Gor Mahia CEO Aduda shown the door

The contract of Gor Mahia CEO Lordvick Aduda has been terminated.

The decision to terminate his contract was reached during Thursday’s Executive Committee meeting. “He is accused of unlawfully representing the interests of the club to the federation as pertains to the clubs position in the ongoing FKF – KPL stand-off whereas the club is in support of the KPL,” read the statement printed in the Standard.

Aduda now says that he quit and was not fired and has taken the decision after the management decided to go against the Football Kenya Federation directive by announcing that they will participate in the Kenyan Premier League.

“I advised the club not to go against FKF’s decisions but I am not ready to hold onto a position whereas my advice is not being considered by the club.”

He denied that he has been working with the Football Kenya Federation to undermine the club’s management insisting that he will stand by the FIFA statutes. He further said that Gor Mahia may suffer the consequences of going against FKF

“I am not ready to be antagonized by the repercussions of the decision that the club (Gor Mahia) has taken to go against the federation” he continued.


Aduda is clearly misguided on this issue. To begin with, all 16 teams in the KPL have decided to stay within KPL. Does Aduda want Gor Mahia to play in a FKF league by itself?

He speaks of FIFA statutues yet it is FIFA itself that has mandated that the league be run by KPL and that the league must remain 16 teams. And from a financial perspective, there is no evidence that Nyamweya will compensate clubs for the loss of Supersport money so what should each club do. He may be correct however that Gor Mahia as a club should not take an antagonistic stance against FKF.


It is true that Aduda has been CEO for a brief period. But in that brief period, what new initiatives has he started. The primary job of a CEO should be to raise the financial profile of the club by starting initiatives that can generate money for the club. In this regard, if Gor Mahia is interested in hiring a new CEO, they should perform thorough interviews with people who have a financial background and hire them on performance contracts.


The one area where Mr. Aduda is right is that Gor Mahia should not take an antagonistic stance against FKF. The FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya has now called for dialogue

“All football stakeholders will engage in dialogue and further discussion until next week as we seek an amicable and unifying solution ahead of the start of the new FKF premier league season. This is in a bid to avoid making rushed decisions so that the final outcome is  a way acceptable and favorable to everyone” reads a statement from Nyamweya.

If the FKF is genuinely looking for a resolution that benefits all parties, then I would urge Ambrose Rachier as KPL Chairman to take the offer with both hands.


6 thoughts on “Gor Mahia CEO Aduda shown the door

  1. The last official post i read was that Gor Mahia had denied Aduda was their CEO a few months ago.

    On the KPL – FKF standoff, dialogue is always welcome especially now that no one is clean.

    The complexity of the Kenyan case that makes even Government and FIFA shy away is that all these officials are birds of a feather. Who doesn’t know that the KPL Chair is the Gor Chair and Gor Mahia is the biggest beneficiary of Big Sam’s rule at FKF. How many times has he reversed bans imposed on Gor? He even told off Governor Mutua. Just recently, he is the one who allowed us 7 foreign players against the KPL Constitution and AR took the chance immediately. It should also be remembered that it was AR’s candidature that made Hussein lose to Big Sam at the last ballot (Please refer to peeling back the mask by Miguna Miguna).

    AR and Company must offer Big Sam a better deal and save Kenyan soccer. Cut the deal like you have always done and spare Kenyans the anxiety.

  2. I have seen a lot of chest thumbing which will never take this great club anywhere. I wish to reiterate that all the stakeholders need to discuss the matter on hand without any fear, creed, contradiction, favour for amicable solution to reached by all parties.

    There is no party which is clean in this saga. KPL too has its own closet of skeletons as well as FKL. Our Chairman being also the chairman of KPL should lead by example but not taking sides with either KPL or FKL. It is not time for blame games as we all need to move together in one direction.

    Gor Mahia as a club has been a victim of poor decisions by KPL and it was Sam Nyamweya that came to our rescue. We should never forget this matter, when Oguda, Monro, GMT Otieno, Kalekwa, Musyoki etc wanted to kill Gor Mahia but Sam Nyamweya came to our rescue.

    Why do we forget easily without mirroring the past? We have bloggers with damaged brains and this is why they do not remember the good gestures and positive hand over Sony saga.

  3. If you are hired unprocedurally you leave unprocedurally. If I were Lodvick Aduda, I would go out there, do my homework well and spring back through elections as Gor Mahia chairman. It is only then that some of the corrupt hirelings holding on to AR’s coat tails could be neutralised.

  4. I think this is the best news I’ve heard in the resent time. This guy Aduda has bn misrepresenting Gor. Even that position was just created 4r him to make him relevant in football after being fired by
    Nyamweya. There was no possitio of CEO in gGor mahia fc. Thank u Rachier for firing Aduda. On KFK-KPL saga, I support KPL. KPL is a limited company of clubs that perticipate in top tire. Chairmanship changes depending on the champions of the league. There is no way that AR
    as t
    he chair can decide to abandon KPL which he chairs. It is like the chair of a company leaving his company to join another . We as Gor r major shareholder in KPL.

  5. Aduda Aduda wewe ni nani? Infact this lad has been a disgrace to gormahia maybe ….,,he tries politics for we need to move fowArd without guys like him the issue of kpl vs FKF I go the kpl way in the eyes of Kenyan football lovers FKF is not relevant they cannot organize a team in the name of national team yet now they are capable of managing 18 teams ask satan the answer is they will fail miserably


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