Gor Mahia edge Kakamega Homeboyz 2-1

Gor Mahia overcame their travel fatigue and absence of several key players as well as a player-strike to accomplish a come from behind win against Kakamega Homeboyz. Goals from Francis Mustafa and Boniface Omondi canceled a 50th minute goal from Luke Namada.

Additional reporting from the Nation
Two quick-fire goals from substitute Francis Mustafa and Boniface Omondi cancelled out Luke Namanda’s 51st minute opener as Gor Mahia rallied to claim the maximum points in the closely contested encounter.

Namanda was put through on goal by Ali Bhai to slot home past hapless Gor custodian Fredrick Odhiambo but Mustafa, who replaced Nicholas Kipkirui on 55 minutes, equalised barely 12 minutes after coming on.

The Burundian capitalised on Homeboyz’s defensive lapse to plant the ball into the roof of the net. The dust had not settled before Gor took the lead through Boniface Omondi whose rasping shot from outside the box took a deflected off Festus Okiring into the back of the net, giving goalkeeper David Juma no chance.

It was Gor Mahia who had the first chance of the match, coming in the third minute through Boniface Omondi’s free-kick that went begging inside the area. Lawrence Juma had been brought down by Sosthenes Idah outside the 18-yard box.

Idah blasted wide from Ali Bhai’s corner kick on nine minutes after Luke Namanda’s dangerous cross took a deflection off Geoffrey Ochieng on its way out.

On the other end, Gor broke on the counter but Nicholas Kipkirui’s attempted header off a Boniface Omondi cross went wayward off target.

Lawrence Juma sent his free-kick from 20 yards to the skies after Fesutus Okiring’ had fouled Boniface Omondi on 17 minutes. Three minutes later, Ugandan Erisa Ssekisambu went into centre referee Booke Phillip’s book for a poor tackle on Idah.

On 25 minutes, Kipkirui initiated a move down the central midfield before squeezing a pass to Ssekisambu who charged down but his fierce shot veered off the target much to the chagrin of a few K’Ogalo fans that had turned up.

On 36 minutes, Homeboyz goalkeeper David Juma was called to action to parry out Boniface Omondi’s rebound after his initial shot from a corner had hit the upright.

Both teams were playing cautious as the clock ticked towards the halftime break.


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  1. Congratulations.As we were busy complaining it has just come to my attention that one game one win and we are in the quarter finals then semi then Finals.Remember a lowly Greece once won the Euro

  2. Congrats are in order,,, finally mustafa hav broke the silence of not scoring atleast he has one goal having been signed dec last year,,, but thats great bearing in mind that pedro atletico MUST FALL..

  3. A big thank you to the boys who despite all odds , turned up and got a favourable result , some may see your action as a betrayal or weakness , but one day in the future , you will look back at such days and appreciate that you did the right thing and that your sacrifice was not for the benefit of the EC but rather for your self and your families .
    I want to repeat what I said earlier , players should and must be paid their salaries and bonuses as stipulated in their contracts , but equally so , there must be consequences for losing games so that there is balance in reactions .
    To the ones who are on strike , if you have not been paid , PLEASE REMAIN ON STRIKE FOREVER.

    1. @jasego if it is possible suggest to the powers that be” for the signing of Owalla , former Naivas midfielder currently playing for Jeri All Stars.I think he is far much better than Wendo,Lawi & philo in that mid position,.He is deadly on dead balls & a good distributer of the ball .

  4. I guess congrats are in order playing continental football and local league matches in the same week is never easy however it was poor display from the boys again. It was another tale of poor passes, desperate clearing of the ball especially when on the defense and the midfield lacked composure today…… But our main focus should now turn to Sundays game a composed midfield will carry the day for us.

  5. Congratulations team K’ogalo for the sweet victory against Nickolas muyotis big mouth of warning Gor mahia fc that he was ready for the only big team in Kenya.

    1. Maybe it’s the KPL standards that is low in this country gentleman. Second 11 beating a team on form like homeboyz? Hapa theme Ukweli. Lets not blame Gor players. The standards in the league is too low.

  6. Those on strike have been greatly disappointed by this sweet victory. They prayed for a defeat in order to justify their action but no! All Gor players can perform when granted a chance.Congregations.

  7. https://www.goal.com/en-ke/news/gor-mahia-players-switch-off-phones-miss-clash-against/1rx818wkdyrjn162nkuw0yys1t
    So sad but how some people reason in ways I will never understand. The EC should be ashamed for not paying players over and over again but two of the players reported to have gone underground, Ogweno and Cercidy have been trying to win over the coach and this was their chance to show Oktay what they got but maybe their anger at the mistreatment got the better of them. Another lost opportunity.

  8. Congratulations to the 14 players who turned up for the match and not forgetting the few funs but my fingers are crossed as sunday is approaching I the issue of the player will be sorted out amicably so that we carry the day on Sunday. Any player given a chance on Sunday should give 120% performance so that we qualify to the quarters. GOD BLESS TEAM KUBWA.

  9. The mentality that players need Gor more than Gor needs then is wrong. Telling the players that they should just play to reach Quarters where there is good money price is blackmail. To suggest that players should adhere to the contracts they signed and not the EC is “deceit, conmanship and betrayal”. To suggest that you have not receive CAF money is scapegoating and lack of planning and abdication of responsibility and lack of accountability on the part of EC.

    Congrats for beating Homeboyz.

    I am now confident the Boys will rise to occasion come Sunday. Gor 1: Petro 0

  10. The mentality that players need Gor more than Gor needs then is wrong. Telling the players that they should just play to reach Quarters where there is good money price is blackmail. To suggest that players should adhere to the contracts they signed and not the EC is “deceit, conmanship and betrayal”. To suggest that you have not receive CAF money is scapegoating and lack of planning and abdication of responsibility and lack of accountability on the part of EC.

    Congrats for beating Homeboyz.

    I am now confident the Boys will rise to occasion come Sunday. Gor 1: Petro 0

  11. Guys, i read somewhere that Karius sued Besiktas for not paying him for 4 months. Too bad for him. But on the other hand i never had Karius boycotting any match. What does this mean? As much as our EC is underperforming do we have a sober mind in the TB or playing unit to guide them. At least Jerry as the captain used to be the guiding light. And when will Oliech catch up with the top scorers in SPL? i read that he promised to be the top scorer this tear

  12. @Dan Original , the example you have given of Loris karius appropriately captures how a true professional handles issues , and that is the essense of making the best of a not perfect situation , and as to whether a player/EC should abide with a contractual obligation or not , there are laid down legal provisions of enforcing the same , were either party not to honour their part of the bargain , and this is where progressive advise comes in .
    Reading through all the posts that have come through , I havent seen any approving the behaviour of the EC , but rather , it has been inspite of the EC , and inspite of the delay , International exposure, the kind only Gor and Harambee stars gives one , Is something any
    player , with any iota of ambition should grab with both hands , because anything otherwise will only mean two things , either you will remain in Gor that provides the best locally or you will leave the club and downgrade to the other local clubs whose conditions are even worse , but your professional ambitions would have been shattered and not even the ones who are currently loudly cheering your misadventure will help
    Or even bother about your situation when your star starts dimming , if in doubt ask Congestina or Princess July or Collins Gattuso whose playing style and durability could only be compared to the original Gattuso or Ngolo kante but is currently nowhere .
    In life , there is something called tough love and it is not synonimous with an absence of love for the players tribulations but rather a kind of love that captures the players current situation while not losing sight of their future .
    After all , the EC’s lives will continue and until we push them out and get a better alternative , but it will also not be a surprise if the present EC comes back to office , coz just like we have millions of excuses why we dont turn up to the stadium to cheer the boys , we will equally not turn up to vote , thereby ensuring the status quo remains , thereby starting a new vicious cycle of EC this , EC that .
    To the few players who will be available for the Athletico game , this may be your beginning of a very bright future , just make the best chance of the opportunity the absence of the absentees affords you , in 2 to 3 weeks , the ones currently cheering their misadventure will have abandoned them and moved on with their lives .

    1. And Zamalek is ready to offer 45M for Kagere. All this is due to the amount of effort he put in while at Gor, and at Simba. That amount plus some other emoluments would put PacMan in a better position to tackle the future, even as a former soccer star. Our players should know that the EC members have seen the best of their lives while the players still have alot to live for. So the choice is for each and every individual player to make though as fans we wish them the best post-Gor era.
      In the meantime we will be there on Sunday evening to do what we can as fans, that is to offer the 12th man support

  13. Sad to read that some players like Cecidy, Batambuze and Ogweno actually switched off their phones yesterday so as not to play against HBz. What madness is that yet we have adequate cover in their positions? Godfrey is now mature enough to play left back (after the Zamalek game) while Cecidy and Ogweno have not been convincing enough when given a chance. Who might be the loser here moreover we are right in the middle of the transfer period?
    Jasego, though you are still mourning our Egypt loss can you talk to Sempala Hashim of Tusker. He can resolve our DM gap, and his contract is soon expiring in June so he can come as a free agent.

  14. And yet even the shallowest of thinkers should ask him/herself one fundamental question , why did Kagere 2 agree to re-sign for Gor Mahia despite having lived through its imperfections ? , Kagere’s was a mature acknowledgement that despite his experiences in Kagere 1 , Gor Mahia still held the key to his ambitions , he signed into that imperfection , made the best out of that imperfect situation , showed the world his perfections and that performance saw him go on to a more lucrative situation and with better situations to come .
    Kagere’s reason for coming back to Gor is the exact reason Oliech is in Gor despite other local clubs being available to him , but he will have to proove it in the pitch within the imperfect atmosphere , failure to do that , he will be back to the same situation he just came from .
    And a lesson to the ones who are excited about the shallow cheering they are getting from sections of the populace , Oliech can narrate to them what happened to the thousands of support crew who were cheering him on when things were good , from media personalities to “celebs” , ask him if those guys still call him or even receive his calls , instead all they are doing , is peeping into his world and telling the whole world how broke he is .
    So players , beware about those who shout in your name , for the moment you crack your head against the brickwall , the next moment they will appear around you is at your funeral , donating generously and telling the world how good and tough a man you were when you lived .
    Use the proven role model e.g Kagere , who you have had the privilage to associate with , acknowledge the fact that this is a short but lucrative career and you will be cheered by the same fans for life , failure to do so and you are on your own .
    To the ones who have agreed to play through this “pain barrier ” , God has given you this opportunity -Take it , the delayed salaries will eventially come , including to the “brexiteers” who probably have decided that the future is now and to hell with tomorrow .

    1. Teddy well spoken. I hope his Oliech siblings who hung around his tailcoat read this. They are ways giving him wrong advice

  15. I love this game. This is a cliche I will always love and cherish. At least am constantly reminded about the unpredictability and fun that comes with football. Today you are the Champion whose name is on every one’s tongue for good reasons of course and tomorrow you are the villain whose name is a curse on every one’s tongue. What an irony.
    It is said that when you meet a dog out side their home, it quickly coils its tails between it legs. Find the same dog in their territory and it is a different ball game all together. The Egyptians must have made the same resolve when they lost to Gor Mahia 4-2 in Nairobi. Indeed they came out good. In totality we lost 2nil. The most uncomfortable thing about the whole situation is however, everybody is praying for a miracle. This means every team has a chance to progress but only two will do so.Things have gone down to the wire and this makes and brings out the spirit of football. Petro beat us in their country. They are probably wishing that they played before their own crowd and the same situation being replicated in the Arab North. Lastly let us turn up in large numbers cheer and enjoy the game on Sunday. Mind game….Do not be surprised if President Uhuru appears at Kasarani to Cheer Kogalo on…….aaaaaaaaaahhaaaaahhh.

  16. Dho Jasego Wuod Kanyada tinde omoko. Iling thithithi. The kitchen is too hot Bwana.meanwhile Bwana cha to Oriambo ne players nang’o today?

  17. Meanwhile Gor players have all been paid their Feb salary and winning bonuses accrued. Everybody is motivated and ready to face Petro.No excuse for a draw or lose! Good luck.

  18. One fine morning in 1985 , a team of Gor Mahia left Nairobi for Sudan to take part in the cecafa tournament .
    This team was travelling without 6of its first team players plus the coach Len Julians courtesy of a ban metted on the team after the 1984 zemalek debacle .
    In this team , were relatively unknown players , some like George Nyangi “artillery ” was fresh from Musingu high school and had never even been to an airport .
    On the day the team left , a cartoonist with the standard group named kirui koske even had the audacity to make fun of the team returning from khartoum in an empty soda crate .
    This young team plus a couple of veterans , took the chance left by the suspended players , went to Sudan and against all odds , came back with the cap .
    Never in the history of Jkia have scenes witnessed at the airport on the team’s return been ever been seen , Ever .
    From theiron , the previously unknowns like Artillery Odembo , Ben Breakdance oloo , The Obwaka bros , Onyango fundi and Onyango jogoo went on to become legends in kogalo’s folklore .
    The gist of this post , is to show the relative unknowns in the Gor Mahia squad , that Gor fans are very very appreciative of players who make full use of opportunities thrown their way , but can equally be brutally unforgiving if you dont take advantage of your chances .
    Lastly and on a semi light note , if you have been in Gor for close to say 6months and you still dont have a befitting football related nickname , then just know that your presense has still not been felt .
    And I dont mean football unrelated names like Ja Usenge or toothless whatever , I mean a name like GATUSSO , ARTILLERY , BREAKDANCE , FUNDI , JUA KALI , KEMPES , BEST , WUON PAP , NINETY MINUTES MAN , ENGINE and etc etc.
    We want to see a reaction on Sunday .

    1. You’ve nailed it on the head when Gor arrived from Khartoum everything came to a standstill and the kind of reception they received has never been seen again and I hope our current players will make as see it this time unfortunately those who are supposed to bring the glory can still afford to disappear and not turn up for the game. Since Oliech has tabled his request to allowed to leave the club he should be allowed so that his brother/manager can help him settled in another club though am wondering if there is any club that will take him. There is a young man I really liked in Gor by the name Lokuwam what happened of him? Today let’s keep vigil and pray for the club to win tomorows game and let’s also remain pure just like in the book of exodus when the Israelites were about to meet God.

  19. Teddy you have sounded the war cry. Chokeee. Piny dum buru. Oliech take the initiative.Shari yako. You are dead right. Any known Nick name in our current squad…mmmmmm and you forgot to mention God Oronge and t he 87 squad was captained by Omolo Hesborn….

  20. Let Dennis Oliech leave the club if he desires and Gor Mahia will be there with or without Oliech. These explains why there is much difference between Mariga, Wanyama and Oliech. The fist duo have gone far and are still doing well because of their high level of discipline and professionalism. Let Oliech and his brothers take him to wherever their hearts lead them.

    On players striking because of delayed payment of bonuses and allowance, this is very wrong action and attitude as their salaries are finally paid. Such players should be suspended from the club and their contracts should be terminated. Their salaries should be with-held and need to be fined and suspended immediately. Discipline should be upheld at all levels both at the EC and players.

    Yes, players should be paid all monies (salaries, winning allowances and bonuses) owed or due to them but they have no reason to refuse to play nor switch-off their phones. I strongly recommend that such players should be reprimanded and suspended fourth with from playing for the club. The delayed in remittances of their dues does not mean that they will not be paid.

    The players have roles to play in honoring matches and thereafter demand their dues. You can not down your tools and thereafter demand for payment.

    When Gor Mahia was recruiting players like Okeyo, Oliech, Batambuze, Ogweno, etc, did the club do a background check of these players before they were recruited. The checks should have included recommendation letters from their previous clubs, team managers, coaches, referees, stakeholders such as fans views on their behaviors, what other team members and people commends about them and attitudes, press reports about them, due diligence etc.

    GIGO that is Garbage-in Garbage-out should be avoided at all cost and we need to promote players from our youth team instead of going for big names that thereafter will destabilize the club.

  21. I think Oliech has realised that the prospect of being called to the Afcon squad are slim. three months to the tournament, he still hasn’t proved that he deserves a slot. He is no where to scoring the 30 goals he promised, he is still largely overweight and unfit, he still fluffs most chances that come his way, his shooting is wayward, his ball control is still wanting. Gor has had problems paying on time, he knew that when he signed and i believe he was prepared to for it. He even offered to play for allowances only. But now that he knows that Afcon is not going to happen for him, he has no motivation to play, especially under the difficult conditions so he is looking for a way out. Him asking to be released also provides Gor with an easy let off from their huge gamble in signing Oliech, the gamble that as days go by seems was going to fail miserably, atleast now they dont have to pay his huge salary and sign on fee. Win- win if you ask me

  22. I may be in the minority who believed and still believe that a laser focussed , 100% fit , disciplined , well advised and well managed Oliech still has/had 2-3yrs of semi top level football in him , unfortunately non of the attributes that I have talked about have not been visible in him since he signed on to Gor Mahia .
    On Oliech’s situation , I want to commend the much maligned EC , who knowing the risks associated with Oliech , e.g being out of any football , competitive or otherwise , injury history , his personal indiscipline , wayward advisors and age , decided to stagger the payments of his sign off fees so that he could first proove on the pitch what he verbally claimed he could achieve FOR the club whilst signing .
    He has been in the club for long enough now for the Jury to do an appraisal of he has to this moment met his side of the bargain .
    My personal opinion in this issue is a BIG NO ,Secondly , has he showed any discernible hint that he is on the road to meeting his side of the bargain if given some more time , again I say a BIG NO.
    Anybody who had the privilage to see how disciplined and professional Oliech was when abroad , would be very surprised and disappointed about how this same guy would be so casual , reckless , careless and indisciplined when he was back home , the explanation here being that in Europe ,there is zero tolerance for nonsense , but back home , the non thinking Oliech was king , sarrounded by exploitative brothers and sisters , slay queens and kings , celebs and an idling cheering ochestra , all have since left , unfortunately for Oliech , the single most ruthless and greediest bunch of the man eaters still remain I.e the brothers and sisters and since he seems incable of totally extricating himself from them , then I can sadly conclude that Oliech’s career is heading back South , only him and him alone can change this and I hope and wish he does coz I like him .
    The EC was spot on this , with spot on due diligence .

  23. “Phone call from Raila keeps Oliech in Gor” I read that somewhere Raila called Oliech in presence of Ambrose Rachier and promised him that if the club does not pay him by April then he’ll pay Oliech from his pocket and hence Oliech has now joined the team and ready to play tomorrow. These are the kind of attention that Oliech wants how I wish the club would just do away with him early enough before things get out of hand. This Oliech will never learn from the past but anyway because the former prime minister is ready to pamper him who am I to question? Let me wish the team all the best tomorow against Petro de Luanda.

  24. There is a very nice article in yesterday’s standard by Bethuel Oduo , titled “Gor must invest in Technology to survive” and it makes for very interesting reading while giving a very good insight in why we struggle in International matches .
    The technology this writer refers to is an app that gives considerable insight in form of data and statistics on opponents , intelligence on the opponents strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of the game , a technology that all our opponents have and which unfortunately we dont have , it is further unfortunate to note that according to this writer , a well wisher offered to donate this app to Gor Mahia , but a Gor officially casually and dismissively waved him away .
    When Oktay claims that he has intelligence on our opponents , I wonder with what component he uses to get this intelligence but
    in the modern football , the game starts way before the referee blows his whistle and failure to adapt and adopt technology , then our struggles are bound to continue .
    Technology and Nutrition , prompt payments and ambition from the players is the future .
    NB: And I wish to clarify that by Nutrition , I dont mean Mountains of Ugali and countable pieces of Matumbo at Burma Market , according to logarrusic , it was Tom Ogweno’s idea to overstuff our players with Matumbo at Burma very close to the game against Thika utd that cost us the league title .
    Otherwise am confident that with or without technology , Kogalo will give Athletico a thorough hiding .

    1. Gor EC is missing a chance of capitalizing on merchandising and revamping it to generate revenue. Most big clubs, to whom I have had the privilege of visiting and analysing their business operational model , rely predominantly on marketing rights, merchandise and individual player’s profile to generate revenue. Close home, Beckham was not a good player, however he was a brand that any team would invest on as a business to sell merchandise branded with his name. Equally, Henry during his sunset days was bought by Barcelona, not for the game but the brand. In PL for example, the amount of money Arsenal received from sale of Ozil’s t-shirt(soon after world cup) cushioned the club against servicing the loans during the redevelopment of properties and the new stadium. Arsene Wenger’s masterstroke, and remember he was an economist

      What Gor EC lacks is a vision and strategic thinking of how to capitalise on some of the names they have onboard, like Oliech etc, enough to pay his salary. Business models are out there that have been tried and tested, that have worked in managing clubs. Fortunately, Gor is still being run like we are in 18th century .
      Lastly, Clubs like Madrid and Barcelona are owned the people, why not set a company that is limited by shares, with prudent thresholds of share portfolio that does make others have more control on the running of the club. I am certain that Kenyans would buy share if this is implemented!!! And of course Raila is a brand that the club has never used prudently to scale up operations of the club, to transform it as a business for shareholders

  25. https://www.goal.com/en-ke/news/a-phone-call-from-raila-odinga-keeps-dennis-oliech-at-gor/1oat89kg4eprq10wcnakauayiw

    Patron Raila you should have started early and finished this debacle of Oliech yesterday. In which parrallel universe can our EC dare pay Oliech when you already promised in the presence of witnesses that you will do it if the club does not? Mano club is patiently waiting for end of April to default in glee and Oliech comes knocking at your door. Mano Mzigo mari now Jakom thank you for taking it away from GM shoulders…

    1. It is not fair to blame Raila on this issue. Wether he was the leader of the amorphous Jodala group that talked to Oliech I cannot tell but one fact shall remain, Oliech signed a contract with Gor Mahia and that makes Rachier and EC liable.
      I would like to believe that you are farmiliar with contracts so how a verbal promise comes in is really strange.
      Gor fans and members have the task to hold the Chairman and EC accountable, such problems will continue to arise as it now seems we have all sorts of ‘officials’ doing this and that for the club.
      Let the EC do it’s job and if we do not like the job have these guyz thrown out.
      As much as I seem to absolve Raila, using his stature to ‘convince’ Rachier to sign Oliech was purely shortsighted. These are not the kind of drama he needs for someone of his stature. So which other group will now turn up in the name of helping Gor. Obviously this bunch of EC is weak and idealess and that is why such groups are now coming up.
      Oliech has done no wrong and if he is broke it is not a crime.
      He came out of his retirement to deliver so long as his demands were met.
      My unsolicited advice to Oliech:
      If getting your salary means that you have to scream, if getting your money means that you are referred to the Jodala Office… pls quit now!!
      With a good adviser, your career would have been started with any club.
      My opinion is that Gor was the best place coz they already had a stage.
      At this stage money shud not have been a factor. You did not need a 300K contract, you needed a stage.
      I do not know wether you are broke or rich but get some adviser who can plan the near future for without playing the greed card.
      2. Re-look at your contract, get something Gor can pay you. You are now wasting time fighting about money instead of horning your career.
      Take a look of Meddie Kagere and re-write the story.
      3. Do not at anytime think that sentimental reasons will make Kenyans or Gor fans for that matter like you.

  26. This is the same reason why last season we as fans were super excited at prospects of going to confed quarters while to the players nothing special was to come; motivation of employees(millennials) is very important.These are not baby boomers who just Value job security

  27. Super sports 4…simba vs vita club…caf champions league.National stadium in dar filled to capacity…we wish kagere and co. all the best!!

  28. If Gor fans can replicate the Simba vs Vita crowd, then all these players plus air-tickets for next quarter fixtures can be catered for. But the question is, how badly does the Gor fraternity want good management for their club.
    The other issue I want to point to Oktay is how Vita are handling themselves in the away match.
    There is nothing out of this world that Vita are doing, but of note is that they are at least throwing punches.
    But for Wydad vs M.Sundowns…. these Wydad guyz are surely top class.
    Petro are good outside the box both in free-kicks and deft passes.
    Wish Gor the best kesho. At least this time, the ball(qualification) is in our hands.

  29. Just watched Simba Vs AS Vita, what a match. Simba through to quarters from a similar situation as ours, there is no why Gor should not do the same

  30. Well done Simba..last minute goal ensures they go through.the pressure was great.
    All the best to our team kesho!!

    1. Teddy, don’t we need to qualify first? Remember the Rayon and Lobo stars debacle? We need to humble ourselves before God as we prepare for tomorrow’s game

  31. This to wish the boys a resounding win on Sunday over Petro!

    In victory and glory, in defeat and agony, K’Ogalo for ever!

  32. After much soul searching , I have finally settled on our likely Semi Final opponents , it will either be Etoile du Sahel or Raja Casablanca and I was suggesting that if it happens to be Raja casablanca , we should camp in Tunisia and only jet into Casablanca at least two days to the match so that we acclimatise .

  33. Teddy Sofaset please don’t aggravate my pain. We gave Okriek or is he Okech 5 quality, uniterrupted days in Alexandria and what did he do with it? When Okriek’s former employer decsbided him in social media that as a coach, Okriek is a piece of crap, that guy had choose his words very carefully.

  34. @BB , as much as I may have some issues with the coach , if I was to balance my opinion of him , I would say that if he deserves criticisms for LOSING all away games , then its also perfectly in order if I praise him for WINNING all the home games and he has no record of losing or drawing at home to date , i
    think am justified to expect another win today and its with that justification that I have gone further to start speculating who our opponents in the quarters , and were we to get Nkana or Asante kotoko like I forsee , then I its just right that we start preparing early for the Semis because we will be there

  35. piny dum buru, piny dum buru ,piny dhi ariwa yamo oloko jokogalo yoro to unenoooo, imosna tuyisenge jausenge gima itimo ber ,imed dhiyo nyime jiopako………………..!!!!!!!!!! today these shoulb be the songs to sing to motivate the boys. Gooooooooooooo,Gor Gooooooooooooooooooooo!

  36. Myself , my wife and my two boys have a shortwhile ago completed over 700 kms to be in time as witnesses to K’galo’s grand march to the next level .
    My plea to the proponents of “kasarani is far “, is that the furthest place from kasarani within Nairobi and its environs is 40kms or less and thus we must
    all come out and give the boys the kind of atmosphere Simba fans gave their team yesterday , if not , then how , surely , are you helpful to the team , this plea also go to the proponents of “they should reduce the gates from 200/= to 100/= ” .
    Guys , we are enough to jazi this Stadi .

    – – – – – ——
    – – – – – – – – –

  38. Where is Muguna? When I saw Wendo in the lineup, I knew, we have lost it and we will just lose it I say, see what has happened?

    1. The RED card to WENDO and marching ORDERS to OKTAY is a blessing in disguise. Let ZICO do the needful since the weakest link has has been dismantled. Good luck to ZICO in the next 45 minutess. Just one goal and then apply your strength on defensive strategy as usual.

      1. Ja Supembe you are absolutely right.

        This ref was described in social media as always having a huge appetite for cards. Somebody should have cautioned the likes of Wendo, Philemon and Tuyisenge.

  39. Hassan Okriek. Cheap is expensive. Covers for his ineptitude with unnecessary tantrums. What measure of discipline would a team have if the coach himself is not wise?

    1. @Barefoot Bandit and it has come to be my very prediction even with the second RED card and then your Ok-Whatever invades the pitch knowing very well the kind of repercussion awaiting the club against CAF. Is this guy really informed on football rules after he was send to the stands. CHEAP IS REALLY EXPENSIVE.

  40. Coooongatulation to the team i can now atleast take a REST my heart was aching more so when Wendo was red carded but atlast they’ve managed to do what we wanted.

  41. Yes we have qualified, but it’s disappointing how unprofessional we were. From the coach with his unnecessary tantrams, players earning unnecessary cards and the pitch invading fans. Quite uncouth! Takes away any good feeling that could have come along with the win and qualification.

    Anyway, congrats to the gallant players who remained in the field and defended to the last man.

  42. Congrats team, that was a great fight. Do Gor fans really understand the possible repercussions of field invasion? How many times must they be told not to invade the field after the game ends? And the EC know the kind of fans we have, cant they be proactive enough to preempt such actions?

  43. Congratulations to Zico and his gallant boys. Peter Fredrick Odhiambo, the Toothless Diamond Ratego Paka ywayo tek, Jino Moja Mswaki ni wa nini. Congratulations.

    Those Gor Mahia fans who rip off the seats, throw missiles into the pitch and invade the pitch are the same ones who bribe their way to gain entry into the stadium.

  44. Next time I go to a pressure cooker game like this again , I will be forced to wear pampers and carry spare ones .
    This guy Oktay should know that Africa is not a jungle English kids are taught in schools , you cannot behave in Europe the way you behave here .
    One of my finest moments in the game was when Wendo was red carded , it is easier playing with a Wendo-less character than having on the pitch with his disastrous theatrics and if it was in my power I would have him deported back to South Sudan.
    Then as if that is not enough , Batumbuze nonsensically gets himself sent off in a manner that if I didnt know any better , I would conclude it to be sabotage .
    But , to the players who made up for the loss in numbers but still went ahead to fight or die trying , a very big up to you all , you made my long journey worthwhile , after a well deserved rest , we need to take time and do total postmortem of all the away and home games we have played as we strategise to tackle the steeper mountains we are about to embark on .
    Thanks to the fans (excluding the saboteurs) who played a perfect 12th man role .
    As we head back to Entebbe all I can say that “We sing as we Went ” , what a perfect weekend with Man U losing on a Saturday and Gor winning on a Sunday .

    1. …. and Real Madrid playing Navas, Marcelo, Isco and Bale with Real winning through goals from the latter two……and Christiano Ronaldo being banned by UEFA and Juventus losing to Genoa. A wonderful weekend in deed.

  45. I want to say without any fear of contradiction that were Hussain Oktay to
    to be a Gor fan and not a coach , he would have been one of the brainless hardcore hooligans .
    Hassan Oktay has to balance between his debilitating obsession with boosting his half a page thin CV and the welfare of the club , otherwise it would be prudent to handcuff him to one of the seats to control his uncalled for foolish tantrums , his mental disability is very capable of disorienting and unfocussing the players -Ame ni bore vi deadly sana na sipendi hivo .

  46. Being a coach has never been easy, people behave differently , let the coach be, that is part of the beauty of football


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