Gor Mahia branches to stage demosntration against EC

A section of Gor Mahia branch officials were due to stage a demonstration on Friday. According to goal.com, the branch officials held a press briefing in Nairobi. The club members led by their branch officials said that the demonstration will begin at Tom Mboya monument and end at the offices of the club chairman Ambrose Rachier in Upperhill where they intend to petition him with their concerns.

We have therefore, resolved as Gor Mahia branches that we will stage demonstrations within Nairobi town to the offices of the current chairman Ambrose Rachier and the patron’s offices in order to bring to his attention concerns and the going-ons at the club.

We reiterate that we will not relent in our efforts to have credible, free and fair elections and plans are afoot to start parallel manual registration of genuine Gor Mahia fans.” said Dan Quinch, the secretary general of Thika branch.

The branch members are accusing the EC of trying to rig themselves back into office by using the online registration process.

“Gor Mahia office led by the chairman is forcing down the so called online registration without conducting voter education to our members on how the system works. The branches don’t feature anywhere despite having been paying Sh10, 000 annual subscription to the very office.” said Carilus Onyango, the chairperson of the branches council.

They further stated that the hefty membership fee (Ksh 500) is also a ploy to hinder real fans from registering as members,

“We are also worried that this process opens up our elections to everyone including those, who are not genuine fans of the club.” they continued.

Rachier dismisses concerns

Chairman Ambrose Rachier for his part has said that the concerns have no basis.

“We had planned for everything and our members are already registering well. The elections date had been set and it is high time aspirants started serious campaigns.” he said to goal.com

Ngala: We will not go to court

Meanwhile Ronald Ngala has explained why the club will not go to court to fight the IDCC ruling that deducted three points from the club thus costing them the league title.

“As a club we are not going to court; that is the position from the club officially. When we were docked points, we explored all available options for appeal and legal redress, so after failing we had to live with the ruling. If anyone is going to court then that is not the position of the club despite the fact that we feel the decision was too harsh on the team,” he said according to supersport.com.

2016 will be remembered as the year when a fan action literally cost the club the title.



15 thoughts on “Gor Mahia branches to stage demosntration against EC

  1. Trump triumphed against all odds. Can’t these aspirants beat AR to his game? Just get as many people to register whichever method is being used and get them to vote.

  2. Reading through the reasons for this demonstration it just goes ahead to confirm my fears that uptil this moment non of
    the contestants have only said but not demonstrated why they would want to be at the helm of a club of Gor’s pedigree , my yardstick being the current chairman who despite being incompetent vis a vis the club’s capabilities has at least driven the club to the helm of our domestic league.
    If I may ask , what logically is the problem with online registration apart from the fact that it is a n AR initiative and how does or has the manual registration that has been used before help in comparison.
    Secondly am just wondering how the figure of 500/= is meant to deter “genuine” Gor fans from participating , a fan who pays 300/= at minimum *38 games to watch Gor matches for the whole season ,
    And having demonstrated today , apart from rouble rousing what today’s demonstration achieved .
    As @Dan Original rightly says , why can’t those “genuine” fans mobilize and register in huge numbers , I mean the ones you want to register manually and how much will your so called members pay and with what mandate since as inept and as incompetent as Ar’s group are , they were voted in not once but more than that and as they say choices have consequences and the mere fact that AR is incompetent doesn’t mean you are competent.
    The crisis this great club of ours faces is an incompetent constitution but as I have noted this far non of the wannabes are concerned with that , the question is why.
    The way these guys are behaving is like they are rehearsing not for a mental showdown but for a phisical showdown.
    And characters like Jaro soldier , I think its high time you disappeared into the night , your 15minutes of fame are over

  3. Aspirants should campaign without incidents of violent, demonstration, thuggery but with decorum. The current office have positives and negatives as well and I think poor leadership is what resulted into the club losing the Kpl title.

    Some of the officials like Ngala, kilo, Orowe etc have got no business being called Gor Mahia officials and the trio should be voted out. The trio and others have been fleecing the club left right centre.

  4. There is nothing wrong with online registration process and the aspirants should mobilize their supporters to register through this method as it is more accountable than receipt book with cash method during the election date that in the recent past led to chaotic and violent situation.

    The era of transporting non club fans and thugs from the slums should be over. We need real fans to participate in this process.

    Mobilize your supporters to register in large numbers than shouting and coming up with demands that can’t help the club. We must a club register but not chaotic elections witnessed in the previous elections.

  5. Can EC publish the register of members/voters. You maybe shocked at the very low numbers. Despite all the hype GMFC’s membership is pathetic. As per Chris Omondi there are 109 branches of maximum 30 members per branch making a measely 3,000 members countrywide and that when membership fee is kshs.100. Branches proved a threat to AR&Co. when they refused to rubber stamp the constitution hence the move by EC to choose online registeration which is essentially direct membership, EC can manipulate this method as oppossed to manual system that gives branches the advantage.NOW SURELY 3000 MEMBERS COUNTRYWIDE IS ANOTHER FAILURE ON THE PART OF EC ESPECAILLY SINCE MATCH ATTENDANCE IS CONSISTENTLY ABOVE THIS. DO THE FANS PAY? WAS THE INFAMOUS THUG EVEN A MEMBER? FISH ROTS FROM THE TOP, CONSTANT FEATURES IN GMFC IN THE LAST 8 YEARS ARE AR,KILO,NGALA & ASS,TREASURER THEREFORE THE SUCCESSES/FAILURES ACCRUE LARGELY TO THEM.PERSONALLY GIVEN THEIR STYLE I DON’T SEE THEM TAKING GM FAR IN THE CONTINENTAL SCENE.

    1. @Oduor12, I think we should distinguish between being a fan and a member. Most of those who fill the stadium are just fans and admirers. Our task and that of the aspirants is to convert them to members. Ingwe had a membership base of only 600 eligible to vote. If our fans cannot register to vote and the aspirants cannot also encourage them to do so who is to blame? Surely not the EC.I took a gamble and registered online because even the branch leaders are not known by some of us. As fans we should encourage each other to go and vote. Trump won because of voter apathy of the Democrats . Will we complain once AR goes back just because the opponents were busy demonstrating instead of mobilizing their supporters?
      Let them campaign on mainstream TV, Radio, social media etc. That’s when we will know that they are serious.

      1. @DO I think we are saying the same thing (but AFC members were more than 600 coz Mule got more 1400 votes and no.2 was not far behind) but the point is how then does GMFC suffer such a heavy penalty for the action of someone who most probably is not a member,maybe even planted by Tusker or simply a madman.Not forgetting that GM was not in charge of security.How did EC,led by a prominent lawyer,lose such a straight forward case unless IDCC is, and the appeals were before,a biased KANGAROO court(s) or the attacker is directly connected to GMFC (which no one has proved) and EC is covering up. THATS WHY I BELIEVE FANS SHOULD GO TO COURT.Secondly, AR has no (has never had) plan for membership that why i rate our long serving Jakom behind his two opponents in membership.Like I said earlier link membership, match tickets and merchandize to lottery prizes to 1) fight counterfeits and 2) improve uptake in match attendance and membership.Keystone remains WINNING TITLES AND ATTRACTIVE FOOTBALL.

  6. This argument that the ngala’s,kilos are bad & shuld be voted out while AR is saint can only be advanced by fans who are directly benefitting from AR or are relatives.It is a narrow minded view of success. We have heard GM had no money B4,if the chair had any plans to better GM and money was the hindrance you could have seen it immediately the money was available.bt. what was the first agenda get rid of a successful coach

    1. @Levelmind fan, please note that this is your view and what I posted is my view. I respect your view and please respect my view too.

      If election is held today, I will vote for AR but vote out Ngala, Kilo, Orowe etc.

  7. Sawa @jamigori, help me understand why the trio are so bad coz I believe they all work under the chairs instructions. Could i persuade you to look at a broader pic,so far the chair has given us stability bt dnt you think we shuld aim for more,growth.what are the chair plan apart frm winning 2017 league.dnt you think he has sold the club short in reference to transfer he being a lawyer.we buy players let them go for free,we sign a player without knowing his status and allow the same to be paid handsomely at the expense of our youthful players,is it logic to pay 7- 10 thau per training season at camp toyoyo while we can buy a piece of land & develop it as a training ground(note not stadium),help understand the vision of the chair immediately money was available

  8. My major concern in regards to GMFC elections is my worry on some EC members having interest in National Politics elective posts such as the club treasure vying for MCA in his rural home ward and the Assistant Sec Gen too vying for the same in a Nairobi ward… Will they relinquish their club positions and concentrate on their political ambitious?? The day our immediate neighbors, AFC elected a politician in the name of G. Aladwa is when they faced more problems than before… If Dan Oketch carries the day same to Anima, I see the club becoming a family asset… I stand to be corrected..


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