22 Apr 15

The much vaunted Gor Mahia bread has finally been launched. ODM leader Raila Odinga officially launched the bread in Kisumu City.
“As you know Gor Mahia have had no sponsors and I was in India to talk to the India Chamber of Commerce and Industry, they wanted to know where they can invest and help provide jobs to our youths,” said Raila Odinga. “I met there my friend Srinivasa Reddy of Good Bread Kenya and they showed their interest to partner with Gor Mahia and that is why we are here today to launch Gor Mahia Bread.”said Raila to the Standard.

Raila, who was in India last month, said after meeting Indian Businessmen, he pitched for them to help the club and he was happy to have secured one immediately.

Raila stated that he also wants AFC Leopards to get stronger in order to strengthen Kenya football.

“I also want AFC leopards to get stronger so that we can have a quality league. I believe we have talent in our country that can equal that of Messi, Ronaldo or Sanchez. We should help get these players out and provide them the platform to showcase their talent. “But lack of sponsorship has forced us to think outside the box and we want our players be paid well just like their friends in Europe,” said Raila.

Mr. Reddy said their company, which operates in the Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley regions, will start producing Gor Mahia Bread and urged fans to embrace it. He urged fans to support the initiative.

“Please the more you buy it the better for your club. We intend to sell over 140,000 breads daily. That in a month will translate to over Sh4 million that will go towards the club. “We want to do business and you will help us get this amount to the club,” he said.

Gor Mahia Vice Chairman John Pesa said Nairobi area will also be incorporated soon to help widen the market scope, targeting areas where the clubs fan base is. “We expect the figures to increase depending on the market response. We have 27 players and we are struggling to pay their salaries and allowances,” said Pesa.

For Gor Mahia fans, this is yet another opportunity to support the club. This is especially true for those fans who for whatever reason cannot make it to the stadium.

If this initiative is succesful, there will be other companies that will come forward to do business with Gor Mahia. If the project fails to reach its target, Mr. Reddy and his group will promptly pull the plug.

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  • waziri says:

    good good idea …. produce quality bread and pple will buy and by the way what happened to that kenya wildlife partnership?

  • jathur gi ji says:

    Quality yes go for quality bread, this is food matters and therefore serious matters. I am in it, waiting to buy it immediately it lands. Don’t abuse this opportunity by carrying pieces to the stadium or taunting people to buy it. I have seen some people carrying whole fish to the stadium, even chicken, it does not make sense since back home your children may not have tasted fish or chicken for months. That is food abuse. Let us respect this noble arrangement, its business and the owners will not hesitate to withdraw if they see any abuse.

    If indeed they can sell 140000 pieces a day, that will give the team 140000×30= 4200000 a month, a very good deal.

  • Jakoyo says:

    just like the adidas and the many fake jerseys, how do we tell a genuine kogallo bread from the ‘fakes ‘ , people in river road and china are not sleeping?

    • Sir BenFranc says:

      For this Jakoyo, I agree with you totally. Not to forget the notorious Light Industry….Let them put some trade mark to distinguish between genuine and fake ones.

  • oswozo moziek says:

    @jakoyo…its up to the shop owners to put checks and balances and make sure they buy the bread from genuine distributors!!
    personally when the bread hits my supermarket it will be my bread of choice…i hope the quality is good and that they will maintain standards throughout!!

  • Omondi says:

    This is good, even @ingo will now raise funds for Gor. If only we could brand Chicken also..
    We need more

  • Sir BenFranc says:

    Hi makate inafika nyorobi lini?????

  • jakorando says:

    A very good and noble idea towards the support of the mighty team.However fellow comrades i fill challenged n my concern is some people will be carrying the bread all over the streets with the main aim of showing people how they love Gor. But this may not be the same information to many people who can potentially buy the bread since it simply lowers the product quality and we will be left strugling to buy the products alone. we need many people to buy it

  • Jaupanda says:

    Thank you Jakom. If there is one man who desires success for foot ball in Kenya, it is Jakom. He never forgets to mention Ingwe for the good. Word has always been flung around that Gor can not get sponsors because of some circumstances. I want to believe that these bread makers are not oblivious of the risks that are involved in any business. The greatest asset that they saw which I think others did not notice is the large fan base as well as their desire to stand (resilience). This is what will make this sponsorship work. We can go beyond the 140000 pieces. As for the possible fake bread, as the Kogalo family we can help weed them out because these things are not made on mass. May we could also be given a list of distributors and retailers where possible. If we make this successful, other sponsors will abandon their had to get game plans and join the band.

    • john says:

      I always posted here that the games pitting gormahia should never be staged at city stadium BUT Gor mahia executive dont seem to accept,

      IN city stadium u see thugs,robbers and drug sniffers climbing the wall to gain free entry into stadium and they are ever impatience of any happenings inside or outside stadium. this are few individual who are known by anyone who attends the matches at the city stadium.

      my fellow bloggers can agree with me that we experience very fews ugly cases at nyayo stadium and kasarani stadium.

      I ask our Beloved Gormahia executives not to stage any games at city stadium, otherwise very soon you will here hooliganism or fights wih hawkers at muthurwa market which can rock good bread sponsorship deal.

      • Jaupanda says:

        @ John sorry that am commenting on what you have posted, but I think it is important. I also think and I have also observed that at the City Stadium, hooliganism tends to be more intense and out of control. I know that teams choose venues for Home and away matches. If it is not fixed then I also think that the executive should give it a thought. May be they could even start with all the week end matches to be played at Nyayo. Going by the crowd that I saw on Sunday, I think we can do with Nyayo(Britam) The advantage is that Nyayo attracts even more people because they feel there is space to maneuver. There is no harm in trying. It is worse not to try. This is a matter of urgency.

  • Caleb Mathews says:

    This is a good idea. Good luck

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    This is a mature idea, it may just happen to be an eye opener to the sponsors on what an association with GM can do.

    On another note..i also am appalled as to why GM should insist on City stadium..i cant understand at all. City is small, crowded, uncomfortable and just bad. It was once mentioned that the turf is worn out.

  • agrippa says:

    The issue of city stadium being small and unsafe is true. In any case, the county government were due to renovate it. Think tis time to work on membership for Kogallo. Lets continue with the motivational kitty for players. Tis too quiet yet it was a noble idea.

  • bildardoh spartan billitelly says:

    thank you Hon Odinga . president Uhuru promises and you deliver without making false promises. To gor mahia family weigh the options and make a decision. i support it 100% . okwabisecho

  • Dan Original says:

    As we buy and eat the new bread and drink K’ogalo water we should lobby the EC to move some of our matches fromC ity to Nyayo. I just noticed that we will play Ulinzi and Tusker at City. A crafty team can easily ‘incite’ our fickle fans to do what we did during the Sofapaka match

  • Jb says:

    Just jail 3 hooligans
    My family will go for that bread for sure I will ask them to find it daily

  • Benjamin says:

    wea r u based cz we really need to promote Gor bt who supplies it nataka niwe depot n easily avail it @ my premises.

  • Benjamin says:

    wea r u based cz we really need to promote Gor bt who supplies it nataka niwe depot n easily avail it @ my premises.
    Gor wagero wawegi BT secho to dawe!!!.

  • Kochieng' says:

    this time round kila kitu ni gor, wadwaro nyaka bus mar gor, book mar gor, software mar gor, sabund gor, girlfriend mar gor, condom mar gor,Nyasoch gor, skund gor, president mar gor, kanisa mar gor, hotend gor, lodging mar gor, eeeeeeeeeish list mondo odhi mbele

  • Kochieng' says:

    this time round kila kitu ni gor, wadwaro nyaka bus mar gor, book mar gor, software mar gor, sabund gor, girlfriend mar gor, condom mar gor,Nyasoch gor, skund gor, president mar gor, kanisa mar gor, hotend gor, lodging mar gor, eeeeeeeeeish list mondo odhi mbele