Gor Mahia edge Karuturi

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Gor Mahia got back to business in the Kenyan Premier League with a 2-1 win over Karuturi Sports in a match played at the Afraha Stadium in Nakuru on Sunday afternoon. Goals from Rama Salim from the spot and Edwin Lavatsa’s second half goal gifted Gor the win despite a late goal from Karuturi’s Mohamed Mwachiponi.

The home side started the match faster off the blocks as they dictated play, swinging passes comfortably. Just seven minutes into the match, they had already scored but John Kiplagat’s goal was ruled offside. Kiplagat had tapped in from a rebound after Mohammed Mwachiponi’s ferocious freekick had been spilled by Jerry Onyango.

Just three minutes later, Hussein Zzinda’s rasping shot was beautifully tipped over by Jerry Onyango for a corner. Zzinda had struck a beauty on the volley but Onyango’s reflex was on point.

Gor slowly came back into the match and they started taking over possession from their hosts. They had a great chance to open the scores in the 21st minute but Edwin Lavatsa squandered the opportunity. New boy Paul Odhiambo had laid up a pass to him, but Lavatsa over dribbled trying to go past the keeper losing the ball when it was easier to tap in and score.

Ultimately, K’Ogalo got the opener in the 37th minute through Rama Salim who converted from 12 yards. Another new bo Erick Oching had picked up the ball on the left after Karuturi’s defense poorly defended a corner, dribbling into the box but was hacked with referee Richard Obare pointing straight to the spot.

The goal instilled confidence into Gor and they started playing with less pressure. Rama should have hit a brace just five minutes later, with superb predictive instincts cutting out an intended back pass from Andrew Mbwabi to his keeper. However, Rama over-dribbled again trying to beat keeper Mike Wanyika and he ended up losing the ball when he should have crossed into the box.

Gor had been forced into an early first half sub after Solomon Nasio went out injured following an awkward fall when he had gone for an aerial ball. He had to be rushed to the hospital after trying to get back to action despite bleeding.

Second half was no different as Gor Mahia chose to dictate play. Danny Sserunkuma was brought in for Innocent Mutiso and he added pressure upfront. Ten minutes into the half, he almost punished Karuturi for poor defending, Mbwabi trying to head back the ball to his keeper, but the keeper mistimed it though was fortunate Sserunkuma’s shot went wide.

In the 65th minute, Karuturi had a chance to level the scores but Jerry Onyango managed a superb save to deny John Kiplagat from a well taken freekick.

Gor finally got both feet on the lead in the 73rd minute when substitute Mungai Kiongera cut back a cross from the left, keeper Wanyika failed to parry it away and Lavatsa tasked with simply tapping it into an empty net.

Karuturi would not give up and fight on, and they eventually got the goal, Mwachipopni taping from close range from a Hussein Zzinda corner. The win now takes Gor Mahia to third place with 21 points and they will be playing against league leaders Thika United on Wednesday in Nairobi.

24 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge Karuturi

  1. The race for the league championship has just began. Congrats boys, karuturi played well above themselves but u showed grit and determination to win. We expect nothing less than the long awaited kpl title. I overheard Sir Bobby shouting that you should keep the ball down, some of u were culprits of the long ball phenomenon. Overall the game was of high quality. Who needs Loga?

  2. Congrats to the team and the technical bench as a whole. Despite the absence of the head coach, Logarusic the team did not disappoint. Keep up and remember our motto ‘one match at a time’.

  3. if loga is not intrested promote sir bobby to head coach and bring ghost mulee as his deputy and move on until the end of the season then you can source another mzungu if need be.

  4. Congratulations to Sir Bobby and all the boys for frustrating the Karuturi plot and coming out with a very convincing win. Jerry Jagoal, to me, was the man of the match. Karuturi’s plot was to score early and then pack the defence but Sir Bobby understood it and adjusted his approach accordingly.

    Just like we said before the game, Sir Bobby has proved that he is the brain behind last season’s achievement. I know it is a matter of time before he injects the Gor Mahia philosophy into our game. Soon we will be treated not only to wins, but to the entertaining, beautiful ballwork that Creative Village has been praying for.

    I appeal to the Executive Community and all the fans to give this Tech Bench a chance and all the support. Let us all rally behind Sir Bobby and work towards K’Ogalo’s rebirth. Note that Karuturi has always been our boggey team, but we outsmarted them so well through good feilding, good reading of the game as it unfolded, good mental attitude and appropriate team chemistry.

    In Sir Bobby, we now have a coach who will not spend the whole night jumping from one city night spot to the next thus leaving him will little time to strategise for K’Ogalo’s mission.

    To the EC, now that our coach has not worked for the entire month of June, what do you plan to do with June’s 0.5M? We are watching.

  5. Congrats to the boys for the 3 crucial points.Good game by Jerry,David Otieno and Owino and Kiongera who added alot of punch when he came in in the 2nd half!!

    However,in my opinion our midfield still needs urgent attention. Karuturi were better than us on that part. Akumu did not play well and the same applies to the others in mid.

    We must pull up against Thika if we hope to win that game on Wednesday. Talk of which,are fans allowed for this game or are we affected by the ban??

  6. Great result. Congrats.

    I must say i was very much impressed by our new midfield maestro Ochieng’. Playing his first match before a huge crowd was never going to be easy but he delivered. The referee gifted Karuturi a consolation by adding an extra minute. I wish to urge our players to always fight to the final whistle.

    @Bandit, owing to the changes in our technical bench, we have since rebranded.

  7. I don’t want to force into anything with Logar, but if we loose him then bring Ghost mulee to combine with Bobby. We might think it would be easy even without Logar because we won against Karuturi, and find the going very tough ahead. I only pray that this coach issue does not affect the players.

  8. that was good start what we need is to increase our goal scoring ability .lavatsa,kiongera,rama,serenkuma and motiso needs extra training to score more goals.i have never been a logarusic fun because I dnt think he has added anything to our team interms of quality

  9. @9 my friend I can hear some pple saying that they dnt need Loga, because they won karutury is it the right thing? I think Loga should be back with good treatment just like any other coach in the world at no day will a coach work without wort permit,sighned contract, or The EC undermining him coz Bobby yuko? ok. he may also fall in the same trap.


    It does not matter Whether we won. loss or drew against Karuturi, but GOR MAHIA is bigger the EGO-CENTRIC Logarusic.

    His demands might be genuine but the timing is unacceptable and suspicious to the level of betrayal and sabotaging the team. He was around all that time and i wonder why he could not sort out this issue internally with the executive. Why always fly out and ultimately put your demands at the very eleventh hour, when you are expected back in the office?

    Already this guy is a subject of ridicule and an object of pity to K’Ogalo fraternity after he has been busted by his own players to the media and i do not see him working harmoniously with the team. LET US JUST PART WAYS. PERIOD..!!!

    Which serious coach absents himself periodically and totally avoids participating in new players recruitment ,leave alone managing the whole process; IF HE REALLY LOVES THE CLUB?


    Logarusic lacks some basic management principle as the head coach and as such the truth is that SIR BOBBY has been the one doing the donkey work as he laughs all the way to bank while his morals are being exposed due to his mediocre character.

  11. @ Trailer am realy with you we cant keep on pleading with a coach and the league has started and i still keep my stand just like last week let this loga guy find another team but not gor mahia,we are tired .to the guys who still think that bobby cant perform you will be amazed and to the ones who are willing let us give bobby full support and the team will just be ok .we are tired with the negotiation that someone is running away to his family and he start phone calling the press guys that he dont have acontract as if the media people is his employer.
    The only question i have my fellow bloggers why was ths guy accepting to work without acontract and why must he leave kenya and the club officials here in kenya just to go back to their country and start making noise there?The guy could have solved all these issues before he left for his country instead of joking with us .
    My opinion is lets give bobby support and provide him with support he will perform am sure.Performance in gor mahia is always based on fans back up but not individual as logarusic thinks let him find another club gor is bigger than him and if he thinks that we will support him this time he should forget.

  12. I agree with @7 Oswozo….our midfield did not play particularly well even though we got the result.

    Why don’t we sign Monday,in my opinion he is technically more gifted and experienced than any of our other midfielders!!

    Meanwhile we will continue supporting the technical bench regardless of who is in charge as we look for continuity and success on the pitch!!

  13. I have been so quiet for a while without participating in this blog, but all the same I take this opportunity to salute you all the wonderful bloggers for your in-depth contribution and comments towards uplifting our beloved club.

    The issue at stake is non other TPL championship and to this end we need consistency and better performance from all sectors(EC,FANS,PLAYERS&TECHNICAL BENCH).

    As to whether we need LOGA or not, I will leave it to the EC,since they know better but their reputation has been adversely dented as their dealings with LOGA is never near any confidentiality but rather an open public discussion through the media. Very shameful

    Back to important matters;

    Allow me also to support the clarion call by Barefoot Bandit to let JBO carry on with the head coach mantle for the remaining period. We shall save 500k per month for five which translates to 2.5 Million; and this is the incentive that will propel the boys to not only lift the TPL 2013 trophy but also produce some beautiful soccer that is alway synonimous with GOR MAHIA style of play.

    And going by what O.Trailer has lamented above it is just wise to let this boys work with JBO whom they respect and understand his objectives. Logarusic can not fit the bill at the moment and players will not respect him since off the pitch attitude is a career destroyer.

    Let us create a model Club. A club run on tenets of integrity and mutual respect. We have made Loga and not vice versa. He was, with all his qualifications before he landed at Gor Mahia coaching some obscure teams in Ghana. Was he at Ahsanti Gold of Kotoko or Accra Hearts of Oak? He should give us a break! Has he coached at Al Ahly, Zamalek, Raja Casablanca, TP Mazembe, Esperance, Enugu Rangers, Wyad Casablanca, Asec Mimosa, even at Yanga or Simba? Great coaches are poached, good coaches circulate and send their CVS. I don’t know where Loga falls, but I guess neither of the two.
    Come on guys, Professional coaches don’t and won’t do wht Loga has done! With Tuzo’s sponsorship money, we can do much better than retain Loga as our Head coach. GM is a brand, GM is a Software and it offered him a platform tht he has since abused, misused and disgraced. No professional coach will engage his employers in a shouting contest. through the media. Ancelloti, R. Dimateo, And Jose Mourhinio all have one thing in common-: they have all worked for Abrahamovic at Chelsea and all got sacked when their positions became unattainable despite having won silverware with the London Club!! So who is this man called Loga the goner?? Loga the goner isn’t coming back, and for the good of the team, he should be sacked instead. The late Henry Job Omino once said “coaches come and go” Its wise to relieve him of his duties right away. And this is why!
    1. Such gross misconduct as displayed by Loga should never be tolerated and must be punished by dismissal. No coach is greater than the club. The kind of filthy accusations made against Loga in the print media by non other than his players if proved true, has made his continued stay in Gor Mahia unattainable .
    2. We don’t have the positions of Chief scout or tht of the Director of football in GM to oversee our recruitments. Therefore this responsibility lies squarely on the Head coach’s shoulders. So the coach should have been personally involved in the recruitment of players during the June transfer window! Instead he chose to go on holiday in Croatia after having allegedly ” left instructions” on who to recruit with one equally incompetent George Bwana. This alone should earn him the sack às he delegated a duty and a responsibility that solely belongs to him.

    Therefore this is what the club MUST do for us to win every available trophy this year.

    1. Do not hire another coach to replace Loga but instead promote Bobby Ogolla to the position of Head Coach with an assurance of a newly negotiated contract
    2. Bobby should be allowed to immediately move into the house formerly occupied by Loga once the former coach Has cleared his personal effects from the house. (Wht can be a better way to reward this Gallant son of Kenya than giving him a proper roof over his head, especially in Nairobi!)
    3. All other benefits and bonuses due to Loga should be shared out equally between the other important technical bench personalities ie the TM, the Physio and the Team Doctor.
    4. To motivate the players further, pay Loga’s Ksh 500,000/= monthly salary to the 25 players on the club’s payroll. Each player therefore will earn an additional Ksh 20,000/= each month. (who pays such bonuses in KPL right now!)
    5. If all these things are done as prescribed here, Gor Mahia will achieve and surpass her targets this year and in the years to come.

  15. Why do we need 14 officials? Executive Community I call them.

    I attended severals training sessions and never saw the said girlfriends. This must have been been strictly extra circular. Maybe thats why the affected players were in the team. I also doubt if Sir Bob would have allowed such on goings. I don’t trust our EC. Lets give the club back to our legends.
    1. Chairman A.R
    2. Vice Chair- DR. OBWAKA
    3. Sec Gen -Nahason Oluoch Lule
    4. Technical Director- James Sianga.

    None of the current officials have any idea on how to run a club more than the above.
    To win the league, pay Bobby at least 300K

  16. Lugorasic is innocent!!”Players girlfriend snatching” was a ploy by the EC to divert the attention of the fans so that Logarusicly is viewed as a bad one between him and the officials as they (BWANA) knew the contract issue was going to be raised by him before he returns.Truth be told!!!1

  17. Oduori12, just what makes this A.R of yours so good that you keep fronting him? Could you enlighten us on this project my brother? I hope its not based on the folly of ‘i’ve spent my money’ what happens to GM when Mr generous closes his tap? Could you let him know how you and yourself together with us are tired of 14 officials so he may spearhead the long overdue constitutional reforms!

  18. Waheshimiwa lets not condemn Loga based on rumours ? Let the EC give us the contract they signed with Loga plus the work permit ? Character assasination wont do ! Where did Rachier play their football ! Lets not led down the garden path ! Somebody is playing s silly game ! How did the Media get Logas email to Rachier ?

  19. We need to MOVE on and concentrate on the future. Let’s not spend so much energy on issues that do not help our immediate cause. If the coach is missing what we should concentrate on is getting JBO an able assistant since GM is a big team for a single coach. Let’s also motivate him and forget this issue of renumerating whites better even where the locals are actually the ones performing the tasks

  20. I thnk its time we change some ppo in the management of gor mahia.honestly speaking i thnk george bwana puts his personal interest b4 those of the club.
    For loga saga,i thnk he has grudges with sm ppo such as Bwana.for al the thngs loga has done for gor mahia,we must say thnk u but he is a human being n we cnt worship him.we need a stable gor mahia to compete for the kpl title ths season with or without loga.
    Loga is also frustrated coz he is not enjoying the form he had with gor mahia last season ths tym.
    All i can say is if its gor mahia’s destiny to win the kpl title ths season ,it dsnt matter who the coach wil be.look at what hapened with chelsea,mourinho,ancelloti,hiddink ,avb al came to chelsea but failed to win the champions league.in 2o12 it was thea tym n it dnt matter who the coach was

  21. God bless the team,God bless the fans n God bless rachier.
    Wishing the team the very best against thika united
    gooooooor goooooooõoor mahiaa

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