Gor Mahia edge Zoo Kericho 1-0

Scorer: Boniface Omondi

Gor Mahia earned a hard fought 1-0 win over Zoo Kericho on Sunday.

The all important goal came from Boniface Omondi

Additional Reporting from the Nation

Boniface Omondi scored the lone goal as champions Gor Mahia defeated Zoo FC 1-0 in their Kenyan Premier League match at the Afraha Stadium on Sunday.

The win saw the defending champions make it four wins out of four and maintain their lead at the top of the table with 12 points.

K’Ogalo were made to wait until the last 10 minutes of the game before Omondi received a well weighted cross from Kennedy Otieno inside the danger zone and side stepped his markers, and fired a powerful shot that was first blocked by Zoo custodian Martin Elungat, before it rolled into the empty net in the 81st minute.

Gor head coach Steve Pollack admitted that his charges were sluggish in the first half and praised the Zoo defence for frustrating the Gor strikers.

“After the halftime pep talk, the boys heeded my advice and this changed the way they played in the last 15 minutes. However, I am happy they laboured to score a single goal and that to me is satisfying,” said coach Pollack.

On his part, Zoo coach Herman Iswekha blamed lack of concentration by his defenders in the final quarter of the match.

26 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge Zoo Kericho 1-0

  1. From all and sundry we collect 3 points as we await CCC qualification… Hard financial times are crippling but onwards we match. Congrats Coach and Wonder Boys

    1. SIC please desist from posting on this page unless you are telling us that you have got the 20m required to keep Gor afloatand honour CCC. Don’t run away. Gor need you. Unless there is Third in Command you have delegated the knocking of doors to. Congratulations team

  2. Congrats boys ! You continue to defy our believes. Other than the ‘salaried boys’ I.e bandari, ulinzi, western stima, tusker and KCB which club is paying its players and technical bench ? With FKF broke as hell and no sponsor forthcoming , 2019/20 KPL league will be a battle of who pays the salaries, allowances and match bonuses. Very sad ! Personally, I think the league could come to a dead end in December with the winner declared on the basis of matches played half way through the season…a scene reminiscent of the broke Nigeria and Ghana league a few years back.

  3. This has been the worst Kenyan management office that has never been seen. No one would wish to partner with them. This goes to both KPL AND FKF.
    can they just pack and go????!!!

  4. I appreciate the fans efforts to try and make our (players) life a little comfortable during these trying moments by contributing to the paybill. I have one legal question though; is the money from the paybill a gift to the players from the fans or is this money supposed to help cover salaries? The way we look at it ,this money is a gift from the fans and Gor still owes us the full past due wages and allowances as per our respective contracts. Sindiyo?

  5. Good job to the boys and TB. And supporting fans!

    In victory and glory, in defeat and agony KOgalo for ever!

  6. What is apparent is that by consistently featuring in continental tournaments, we are getting stronger mentally. Despite the recruitment/ total overhaul of our playing unit. If we can just build on our players and not overhaul as we did this time, we are going to reach group phase of champions league soon enough.

  7. I remember we banged the door of the KPL crown thrice before entering. When we did it’s been a journey of pure Bliss. We cried at tok komwanda with reckless abandon and the almighty heard our cries and comforted as the afflicted. We are once again beseeching our Almighty to hear our prayers and give us a tonic to make us be competitive and the serial winners we are.

  8. Congrats Kogallo.
    Last week on Monday around the same time, this page was full of negative posts. I am surprised today only 13 posts so far. I expected the E-Crusaders (e-ticketing/e-registration/e-players/e-everything) to be out saying something. This small victory seem to have rubbed them the bad way.
    Onge gima osekethore, an Gor Mahia emahero. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

    1. @Albert Kosero, in Gor here we are like flags we blow with the wind but pick negatives and make mountains out of them. At time it’s like it’s our right to win every soccer game irrespective of who we are playing or whether the players slept on the airport benches or have not been paid for two months. For most of us a month without the employer paying us we will not survive the following month.

      Anyway Kudos to the team and during this international break let’s use it to steady our house both financially, physically and psychologically as we await the CAFCC draw

  9. things are not good at all. lets not be blinded by these small victories because when we get into continentals we are always white washed. the club is being run like a 1970 club. wake up! we are in 2019.

      1. let us say exactly what is happening on the ground. Players have not been paid for three months, no insurance for players, the coach has bolted out already and might not be coming back! Leadership is shambolic and allergic to transparency. When was the last time this club published its audited accounts in the dailies like other serious clubs for example simba sc? Gate collections are always shrouded in controversies, no club house , no training grounds, no hostels for players, no sale of affordable merchandise to fans, no electronic registration of fans through the internet because someone somewhere is sleeping on the job and doesnt want transparency of funds from registration yearly, no prober academy with classrooms ! and we still hope to reach CAF group stages. Success does not come by mistake or luck, but by painful effort. The truth is that we are still too far. We are deep asleep and have to wake up. We must invest a lot inorder to reap a lot. For this club to be successful its leaders must be replaced. That would be a good starting point

        1. Hello Mr. Blogger. Please join us in prayer that our coach does not bolt out and that the current unfavourable situation should come to an end.

  10. How can coach bolt out and Jasego went to London to get him and booked him on Business Class? Coach us on holiday unless SIC says otherwise. Kwee uru wiuu obotiyo nyaka anyise ni owee

    1. Jasego I really appreciate your efforts and means that’s why am so flabbergasted that you were/have not been able to extend such efforts and means to sort out Batabumze’s and Philemon’s injury issues.
      Pollack may have bolted, it’s to soon for such leaves but then again why stick around when unpaid players may not even turn up for training.
      Do we really need an expatriate coach to beat Zoo 1-0, which really over-excited some fans.
      Note that even the coach himself says we are in safe hands without him.
      Why prioritize on foreigners air tickets and allowances while Batambuze remains untreated and players unpaid?

  11. I wonder what some people really want. When given a losing local coach you will start lamenting. When given a performing foreign coach u lament too. Cant u see that is like putting the wagon before the horse. And when the team lossess. We yap like baboons on heat. The problem is not the coach, TB or players. The elephant in the room is the leadership of the club. It is high time we force them out of office before things move from bad to worse. Their time is up and they must go to give way to a proffessional, ambitious and transparency oriented management.

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