Gor Mahia edge battling SoNy

The scorer was Ali Abondo

Gor Mahia edged a SoNy Sugar side that was determined to make amends for their 1-5 loss to AFC Leopards. The final score was 1-0 in favour of Kogalo. The all important goal came from a direct free kick by Ali Abondo.

courtesy of goal.com

Ali ‘Teargas’ Abondo made the big difference curving home a beauty from outside the box as K’Ogalo edged past sugar millers to extend leadership

Despite arriving in Awendo eleven hours to kick-off, Gor Mahia maintained their unbeaten start to the season after seeing off Sony Sugar 1-0 in a league match played at a waterlogged Stadium on Wednesday.

Ali ‘Teargas’ Abondo thundered home the all important from a well curved free-kick in 57th minute to stretch K’Ogalo’s lead at the top of the 16-team table to seven points. Gor Mahia now have 26 points while second placed Thika United have collected seventeen.

The defending champions settled as early as the second minute with in-form Michael Olunga hitting a fierce shot which went agonizingly wide but acted as a reminder for ‘Zico’s men, who suffered a humiliating 5-1 defeat in the hands of AFC Leopards during previous fixture.

Despite trying hard to get the composure, the home side could not match the visitors’ tempo in first quarter of the game and the former brewer went close again in 13th minute but failed to connect a fine pass. Sony slowly came back into the game and resorted to ball possession in a game which was dictated by heavy down pour that rendered the pitch unplayable.

The hosts would have gone ahead in the 24th minute when Vincent Ouma hit the outside of the goal post with Boniface Oluoch well beaten. Both teams struggled to control the ball effectively in a pitch which was flooded and resorted to long balls which were not effective as defenders sort to clearance on the first touch.

At the break, it was even with fans looking disappointed by lack of goals, while the hosts felt lucky for not conceding in the first half. After the break, the fourteen times premier league champions looked optimistic and they were more comfortable with neat passes at the center of the pack which clearly showed they  did not miss services of their hard tackling midfielder Collins ‘Gattuso’ Okoth, who sat out due to a bout of malaria.

The Green Army got their breakthrough in 57th minute when Ali Abondo curled home a free-kick past desperate Jairus Adira to give the visitors a lead, after a foul just outside the 18-yard box. It was a goal they needed to gain their confidence and Olunga could have doubled the advantage but his shot hit the post in the 70th minute.

‘Zico’s men looked lost in the final minutes as K’ogalo launched attack after attack orchestrated by Khalid Aucho but they could not penetrate the former’s defense, who decided to pack the bus and avoid conceding more goals. It is the eighth win for Gor Mahia as they extend their lead on top of the table to 26 points while Sony suffered their second defeat in a row to remain eighth with fourteen points.

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  1. I wish to return all the glory and honour to the Almighty God for this sweet victory over Sony. Kudos to the whole team and on behalf of the Taita Taveta Country fans and entire Coast Region, congratulations are very much in order to the players, technical bench led by Frank Nuttal, fans and office.

  2. All this success will be undone if the club does not get its act together financially. Fans should come together and contribute

    1. @Joe Riaga, that is very true. We should also note that the more the boys win the more we as fans and EC owe them in winning bonuses. So basically the financial burden is increasing. We seriously need to do something bigger and more sustaining than what Anelka helps us to do

  3. Congrats to the whole team. The team traveled at night, reaching just few hours to the game kick off, no enough sleep, it rained in Awendo but our boys still showed high determination. Thanks to our fans too!

  4. Gor Mahia executive office has continued to led us down by their failures in coming up with viable financial sustainable ways of financing this great club.

    Gor Mahia has over 20,000 active fans and many dormant/sofaset fans through out the country can be converted to become more active fans in purchasing the club merchandises and subscribing to the ideals and ethos of the club.

    VERDICT..The Executive Committee led by Ambrose Rachier has failed to see these opportunities (SACCO, ASSORTED MERCHANDISES, SUBSCRIPTIONS) in tapping into the huge fan base and goodwill the club has been enjoying. We are frequently hearing negative news of looting at the gate with fake tickets being printed by some of these officials in cohorts with ticket printers. What a shame to our clamour club?

    We need this club to be reorganised and turned into money minting enterprise where we can build a cake for everyone and create jobs to many youths.

    1. We need to sell our branded merchandises to all our fans and change design year in year out.

    2. We need to recruit members by having even sales team spread to strategic points all over the country. This can be with different membership categories and annual or monthly subscription.

    3. We need to have SACCO and tap in the huge fan base and attract other investors to explore the law of large numbers in scaling up investments.

    4. Club Structures
    Gor Mahia Football club can take one of several different legal forms or models, which are discussed below.
    i) Companies Limited by Shares:-
    A company limited by shares is the same as a company limited by guarantee except that it is
    owned by the shareholders who elect the directors.

    Companies limited by shares are not normally used for clubs that operate membership schemes because each time a member joins a share has to be issued to them and each time a member leaves their share has to be transferred to somebody else or redeemed.

    A company limited by shares may be suitable for clubs which owners or investors who wish to invest in the club and want to operate as a profit making operation as they can benefit from payment of dividends and an increase in the value of their shares (which can be sold).

    ii) Community Interest Company
    A Community Interest Company is a special type of company. It has a separate legal identity and so, as with a company limited by guarantee, the members are protected from liabilities. Only companies can apply for Community Interest status, i.e. this is not available to unincorporated associations.

    Community Interest Companies are incorporated in the same way as normal companies but must
    demonstrate that they are acting for the benefit of the community. Many amateur football clubs would be able to meet this test. The constitutions of Community Interest Companies must comply with certain rules which restrict the way in which the assets can be used (i.e. an “asset lock”). They have no special tax advantages.

    iii) Charitable Incorporated Organisations: Charitable Incorporated Organisations are a proposed
    new form of charitable company. Charities which opt for a corporate structure at the moment have to set up as a company limited by guarantee under company law. This means that they are
    subject to dual regulation by the NO Council and Registrar of Companies. In light of this, many in the charitable sector should have a desire for a corporate structure specifically designed to meet the needs of charities, and regulated only by the NGO Council.

    iv) SACCO or Industrial & Provident Society (IPS):- A SACCO or IPS is an organisation registered with the Regulatory Authority such as SASRA which conducts an industry business or trade of common members interest. A SACCO or IPS can either be a cooperative, run for the benefit of its members, or a community benefit society, which is run for the benefit of the wider community.

    b) COMPANIES LIMITED BY GUARANTEE:- A company limited by guarantee is a company
    owned by its members but, unlike an unincorporated association, has a separate legal identity. Each
    member guarantees to pay a small amount if the club becomes insolvent e.g. Kshs.1000.

    The structure is very flexible and common among not-for-profit organisations such as clubs or charities where membership is frequently changing. The club’s constitution will be set out in the articles of association of the new company. Often the members elect the directors, who will be re-elected in accordance with the company’s articles. The directors are responsible for running the club.

    A company limited by guarantee has no shares and will not pay any dividends to its members. As such it is not suitable for clubs seeking to turn-over a profit for its members (as opposed to making a profit for the club itself). As the company has a separate legal identity, it can enter into contracts and hold land in its own name.

    b) UNINCORPORATED ASSOCIATIONS:-Gor Mahia can be unincorporated as associations, sometimes referred to as private members’ clubs. Unincorporated association is a group of individuals who are bound together by the constitution or rules of the club. This means that the club is not a legal person in its own right, and so any contract of the club must be entered into by someone on behalf of the club.

    Normally a club has a committee to run the club and it will be a member or members of the committee which will enter into contracts and hold land on behalf of the club.


    1. As omondi@gmail.com says usichoke comrade Mwakio. keep on telling us.

      Thank-you for encouragement Omondi.

      Player deserve to be paid their dues period. THEY WIN THEY GET PAID.

      Thank-you team K’galo, keep the pressure on the EC continue winning am sure Gor fan’s will soon deal with the EC should non payment continue.

  5. Congrats team. I hope we can do something. ANELKA don’t get tied. Oduor12 don’t tire let’s start the contributing.
    Look at what we are doing now. Putting the team through a night trip. What if? Thank God
    we are stretching this too far now. Tell us what we can do AND IT had better be now

    wish you well team in your next game

  6. Now addressing EC.

    Imagine this. FKF successive failure in managing football led to emergence of FKL



  7. Lets appriciate the many of us who have the team at heart.
    before we go the sacco or ltd company way, lets stabilize the branches fast and am sure our basic budget will be met.
    meanwhile lets meet in kisumu as we play western stima with a
    kitty for the boys. can someone come up with a collection point.


    After such a good turnout against ULINZI on SATO; how on earth can the GM treasurer handover a paltry 300K to AR as the actual gate collection after the now famously branded CORRUPTION slogan in the name of “STATUTORY” deduction.

    We pay to watch players and then this quacks just eat what belong to players. Gor Mahia is now their “CASH COW”

    Entire paragraphe deleted by moderator due to foul language

  9. Our players arrived in a awendo 4 o’clock in the morning. …guess what they slept sitting in the bus, took some hurried break fast and lunch,prepared and played in heavy rains and still won…..yet, they have not paid.

    I am sickened and shocked by this attitude towards our players. We have to stand by our players at all costs. I urge bloggers to stand and be counted . ….am loosing my patience with this great club.

  10. A great result under very difficult circumstances!

    We thank God the Almighty for the victory !!

    In triumph and glory, in defeat and agony, K’OGALO FOR EVER !!

  11. A lot of pain, a lot of frustration in the hearts of those who wish to see Gor Mahia prosper. Over 3 years and none of these great ideas on this WebSite to uplift Our beloved Club have taken off.

    We MUST now take the bold step to play our part, both for ourselves and for posterity. The way things stand now, future generations will rightfully say that we talked and talked but took no action.
    Is there anything stopping us from organising ourselves, the sincere and truthful and well-meaning amongst us, and setting up an entity whose sole purpose would be to provide for the welfare of the players for starters?

    Yes, the Gor brand associated with the entity would give the stature and associated benefits to accelerate returns if we were allowed to leverage on it.. But as things stand, the gatekeepers and vultures will not allow us to use the Gor brand to generate income FOR the club. At least not without going to bed with them first. (I wouldn’t and never would do that).

    But we can strategise in such a manner that as our entity gains legitimacy and credibility, through words and deeds, others will welcome and join the endeavour to liberate Gor Mahia from the current plight. Trying to change the office, or join the office or overthrow the office has proved futile.

    Create the vehicle, have an Interim Board, set the Agenda, Market it, raise Funds, start the agreed Business, deliver to Players and Bench, and work smart and tirelessly to expand progressively.

    From the posts I read, we have all the brains here, Visionaries, Statisticians, Accountants, Marketers, Brand Creators, Opinion Shapers, Mobilisers, Volunteers, Investors, you name it! And there are legions and thousands waiting on the fringes to join in.

    Are we the generation that will make that difference and set THE example for others to emulate?


  12. thanks to the team for the great game in Awendo. first thing first, to the great minds on this site, we can’t keep on giving fantastic ideas with no avail. to comrade Wakio, Oduor 12,Baba Travis and the rest, we can do something huge to words making this great club a success. forget the analogue EC. let the revolution starts now. blessed

  13. Congrat to playiny Unit and Technical Bench for the Fighting spirit you have shown this Season. Prof. Nuttal you are JUU JUU Kama KANU!!. Keep it up Man!!. I wish I could get Friends of GORMAHIA,like 1,000 people who can contribute only Ksh.1,000.00. per Month, for the Playing Unit only. This Contribution can cover Players Wining Allowences and any other Project that can mottivate the Players moral. I Odhiambo Achacha NO: 1, so who is No: 2, 3,4 and so on?

    1. Henry ayie kodi baba if only we can maintain the playing unit, am sure nothing will stop the boys from lifting the trophy unbeaten. Am no 2,

    2. @Henry, count me in. We have to design ways of assisting the players and TB instead of always waiting for our analogue EC. One thing we must realize is that Gor cannot be run using only gate collections. As much as we appreciate what the Chair is doing he needs to share that financial and other responsibilities with the rest

  14. 2 things that threaten tooo derail kogallo this season,
    1: corruption
    how i wish sponsors could come on board and take this oppotunity and some fans are adisgrace to the club its only gor fans who are normally seen on tv trying to jump over the walls shamelesslly.



    Courtesy of sportsArena.com/Gor mahia news:……………………………….

    Sources at the club, say the club chairman has been aiding the club with personal assistance but is now feeling some of his committee members are sabotaging his efforts.

    Ticket scandal claims

    Among the things that have irked the chairman is the ‘scandal’ with ticketing.

    Rachier believes that some members of the committee are printing separate tickets alongside the official tickets during Gor away matches and pocketing the monies. During their 2-0 win over Ulinzi where Gor were the home side, several people were arrested for selling ‘fake’ tickets.

    It’s believed that some of Gor executive committee members are behind the sale of the tickets. According to a source at City Stadium, over 1,500 fans watched the match from the stadium’s main stand and over 2,500 were at the Russia side of the stadium.

    At the Centre stand, the entry was Ksh. 600 per head making a total of Ksh. 900,000 as get collection. At Russia, fans were paying gate fee of Ksh. 300 making a sum total of Ksh.750,000.

    This could loosely translate to Ksh. 1,650,000 but after the match, only Ksh.900,000 was tabled.

    After all the deduction that included stadium fee, security fee and paying some of clubs debtors ahead of the match, the club was left with only Ksh,300,000 according to the source at the stadium.

    This didn’t go well with Rachier prompting his anger. Its believed that the chairman was agitated and demanded that the officials use the Ksh.300,000 to facilitate the team’s travel to Awendo.

      1. @Ochigah that the word… “SATAN…..” and it not a foul language or abusive as @ADMIN tried to allege on my initial post on this gravy matter. I called them “QUACKS’, THIEVES, STUPID based on this barbaric action by none other than the guy in charge of GM treasury. And let it be very clear to all and sundry that “WE” will hunt him down and deal with him the “K’Ogalo” way. OKWABISECHO…!!

    1. As much as you are spot on O.T let’s remember that the following negative issues: lack of transparency, unaccountability, corruption at the gate i.e free entry not to mention the so called use of “personal funds” have haunted GMFC for a long time yet 3 faces have been constant figures in all the EC’s persistently plagued with these problems.
      1. Jakom Rachier,
      2. David Killo who have changed position even more swiftly than a chameleon changes colour from Senior Vice Chair to Org.Sec.
      3.R Ngala-Secretary

      How do one constantly claim to be using their personal funds to sustain the club yet you never present independently audited financial statements to support your claim. The duly elected Secretary General was ridiculed as being “Oting” for trying to streamline ticketing.
      Why not use reputable firms like G4S / Well Fargo.

      EC please start worrying about the July transfer window especially be wary of teams like Mathare U

  16. Terrible stores kwa nini hii iendelee for so long, why are these people so heartless, why such little love for the team, why steal from team? By the way how is the bread sponsorship going?

    1. @ jathur gi ji……. Enough is Enough……… OKWABISECHO…..Over our hard earned money meant to facilitate the players welfare ending in some ones pocket. This treasurer is a let down and MUST be shown the door. How can he print fake tickets in two consecutive HOME matches and walk scot-free will players are languishing in poverty and handouts.

  17. One kiswahili musician puts it well- ‘ni kamakupigia mbui gita’.
    with all respect you are all playing guitar to the mbuzi who is not appreciating

  18. @trailer you have frightened me.
    300k only.
    Why can’t rachier wake up. Why should we pay at the gate. Why not come up with season tickets. For the main stand then
    Mr chair. …..just think outside the box. Think ahead of your treasurer. Think ahead of the goons.

    1. To Gor Mahia EC especially Jakom Rachier,

      To get 300k out of 900k means that statutory deductions are a massive 67% I.e the club is left with 33%.
      I always wonder how much the likes of Ushuru, Mathare etc are charged for using CT & Nyayo stadia.

      Please find other ways of having fans contribute to the club directly other than through gate collections possibly as shown below on a earlier post.

      @ The Villager had asked
      ” I’m expecting to spend at least 10,000/- on the gate charges for home games, both local and international including friendlies. But that is all i can give this season to Gor Mahia. Please can someone calculate what this figure multiplied by all the fans attending games at VIP adds up to? Then work out Terrace charges.”

      @ The Villager you’ve raised a valid point. It is this financial budget/potential from fans like yourself that EC should harness.

      Paying all the kshs.10,000 as ticket fees means 35% will go towards statutory deductions (stadium hire 25% and ticket agency 10%) leaving GMFC with 65% or kshs.6,500.00.

      Alternatively if we adopt the privileged membership model ( I propose the Sacco option) of 500/- per month, then the club will raise from you the Villager kshs.6,000 free of the “statutory deductions”. Members can pay this 1/4ly in advance to sort out the GMFC’s cash flow problems.

      First privilege to Members- Discounted tickets VIP 200/- and terrace 100/-
      ** With your balance of 4,000/- you can attend 20 GMFC games i.e all the TPL league matches, some GorTV, Top 8 as a VIP.
      GMFC will still get 65% of your 4,000 i.e 2,600 which plus the 6,000/- membership means annually GMFC will get 8,600 from your kshs.10,000 budget as opposed to kshs.6,500.
      Second privilege- Secured, privileged, guaranteed & vantaged entry and sitting for members. MEMBERS MUST BE TREATED PREFERENTIALLY FROM OTHER SPECTATORS/FANS
      Let non-members pay 250 for terraces and 600 for VIP and only be allocated the fringe areas.
      Forget City stadium until the terrace area is upgraded to proper standards.

      Why the Sacco model.
      1.Sacco have punitive enforceable laws applicable against errant officials.
      2.Members of a sacco can engage in investments to further stabilize the financial base of the club e.g merchandizing, purchasing training ground etc. MEMBERS WILL OFCOZ PURCHASE MERCHANDIZE AT DISCOUNTED RATE.
      Remember the club will still have gate collections, Supersport grants as extra sources of income.

  19. The best way to help Gor Mahia right now is to kick out the sleeping corrupt EC and change the club into a Sacco. Kick them out even if it is by force. Then maybe we will start making some progress

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