Gor Mahia blast Tusker 5-2

Gor Mahia started the 2019-2020 Kenya Premier League on a brilliant note when they hammared Tusker by a score of 5-2 at Kisumu on Saturday

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Defending champions Gor Mahia started their campaign for a 19th Kenyan Premier League title with an emphatic 5-2 win over Tusker at Moi Stadium in Kisumu on Saturday.

The hotly contested match that attracted a sizeable crowd saw Gor Mahia score its first goal through Nicholas Kipkirui in the first half, before Kenneth Muguna, Boniface Omondi, Charles Momanyi added four more in the second half.

Tusker striker Boniface Muchiri scored both of his side’s goals.

Gor Mahia’s coach Steven Polack lauded his charges for the exemplary performance during the team’s opening match.

He acknowledged the few mistakes made in the first half that were, however corrected in the second half.

“I am proud of the game, my players have played well because the match was tough. It took us a while before changing to a physical game that had us score four more goals during the second half,” said coach Polack.


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  1. Juogi mar Ogallo orwako Pullack nyasachiel yaani tano ndooo form this days in gormahia ,,,, love it for sure

  2. Congratulations to the boys for taming the “lion”. I saw him at the pre-match interview and he seemed to have been very excited that “blackberry” was starting the mtach, but it appears he had nothing else until that Muchiri showed up and Mapigano gifted him two easy goals. And this Mapigano must improve on his positioning in goal, he was badly exposed today.

  3. Gor Mahia goal Scorers
    -B.Omondi (27th)

    Mean while Wazito with former Gor Mahia players + numerous signing of big names

    Wazito-1 Nzoia-1

    Hehehehe…….Wazito this is no NSL, this is premier league with it’s owners

  4. Great!Great! Great! Pollack has found the spark in Bonface Omondi, the boy was marvelous.However this mapigano guy need to improve: he has a habit of leaving his line anyhowly thereby failing to punch away high balls. USM Alger are watching him.

  5. A very resilient performance. Such beautiful goals from Muguna and Boni and reluctantly I have to upload Muchiri for such quality….Special mention to Muguna for leading from the front with 2 goals and 3 assists. Boniface Omondi was a livewire throughout and the coach has more options on the wings with Boni, Miheso, and Onyango that he will be having a selection headache. Wellington seems to be rediscovering his best form, won a penalty, assisted Muguna’s second goal brilliantly and made good runs forward

    My reservations;
    1.Mapigano needs to stop conceding such Odhonjisque goals. He has benched Fredrick who was brilliant last season and he needs to watch out because if he gives the coach reason to bench him there is no coming back for him.
    2. Joash has worked hard to convince me but needs to stop giving away balls in such dangerous areas
    3. Ambudo blows hot and cold and needs to justify his selection ahead of Samuel and Miheso
    3. Tobias should be consistent. Am his huge fan but today he played in second gear.
    4. Geoffrey Ochieng has stepped up but is always a few moments from a card. Needs to tidy up his game.

  6. I can see we have discover scoring strikers after so many years. Bekele six would have scored a maximum of 3 goals. Thank God they left.

  7. The game was marvelous, the boys played well, goal keeper must improve, something must be at gate or else the team will continue loose alot of revenue at the gate if what I saw is anything to go by. These team as I said earlier is better than the last season’s reason being it has young lads who are ready to learn and to impress, the captain and the assistant were wonderful Momanyi is picking up well, Wellington waa words ilivo people are villagers.

    1. I agree with you obsolutely, Gor management office should get rid of these funny people who are not easy to place whether they are fans or officials soliciting money from spectators. They ask for additional 50/- from those who paid 200 for terace to allow them in VIP. I refused. Gor needs money but there are too many busy bodies who swindle Gor team. Let officials be loyal to team not these roudy, arrogant thievy people masquarading as Gor supporters.

  8. Woi, reached Kisumu too late. Lakini good spanking from ma mboys. 4nil et 5nil scores usually means one thing… gud show in Africa… either Gor Mahia has improved or the standard of Kenyan soccer has suddenly dipped. It’s gud that the ‘local commandos’ are the ones scoring…. this means that there is something gud with this coach. Congrats ma mboys.

  9. Wow!

    When i see Ochieng’ on the left, Ochieng’ on the right, Lawrence centre, Muguna with the armband, Joash at the back and Omondi firing on all cylinders i know Gor Kogalo is back big time. Gor of the 80’s is here guys.


  10. A Gor team that is prooving to be an improvement from last season has today thoroughly whacked a Tusker that is also an improvement from last season and congratulations is in order .
    On the two goals conceded , truth is that the positioning and situational awareness of this goalkeeper needs to be sorted and am not worried about that because I believe it will be , HOWEVER , before both goals were conceded , something happened which should be avoided at all cost , on both occasions , the shooter was afforded too much space , nobody closed him down to put him under any pressure , yet there were a myriad of defenders around him to do that , that was the primary cause of both goals , the cohesion and reaction in the central defence needs to improve .
    Everytime we voice some pessimism about a player and the same player rises to the occasion , its incumbent and courteous to give the player a mention and today Wellington showed that he is on his way back and I pray that continues , he was an improvement on Philmone -Today .
    My Guy Tobias , you are a very good player but you can be very frustrating like Samuel Onyango , just keep it simple bro .
    Its so nice witnessing how frequent the goals are coming , its good that Tuisenge’s role has been well taken care of but most of all , we have not taken 15years to fill Kahata’s shoes , though kahata too would have been a
    Very good fit to this Coach’s phylosophy .

  11. Congrats K’Ogalo…….. An upsurge in performance.Gppd mental and phisical fitness coupled with the right attitude and team work. This is the way to go. Alutta continua.

  12. Congratulations the game was entertaining…Joash should stop being casual…Mapigano should control is over excitement…kipkirui should improve his hold up play… lastly today Wellington ochieng and Geoffrey ochieng played so well….they should keep up … today’s game was so entertaining.. orgasmic per say

  13. Good start. Give the boys a chance. There will be time for a draw and loss a well and i hope we will still rally behind the team. Thanks coach for noticing a few mistake. WIP

  14. Matano akula TANO
    Congratulations Gor Mahia for an emphatic win and maki a clear statement of intent in so far as this season’s KPL destination is concerned.
    Please close those spaces in defence, and improve goal keeper anticipation and positioning.

  15. the game was very exciting moreso in the 2nd half after miheso was introduced and i love his tikitaka game, lesson learned: 1. mapigano should keep his line by good positioning 2. joash should avoid blind pases and know that he is the last man hence any mistake is a risk for the team 3. geofrey ochieng is full of old prone football and is committing alot of fouls should style up, 4. tobias is very slow and slagish and is becoming a load for mid 8 that is juma and his fellow centrall deffenders and that’s why muchiri got alot of time to punish mapigano because he was under pressure thus tobi should improve his reaction with and off the ball 5. ambundo is excelent with his runs and foot work but has little energy hence cant survive in 2nd half thus should work very hard on jim, otherwise the remaining players were fantastic and should keep it up, lastly i love the spirit of tikitaka and attacking game keep it up coach and the entire tb.

  16. Gor has got correct start. The league has just started and the players need to be cohesive and coordinative. If the improvement we have seen is real then the 3rd or further game the opponents will be seeing fire as there will be better preparedness and coordination in the games.

  17. Jathurgi, KPL has never worked out for any west Africans, unfortunately the two injury laden strikers just like oliech, will be shortly shiped out by the no nonsense coach.

    As for ojwang, he has to first fight out for a place with momanyi and Joachim..there is no guarantee

  18. @Jathurgiji we may not know much. Could be they are down with injuries. They are still our players, we love them and we wish them quick recovery. A team must have depth to be able to run full course.

  19. J’Asego with the transfer period just some 24 hours from closing, why can’t we break the bank and get this Boniface Muchiri? He would be a better buy than Kennedy Agogo Otieno.

  20. For a team that used to have a problem scoring so emphatically even when the situation presented itself , for a team that is at presently averaging five goals per game , the absence of the West Africans is the least of my concern and to quote the coach , the colour of ones passport is the least of his concern , irrespective of your origin , his only concern is your readiness , and when asked yesterday why he has maintained the same squad that played the Burundians , he answered thus ,”why fix it if it aint broken ” , in plainspeak meaning that we are already seeing his preference for the first team , lets remember that he was not party to any of the signings apart from Miheso and hence is not obligated to play the West Africans . I have heard a lot of good things about this guy Ojwang and if that is the case then I expect him to offer stiff competition to who will partner Joash in the heart of the defence , I dont doubt the personel we have there at the moment , but what I witnessed yesterday caused me a lot of jitters coz technically and primarily , that area and not the goalkeeper are the causes of both goals we conceded yesterday , fortunately I believe the coach will sort this out .
    Finally , why we have found ourselves enjoying how we play , is because we are now starting our moves from the back with the journey to the offense transiting through the midfield for onward transition and the ball is being played on the ground and not in the ozone layer , no wonder the likes of Boniface Omondi who is nearer to the ground is receiving more balls
    and shining , the Ambudo guy will be ok once he is reminded that there is a difference between professional football and ABCD .
    Our new system of play once refined , our phisical status factored in , is the antidote to our previous weeknesses in international competitions , When we reached the Caf finals in 1979 and won it in 1987 after vanquishing the West and North Africans , how we are TRYING to play now is how we played then .

  21. Two goals scored over the weekend revealed considerable insight into the football brains of the two scorers and people who know football will tell you that those were some of the most difficult goals to score and for one to do so requires no gueswork but a brilliant football brain .
    Starting with Kipkirui’s goal , after snatching the ball from the Tusker player close to the midfield , he still had considerable distant to cover , meaning he had to run and think and think he did because by the time he reached his desired shooting range , the angle was so narrowed by the keeper and then he just slashed the ball , sending the ball flying in between the goalkeepers outstretched hands .
    Now Boniface’s goal , what a masterpiece , the last time I saw similar was Leroy Sane doing the same to Liverpool’s Joe Gomes and Marcos Rushford doing the same to Alexander Trent again of Liverpool , only that Boniface’s was more difficult to execute because of the defender’s close proximity to the goalkeeper , meaning that Boniface had to execute the chesting , where the ball would land , measure its bounce and venomously half volley it into the net , all done with precision , and all these reflexively done and executed in 2.2seconds .
    Not commenting on these goals would have been a great disservice to humanity .
    @Oswozo Moziek , What is ?

  22. Kudos players & bench for the two 5 star performances.
    Yes JTG, freeloaders,aka passengers, signings mar ofis, players signed with “injuries” must be called out!
    So Oliech wanted to be paid 300k monthly for throwing tantrums and missing training while Kip & Co, who earn less than half his pay, train, play & score goals!
    The 2 W.Africans (sequel to Oliech scam, which was itself a sequel to passenger no.27) earn allowances, monthly salaries and were paid sign on fees but have nothing to show for it on the pitch.
    Such monies being wasted on passengers could be better used to motivate akina Joash, Muguna etc.
    Philemon/Batambuze were injured playing for stars/GM. Joash was injured but is back!
    EC these Westies were injured when, where & playing for who?
    What’s their current playing status, fate & quality?
    When will they stop riding on the backs of their teammates!

    1. @Oduor12, it is the office paying your passenger. This is the same terms you used to refer to Jacque Tuyisenge but he silenced the doubting Thomases like yourself.

      1. Passenger no.27 was Jacob Keli. Jausenge did score crucial goals but let’s not get carried away that “he proved anyone wrong” e.g by winning the golden boot in any one year Infact Tuyisenge is one player who responded well to criticism from fans. Before that his performance bordered on lacklustre. I hope the same will be true for your Westies currently piggy back riding on their teammates. Note that if/when your Westies start scoring goals, then all GM fans should be happy, you and me included. That’s why we shopped them from outside our borders or is it?

  23. @Teddy..unfortunately I missed that game as I was strutting my stuff at Camp Toyoyo as Gor was doing battle with Tusker.

    Hence the reason I am quiet and depending on the views and reviews of other bloggers here.

    But well done to the team… Sent out an early marker to other challengers.

  24. The goalkeeper trainer should justify if the 2 goals could not be saved by our new goal keeper ,Ambundo good but has no strength ,Agogo ???,let’s give the west time to recover, now with e ticketing collection should be published immediately,( koso ariambo)


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