life, we don’t care even if we are burned. We wasted a lot of valuable time participating in that useless tournament which was manipulated by the Host to eliminate Gor mahia fc.musonye thinks that cecafa is efusi and he will always not embrace Gor. If we could have skipped the tournament we could have reached 60 points to put the league contest to the unassailable gap. We’re now facing a potential Los at because of a useless tournament in cecafa.

  9. Gor Mahia have been suspended from CECAFA for two years after failing to pick the bronze medal after they finished third

    En wach Malich ahinya

    1. If i were Rachier and the rest, we would resign for incompetency first i don’t think we need to hear more from them as cover up.

  10. BREAKING: Cecafa slaps Gor Mahia with a two-year suspension

    The Dylan Kerr led side finished third in this year’s edition and was supposed to line up on the podium

    Gor Mahia has been slapped with a two-year suspension from Cecafa Kagame Cup on disciplinary grounds.

    The Dylan Kerr led side finished third in this year’s edition and was supposed to line up on the podium alongside first runners-up Simba SC and eventual winners Azam FC for the medals.

    However, K’Ogalo, perhaps irked by their display in the regional tournament, skipped the occasion to pick up their medals.

    The unsporting behavior by Gor Mahia players did not go down well with the organizers, Council of East ad Central Africa Football Associations-Cecafa.

    Gor Mahia had previously refused to use the changing room due to superstitious claims. “We are not happy with Gor Mahia for their indiscipline in the just concluded competition.

    “As a Cecafa committee, we have sat down and decided to act in unison. Gor Mahia will be suspended from forthcoming competitions for the next two years as a result,” Cecafa official Nicholas Musonye told Goal.

    “As Cecafa, we cannot tolerate such because it sends a bad image to our sponsors as well as fans and the world at large.”

    By finishing third, Gor Mahia were entitled to a prize money of USD10, 000 (Sh1million). However, Goal understands that K’Ogalo players demanded Cecafa to pay them the amount directly without sending it to the officials.

    The players even threatened to boycott Wednesday’s Caf Confederation Cup match against Yanga FC, if they are not paid the money.

  11. JUST BREAKING ! ….in addition to the 2 year ban, Kogallo will also forfeit/surrender the USD 10,000 earned for 3rd place finish in Dar-es-salaam. So we all played for free………….i guess players are now even with the EC !

    1. @Jakoyo, I have also read that it is CECAFA that said Gor will not be given the 1million. Honourable bloggers and all Kogalo fans we need to do something to save our beloved club from these hyenas. At the moment i dont know what that is but we need to do something drastic to discipline these buggers in the EC.

  12. Breaking: FkF to Punish Gor Mahia

    A top Football Kenya Federation official has confirmed to Goal that they will also take action against the Kenyan champions

    Gor Mahia are now facing more sanctions hours after Cecafa banned the club for two years.

    A top Football Kenya Federation official has confirmed to Goal that they will also take action against the Kenyan champions for bringing the game into disrepute.

    “The federation will also take action against the club for showing a bad example in a tournament that they were representing the country. We can’t tolerate such behavior from our own clubs,” said a source in FKF.

  13. Mr Nick Mwenda stay away from GM. When we represent the country in CAF related assignments and bring pride and stellar results to an otherwise nondescript football country and federation alike you Never even congratulate us at the least. When we were stuck almost missing the SA trip you didnt chip a single cent to aid our travel though we were representing the Country. Now you find an avenue to try touch the Mighty GM using flimsy grounds for a Cecafa Tournament that doesnt concern your useless office. Don’t dare kaa mbali na K’Ogalo tafadhali. We didn’t do anything wrong just our players demanded their rights. Pay impoverished Kariobangi Sharks players first and leave us Alone to sort out our debacles dont add onto an already volatile situation…

  14. CECAFA warns indisciplined Dylan Kerr
    CECAFA has given a stern warning to Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr.

    The regional football body Organizing Secretary Nicholas Musonye said that the Scott has been abusive to the match officials and, like his team, has been banned for two years too. Gor ban came as a result of failing to turn on the podium to receive their bronze medals.

    “We warn Dyllan Kerr to respect referees, leaders of football, he should go to Kenya and misbehave there. We cannot, as CECAFA, tolerate such misbehavior. He has been banned for two years too. You cannot show a lack of discipline by abusing referees and incite and expect no caution. We have taken the decision to make sure we have discipline in CECAFA. Clubs and federations leaders who have been taken at ransom by their outfits have no room in CECAFA. If you cannot as leaders take decisions you cannot run the football that is for a fact.” an agitated Musonye said.

    “We thank you Tanzanian for helping us run CECAFA successfully,” Musonye concluded.

    Gor Mahia finished third after beating JKU from Zanzibar 2-0 in the play-offs.

    1. Hehe omera Otek wang’ni. Is everyone coming for our beloved GM at the same time. Hamutatoboa tuko ngangari kata tek kata yot waride arida etok Mayienga Onge Ring’o

      1. We stand strong with our beloved…whos the fans spokesman to call us for a press conference in support of our club against some hyenas…its time to arise for football in kenya…

  15. On what grounds would FKF be taking disciplinary action on us? They are not the organizer of the just ended club championship. That move would be ill-advised and is tantamount to sardistic opportunism. The appropriate action by FKF in this matter is to hold the Gor Mahia EC accountable and demand individual resignations. FKF as the custodian of football matters in this land should step in to safeguard the players’ livelihoods and that will not be a first. Such intervention has been done even to Efusi.

    1. We stand strong with our beloved…whos the fans spokesman to call us for a press conference in support of our club against some hyenas…its time to arise for football in kenya…they are looking for excuse to dock points…

  16. Nkt, how is the prize money connected with medal presentation, wait and see who blinks first. For FKF, mmmmh to punish Kogalo for what? I thought they have better things to do, what could be the punishment? Just keen to hear from FKF. As matters are now my major worry is how the yanga match will be, nothing else. But this office must leave before they wreck this great team.

  17. house of cards crumbling. what Gor mahia needs is a sound financial system amongst many other things. Kick Rachier out of office. He has outlived his usefulness.

  18. Strangely, Musonye’s allegations about Ker are emerging now. Why didn’t they emerge when they occurred. Musonye’s tantrums are not a new thing. On this one, I can say without any iota of doubt that Musonye and his CECAFA are on a fishing trip for evidence to incriminate Ker and his boys and by extension, us.

    1. We will stand ruthlessly firm against any machinations aimed at GM but this negative limelight caused by the inept EC does not bode well for our team…

  19. If it is true the players refused to go and pick their medals, because they wanted to be given direct the one million price money and not the Gor Mahia (GM)officials, then the GM players needed alot of awareness sensitisation to be hammered into their brains.

    If you are employed, you earn what you signed for in the employment contract. Anything extra is a bonus. If you are a marketer earning 30,000/- per month ,if you do marketing and bring business worth 5 million in a month, you will still earn the 30,000 in your appointment letter/contract agreement. You cant claim the 5 million because you dont own that company.

    I love Gor Mahia but our players should be realistic and stop ruining the team by deliberately refusing to reason.

  20. It is common knowledge that Simba and Ker have some unfinished business. What Musonye is not telling the world is that he is fighting Simba’s war on Simba’s behalf. Who then will fight for Ker and K’Ogalo?

  21. Sport Pesa is also calling. This is absurd, they are yet to receive a report but they say they don’t want to be involved with a team that brings disrepute to the great game. Even though they had nothing to do with CECAFA, they are involved in the daily affairs of the club one way or another. This is absurd, really absurd. Angoma rach jothurwa? When things seem to be oiled and smoothly running something comes up. En ango? Please Kogallo fans don’t cause chaos on Wednesday, things might get out of hand for us. WE know where the officials reside, their homes their offices, lets not take it to the stadium. We shall live to regret.

    1. Jasego Wuod Kanyada kindly sensitize our fan bases on this. If we have issues lets go to these peoples offices, homes, businesses and bring them out. The stadium will have consequences. Mwenda is not our greatest friend.

  22. Things fall apart. Managing success can be a problem to some people, And Gor falls in that bracket. When you have a hands-off eyes-off Chairman this is the result. I think at times as Gor we are too emotional/proud for our own good. Who adviced the team to snub the ceremony. Even if the players were to be given the cheque wouldn’t it be issued to the club and not an individual? I think our EC and players need to go back to school to learn how some things work.
    We have matches which need sober and settled minds to resolve. From our behavior as a club even the sponsor would not be amused.
    As we have done before I can see us pressing the SELF-DESTRUCTION button. We always do it then begin from level zero again. I hope our fans will know that CAF and FKF as constituted will not be on our side for any mischief going forward

  23. I said I repeat it here,this club should ne disbanded so that players can join other serious teams which will handle their welfare.

    Ofis Rachierni chamo Gor giwang’ matek.It should be kicked out with any means.

    Imagine some officials in Gor Mahia are building flats and players are suffering!!!!

    Aduda flies everywhere in the name of Gor mahia……..

    En wach Malich ahinya

    1. So is ingwe which is always changing upto 15 players every transfer window and coaches every 6 months wea players will be better taken care of welfare wise?Janam be sensible man stop talking hullabaloo and nosense here for mocking Mighty Mayienga at this grave hour can leave your dental formulae totally disfigured should you brush shoulders with us diehards and we identify you as the Culprit called Janam…

  24. What is the actual problem in Gor Mahia? A good maissonette house goes for 11 million. Gor was to be awarded 27 million for getting into the CAF confederations group stage, so far they have been given 13 million, is it true Gor has money officials are using to build flats? 13 million is very little money. Gor Mahia officials may or may not be corrupt, I dont have the facts but we need to know exactly what the problem is.

    Are players getting their salaries and bonuses? If no, then that is bad, if yes, then they need to sober up and behave maturely.

    There seems to be communication breakdown between Gor Mahia officials and players. Can the two parties sit down and spare us these unnecessary shenenigans.

  25. I have been calling out to people to be able to distinguish between Gor Mahia the brand , the EC and Players but looks like emotions and unnecessary chest thumping eventually won , these players will eventually leave , the EC will go but as of now our brand is severely tarnished and with a lot of consequencesto follow .
    Even the solutions that are being suggested here are just another dose of more emotions that will again not solve anything
    but rather will make things even worse but again who suffers if not the club and its brand .
    The EC is wrong , has been wrong and two wrongs never righted anything and on this , the players have acted very foolishly and both them and the EC are very foolish as far as am concerned .
    Exporting that foolishness to another country , to a tournament that has/d nothing to do with your tribulations is callous and very irresponsible , how pray did not going to the podium to pick your medals going to sort out the problems .
    I dont see the difference between what the players have done and the burning of schools by the
    students/players . . . .Unfortunately as we shamelessly cheer the players on , the CLUB BURNS , The players may go , the EC may go and should , but then , what then remains of my club

  26. Some bloggers here are missing the big picture by quoting contacts ,Belgium etc,what the players (as a team) did was show 2 the GM fraternity that the office bearers are looting at their expense.Misplaced comparison between Belgium and GM, you could have started by comparing the officials first.He he some teams can only smell trophies if GM is disbanded.
    @jasego told you ulituingiza pande ya Guikan ama ni hesabu mbaya.I think the coach is now seeing what I saw and many others.Next time kuwa chonjo.

    1. Levelmind Guikan niliacha kwa mkono ya coaches bro sijui ngori iko wapi jo kama ni ma nguna ameanza hapo nairobi west ama niaje…But i pray he gets going ciz Mustafa Francis is a very good player from what i saw in Cecafa…Acheze hata number 11 ikiwa ngumu juu ni dribbler mzuri and gives good assists

  27. Sometimes we have to say the truth.. And only the truth.. It was wrong for Gor mahia not to pick their medals.. That’s the policy.. There is no way the 1m can be given to players.. It has to pass through the clubs.. We must learn to manage our success or ego whatever it is.. Other wise we shall fall down

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