Gor Mahia edge KCB 2-1

Lawrence Juma in action against KCB

Gor Mahia were made to battle but managed a 2-1 win over KCB. The goals came from Afiriyie and Juma. The Ghanaian would later leave the field with an injury

Additional reporting from the Standard

Gor Mahia returned to winning ways after stopping KCB Bank 2-1 at Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos County yesterday.

Francis Afriyie and Lawrence Juma scored for the league champions who lost in their last outing 4-1 to USM Algiers in CAF Champions League action last weekend. Enock Agwanda scored for the bankers.

Earlier at the same venue, Ugandan Villa Oromchan scored for Western Stima as the power men registered their first win of the season after a 1-0 victory against Posta Rangers.

The bankers will have themselves to blame as they conceded due to poor defending in both instances. First Wellingtone Ochieng’s surprise cross caught the KCB backline napping only for Afriyie to tap home in the 11th minute.

Then a long ball inside their half was poorly cleared and Juma tapped home the second for Gor in the 32nd minute.

Agwanda pulled one back for the bankers in the 37th minute from a penalty awarded after Wellingtone Ochieng had hacked down Stephen Waruru.

Gor Mahia were forced to make an early substitution when Afriyie was benched for Samuel Onyango after the Ghanaian suffered a groin injury.

Onyango thought he had scored a third goal for Gor Mahia on resumption, but the referee ruled it out as he was adjudged to have handled the ball before scoring.

The bankers rested Dennis Odhiambo for Michael Mutinda as they enjoyed possession in the second half.

25 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge KCB 2-1

  1. I like this game and I like this team. Where is Arochoo, KCB Moto pasi? Let’s support this team , the boys have made a point for all to see they have the potential to conquer within and beyond borders.

  2. Keep cool…people are in charge…many things will be said but we will always pull Gor out of the quagmire whenever all seems lost…Batambuze and Mbish will see me on Tuesday for deliberations…I am taking care of Gor more than my children…The team played today not many will know why and how… otek GI iyee…Oyot from okoo

    1. @Jasego, thanks for the update. I know we have financial challenges facing the club but we will overcome it very soon. We have bloggers making lots of noises here while they he have not registered as club members. We must help Ambrose Rachier in running this great club.

      I have been talking to some potential financiers from outside the country that can help us some raise decent funds annually. I will inbox you soon once they are ready.

      Running Gor Mahia is not a walk in the park. It requires heavy financial resources and commitments.

      The sad thing in Gor Mahia is that we have fans that have entitlements and want free things. They do not pay gate entry fee, they collude with some officials to rob Gor Mahia and are always fast to cause chaos. Surely a club can’t be run like this way.

      1. Jamigori that would be splendid if they came onboard. I know they usually require a lot of due diligence as to ensure their brand is protected but hope all goes well in your end brother. You will communicate in due season when you get headway otherwise we are trying here to help chairman push the club forward. I had a chat with Cpt Karauri and they have reapplied for their trading licence from BCLB and once they get them we will have a sit down to renegotiate our sponsorship taking into account the prevailing business climate since they have been away from the Kenyan market for sometime now…

  3. Am shocked we managed to raise the 16 players in less than 12 hours and still won albeit narrowly (Zico’s side dont expect cricket like scoreline) on an empty stomach ! Any way this is Gor and this are truly hard times.

    350100 is what should bring all of us together , the road ahead is tough, very very tough.

    1. Jakoyo we had 18 players all ready and well fed at Machakos which empty stomach are you talking about…Well it wasn’t easy raising them but the positive results keep giving me morale to keep on keeping on…

  4. Its been close to ten years since I saw Gor Mahia or any other team in Kenya , Harambee stars included , play the kind of Sexy football Gor Mahia played in the first half , the kind of passing , the precision of the passes , the speed of those passes, the transition , the off the ball Pressing , the coherence and cohesion , MAN!!! and then the Goals , this display served as the best appetite for our upcoming USM Alger game and WE shall be there to support the team at Kasarani , Pray that we win but whatever the outcome , I know we are headed in the right direction .
    On a sad note though , I think that there are some things a grown man should avoid , and that is gossip and peddling rumours , I believe it is irresponsible to start peddling rumours on social media that the game is likely to be postponed coz Gor cant raise a team and then when that rumour is confirmed to be untrue , continue pushing a new narrative that the players played on an empty stomach , Hate the EC or more specifically ADOR the much you want but learn to separate your issues with Rachier from that of the club , One is temporary while the other is permanent , that’s why some of us keep on saying that the reasons why we keep on voting for Rachier and we will keep voting for him Iis coz when I look at our bench , so far , all we see are Vultures .
    Rumours , such as were peddled on social media has the effect of making some fans cancel their attendance , and at a time when every shilling counts .
    All in all , my Weekend was better than I bargained for , what with Gor Winning , Man U losing , Liverpool Winning and Wazito Losing -Allah Akbar .

  5. Why should a grown up peddle rumours and gossip on social media that there is a possibilty that Gor’s game may be postponed , possibly making so many fans to cancel going to the game hence denying the club much needed revenue in these hard times , and then come back to social media to yap about 350100 and while at that , start peddling a new rumour that the players played on an empty stomach .
    Sometimes people may get frustrated when some of us reiterate that we will continue voting in Rachier with all his shortcomings , because for now , looking at our Bench (of contenders , pretenders and proxies ) -uptil now , all I see is lack of depth and Vultures .
    I always thought that rumours and gossip was reserved for a specific gender .

  6. Congrats kogalo tough times don’t last forever mean while … let s keep sending cash on the paybill… I’ll send something each week…

  7. That was great football first half. We have a great coach, fans and officials. God thanks for blessing Kogallo. We shall surely contribute. We shall overcome the hardtimes.

  8. This afrie guy…his positioning is mwaa.only if he could be well,we could have been talking cricket score today.better days a head.we at currently operating at 60% wait when the squad is fully recovered and operating at80%.TEAMS WILL CRY.

  9. That was a good performance and EC & co will ride on it and sweep the problems under the carpet but
    1. We got a goal from Afriye but what else before and after the goal. His performance to me raised many doubts, then he landed akwardly and had to be replaced, it was like he had played his part. The Berlin Wall and GK Mapigano at some point or other landed akwardly, were treated and played on gallantly.
    2. With all due respect Jasego what are you still diberating with Batambuze and Mbish about?
    Whether or not they are really injured? Whether or not they need really the treatment?
    Who should pay GM, NHIF (assuming EC has been remitting the deductions),FKF etc, etc.
    3. You are right be flexible with SP and I thank the likes BFB and yourself for facilitating the Machakos match.

    1. Oduor12 I am deliberating with the two injured players as a matter of formality since why has the club not moved to treat them and they are our players. The Mbish issue is embroiled in blame games while Batambuze has been treated twice and the injury recurs. My hope is to find a solution that favors the club in treating them as their contracts are soon running out hence why there light be reservations to undertake their rehabilitation…

      1. Osiepa, please check the competency of our medics, are they qualified or just quacks and am not being unfair because apart from these two we also have
        1. Oliech’s injured arm saga which was last valued @ kes.6.2m
        2. the Westie’s further compounded by Afriye’s “re-injury” yesterday
        3. Wekesa signed complete with an injury

  10. I think it is unfair that if FKF has failed to treat a player that has been raised by a club to the point of being noticed and called for national duty , that the fire should then be re directed at Gor Mahia management , let the fire remain where it should be , Lets not even call it a blame game because it is one side that has forfeited its responsibilities and obligarions , but whoever is to blame aside , lets do what we can possibly do , while whoever is right or wrong is being sorted , the sorting may take forever .
    As far as Batambuze’s case is concerned , it seems similar to Afriyes and the similarity is that on two occasions , both players have tried getting back to play time , but on both occasions , they never lasted the 90minutes , could it be a limitation of our medical dept ? , because on both situations , the players seemed to have been rushed back before fully recovering .
    A word of advice to the club though , it is much more cost effective to have all the players insured than not , now we may need to spend close to a million plus for the 5 injured players , yet the million would have been enough to cover the whole team plus the TB probably for a whole year .
    Those are the kinds of oversights that structures and pro active unbloated secretariats normally cure .

  11. Greetings J’Asego. Allow me to ask two questions and please care to address them.
    1. Where is our tried and tested No. 1 goalkeeper, the toothless Fred Odhiambo?
    2. Could you possibly book an appointment with our CEO, Lordvick Aduda and point out to him to change from handling Gor Mahia matters (Players’ salaries, Oliech saga, constructively engaging the fans) with recklessness and arrogance?
    Ni hayo tu.

    1. BB Fred Odhiambo is very much there as to why he doesn’t feature coach knows best. Yesterday rookie Caleb Omondi was the substitute keeper. You might have noticed Bernard Ondiek is back and featured yesterday after a long hiatus…Well I spoke to the coach on our limited options in creative mid and told him to look at Ondiek with neutral eyes. Last season I literally forced Muguna back to the first team when no one cared and he was being referred to as unwanted returnee…At times coaches must be swayed for the good of the club. Aduda I see him almost daily he is my personal friend but mindwise we are worlds apart

      1. Thank you sir. I was happy to see Bernard Ondiek back. However, he needs to pull up his socks. J’Asego can only do so much, but it is up to him to convince the Tech Bench and the entire GM family that he deserves to wear the K’Ogalo jersey. Once upon a time one esteemed blogger summed up this player as always carrying himself around with a girlish demeanor. To be honest, his performance is ever nosediving.

        J’Asego it is also my considered opinion that Dennis Oalo could do far better than Kennedy Otieno. As for Fred Odhiambo, I am not the only one expressing concern. I hope the Tech Bench will not ignore fans’ concerns and let this matter explode. Fans are watching and getting more frustrated with each match that they don’t see the GM number 1 keeper.

  12. @BB, I think the worst mistake a coach can ever make is to make a decision based on fan pressure or desires , and assuming the coach would even consider it , which fan’s opinion would he go with , since fans can have over ten differing opinions over a single issue .
    I remember a few weeks ago , fans of Man U didnt have a major problem Paul Pogba taking a penalty , but the moment he missed , the torrents of all shades and colours of insults that landed on him were out of this world and most of the insults had nothing to do with football , AND THEN in the same breath amidst the insults DEMANDED that from then hence forth , Marcus Rushford , who til then hadnt missed a penalty ,MUST be the one to take them, the penalty came and Rushford as demanded by the fans took it , AND MISSED , the same fans who had demanded for Rushford were now all over him with insults similar to Pogba’s and even demanded for his head , only that this time , they never recommended another penalty taker (In appreciation that they needed to stick to their lane , on this one ).
    The example is to illustrate the fact that the fans were only doing what is expected of fans and which is to shout , pressure and intimidate , but succumbing to their pressures would then mean that we make technical decisions based on popular mandate .
    Let people pressure but let everybody stick to their lane .
    NB : We may have noticed that even on this forum , Opinion on Afriye’s performance on Sunday was not unanimous , a while ago , again on this forum , a blogger was lashing out on how Tobias Otieno was fake .

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