Gor Mahia edge Mathare United 2-1

Gor Mahia kept up their title hopes by beating Mathare United 2-1 on Sunday at Kasarani
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Gor Mahia reduced Tusker’s lead at the helm of the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) table to four points after beating Mathare United 2-1 at the Moi Kasarani Stadium on Sunday 30 October to keep their title hopes alive with two matches to go.

Francis Kahata opened the scoring in the first half with a long range effort that beat Robert Mboya on Mathare United goal before Jacques Tuyisenge ended a 12-match goal drought with a powerful header in the second half. Chrispinus Oduor headed home a consolation goal for Mathare United with ten minutes to go.

Johanna attempt

The first chance of the game fell to Mathare United in the first minute of the match when Eric Johanna had a cracker towards goal but his attempt missed the target by inches; he had another unsuccessful attempt minutes later.

Gor Mahia slowly took control of the game With George Odhaimbo, Eric Ouma and Godfrey Walusimbi running the show. Ouma had two dangerous crosses into the Mathare United penalty area cleared by the Slum Boys defense as they surged forward in search of the opening goal.

Kahata goal

Out of the run of play, Francis Kahata gave Gor Mahia the lead in the 19th minute. The midfielder cut in from the right flank before unleashing an unstoppable shot that Robert Mboya could only parry onto his own net.

The reigning continued pressing in search of a second goal. George Odhaimbo and Godfrey Walusimbi had long range efforts but they couldn’t just hit the target. They took a one goal lead to the break.

Mathare upped their tempo after the break in search of an equalizing goal. Boniface Oluoch did well to deny Robison Kamura from a free-kick after the defender had beaten Gor Mahia’s wall with a well curved free-kick.

Tuyisenge header

At the hour mark, Jacques Tuyisenge made it 2-0 for Gor Mahia, the Rwandan international powered home a Karim Nizigiyimana cross from the right flank to double Gor Mahia’s lead and end his 12-match goal drought. Despite having a two goal buffer, Gor did not relent and continue pressing in search of more goals, Tuyisenge nearly got his second but Mboya did well to deny him.


Chrispinus Oduor ensured a nervy ending for Gor Mahia when he headed home a Harrison Mwendwa cross in the 81st minute but the reigning KPL champs held on to pick maximum points.

41 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge Mathare United 2-1

  1. The mark of a champion. Despite being deducted 3 points, we have held our head higher and might just nick it on the last day. My prayers are with the mighty Gor Mahia. Tusker have won so many debatable penalties and I hope they will fall to a late Efusi penalty come the weekend. May God bless Kogalo.

  2. Kogallo beat such a good team as Mathare in a free enterprising match. That Kimanzi
    is a good tactician is no doubt, that he had good players is no doubt. I have come to a conclusion gentlemen that if teams open up and play attacking enterprising football in this league , Gor would beat all of them. We have been given a dose of our own medicine in that teams come up to close and park the bus and wait for a counter attacks. My take is we are doing good , we are okay. Am not worried, all teams practice and rehearse year round how they will contain Gor.

  3. Title hopes? Not sure bro, we have been hoping, hoping and continue to hope; that’s what we have been reduced to – a bunch of hopers. Hoping for everything and anything negative that can derail our opponents.

    Truth be told, you don’t win titles by just hoping. You have to win games, be tactical and play to your level best.

    In 2016 , we were simply not the best team but there is some guess what… ‘hope’ , that word again …as the team is now averaging 2 goals per game with kagame cup just around the corner. Maybe good things are coming but we have to do more than just hoping.

  4. The unthinkable has finally happened. To win the 2016 league die hard Gor Mahia fans must support AFC Leopards to win/draw but will diehard AFC Leopards fans support Brewkenge and hope their team loses! Will they tell new coach Hall “throw away” his first match in charge? The games must be played concurrently. WHAT A PARADOX, GO INGWE GO BEAT BREWKENGE FOR US and why not take hoping to new heights.

    1. I dont see AFC beating, drawing with Breweries… that’s simply out of order. We handed the trophy to them when we were obsessed with draws. Congrats Breweries, Kogallo lives to fight another day.

  5. One of the most entertaining matches I have watched Gor play in a long time. The return of Gatusso has stabilized that midfield and paired with Walusimbi in the defensive role has worked wonders in the last two games. That is something bloggers have been agitating for. It has come a little late but it has given me back hope in my team and even if we don’t win the league I will end the season proud of Mayienga. Yesterday’s game will linger in my memories for a time to come. I am not hoping but praying for a miracle in the last two matches.

  6. Where are those nay Sayers! I was so happy to see the whole Gor Mahia team agitated for conceding that late consolation goal by Mathare Utd !! This team is up and ready to fight till the end. Congratulations are in order for a job well done. Our defense has conceded only 13 goals the whole season. If only Gatusso has been brought back much earlier. I continue to pray and hope that Tusker will run out of luck at the last huddle.

  7. I think our dip has ended. Ask any coach and he will tell you than in a league every team/striker experiences this. the problem is usually how long and how do they react to it. For Gor unfortunately it took long but still in that dip the worst we could do was to draw. No losses.
    As we hope (@Jakoyo, we will still hope and pray) that Ingwe derails the Brewers we have seen that we still have a team hat has the hunger to fight for a win. For the last six or so years we have always been in the top two. That shows consistency in the tea.

  8. Are you all aware that we are re-appealling for those points deducted from us ? we will be doing that this week being we have realized that its Nick Mwendwa fighting Rachier hence bringing unrealized policies into the game and working against us. so comrades hope is still there

  9. That was a well deserved victory. The 3 points deducted from us is now coming to haunt us. Any sane supporter of Kogallo should never again condone hooliganism. We can see what it has now come to. Lessons learnt?? To some yes, to others they still want to blame coach, EC, players etc.
    I am never worried about nothing. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  10. If the next game will not be at the same time,we should provide support to AFC.Frankly the firepower of AFC cannot be compared to Sony;Katarrega,ndirangu,ambuko,Kiongera,Aswani; in fact against tusker Kiongera will definitely score;I see a 2-2 result there.Let’s give Ingwe support,the fat lady has not sang

    1. Dreamer wake up, AFC has since fired up most of those players…..6 in fact. They have no goal for this season, rather they are planning heavily for the next season. We crowned Tusker league champs with our unending draws..however we played like champions on sunday,

  11. Now that was a display of real champions! Confidence, Kappa, aggression and hunger. Everybody played hearts out. But it was easy to notice that we have players who are below quality. I single out Nondi and Wafula. These are good players dont get me wrong…. but to be honest not that good material for champions and when the came in it was easy to notice, a lot of poor control, poor passes in easy situations etc.

    Now we leave it to God and our Shemejis to do us the favor

    1. @Kibalka, agreed the opinion is yours but unfair to the 2 players. You cannot assess a player based on 1 match. They may have not clicked yesterday but that does not mean that their quality is below par. We all know what Wafula can do and he did it last season. Nondi was a star player against Chemelil, just about a month ago. I therefore beg to disagree with your biased opinion.

      Never worried about nothing. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  12. Finaly I come out of my slumber-Tuyisenge has finally scored after a whooping 12 games run without a goal. That is a serious thing to worry about for a highly rated striker who has played every minute of the game. Before I embarked on my slumber I definitely knew it will be a goal drought for him of course not to this extent but I don’t blame Tuyisenge. Any way this resurgence is too late. The League is gone with Tusker and Gor Mahia players should learn a vital lesson here that you should always take your chances when you can. There is great potential in the current squad and the players just need to be composed and take every game seriously.

  13. I had said the turning point was the Ingwe game, it has come to pass. To me we lost the plot when we drew with Stima. You cannot bank on Ingwe beating Tusker, that is expecting too much from such a beaten and battered cat. But lets win all ours, it is what I want now, anything else would be a bonus. Then lets go for Kagame cup and bring it home after many years.

  14. Alot will be said here but the Truth is simple,the difference is simply Gattuso whom some of us knew was the missing link in the Team.Alot of bloggers here went ooh we are bigger than a player,ooh he can go to hell with his indiscipline,sijui he cannot hold mayienga at ransom blah blah…Well i said and repeated and repeated that try as Wendo may he cannot and would not hold and marshall gor’s midfield.Modern football no matter the pattern-design or formation is grounded in the central midfield having a cog on which all wheels spin.Doesn’t have to be the flashiest type of player but MUST aid in forward transition to release center forwards and attacking wingers plus win fifty fifty balls by shielding the back four.As is the norm in GM, when things got Dire Ja’sego’s opinion was listened to by all including the TB and now the resurgence i talked of is on,we just might push it & win it,in which case if we do someone is getting slapped,that i promised and shall fulfill…

  15. Were it that we had the 3 points( which were deducted), we could be praying and hoping we could win the league again. Ladies and Gentlemen we need to learn our lessons right. LET’S CONDONE HOOLIGANISM.

    1. that and many things…. the too many avoidable draws.. In fact if Tusker win it, it will not be by their hands. We simply handed it over to them.
      Ingwe which Ja thur gi ji has said are battered will decide the title. They lose and Tusker runs away with it. They stop Tusker and i believe it is ours with all the momentum we got

  16. N i just heard someone mention Nondi as being below par??That boy is a midfielder per excellence just needs to be groomed into his attacking role without undue pressure-the kind GM is undergoing at the moment chasing the league requires battle hardened veterans who have character and personality to withstand it.Well b4 responding to my blog..Rem Walusimbi had fallen out with the coach based on he is too expressive on the pitch and doesn’t follow two-touch instructions ans was in the bench coming in as a sub,gattuso was totally out…I fought for their reinstatement in this platform and Walusimbi to be left to play as he knows best..Feeders that were relayed to the responsible persons in no uncertain terms and look now,Walusimbi is marvellous almost marching Aucho in moving play forward,he cried for freedom and is showing us exactly why he is Jaja Walu-Uganda’s finest..I respect Ze Maria alot,he can take GM to the Epitome of African Football reminiscent of the 80’s but only if he listens to wise counsel as he has done lately…

  17. @Jasego wacha siasa;you cut the image of a master tactician;then you should have been the coach;Mara slap someone and other hubris.Remember that single guy who jumped on the linesman in Tusker-Gor match was really given airtime in the media and influenced those three points.

    1. @moses..il let you referring to what i wrote as hubris pass this once for it doesn’t help anyone when people altercate in this forum since i believe all wish well for GM in the end.You are also fairly new here…My opinions are always 100% factual and results are visible for all to see.If i am to criticize your opinions every-time you blog,for both hubris or otherwise,it wouldn’t be so pleasing.Support GM bro & blog freely as i do the same,it’s only fair right:?

  18. I insist.ze maria is the best coach ever to be in Gor mahia payroll.This is especially after observing all CAF finals.the kind of football played in those stages.i watched mamelodi/zamalek and TP mazembe/Bajoia games.NO DIRECT football is played in those levels.only tactical/technical.So my conclusion is Gor mahia is growing faster technically than fans understanding.Most fans are still living in the past direct football which is current reserved for academies.

  19. By the way in all these blogs I have not see even one mention of FN as it was a few days ago. What does this tell us about our fans?

    1. @Dan Original, what this tells me is that we have a bunch of fans who move with the current.

  20. The basis of 3 points deducted from GMFC was & is totally rendered unjustified given the decision arrived by the same IDCC regarding AFC VS P.Rangers.Sir F.Nutall won the league unbeaten, took us to the final of CECAFA so his achievements will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, the same way we will never forget Thigo,Jullians,Johnson or “Sonyi” though we don’t mention them daily.12draws means dropping 24points especially when you drop a crucial player for 12 matches and team results directly suffer because of a personal tiff.Lastly today was the deadline for CAF licensing and so far only Ulinzi and Tusker have been licensed so much for our bloated EC but then again this is the year of HOPE (no pun intended)

    1. I strongly suggest and propose that we seek court redress or FIFA arbitration to get our three points back to the fold.

    2. Tibim…Tibim…Tibim…A good General uses his best soldiers on the war front not keeping them on the barracks while you lose the War…On the same players back we are now riding High but still had he come back earlier,dare dream wea we would be point-wise?

      1. Like I said if Gattusso comes back and he did, immediately makes his way back to the 1st eleven and results improve then the least said about our headcoach the better.
        We can start asking a lot of questions but must just swallow our back our words because we all accept that Gor Mahia is greater than any one individual be it player, coach, fan or official.
        As we keep HOPING:

        Football Is About Winning Trophies.

        GMFC is a major club and any elected EC MUST commit in writing that he/she will ensure that EVERY YEAR GMFC MUST




        Let Promises Have Consequences. We must move to have a recall clause to weed out offices that can’t deliver on their promises.

  21. The three points deducted should be returned back to Gor Mahia. We need to go to Kenyan court or FIFA Sports Arbitration Court for fair hearing. EC should take this matter of reclaiming our unfairly lost points to the club. There was no justification at all of deducting points without following due process.

    We have seen and witnessed worst cases of football violence reports in Greece, South America, Egypt and other countries but no deduction of hard earned points.

    Judgement are based on past cases and the KPL, FKL and Sports Tribunal made grave mistake to deduct points from Gor Mahia, which was not done with clean hands. The bodies should be or act like Ceaser’s Wife.

    1. Jamigori as much as we wish our points be returned some options like going to Kenyan Courts are out of the question as Fifa discourages even condemns football matters being handled outside national football arbitration/administration bodies.Our last option would be the Sports Tribunal Appeals/Arbitration Committee but with Mwendwa vouching for Tusker to win this year’s Gong then our chances are slim next to none bro…

  22. I see there I the motivation not to accept tuskers winning the league especially if this goes to the last day against Gor Mahia.. FKF should sometime know that their boardroom action must be well considered because as I see it there is remote suggestion that the league has been won in the boardroom when Gor were docked the three point which are in FKF lockers . Now the two contending teams in that board room are involved are playing for the league cup in a tricky decider.

    Unless tusker will against AFC then will they celebrate their victory otherwise I see no sense for FKF to trying to present the trophy on the last day. this will be seen as provocative

    that’s the fact

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