Gor Mahia beat Bandari 2-0

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Gor Mahia fans needed something to smile about after an acrimonious week in which the sponsorship with sportpesa was suspended. It came when old reliable George Odhiambo Blackberry scored the all important goal to give Gor Mahia a 2-0 win over Bandari, the other goal was an own goal by Felly Mulumba.

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Gor Mahia gradual ascent in the KPL log took another positive step with a 2-0 victory over hosts Bandari this Thursday 28 April in Mombasa.

A bizarre deflection off George Odhiambo and Felly Mulumba’s own goal saw the Dockers succumbing to record low 6-game win less run as Gor Mahia temporarily climbed to sixth on the log.

The first half of the action saw Marcelo Ferreira boys rolling out an offensive intent against Bandari who also created couple of chances upfront with none able to break the deadlock.

Tuyisenge chances

Gor kicked off the intent side with their top scorer Jacques Tuyisenge failing to force Obungu into a save twice nodding over the bar in the opening five minutes.

Bandari first sniff at goal came from David King’atua who did well picking up a Shaban Kenga pass from the flank but the attacker’s low drive veered wide of Bonny Oluoch’s posts.

Kingatua’s second asking

Other chances at goal saw Khalid Aucho’s 25th minute shot from Ronald Omino ‘s delivery flying over the bar before one of Omino’s effort also met a similar fate three minutes later.

Bandari ‘s Kingatua came asking again in the 22nd minute and despite finding the target this time, Oluoch was at hand to parry back his fierce shot back to play before Gor cleared their lines.

Blackberry’s deflection

Gor Mahia coasted to an early goal eight minutes after restart when a clearance attempt by Shariff came off Blackberry’s frame and past unsuspecting Obungu at goal.

Sserunkuma, Ndinya summoned

Twahir responded to goal with double a change summoning Dan Sserunkuma and Victor Ndinya for King’atua and Abege respectively even as most of the dangerous chances went on at their goal end.

A fine foreigners exchange between Walusimbi and Tuyisenge almost had the latter doubling the lead 17 minutes later but Obungu was at his vigilant best to thwart the Rwandese danger man using his feet.

Kahata close

in spite of the double change spiced Bandari up front surge, with Sserunkuma drawing a booking for Collins Okoth, another chances at their goal had Rwandese striker picking up Kahata only for a poor first touch to spurn another potential scoring chance in the 71st minute.

A counter from Duncan Otewa after a Gor Mahia corner saw the full back plundering upfront but Gor’s Musa Mohammed did well to block his tricky cut back in search of his team mates.

Mulumba’s Mishap

The final saw Gor up the tempo that was rewarded in the three added minutes from another strange goal. With Enock Agwanda hot on his heels, Felly Mulumba resorted to passing the ball back to Obungu, only to find the custodian unsuspecting once more for a miserable climax of the visitors second goal.
The win saw Gor Mahia extended fine run against Bandari with six wins two losses and two draws in last ten games pitting the two.

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Starting X1: Wilson Obungu(Gk), Dancun Otewa, David Gateri, Mohammed Sharrif , Felly Mulumba, Humphrey Okoti,Shaban Kenga, Anthony Kimani, George Abege (Dan Sserumkuma 57’), David King’ atua, (Victor Ndinya 61’), Edwin Lavatsa

Unused Subs : Joseph Okoth, Hamis Tole, Andrew Waiswa, Benard Mang’oli, Michael Apudo

Starting XI – 23. Bonface Oluoch -GK, 14. Karim Nizigiyimana, 21. Eric Ouma, 5. Mohammed Musa (Cpt), 18. Harun Shakava, 6. Collins Okoth,( 20. Ernest Wendo 69’) , 10. Khalid Aucho, 7. Ronald Omino,( 8. Francis Kahata 58’) 9. Jacques Tuyisenge, 25. George Odhiambo,(24. Enock Agwanda 83’) 2. Godfrey Walusimbi.
Unused Substitutes – 1. Fredrick Onyango -GK, 22. Jackson Saleh, 17. Ochieng Eric, 27. Jacob Keli.

23 thoughts on “Gor Mahia beat Bandari 2-0

  1. Bravo Boys. Who said you cannot challenge for the title …………the “philosophy is working better on the opponents and they get confused and score own goals. we still have little grip of the Philosophy in front of goal.

    Need to see more goals. Can we start countdown the return for meddie? Or countdown for the Exit of some of the players?

  2. The game was well played,I think we still need to work on the striking force but all in all there is improvement!

  3. There is no official communication in writing or otherwise as regards suspension of SPORTSPESA sponsorship. K’Ogalo donning their playing regalia with the sponsors logo as detailed in the contractual obligations and as such all these hullabaloo and tirades about hooliganism vis a vis suspension is nothing but “SIASA Baridi”. We march on to the top.

    1. @OGANGO TRAILER, when you are suspended even at work you are still an employee so no problem with using the SportsPesa uniform. But if we care for the club let’s internalize the messages from all quarters and do what is RIGHT and LAWFUL as we support our team.
      Chest thumping when we know supporting our team FINANCIALLY to compete locally, regionally or even at he continental level is something that we have not been able to achieve.
      On another note let’s embrace our sponsors’ products so that all parties benefit from the deal

      1. Those points are welcome whichever way they came. As for sponsorship let’s not overglorify it. For the umpteenth time fans can and have sustained our beloved K’galo though their gate collections which are stolen and channelled back as personal donations. So many projects stall simply coz EC(AR) wants to maintain its iron grip on club. This year our goals have deteriorated to merely retaining the league surely it should have been that plus winning CECAFA and going further in CAF. Winning the local league is important but it seems that is all AR led ECs can do and what do expect when a record breaking coach nay entire TB is hounded out, top class players are replaced by ones who could not perform locally or in neighbouring countries

  4. That striking force desperately needs a talented partner for tuyisenge upfront asap…So let’s confront the Elephant in the room…Which foreigner should be let go to pave way for Kagere’s return?Or which local player in Kenya or O’wise can provide the much needed sharpness in front of goal if signed in June?

  5. Why can’t we break the bank and get our Ochomo back? If we need a foreigner to sharpen our striking then Sugira of Rwanda is the man. I think Kagere’s energy might just have peaked a while back. Those are my personal thoughts.
    Dwelling back on what EC/AR did or did not do will not get us to the top. We need to strengthen and make use of what we have currently as we look to strengthen in June

  6. @ Dan Original,Good ideas but do you believe Ochomo can replicate his scoring under pressure @ kogalo?Also sugira is okay but who goes to pave way?I think locally we can bring Paul Kiongera back from Simba in June,other options are Allan Wanga also being released by Azam in June and Paul Were whose club in Greece has been relegated & is now a free agent…

  7. Good progress Kogallo..now priorities should shift to bringing on board Paul Were and Paul Mungai Kiongera and we are done and dusted with transfer ( my personal opinion !! ) . Furthermore, it is interesting to note that CECAFA KAGAME CUP for 2016 will be held in Zanzibar. It time to start planning for zanzibar camp.

  8. For me Ochomo is not the answer.Like so many before him he will turn out to be a one hit wonder.He has to convince me over the season for me to change my mind!!
    Meanwhile the idea of one foreigner making way for another might be counter productive.Foreigners may not necessarily be the answer to our striking problems!!

  9. Some of us should wake up to reality. Unless Ze Maria(am praying he’s not another B. Williamson) as strong willed as Loga/FN then you will have EC sanctioned signings and releases e.g signing Brazilians like Rodriguez and letting go the likes of “Lwanda Magere” ati coz of high demands then paying that amount for a player who though good is injury prone. Yes most likely we’ll win the league but that will be hollow unless we cap with another could run in CECAFA, the shield cup and good foundations to start making inroads in CAF.

  10. I wish some of the comments comes from those who understand what a team is?This kind of critism will not build the palyers.I watched them play Bandari fc,this is a very good team even our opponents accepted they were watching a different Gor Mahia.We are heading the right way.The technical bench can add power where they feel need reinforcement but not from us guys.
    This guy has something special and time will tell if we give him chance to implement his vision but not to rush him.That is what is happening all over the world.

  11. I see that attendance for Kogalo matches in Mombasa and Kisumu is still high. In Nairobi, attendance has plummetted compared to what we used to see in 2010 and 2011 when we used to finish 5th in the league. What has happened? Are the tickets too expensive? Are people bored?

  12. The coach is good, he is giving players chances not like one relied on finished products and neglected the raw talents. I am tired of reading quotations from futaacom on this page. Stop this and get the truth from the field

  13. All bloggers, we do not need Ochopo, Wanga and Were.

    On Kiongera, it was we fans that made life difficult for Paul Kiongera with boos and all sorts of noises from the likes of Jakoyo and etal.

    We do not need business men in he name of signing good players. I think we only need two players in striking cm attacking midfielder. And we have these players locally in the name of Eric Johana of Mathare, Ovella Ochieng of Sharks and Kipkurui of Zoo.

    Let us also promote players from our youth team and this will make us formidable as we will have a very strong foundation from homegrown players that have DNA of kogalo but not businessmen. Personally I do not want these recycled local players that will add no value to the team.

    Ochomo is still a clueless player but only physical. Were betrayed us while wanga has reached his sunset years. What value will they add? Please let us think rationally before making suggestions.

    On foreign players, we only need exceptional talents like Sugira and Meddle both of Rwanda.

  14. On poor attendance, the solution is to continue winning our matches as well as the office need to engage fans and encourage them to attend all our matches.

    AR and entire EC should use the media FM radio stations, daily newspapers, newsletters, TV and other social gatherings and campaigns like jazza stadiums. These methods of encouraging fans can be sponsored by fans, sponsors, club and other well wishers.

    We can also use roadshows particularly from midweek fir example from Wednesdays all through to match days.

    We can also use promotional activities such as raffles where fans can win number of prizes.

    Let the club also have football ambassadors and radio personalities such as Gidi Gidi, Carol Radul, Larry Asego, Ndambuki of Church Hill live, etc for such activities. These personalities can be used as Gor Mahia goodwill ambassadors to fight against hooliganism, ills such as bhangi smoking and thuggery as well.

    Radio talk shows can also be explored to help on jazza stadia campaigns as well as for curbing hooliganism. The talk shows can be very useful tool for talking to fans and getting feedback from fans on how such negative things on Gor mahia brand can be eliminated.

    Let EC led by AR be on the front line for urging fans to turn up in large numbers and at the same time engage fans and listeners on how hooliganism can be eliminated.

    Radio Talk Shows and Road Shows will be very useful in killing two birds with one stone.

    The EC or the club can also use former players in promoting image of the club and appealing to fans to attend our matches.

    Finally appointing and empowering full time secretariat salaried staffs headed by CEO, Finance Director, Marketing Director, Membership and Recruitment Director, and Commercial Director. All these employees will be given performance targets such as jazza stadia initiatives, distribution of club merchandises, promotion of club image, marketing the club, prudence in financial management, scouting and signing of players, developing club networks, setting up of youth and women football, establishing of international networks, initiating exchange programmes etc.

  15. Am for the idea of football ambassadors. ..it works,especially through well known personalities/celebrities.who is our PR guy?can’t they explore innovative ways of selling the Gor brand?

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