Gor Mahia blank Ulinzi 2-0

Mieno and Blackberry congratulate Kahata

Gor Mahia’s fine form in the 2018 Kenya Premier League continued on Saturday when they recorded an impressive 2-0 win over Ulinzi at Afraha stadium. Impressive because Ulinzi stars has been one of the sides that has been difficult to beat. Last season they forced a 2-2 draw at Kisumu. This time however Gor Mahia took command with Francis Kahata and Jacque Tuyisenge scoring in the 12th and 86th minute respectively.

Coach Dylan Kerr credited his players for always remaining focused and battling.

Every team wants to be the first to beat Gor Mahia and therefore there are no easy matches for us. We knew this coming into this match and expected a tough match. We made a couple of basic errors and gave them chances. We got a goal early on and that calmed things down. We’ve had a tough week and to be honest my players looked jaded – they really battled for the points and credit goes out to them. – said Kerr after the match.

Ulinzi coach, Dunstan Nyaudo, who is a former Gor Mahia player, rued missed chances.
“We had a good game and created very many chances that we unfortunately did not convert. Gor Mahia got several and made use of theirs and that is what made the difference. My defenders also lost concentration especially towards the end of the match and we were punished for it.” – said Nyaudo

Additional reporting from futaa.com
Masuta Masita missed two glorious chances to steer Ulinzi ahead in the 4th and 6th minutes. Joash Onyango could not clear the ball as the home team pumped into Gor Mahia’s area.

Francis Kahata punished the soldiers in the 12th minute as he slotted home from close range. George Odhiambo ran down the right flank to deliver the ball and he took his time to beat the advancing Jacktone Odhiambo. Kahata was left with the easiest of options of tapping in to score his third goal of the season.

A tepid first fifteen minutes saw Ernest Wendo pick the first yellow card after a bad challenge on Bernard Ongoma. The visitors, although ahead goal wise, lost the ball rather easily with Elvis Nadwa beating Godfrey Walusimbi twice on the left flank. All the Ulinzi efforts were not rewarded as their finishing was not as clinical as to bring the much-sorted goal.

A rough collision between Meddie Kagere saw the Ulinzi man bleed from the mouth as the Rwandan elbowed him. The referee did not punish the Gor Mahia’s top striker though as Ongoma went out to receive treatment before resuming the action.

Hassan Mohamed was unlucky to be denied by the bar after he lobbed a long-range ball over Boniface Oluoch in the 57th minute. Philemon Otieno just cleared from the line as everyone in the white shirt looked beaten when Ulinzi invaded Gor’s area in the 62nd minute. George Omondi had launched a swift counter attack from the home side left flank as an equalizing goal for Ulinzi looked all but elusive.


Both Elijah Mwanzia and Omar Boraafya were handed their debuts. Jacques Tuyisenge scored the second goal for the league defending champions from a corner kick. Defensive errors handed Gor the winning goal to stretch their points to forty-three.

Ulinzi Stars Starting XI: Jacktone Odhiambo (GK), Cylus Shitote, Omar Mbongi, George Omondi, Hassan Mohamed (C) Bernard Ongoma, John Kago, Daniel Waweru (Cliff Kasuti), Elvis Nandwa (Elijah Mwanzia), Masita Masuta, Michael Otieno (Omar Boraafya).

Unused subs: Timothy Odhiambo (GK), Hamisi Abdalla, Geoffrey Kokoyo, Ibrahim Shambi.

Gor Mahia Starting XI: Boniface Oluoch, Philemon Otieno, Godfrey Walusimbi, Joash Onyango, Harun Shakava (C), Ernest Wendo, Francis Kahata, Humphrey Mieno, Jacques Tuyisenge, Meddie Kagere, George Odhiambo ( Lawrence Juma).

Unused subs: Shaaban Odhoji (GK), Wesley Onguso, Bernard Ondiek, Sammy Onyango, Ephrem Guikan

51 thoughts on “Gor Mahia blank Ulinzi 2-0

  1. Keep on winning, nice to see Jausenge scoring.
    Kama previous headaches like Ulinzi are crumbling then let’s just go through the necessary local and regional motions but focus on the CAF challenges. CAF is where we will find worthy rivals. That’s why we will still call for quality signings during this transfer window.
    Congrats team K’Ogalo

  2. Sorry to disappoint all those who will be chest-thumping because of Gor Mahia’s rich vein of form! And don’t get me wrong – Itis good to celebrate victory – but I think the kpl has become too weak a league for Gor! There’s just no competition here!

    Maybe, we shall get real competition in cecafa and CCC!

  3. Ulinzi plays physical games, too much body physique without skills. Anyone who attended the match to give us a breakdown of how players performed individually.

  4. I have for some time been worrying that the congestion in fixtures would burn us out but with the thrashing of a phisically aggresive but brainless ulinzi whose coach had promised to end our unbeaten record , I have decided to cast aside that worry and look for something new to worry about and my brand new worry is that the players might get tired
    of winning too much .
    All in all its a big up to the players once again us we proceed with our grand march back to the epitome of elite African football .
    Its equally good to mention that Tuisenge’s form is peaking at just the right time and with that said , its incumbent upon the others strikers to follow the good suit , this rise in Tuisenge’s form will definitely bring the best out of the rest and when that happens everybody wins .
    I will not talk about Ade today .

  5. As usual congratulations! Alot of congratulations to everyone …..

    Though I must admit am getting tired of routine league wins.

    Can’t wait for CECAFA and CAF as obviously the kenyan league is as good as wrapped up .

    1. Please don’t get tired…a loss or a draw is so painful…i get you though..thanks to God for the win.

  6. Congrats to a lucky hard fought win,.1st I would like to differ with the blogger calling ulinzi coach brainless & those posting KPl is below GM.2day the best team lost.GM only played after sub’s.There was no fluidity in our game, wendo & mieno always playing one touch football (hawataki lawama),they lacked the confidence of holding/dribbling and changing that ball to the bilnd side,dictating the pace of the game.In fact only beri & kahata have the guts to stay with the ball + sub’s lawi & boni.If I may ask @jasego did you guys sighn lawi as a winger or no 8 or 10?, if its a transition, the same should be done with gukan , let him learn to play as no.11.All in all I think Lawi should be the one replacing Mieno.My thots.kudos team.

    1. Read and re-read all the blogs and nowhere have I seen anywhere ,anybody called anybody brainless, but in the only instance the word brainless was used , it was in reference to the non skilled, overly phisically agressive nature of ulinzi’s form of play , the reference to the ulinzi coach was vis a vis his pre match remarks about
      ending our unbeaten record , secondly the remark about the kpl being below we k’galo should be read metaphorically, not literary .
      Lets be level minded even as we engage .

    2. @Levelmind Lawi was signed as a CM central midfielder and ideally should play wea mieno is as number 8.Though he also possess qualities of a good CF center forward number 10 but can only play that role in a 4-2-3-1 system not the traditional 4-4-2 we always deploy as that will put him in Kagere’s position…

  7. Orait,bt frm your post I got the impression ulinzi were simply “gross” & GM excellent, which is was not the case, even the coach had a reasonable defence for 2days game.@jasego kindly in your chit chat with the coach find out(if possible)why the coach prefers mieno to lawi, what if bena is trained as a defensive holding mid, he could be a good ball passer na body/hght inaweza pande ya defence na ametulia.What of Guikan ,No 11.Hey, b4 I get lynched ati me si coach, NOTE -CHIT CHAT.LASTLY I HOPE JOASH SAW GER VS SWE GAME. ALWAYS PUTTING THE KEEPER IN A PRECARIOUS SITUATION, EVEN 2DAY.

  8. Levelmind, from the way we played, our team is looking fatigued, tired and jaded. Players are not robot or machine as the effect of many matches has started taking toll on our players. EC must do something to either add three new players or pull out of CECAFA all together.

    From what I saw in Nakuru we are going to be in a difficult moment in football competition as the entire squad is looking tired. Any team will give Gor Mahia a run for our money and this is the time to add new and flesh legs.

  9. We really need to beef up. Yesterday’s game was below par. Even rhe Coach acknowledged that. If we can get Ovella , Duncan and maybe Eugene then we can cope better. With the squad rotation it seems only Joash, Shakava and Meddie are being overworked. The rest of the players get to play once in a week which is acceptable

    1. Dan Eugene Mukangula is a ingwe player currently having been signed last week from Thika Utd.Danco is a very good signing though if we pull it through

      1. @Jasego, i meant Eugene Asike not Mukangula. Though i know his mind is now thinking of diaspora and not local

  10. I concur with jamigori the lads looked fatigued expectially the defence ..changes at the second half brought life to the game on transfers one striker 2 defence players i think will do the trick….in the mid is too crowded tho any add will not be bad….

  11. KPL standard low? So we move on to where? Pride comes before a fall, let’s be humble and compete when we are winning

    1. Let’s stop getting ahead of ourselves by demeaning the competition in kpl.

      Am sure all those who are doing that will have very strong words for the team when they stumble!!

      Let’s hold our horses until we get to the finishing line we all know the story of the pot..

  12. It is true that the boys did not display a good game. Notably shaky were Jausenge and Shakava. However, Blackberry was just super. He displayed some darting runs with speed more like Rahim Sterling, Leroy Sane or Delle Ali. For Kahata to score, Blackberry first immobilized the keeper with a beauty of a dummy that left the keeper sprawled on the deck and helpless, before releasing a cutback for Kahata to tap in with ease.

    On a different note, how long are these talks with a prospective new signings supposed to take? Talk about “talking with Ovella” started doing the rounds way back in May…… and why is that any Gor Mahia contractual negotiation must always be protracted?

  13. I have heard it said before by internationally acclaimed journalists that PSG is too strong for the French league or the same of Bayern Munich, that is just a statement of fact going by the fact that these teams win their leagues with gaps of ten plus points , saying this is not a suggestion that one transfers to another league , back home , we won the league with a gap of almost twenty points , at this point we are ahead by nine points with 3games in hand and from this I wonder what humble words somebody can use to describe the competition .
    A point of caution though , a league such as ours can at times give one
    a false sense of security with not so good consequenceswhen we go continental .
    I have seen comments indicating that the team against ulinzi looked fatigued but the positives here is the hallmark of a great team -grinding out results even in
    such situations .
    But I have one fear , that if situation is not rectified, then it might affect as in the quarter finals of the confed cup , I have mentioned quarters bcoz we will be there

  14. I too, believe we will be in the quarters.

    I think our consistently good run is the fruit of organization, focus, commitment, hardwork and a tinge of good fortune. The moment we start getting tired of winning, then we are in a way asking for disorganization and anarchy akin to the days of Anaba Awono. Personally I don’t want to be taken back there. Remember our current TM was TM then and we literally administered corporal punishment on him at Karuturi because we wanted organization. We wanted to be winners always…. which we now are.

  15. Kudos boys.. Bt my surprise is dat beri is becoming lithal ov late,, nice displays bt letx proof dat we ar de best in kpl by taking dhiz league unbeaten… Wanyambura, jausenge good job and de entire team

  16. Tamaa iliua fisi. Tuwache tamaa. Pull the team out of cecafa. Even if we reach the finals we come back and 3 days later play Yanga. Everton is on standby, KPL backlog. I like and cherish Kogallo whipping opponents Lakini lets get our priorities. Fatigue is and will bring us down. Lets learn from supersports that we eliminated. Jasego am just a voice of reason. See the sense who’s kanyada

    1. Hakuna tamaa @JamriAmbo but yes we are somehow “Team Mafisi” because we have to compete at all fronts. We are 17 points shy of clinching the KPL and as such we need six more wins PERIOD. We are adding three more players before close of the transfer window. We have a pool of 30 players paid to play football. We can simply make two very competitive teams to handle the pressure. Pulling out is cowardice.

      1. @OT, stop misleading the bloggers bwana. Gor Mahia is currently under a very difficult scenario regarding the congested fixtures. Players are human beings and you can’t subject them to these demanding fixtures. Let EC pulls out the team from CECAFA or alternatively send the youth team instead if it is a must that we have to participate.

        The team’s current focus should be on KPL and CAF cups. Everton’s game is very important for the exposure to our players. CECAFA should be shelved and the organizers need to be serious with this tournament. Under the current circumstances, it is favoring countries that completed their season in May.

        EC should pull Gor Mahia out of this CECAFA tournament and let the team concentrate on KPL and CAF.

  17. @ ogango trailer…spot on, the league will be wrapped up in the next 6 weeks ( in fact we dont have to win 6 if the trailing pack keep stumbling every weekend, it could be reduced to just 4 wins ) leaving CAF, CECAFA and the league cup………….. assuming we have all 30 players firing on all cylinders, then why worry! isn’t fatigue part and parcel of the job and modern day life , who doesnt have fatigue/burn out ?

    Fatigue is for loosers !

  18. Mathematics & wishful thinking cannot mix.GM cannot be crowned champions after 6 wins if our challenger abadu also keeps winning as they are doing of late .The max points the challenger can amass is 82 , maths should start from there, hizo zingine ni ‘histo’

    1. @Level mindfan this is a very simple direct proportional mathematics and based on KPL statistics for a very long period. Very few teams can cross the 60 points margin. Sample this based on the fact that GOR has played 18 matches same as INGWE. Gor has 43 points and INGWE 31 points.

      Mathematical based on the first round trend then the maximum points INGWE will gather assuming everything remains static will be proportional to (34*31)/18= 58.5 that can be rounded up to 59 points. Where as GOR will be limited to a maximum of (34*43)/18= 81.2 points. (Six more wins and you can take it to the bank)

  19. We have quite a handful of our players who rarely get playtime. Examples are Momanyi, Odhoji, Wafula, Ondiel, Lokowum, Guikan, Sammy Onyango. Ongusa, Joachim, K14 etc etc. What’s the problem of giving these players the exposure at CECAFA?
    These many games give us the edge in terms of sharpness and fitness at all times. The only fear is injuries and that is why we need some quality recruitments

  20. Yes @ Ogango Trailer and @ Jakoyo, you have said it all. Gor is not greedy. You can even add that Gor played two matches on the same day under Len Julian. One team was in Thika (KTM) and another in Kericho. Both won. Gor is just doing what is expected of champions. You win league you play champion’s league at regional level (CECAFA) and at continental level (CAF) while defending the league. You play Cup (FKF) as risk management measure just in case league slips away.(2016 still fresh).
    The only new thing here is Sportpesa cup which is only 6 matches. The worry of fatigue is not new. It was on this platform as early as April so it was certain it was going to catch up. The response was perfect and quite assuring, that it doesn’t matter who dons Gor uniform yet only 16 get regular calling out of 27(2 injured).My take is, with additional 2 defenders (left and central), 1 defensive midfielder, and 1 striker, Gor can easily navigate CECAFA without the involvement of the first 11. Instead of working so hard in secrecy to surprise people with new signings, the new recruits would have gelled with the team by now. Gor ni team kubwa. It can have 2 squads- one dealing with league and CECAFA and the other FKF and Sportpesa cup but combine to confront CAF.

    1. @Nyakwar Oanjo Rahiti, this was then a amateur football. This is not the best case study and with current modern football, players have to be kept fit for club to optimize on their strengths and full potentials.

  21. Uganda Cranes 22 year old attacking Midfielder,Erisa Ssekisambu,is in Nairobi to sign for 16 times Kenyan Champions,Gor Mahia.Ssekisambu helped Vipers to win The just concluded Ugandan League.He can play both as a winger and as a striker.He scored 9 goals Last season.Ssekisambu was also the top Scorer with 4 goals when the cranes won The CECAFA senior challenge cup in Ethiopia.In the CHAN championship held in Rwanda,he scored a brace in the 2-2 draw with Mali.A good signing if the reports are true.Karibu Ssebo

      1. It is reported both in Soka25East and Kawowo Sports of Uganda though one source borrowed from the other since the wording is almost the same.

  22. If it were me, the only reason I would attend cecafa is if Musonye is giving 3m. But wether Gor should attend Cecafa is up to the Tech bench. In europe teams are extremely fit and play far more matches. Gor is in an adventure it last did in 1987 when they took the Africa cap. The Gor of then, basically had two strong sides named ‘Khartoum’ and ‘Zamalek’. At this stage as we speak Gor has one strong side but I do not believe that the other side usually deployed in some league matches as being strong enough. Reason being that even for the Sat Ulinzi match the coach had to resort to his A’ Team.
    so in short, the Tech bench should be sparing when entering these competitions esp the Shield cup and cecafa otherwise Gor will get a resounding beating sooner or later. Copy pasting what Man City did will not work on the simple reason that Man city was not built on one season, it takes time and resources. But in my opinion, this is what Gor needs to do;
    1. ignore cecafa
    2. if we have to then let the fringe players prove their worth in the [Shield cup-cecafa] and some KPL matches.
    3. Let the A team conquer KPL, CC Caf and Everton.
    4. Recruit 2 attack midfielders and one lethal striker.
    No striker in KPL currently fits this bill.
    5. Build the fringe players on these 3 new recruits otherwise stop this dream of two equally competent Gor sides.
    6. Make sure no players thinks he is on the A’ team or B’ team.

  23. Whoever says that man city was built for a longer period, who told you that gor of today was built yesterday. I can remember very well that the gor that plays today started it’s resurgence in 2008 until it won the first league in 2013 and since then gor has been in the upward trend and we will not leave anything including cecafa club competition. We’ve not won cecafa for a longer period of time and whoever thinks that we should pull out doesn’t know the football history of this region.

    1. So unfortunate that you confuse resurgence with building a club. Since 2008 as you put it, where does the average Gor player live, does Gor have a home ground, what is the average player package, does that club have a dietician and the story goes on.
      You cannot have players eating Burma mrk diet and living in Umoja then ask for international standard results. you will not be able to sustain anything. (I have nothing against ppl living in Umoja)
      I would not even ask you to go to europe for the questions i ask but check with clubs like Zamalek, Esperance, USM or the Soweto clubs in S.Africa. Football is about resources. Look at Esperance and Gor Mahia after 87 and see what I mean.
      Gor Mahia needs big time income to sustain what it’s trying to do, not cecafa. Unfortunately the E.C have never enlightened the fans on just what kind of income the club needs to run for one financial year. How can they when they themselves are running from the police over debts incurred! The club is run on pure ‘adrenalin’, excitement and secrecy. For example does Gor have a shirt sponsor, the answer is no but the impression created is that Unisport is a sponsor, hence most fans really think that Gor ‘imefika’.
      The average Gor player is looking for a way out rather than staying in. Why else would you have so many 1yr or 2yr contracts. Some are so short that you cannot tell wether the player is a professional or a labourer, If the resent S.African debacle is anything to go by.
      The financial situation facing Gor is also destroying other clubs to the effect that most clubs are barely surviving creating the impression that ‘Gor is too good for the league’. Come next yr I bet Gor will win the league by their 10th league game.

  24. JUST BREAKING !!!!

    Both vipers fc lethal forwards , Milton Karissa and Erisa Sekisambu are in town for talks.

    Kogallo will only choose one by 30th June meaning Karim nzingimana to be loaned out to top Burundi club for their entire period of his remaining contract.

    Best wishes Karim for services well rendered

    1. After reading both profiles, Ssekisambu seems the better option but at the end of the day the TB and the brokers will carry the day. Hope the one they choose will deliver on the pitch!!

  25. I hope Gor mahia has been longing for the signature of francis Mustafa the Burundian striker. The man is 22 yrs old and is on his pick. It is high time Kogalo goes for younger and lethal players to keep the club on going with good record. It is also in order for a player to show interest in a club like Mustafa to Gor Mahia instead of being forced. Good luck Mustafa Francis.

  26. “….. Some are so short that you cannot tell wether the player is a professional or a labourer,….” That is Dinga in his true element!!! This is the kind of hard talk that has been missing in this wall for a while.

    @Musymo I too, am of the opinion that we hire Ssrkisambu and Mustafa the Burundian and loan out Jausenge.

  27. Good to note that we are heading to KSM to play our two KPL catchup matches and thereafter connecting to DAR for the CECAFA two weeks tournament. Sasa hi siasa ndogo ya fatigue cum jaded sijui fixture congestion ime isha. We want to see the so called fringe players doing their thing which matters most in their life and that is non other than displaying their football skills and soccer talent at the regional stage.

    If any player in the bracket of the first eleven is having BURNOUT then let them be given two weeks rest. We want to see more playing time for irregularly used players.

    Let us rally behind the team and bag that trophy whether it will be the so called
    professional , passengers or laborer having the job done will be non of our business
    but the back stops with the TB. After all last year SPORTSPESA championship was
    worn by the so called fringe players minus the so called Gor MAHIA national team

  28. This debate about whether to go to cecafa or not to go is now irrelevant bcoz its confirmed that they are going and that being the case , what then ?
    Personally I have keenly followed this to go or not to go and having followed too , how the teams like e.g Man City and the likes deal with their situation of cpngested fixtures (EPL is seriously congested), I have noted that the issue shouldnt be whether to go or not but how to manage our
    responsilities that come with our successes .
    And the first step to manage this is to be deep in depth , but we must accept the fact that the rest of the squad members will not be equally as good as the team’s first eleven, No where has that ever been achieved and thats why in so many so called small competitions in Europe , you will here a coach being accused of fielding a weakened team or that a coach has no respect for a certain tournament but in reality it is a coach trying to manage and cope but in order of priority , it is in this respect that we have seen Man city ,Man U , Liverpool etc knocked out by hitherto unknown entities , locally a certain giant team was equally knocked out by a minnow call GEF 105 .
    And so with our successes , will come responsibilities , and whether we are In the realm of clubs with club houses , stay in the Muthaigas of their cities and have the best dieticians, all we need , like I have said earlier is to realistically manage that situation and if done professionally I.e by carefully chosing our wars in order of priority I.e the kpl league , confed etc then we will just be fine .
    All said and done , despite the fact that compared to some of the elite teams in Africa , we are way down , that has never stopped as from whipping them when we are in our true element , I believe that when we hit Espereance in 87 , they already had a club house and we didnt , were better remunerated than we and better housed , it was the same espereance we gave a run for their money this season and as such , rather than ridicule our situation , there are a lot of positives from it and hence a lot to be proud , its our situation and we have to manage the best way we can with the little we have-and so far, so good and it will get even better , I believe

  29. @jasego and @Musymo..am waking up to the news that Kagere was in Dar yesterday to seal a transfer to Simba SC.Can anyone confirm this?

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