Gor Mahia edge Young Africans 3-2

Gor Mahia are almost in the quarter-finals of the 2018 CAF confederations cup. This after beating Young Africans of Tanzania 3-2.

At half time, Gor Mahia were leading 2-0 with goals from BlackBerry and Tuyisenge.  Yanga came back strong in the second half and scored twice. Gor Mahia’s 3rd goal came via Harun Shakava.

Additional reporting from the Standard
Classy Gor Mahia put one-foot in the CAF Confederations Cup quarterfinals after beating Tanzanian giants Yanga 3-2 in Sunday’s Group D return leg match at the National Stadium, Dar es Saalam.

George Odhiambo scored in the opening minute of the game followed by Jacques Tuyisenge’s goal on the stroke of halftime and Captain Harun Shakava’s 64th minute effort to complete a double over the Tanzanians.

The victory saw the record Kenyan champions, who thrashed Yanga 4-0 in the first leg tie ten days ago, take their points tally to eight with two matches to go.

Gor took the lead through Odhiambo’s diving header from Samuel Onyango’s delivery in the first minute before Matheo Antony’s shot was deflected out for a fruitless corner on the opposite end.

Kevin Omondi could have doubled the lead in the 13th minute when goalkeeper Rostand Jehu miscued his clearance, but the striker failed to beat the custodian before Francis Kahata feeble shot was stopped by one of the Yanga defenders after a rebound fell on his path.

Samuel Onyango then made a brilliant run down the right flank on the half hour mark, but the former Ulinzi Stars man was denied by the goalkeeper before Shakava’s header went inches over the bar.

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Tuyisenge gave Gor a two goal cushion from a brilliant in-direct free-kick in the box on the stroke of halftime.

Deus Kaseke pulled a goal back for the hosts when pounced on a rebound from a header thirteen minutes into the second half.

However, the Kenyan champions responded in the 64th minute with Shakava capitalizing on Yanga’s defensive lapse to superbly volley home a corner-kick from capitalized on Boniface Oluoch’s goalkeeping error to score Yanga’s second goal.

Despite Yanga’s numerous raids, Gor held their nerves to take their unbeaten run in the group to four matches

53 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge Young Africans 3-2

      1. So according to you Boniface is not good enough for you. Even the best goalkeepers do make errors and that does not mean they should be dismissed.

        1. Odhiambo Ogolo, reserve your comments for yourself. I don’t think Boni is the best. But even best keepers pay dearly for stupid errors. Ask Karius of Liverpool.

  1. Congratulations team but hallooo Bonny unanisikia… today you must convince me that you are top class goal keeper and you saw and know why

  2. BONIFACE OLUOCH !!!!!!…. BONIFACE…..what nonsense was that ? Surely, it’s official, we need a new goalkeeper as we storm into quarters of CAF CC

  3. Any sight of Oluoch in goal in future games going by his attitude in todays game should attract the wrath of fans. Rea gor mahia fans must come out to be counted. Even the comentator wonders how a fluid and strong team like gor mahia can bring a mockery of a goal keeper in the name of Oluoch. Your time is up Boni. You are a shame to Gor Mahia fraternity. OLUOCH MUST GO.

      1. Oluoch must go. His I don’t care attitude is not needed anymore. Let him go back to Tusker and get relegated with them.

  4. If Boniface Oluoch owns the club, let us know. If he survives on betting and gambling with scorelines, let us know. If he can’t rise to the occasion and save the club in crucial matches like this, let us know. A goalkeeper knows how to spill the ball by punching it away from an opponent for a corner or towards the field of play. Can’t even dive at times. Behaves like that Croatia keeper. This guy has grown longer horns than those Acholi bulls.
    One blunder once in a bluemoon is forgivable but his is too much. Little does he know that younger goalkeepers are being born and pride will close probable doors for him. For has two more goalkeepers. Let them be deployed in crucial matches like this.
    This time would have been spent praising the team but Boniface owang’o iya. Forgive me for the positive critics but that guy is putting his career on a knife edge by being big headed.

  5. We won but am totally irked by Boniface Oluoch and his consistently poor horrendous misjudgments at goal. Even Supersport 4 commentators who were beaming the match live said it is shameful for such an otherwise technically superb team to have such a poor and erratic keeper who costs an otherwise hardworking team. He just sulks at goal always looking wild and confused but with nothing to show for it. People talk alot praising him but to me Bonny is a technically poor useless goalkeeper not worth talking about. Yes i said it useless..Shaban and even Peter Odhiambo the rookie are way better. I always talk with Ghost Mulee and Kimanzi who describe him best as an attitude full keeper but a howler and gaffer who gives away the team under easiest of circumstances…Those who didn’t watch the game and are over the moon we won not knowing what Nonsense bonny did…Well go ahead and attack me for being a sore winner with a grudge against “kenya’s number 1 GK” but i repeat bure yeye anauza team na bai rahisi kila mara…Tumwambie mara ngapi to rectify his blunders?

    1. Punching an easy freekick and then unapigwa chobo mpaka unaginganisha ankles zote yawa?Thoo Noo bwana Boniface must vacate that number 1 position and drop to third choice after Shaban and Peter..Apewe chance mara ngapi akiuza team juu sio mara moja ama mbili ama tatu but endless blunders ni kama uacha bao kimaksudi…Jinga sana wewe bonny na Kitambi ndogo…Ijoga

    2. @Jasego, you are spot on and it is high time Bonny should be replaced by Shaban Odhonji. How do an international keeping give away easy goals from set pieces? This is unacceptable and he should banished to the bench or become number 3 keeper after Shaban and Peter.

      1. @Jamigori am sorry for using harsh words on a GM player for i don’t advocate it but this keeper has reached the limits of costing the team. Suppose we were in a knock-out face can we afford such blunders?

        1. @Jasego I am in full agreement with your posting. Bonny should be dropped to number 3. We have Shaban Odhonji and Peter Odhiambo who should carry the mantle between the posts.

  6. I have never criticized any player but today Bonny failed me and as somebody said, let’s try other goalkeepers. This Bonny man has outlived his usefulness. It’s a high time the coach do something on him.
    This match was supposed to be 3-0 in favour of Gor mahia.

    Thanks to the entire team , wonderful work.

    1. I watched the game love in tz, even yanga funs are surprised that we managed to put up a good team and forgot the most important number. Goal keeper. We know je has a close relationship with the EC thats why he has grown honrns. We need a goal keeper urgently, there is nothing for him to rectify.

  7. How do l celebrate with such stupid mistakes from Oluoch. Bure kabisa. Let me not see Oluoch again in goal otherwise my juogi will come back. Puga.

  8. Congratulations boys. However, we cannot allow Bonny to put his colleagues under such unneccessary pressure any more. Bonny should be benched, in fact he should have been subsituted immediately after conceeding the second goal. Truth be said Bonny cannot take us through to the next level with those costly goalkeeping errors.

    1. Apida very right his Yanga gpalkeeping opposite Rothstand Youthe who was horrendously equal to Bonnie was also erratic and poor and was substituted for Kakolanya much to the delight of fans. They have the same weakness in that dept. Bonnie must go he has no usefulness to this strong and technicaly superb GM team. He is the teams achilles heel or weakest link…

  9. Otherwise Congrats Sir Kerr and all other wonderful 10 on-pitch players who were marvellous. Proud performace putting GM on the verge of a historic quarter final qualification in Continental football. I had to lamemt about bonny first but did not forget the good job you did

  10. Bonface Oluoch is not a serious goalkeeper. Goals scored for and against counts when two teams tie in points. Those 2 silly goals might haunt us should we tie in points with another team at the end of group stages. Bonface Oluoch……be serious

  11. Emotions ,emotions.Bad day in office for Bonny, we all do at a given day.For me I think , of the 3 keepers Bonny is the best.Am surprised by @jasego comments who is always with the team, Maybe we sign another keeper at the end of the season,B4 you guys rant about bonny take a moment look at how many games he’s played , & how many times mume ongea mbaya.Somebody reminded you guys how you used to bad mouth jausenge, na sasa!,Let’s try and STOP NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.Congrats Team.

    1. @Levelmnd, I do not agree with you on this one. Bonny made two mistakes and he should be relegated to number 3 as other two keepers are equally good. I have always stood with the team but on this one I am on different opinion.

  12. We Are In The Quarter Finals Bwana. There Are No Ifs Or Buts. And 35 Million Pap!
    I keep telling you that the Kogallo SGR is virtually unstoppable. Yanga has been mitulated to unrecognizable smithereens.
    Omera team ni biro nega gimor!

    1. Hakuna 35m , it’s just 8m on top of the 27m we go in the qualification. It’s good that we keep it right else KRA will come for us

  13. As much as i’m annoyed with Bonny i also blame the defence for complacency. Where was the defence during both goals – They were already in honeymoon. But for Bonny the second goal blunder was truly amateur…At 3-1 Yanga had lost hope that their coach even changed the goalie just to give his no2 some experience. But after the Bonnie blunder they
    suddenly realised they were playing against a goalie they could beat.
    All the same congrats to the boys, the way they controlled the game was commendable. That was a 6-2 match. Congrats Kerr.

  14. I was very incensed by the goals conceded. Am not defending Bonny but whenever a keeper spills the ball who should get there first to clear the danger. Twice Bonny spilled the ball and twice the Yanga forwards got to the ball before our defence so the blame must be shared. Lastly those saying Shaban should replace Bonny just follow Gor’s season and tell me how many goals he has conceded versus Bonny and the number of games played. Odhoji concedes an average of two goals per game so I wish you get your wosh granted then we will meet here to compare notes at the end of the season.

    1. Musymo did bonny need to spill any of those two balls in the first place?If any was a hard shot we would understand but simple soft attempts you spill for who?Defenders were not there to collect the second balls as both attempts were feeble at best not warranting any rebound situation bro. Finally,, Bonny always barks endless instructions to the free kick line move here move there..why then is he always caught off position after arranging the wall himself?

    2. My good friend Musymo, look back and see how we conceeded the goal against Rayon sports in Rwanda. Similar manner by this Bonny like today. Bonny has become very useless in that goal keeping area. We are waiting for him in the pitch the next time he is fielded. He will face our wrath. Bure kabisa.

  15. Who are these bloggers supporting bonny ,relatives brothers sisters mum wife father and grands oluoch should not be even at the bench

    1. Could you please cite any one blogger who has supported Oluoch? Kindly quote that support as you continue supporting your relatives


    K’Ogalo managed to hold on and go top of Group D at least for a couple of hours before USM Alger plays Rayon Sports

    Two blunders by Boniface Oluoch were not enough to help Yanga as they lost 3-2 at home to visiting Gor Mahia in a Caf Confederation Cup match on Sunday.

    It took the visitors just thirty five seconds to hit the back of the net; the hosts lost possession in their third and the ball was passed to Samuel Onyango, who was making a run on the right, and the former Ulinzi Stars man brought in a sumptuous cross that George Odhiambo headed home.

    The goal distabilized the home team and was lucky not to concede the second ten minutes later, this time round goalkeeper Rostand Youthe stopping a well taken free kick by Francis Kahata.

    A few moments later, the Tanzanian side won a corner that managed to get to Abdallah Shahibu, but to the disappointment of the home team as well as the fans, he headed it wide under no pressure.

    That could have been a costly mistake for the hosts a few moments later; Youthe’s mis-kicked ball went straight to Kevin Omondi, who surprisingly, failed to beat him.

    The fans jeered the home team as it lost possession carelessly, with Gor Mahia using every single opportunity to attack the home team. One such opportunity fell to Onyango, who went past the defenders, but his effort was deflected by the goalkeeper for a fruitless corner.

    Goalkeeper Youthe was the busiest of the two keepers and the pressure got the best of him in the 38th minute. He dropped the ball in his bid to find a teammate, and made a mistake of re-collecting it, leaving the referee with no option but hand the visitors an indirect free-kick in the eighteen yard area.

    The ball was set for Jacques Tuyisenge, who curled it into the net to ensure Gor Mahia go to the break leading 2-0. The hosts halved the score line in the 59th minute after Boniface Oluoch pulled a blunder.

    The custodian failed to keep hold of a seemingly weak effort, and the waiting Deus Kaseke hit the roof of the net. However, it took Gor Mahia about two minutes to restore a two goal lead.

    They won a corner and the defenders failed to clear it, it fell to captain Haron Shakava, who did well to hit the back of the net.

    Oluoch’s drama once again gave Yanga a lifeline in the 81st minute; the experienced custodian failed to firmly get hold onto Ibrahim Magomba’s weak effort, and it fell to Raphael Loth, who squeezed the ball through his legs.

    K’Ogalo managed to hold on and go top of Group D, at least for a couple of hours before USM Alger plays Rayon Sports.

    Gor Mahia XI: Boniface Oluoch, Philemon Otieno, Godfrey Walusimbi, Joash Onyango, Haron Shakava, Humphrey Mieno, Francis Kahata, Samuel Onyango, George Odhiambo, Kevin Omondi and Jacques Tuyisenge.

    Subs: Shaban Odhoji, Charles Momanyi, Cercidy Okeyo, Boniface Omondi, Benard Ondiek, Ephraim Guikan and Lawrence Juma.

  17. What makes a keeper top class? More important is keeping the ball from getting into his goal under every circumstance. Communication with the defenders and organization of the defense is another attribute. Boniface Oluoch has demonstrated today that he has run out of those qualities.

    The Tech Bench must no longer shy away from taking a bold step and relegate Oluoch to No. 3. He simply is not good enough. He was good sometime back, but not anymore. He should actually be a gentleman enough and request for some quality time with the goalkeeper trainer, Willis Ochieng’. This move will be for his own good and for the good of the entire team. Boniface Oluoch should be dropped to the bench and be given a compulsory refresher course. It’s only after that that he should work hard and earn his place in the starting eleven.

    1. Futaa Match Report

      Boniface Oluoch who had a match to forget spilled another ball just near second-half substitute Abdalla Shaibu who powered the ball between his outstretched legs. Both goals for Yanga were all down to Gor Mahia’s keeper blunders in the second half.

  18. Congratulations to the entire team. We are on course to making history as the quarter finals beckons.The victory made more sweet coz we won with our third best keeper in goal.Bure kabisa!!

  19. USM Alger came from behind to draw 1 – 1 with Rayon Sports in Algeria.
    USMA 7 goals scored 3 conceded.
    GM 8 goals scored 3 conceded.
    Gor Mahia tops the group on goal difference. Congratulations K’Ogalo.

  20. Excellent away result!

    Ila, Boniface oluoch, siku hizi sijui anakula nini? Am still baffled! That kind of performance against a better organized side could have led to Gor Mahia losing the game!!!

    I can understand one howler, but two, including laying an embarrassing egg and 2nd goal?!! Goodness me!!!!

    I know someone might not like me suggesting this, but Isma Watenga, the former vipers goal keeper and a full Ugandan International, is a free agent. Some of you might remember him from the 2015 cecafa cup in Ethiopia, where he stabilised the Ugandan ship that eventually won that tournament. Since then
    he has been deputising Denis Onyango or Odonkara. The long and short is, he couldn’t agree on a new contract with vipers, meaning his services is up for grabs to/with a club with serious ambitions. I think his presence might not only drum some sanity and subsequent improvement in Boniface Oluoch’s overall game but bring some serious competition in that department. Generally speaking, we need goalkeeping options that will make Gor mahia a more formidable side, especially now that we are eyeing the quarter finals!

    Personally, Gor Mahia is good enough to go all the way to the finals but not with that kind of goalkeeping!!!

  21. Why aren’t any of the bloggers talking about the officiating since both goals in my opinion were scored from offside positions and the second refs didn’t pick them up. The scorers where already in an offside position when the balls rebounded

    1. I think two goals were scored from offside positions but all in all the overall officiating was good. May the referee was let down by the assistant referees (linesmen). But the most important thing was beating beating Yanga and we are now topping the group.

  22. I was in the same Stadium in 2016 when this oluoch cost us against azam. This guy has no business between gors posts. Sir Kerr this careless keeping will cost you all your efforts. Bench this guy henceforth. Do not say we didn’t warn you. Otherwise congrats to the rest of the team.

  23. Every individual has his or her moment of high productivity in a work place which is not permanent. Oluoch was a good goalkeeper sometimes back but for now? The guy does not qualify to be Gor MAHIA keeper, maybe Thika united, wazito or vihiga. Gor is not just any other team that can stomach such school boy mistakes from an average goalkeeper. The good thing is that Kerr is never manipulated during team selection, Oluoch does not deserve it even on 19th August when we host Rayon sports.

  24. Congratulations are in order.I am yet to see a coach who understand his players like Kerr.I know he will analyse Olioch’s situation and act.Soccer is a collegiate sport and all players are involved.Having watched the replay of that match,having been a keeper myself,I agree that the second goal, was Olioch’s howler.For the 1st goal I cannot solely blame him.He dived full stretch.In that situation it is somehow difficult to get a firm grip on the ball.Secondly the goal scorer should have been marked out by Shakes.However I trust Sir KERR will correct this.On the balance of the game that was Gor at its best.Let me say pole sana kwa mashemeji who had hoped we could lose .Stop ogling .Congrats Kogalo.

    1. Congrats team…winning away is pure hard work that God graciously rewarded..thanks for making us all happy..may your happiness know no bounds. Oluoch has done some great saves in the past too..class is permanent. He maybe needs just a break. Tbanks God. Thanks Sir Kerr and all the players and fans.

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